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book business model canvas

book business model canvas

Business Model Generation

Business Model Generation teaches you how to systematically understand, design and differentiate your business model.

Practiced by millions

Designed for executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, managers, designers and leaders of all types of organizations. It provides practical tools to understand, design and implement a new business model or renovate an old one. It has been co-created by 470 practioners from 45 countries, and now practiced by millions worldwide.

Available in 36 languages including

  • Chinese (Ortho)
  • Chinese (Simplified)

Also available in a variety of other formats

Get the ebook for iPad , Kindle , Google Play or Kobo

If your organization needs to adapt to harsh new realities, but you don't yet have a strategy that will get you out in front of your competitors, you need Business Model Generation.”

About the speakers

Download your free copy of this whitepaper now, explore other examples, get strategyzer updates straight in your inbox.

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Business Model Generation

By alexander osterwalder & yves pigneur..

What is the book, Business Model Generation, about and what are the authors telling us in it?

The book, Business Model Generation , helps define the key elements which lead to great entrepreneurial ventures. The main purpose of the book is to help companies devise great strategic plans for a successful future; highlighting all the factors which determine the success and failure of businesses today. Whether the business seeks out to start up a new venture or whether a business has hit a stagnant point in a harsh competitive environment, the Business Model Generation helps the readers devise a new strategy and identify where or how to turn the boat into a different direction. The writers of the book, Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur, have compiled the data which has been co-created by practitioners from around 470 different countries. The co-creators have dedicatedly conducted great research and successfully devised the strategy to help entrepreneurs start up a business effectively and efficiently. The book is about designing a business model and defining the key factors which determine the success and failure of a business. Each and every company has a business model defined implicitly or explicitly in some way or the other. When such people are not aware of how to perfectly undergo such a practice, generate a business model, they seem to miss out on some factors. The above mentioned negligence can lead to a great loss and often towards failure at times. The authors of this book tell us the most important elements which companies have to look upon before devising a strategy and also the ways to design the strategies in accordance to the factors defined in the business model. As the title of the book goes, Business Model Generation , the authors mainly focus on the key elements which need to be highlighted and given a great amount of attention. The book promotes the business model canvas as a template of an optimal business model. The business model canvas has been designed in a fashion in which all the important factors which require keen attention are all presented in a single layout. A single layout is highly necessary before starting up an entrepreneurial venture or devising a strategic plan as then all the key factors are given an optimum amount of attention and none are neglected.

book business model canvas

Following are the nine key blocks to develop a successful business model for a flourishing enterprise, which the 470 practitioners have defined.

  • Customer Segments – for whom the business is operating and creating value. A company can be targeting similar individuals or a group of different segments.
  • Value Propositions – identifying how the business is creating value for its customers and supplying them what they need/want.
  • Channels – how the business seeks out to reach its customer segments with the value propositions it has to offer.
  • Customer Relations – the measures which the business takes to maintain healthy relations with its customer segments.
  • Revenue Streams – after having supplied the customer segments with what it desires, the business looks forward to generating a profit from the healthy relationship.
  • Key Resources – the assets required by the business in order to supply the customer segments with the value proposition the business has established for.
  • Key Activities – the main elements which the company or business needs to focus upon in order to produce the value proposition for the customers.
  • Key Partnerships – identifying suppliers/partners which allow the business model to function and operate successfully.
  • Cost Structure – recording all the costs which the business model incurs in order to operate successfully.

After reading the book and getting a hang of how the business model canvas functions, you can use the tool to easily share it with your internal or external stakeholders and also with your business partners. The business model canvas is highly friendly and the tool allows you to put up sticky notes easily wherever you choose to on the canvas. You are given two links before starting a business model canvas, one which you can use to edit the model, and the other which you can use to share the data so that no one else change it, maintaining security. The authors have proclaimed in the book how to successfully generate a business model. The main purpose of the business model is to define how to create a value proposition for the customers, create a healthy relationship with the customers, and how to insure profits in return. In order to create a great model, no matter which phase of a business life cycle your company currently lies in, it’s important that you know the proper route; the proper recipe to devise the perfect business model. The Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur has set out to do the following. If you wish to acquire the book, it is available on Amazon at a very economical price. Also, if you wish to get a glance of what the book has to offer, a 72 page preview is available completely for free on the official business model generation website, i.e www.businessmodelgeneration.com/book .

book business model canvas

You love working with canvases? How about bringing innovation and collaboration to the next level with great canvases and a great app.

Canvanizer Free

  • Basic Canvas templates
  • Anyone with the link can access
  • Can't change segment titles
  • PDF & PNG export
  • No images / standard font
  • Desktop only
  • Single canvases only
  • No team features
  • English only
  • The "old" look&feel

Canvanizer Premium

  • Over 40 popular canvas templates
  • Private canvases / Revocable links
  • Customize segment titles
  • Upload images / choose fonts
  • Mobile editing & camera use
  • Project workspaces
  • Team progress & collaboration
  • Languages: EN,ES,FR,IT,NL,PL...
  • View modes, filters, sidenotes...

Choose a canvas template:

book business model canvas

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Denis Oakley & Co

Denis Oakley & Co


August 16, 2021 By Denis Oakley

Introduction to Business Model Canvas

This post is an extract of my forthcoming book on business model innovation . The innovation book looks at why business model innovation is needed and how it works. You can read more about it here. These posts are early drafts of planned content and I’m putting them out to get feedback. Please do comment below, or subscribe to these pages to get each new section as it is published. In today’s post, we will be looking at finding opportunities in this new world .

When we are building business models, most of the time, there’s some disagreement and confusion about what the business model actually is. This is because everybody has a different vision in their heads. Words that mean something to one person don’t mean, exactly the same to another.

When we start talking about strategy or changes to the strategy, this gets even more confusing. There are a couple of ways of solving this problem and getting everyone to start from the same place.

The first is to write it all out. This has a couple of problems. Writing is quite slow, and not everyone likes reading. Fewer people still like the editing process. It’s too hard for most companies and takes too much time for the rest.

The alternative is to use some pictures. An image, after all, is worth a thousand words as Leonardo da Vinci, and then Henrik Ibsen wrote. When we get into the world of strategy, it’s pretty easy to come up with drawings that convey what you want to say, but often, the image is specific to the exact situation and doesn’t allow us to use the same image at different times and places without starting all over again. It also means that we have to explain the image, over and over.

Are Blueprints Similar to Business Model Canvas?

This is one reason why architects and engineers like blueprints . The blueprint explains clearly, for anyone who knows the rules, exactly what is being built and implicitly how it needs to be constructed.

When we look at business models, we have a way of creating blueprints so that we can quickly and easily compare business models. This is called the business model canvas. It was developed, by some Dutch Academics and is the primary tool that we are going to use through the rest of the book to help us understand the business models that we are creating.

The Business Model Canvas (or BMC) is a single sheet of paper. It is divided into 9 segments. These segments, or parts, correspond to important parts of a business, any business.

A business offers its customers a value proposition to solve their problems. The customers pay the business for this solution its revenue. The business reaches the customers through marketing channels and keeps them as customers through its customer relationship. To create the value proposition the business uses key resources and undertakes key activities. It may do this itself or engage key partners to do them for it. This all costs money. If the company creates more revenue than it has cost it makes a profit.

Blank Business Model Canvas

We can quickly describe the essential features of any business model using this template.

Business Model Canvas and Its Value

Vale offers copper mills (its customers) a range of copper ores (value proposition) to allow them to make copper sheet and wire (solve their problem). The customers pay Vale for this solution its revenue. The Vale reaches the customers through ongoing contractual relationships and trading on commodities platforms (marketing channels) and keeps them as customers through focusing on timely delivery, managing quality, and major account managers (its customer relationship). To create the value proposition, Vale mines copper (key activities), its mines in South America (key resources). It does this itself and licenses mineral-rich land from Governments and other landowners (key partners) to do them for it. The setting up of the mines with their ore processing facilities and the mining of the copper order costs money. When Vale sells more copper ore than it costs to extract it, then it has made a profit.

Directors at Vale would say that’s a bit simplified Denis. It doesn’t describe what we really do.

I agree. A business model is like a map. When I look at a map of all the countries in the world, I don’t expect to see my street or local supermarket on it. As I zoom in, I expect to see more detail.

We are also not creating a map of the entire company. Typically large companies run multiple business models. Vale, for example, has a least the following business models.

  • Iron ore pellets
  • Manganese ore
  • Ferroalloys
  • Fertilizers

Each of those has a different business model. When we look at the business model of a company, we are simplifying what the company does, condensing it down into the essentials.

Business Model Canvas and SME

In contrast, when we look at the business model of a startup or an SME, then the business model is much likely to be the same as a company.

When a large company wants to change its business model, it will often create new subsidiaries with new business models that it hopes will grow. When a startup or SME changes its business model, the focus is much more often one of major organisational change to shift from the old to the new business model.

Before we move on, there is one important point to make. When we are in the process of designing new business models, everything that we are putting on the canvas is a bit of wish fulfillment.

I went to a party a while back. It was a costume party. So I picked up the Persian ax, that I had bought in Esfahan many years ago and tried to make a costume that made me look like a 4th Century Sassanid warrior. I had a picture in my head, based on what I had seen in some books. I then tried to fit what I could actually make costume-wise to those mental images.

When we put these mental images down on paper in a business model, we call them hypotheses. What works in our head can often look great, but it does need to be tested against reality – or my sewing and art and craft skills – to see if we can execute on them.

With the business model canvas, you are capturing your image of how reality should be. You then need to carefully test and execute to make it so. A hypothesis is a testable belief about how the business should work. It is these that we capture on the business model canvas.

As to my costume, someone asked me why I’d come as a fisherman. That was a bummer.

What we are going to do next is to dive into each of these business models and help you understand them as they are our building blocks for the rest of the book. You can also buy and read the excellent Business Model Generation book by Alexander Osterwalder, which describes how to draw these architectural blueprints in more detail.

If You Want to Read More

I keep everything structured on my niftily titled business model innovation book page. Head there to browse, binge, read straight through, or cherry pick. Please do take a moment to comment below or upvote comments that you agree with

Subscribe to the New Book Chapters

As I write each new section you can have them sent to your email. The plan is to write something 2 – 3 times a week. It is easy to unsubscribe, but I hope you won’t as the goal is to delight and entertain as well as educate and train you through this business model innovation journey.

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