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court ordered community service in york pa

  • Required Community Service
  • Volunteer Program
  • Those with court-ordered hours from York County
  • Those with hours outside of York County under certain circumstances
  • Those with misdemeanor charges whose lawyer has recommended they complete hours
  • Students who are completing school assignments or are applying to clubs, fraternities/sororities, etc.
  • Employees completing community service hours for employers

Please note: certain charges are an automatic disqualification for any individual interested in completing community service at the ReStore including, but not limited to: disorderly conduct, larceny, theft, uttering (putting forged money into circulation), forgery, breaking & entering, assault, felonies, weapons-related charges and any violent offenses.

All volunteers must pre-arrange their start date with the Volunteer Scheduler; walk-ins are not permitted. 

Please contact [email protected] or call 803-985-9246 to schedule your start date.

Before you arrive for your community service, please take the time to view this ReStore safety video in order to help maintain a safe environment for volunteers, customers and staff:

  • Your paperwork from the court system
  • A photo ID (license, passport, school ID)
  • If your lawyer has recommended you complete hours, please bring a letter on your lawyer’s office letterhead specifying your charge, the number of hours recommended and your court date.
  • For those completing hours for school or work, please bring your assignment or syllabus or club requirements

You’ll be representing Habitat of York County so dress accordingly. Please wear comfortable, casual clothes that you can work in and don’t mind getting dirty.

  • Shoes – Sensible closed-toe shoes in good repair with no frays or holes. No flip flops, sandals, wedges, heels, slides or other open-toed shoes. Cloth shoes like Toms are discouraged. If you arrive with inappropriate footwear, you will not be permitted to work that day.
  • Shirts – Shirts should have sleeves. Tank tops, spaghetti strap or shirts displaying drug, alcohol or offensive writing or inappropriate writing are not accepted.
  • Pants – Shorts should extend below the middle fingertips when the individual is standing with his/her hands to the side. Pants should be modest and professional. Avoid anything too revealing or tight-fitting.
  • Nametag (given to you by a staff member)
  • Outerwear (jacket, sweatshirt, raincoat, etc.) – Many tasks will require you to be outside, or in a backroom with open doors, so cold/rainy weather may be a factor.
  • Loose-hanging jewelry
  • Hats/headwear, except baseball caps or religious headwear
  • Anything featuring offensive or explicit slogans, language or images
  • Overly-baggy clothing
  • Clothing that interferes with your ability to work, including items that you don’t want to get dirty or paint on
  • Anything that allows your undergarments to show, i.e. low-rise pants, sheer shirts, etc.

Tasks vary day-to-day, but will usually consist of general housekeeping (sweeping, cleaning up and organizing various departments, dusting, cleaning the breakroom and bathrooms, wiping the windows, etc.), sorting donations, pricing items, putting priced items on the floor, creating or breaking down displays, transporting large items to customers’ cars, etc.

  • Stop at the cash register each time you arrive to sign in, and be sure to stop by to sign out when you leave. If you don’t sign out, the hours for that day will not count!
  • Perform the tasks that are assigned to you. Doing nothing,  leaving the store without signing out, etc., will result in either A) receiving no hours for that day or B) your dismissal from the site.
  • Tell a manager upon arrival of your first day if you have any physical limitations that will affect your ability to perform particular assignments.
  • No swearing or inappropriate conversational topics. Should any inappropriate behavior occur, you will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Defiance/refusal to perform requested tasks
  • Confrontational behavior toward staff, volunteers, customers or others performing community service
  • Arguing/disputing number of hours accrued with staff
  • Leaving site without signing out
  • Neglecting or refusing to adhere to clothing requirements
  • Talking on cell phone while working
  • Hiding out/avoiding doing work
  • Foul language/swearing and lewd or explicit conversations
  • Using illegal drugs while on site or prior to shift
  • Consuming alcohol prior to shift
  • Misrepresentation of reason for community service or criminal charge
  • Being charged with an additional misdemeanor that is not accepted by Habitat of York County while serving your community service hours

more questions?

Contact [email protected] and indicate in your e-mail if you would like to complete service hours in the Rock Hill or Lake Wylie ReStore. You may also call 803-324-1960 ext. 3 for the Rock Hill ReStore or 803-324-1960 ext. 4 for the Lake Wylie ReStore

York County Food Bank

  • Call Us: 717.846.6435


Volunteering with the York County Food Bank

Every day, our volunteers help us with tasks like packing food boxes, sorting donated items, cleaning and organizing our warehouse, making deliveries to our partners, and distributing food directly to those in need.

Returning Volunteers

Prospective volunteers.

You must submit an application before you are able to schedule a shift. Please use the “Minor Application” if you are 17 or younger. Once your application is accepted, you will receive your VicNet login credentials where you can schedule a shift.

Group Volunteering

If you are interested in volunteering with a group, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Alyssa Mummert.

[email protected] 717-846-6435 ex. 200

If you need to cancel or reschedule…​

We understand that there are times that you may need to cancel a scheduled volunteer shift. When this occurs, please take yourself off of the volunteer calendar. This allows  for another volunteer to sign up.  Our volunteer shifts are designed with specific tasks and we rely on our scheduled volunteers to complete the tasks needed for that shift. 

For large groups that need to cancel or reschedule:  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at  [email protected]

Volunteers that do not cancel and “no show” 2 or more times will be asked to remove themselves from our volunteer data base.

court ordered community service in york pa

- Click here to email our Volunteer Coordinator -

Southern York County Pantry

Southern york county food bank.

Court ordered community service hours persons may volunteer (Monday-Saturday 9-11 am.)  All volunteers are required to watch the Civil Rights Training sponsored by the Central PA Food Bank via Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2v3LuzALxA

The Pantry is in need of volunteers to make deliveries to our clients who are not able to come to the Pantry.  This would be on an as needed basis.  We will provide training on the delivery process.

Contact volunteer coordinator, Ruby Alban;  [email protected] or text 717-781-4626.

Community Food Drives

Southern York County Pantry welcomes the opportunity to work with a wide variety of community organizations to help us fight hunger. Food that is collected at your food drive is sorted in our Pantry and becomes available to hungry families in the local community. Our volunteers repack all of our non-perishable donations so that we can quickly and easily distribute a wide assortment of food to the community.

Faith groups, community centers, scouting troops and individuals have all coordinated food drives that have benefited those in need in the Southern York County and we look forward to working with you!  If your group would like to tour the Pantry, every Wednesday evening from 6-7 pm is available and must be prearranged by contacting the above person.

Giving Tuesday 3x match extended to Friday Dec 1!

Donate to VolunteerMatch

  • Advocacy & Human Rights
  • Children & Youth
  • Justice & Legal

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Organization Information

Mission statement.

The mission of the York County CASA Program is to provide advocacy in court for abused and/or neglected children that will lead to placement in safe, permanent homes.


The program recruits, screens, trains and supervises volunteers who are then appointed by the juvenile judge to help represent the best interests of abused and/or neglected children.After completion of screening and training the CASA Volunteer serves as the "eyes and ears of the court" by providing a more detailed account of each child's situation to aid the judge in permanency planning decisions. CASAs perform three basic goals: 1) Investigate all circumstances surrounding the child's case. 2) Report the findings and make recommendations to the court. 3) Monitor the case to ensure that necessary services are received and that court orders are followed.

court ordered community service in york pa

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court ordered community service in york pa

Find Help Today

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Bethesda Mission provides a great number of services for those in need, but we do not pretend to do it all on our own. Find out more about how we can help, and learn about other local organizations as well.

  • Life Recovery
  • I Need Food
  • I Need Shelter
  • Sign My Child Up For Programs

Make a Difference Today

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Bethesda Mission has always depended greatly on support from our community, and you have never let us down! There are a lot of important ways to get involved. Select any of these options to learn more.

  • Our Ministries
  • Homelessness in Harrisburg
  • Women's Mission Renewal Project
  • Businesses for Bethesda
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  • Vehicle Donations

Court-Ordered Community Service

If you need to complete court-ordered community service hours, please follow the steps listed:

  • Read our Confidentiality Policy .
  • Complete the online application . Our volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Possible opportunities:

  • Kitchen help
  • Warehouse help
  • Front desk receptionist

Please note: 

  • Our calendar is frequently filled 30-45 days in advance. We will do our best to help you fulfill your community service requirements, but we recommend filling out the application at least 4-6 months before your hours must be completed.
  • Most of our opportunities are in 1-3 hour periods of time.

Volunteer Resources

  • Volunteer Login
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Urgent Volunteer Needs

Jillian’s Story - Bethesda Mission Women’s Shelter

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