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Communication Games – Drawing

drawing exercise for communication

This is one of our communication games in which communication is key. Pairs of two participants will copy a drawing only based on verbal guidance.

In this exercise the way two participants communicate when trying to make a drawing will be very important. Based on the results they can learn how to improve their communication and learn how to better interact with each other.

You can apply variations to this Communication Games exercise:

  • Instead of doing the exercise in pairs of two the exercise can also be done in bigger groups. It’s possible to add a person C and D. Person A makes a drawing, describes it to person B who describes what he made to person C.
  • You can do the exercise with the whole group. One person describes his drawing to the rest of the group. Every one tries to copy the drawing as precicely as possible. The person who made the best copy wins.
  • The trainer can also make drawings he prepared for this exercise beforehand. You give a copy of your drawing to every duo and do the same exercise. This way it’s very easy to measure who communicated the best in the group.

Do you have a good variation? Please write it as a comment below this video on Youtube.

drawing exercise for communication

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