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7 Graphic Design Projects to Cure Your Creative Block

We rounded up the best graphic design projects to jumpstart your creativity.

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When you’re dealing with creative block , you can find your flow again by discovering work that truly inspires you. We often find ourselves scrolling through graphic design sites to see what’s new and exciting. From commissioned work to personal projects, browsing another creator’s graphic design portfolio can be a good way to spark the idea you’ve been waiting for.

We rounded up some of our favourite graphic design projects that will hopefully inspire you to get working on your next portfolio piece.

This list isn’t only for graphic designers —illustrators and photographers will find some ideas worth testing out, especially when it comes to experimenting with print.

Seven Graphic Design Practice Project Ideas

Graphic design practice projects are great for refining your skills, helping you get unstuck from a creative rut, or help build a portfolio to land your next project.

From an unusual travel guide book, to a creative coloring book, and a politically-minded postcard set, here are seven graphic design projects that will make you excited to tackle your next creative venture.


1. Unexpected pop culture inspiration

When designing a cover for architecture magazine AA, Paris-based designer Josephine Ohl found unexpected inspiration in classic films.

The theme of the issue was New York, Tokyo, and Paris, so Ohl decided to represent each city with a creature: King Kong for New York, Godzilla for Tokyo, and a rooster (a traditional French symbol ) for Paris.

She created the images separately and silkscreened them onto the cover for a unique, handmade look. Taking the cover in this fun direction was an unexpected move that makes the magazine stand out.

Pop culture references like these make for instantly recognizable and relatable imagery, and they also add an element of playfulness to a design concept.


2. A unique printed book

Toronto design studio Fook Communications shows off a range of skills with their work . Their work on a publication focusing on Canadian foodd showcases their skills in branding, copywriting, photography, videography, and more. Adding a printed project to your online portfolio website is also a good way to showcase your product design skills. A physical piece like a guide book adds texture and variety to your online portfolio, and demonstrates your diverse abilities as a designer.


3. A creative coloring book

Portugal-based designer Mariana Malhao’s online portfolio is full of playful projects, but this coloring book definitely stands out. Malhao has lent her design skills to a range of projects, from jewelry to ceramics. This coloring book represents her uniquely playful style in a creative way.

Including fun projects like this one in your online portfolio shows that you’re able to come up with strong ideas outside of a set design brief, and that you excel at thinking outside the box.

Design projects don’t have to be serious—creating something for kids is also a great way to show your skills. This doesn’t have to be a printed project. A comic or conceptual drawings for a toy could also be a good example of your more playfully-minded design expertise.


4. A reinterpretation of a classic work

Graphic designer Chelsea Majuri made a creative edition of Walter Benjamin’s classic text The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction .

Majuri’s version of the book is made up of fifteen booklets, which each contain one of the essay’s informative chapters, making the writing both approachable and enjoyable in short windows of time,” as the designer explains. Majuri has added repeating patterns custom-designed by herself, as well as etchings by Rembrandt. These design choices relate to the ideas about reproduction of artworks expressed in Benjamin’s writing.

This project is a great choice for Majuri to show that she thinks seriously about design, as well as a good opportunity to showcase a well-made printed product. Creating a custom edition of a favorite book is a simple yet challenging way to show off your design skills. A redesign of a classic album cover could be another fun option.


5. Postcards with a message

Designer Aly Dodds created a set of charming hand-illustrated postcards that focuses on femininity and the power in speaking up.

Dodd says that she created this set of postcards to provide a platform for “babes of all genders everywhere to stand up to their elected officials and demand the protection of women’s reproductive rights.”

Advancing a cause you care about can be a great source of inspiration for a personal project.

Another way you can re-create a project like this is to make your own set of greeting or thank you cards. A hand-written note goes a long way, and it’s a fun graphic design activity that you can bring to life and use.


6. Posters illustrated with the alphabet

Graphic designer Hugo Jourdan used nothing but the 26 letters of the alphabet to create a series of 26 striking minimal posters . The results provide great inspiration for how to use limited materials to create something interesting.


7. A product label that uses brand materials

American designer Wake Coulter got creative when creating a brand identity for ØsterGRO, a large urban farm on a Copenhagen rooftop. In search of a design that “visually evoked the colors and typography of Danish farmstands,” Coulter decided to use potato prints in his work. The result is a series of labels and brand materials that represent ØsterGRO’s identity in a fun and timeless way.

We love Coulter’s use of unexpected materials as inspiration and a tool for this work. Hopefully it inspires you to think outside the box too, and look at ways you can use the subject or the brand in an unconventional way to create something that stands out.

Inspired By These Graphic Design Projects For Your Portfolio? Here’s What To Do Next

Now that you’re out of your creative rut with these graphic project ideas, it’s time to put these ideas to work. Whether you’ve created digital design projects or physical pieces, make sure you capture photos or create mockups you can show off to demonstrate your skills and creativity.

If you don’t already have a graphic design portfolio website to share your recent projects, build one today with Format.

Format is a website builder designed with creative professionals in mind. We make sure we have the technical stuff covered to create beautiful, functional websites, so you can focus on putting your best graphic design work forward. Select from dozens of ready-to-use website templates that are 100% customizable to suit your unique style and share your creative journey.

Best of all, you can try it for free today without inputting your credit card information. Let us help you get your portfolio seen by the right people, and build a beautiful website in a matter of hours.

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Tips and Tricks for Filmmakers

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Top Graphic Design Projects to Sharpen Your Skills and Build Your Graphic Design Portfolio

The graphic design industry continues to harness the creativity and innovative ideas of graphic designers . As a result, it is crucial to be equipped with the right skills to place you in high demand. Embarking on graphic design projects is an excellent way to develop top-tier skills and build a robust graphic design portfolio.

We’ve compiled various graphic design projects for designers with different experience levels that can help sharpen relevant skills. In addition, we’ve included some of the skills, techniques, and tips to revamp your portfolio and land high-paying jobs. No matter what kind of graphic design job or design team you want to work for, there are plenty of projects available to instill you with essential graphic design principles.

Find your bootcamp match

5 skills that graphic design projects can help you practice.

If you look around you, you will see the obvious signs of a graphic designer on virtually everything. From books to packaging wraps to software interfaces, it is evident that they subtly play an essential role in our lives. The design principles and the skills utilized define their identity and are integral to our appreciation of the world of graphic design. 

  • Creativity: A creative mind is central to the development of great designs. While creativity can be subjective, it is the foundation of every design concept, no matter how haphazard that concept is in the beginning. 
  • Communication: This describes the wholesome ability to listen to a client’s needs, process feedback, and effectively communicate creative ideas. It also refers to the ability to convey a message with visual materials. 
  • Typography: In context, this refers to the ability to represent written text in the form of art. Every designer must know how to tell a story using various text elements like font size, style, color scheme, and layout. 
  • Software Skills: Learning Adobe Illustrator , InDesign, and Photoshop is essential. These tools are a basic requirement for many job postings.
  • Coding: While many think coding doesn’t have a place in the design industry, having basic experience with HTML can be very useful for designers. Knowing how a website works can help you contribute to the idea generation process and give you an edge in the marketplace.  

Best Graphic Design Project Ideas for Beginners

As a beginner, the first projects you complete should develop your creativity, typography, communication, and software skills. You want to make sure to build foundational graphic design skills and techniques before taking on big jobs from clients.

Photo Editing

  • Skills Practiced: Software Skills, Creativity

This project exposes you to basic tools like Adobe Photoshop. Being able to manipulate an image will teach you everything from image cleanups to color schemes to enhancements. Also, you get to infuse some creativity with little projects like photo collages and storytelling.

  • Skills Practiced: Creativity, Software Skills, Typography, and Communication

Logos are a representation of what a brand or organization stands for. They speak volumes about what companies do and subtly express their values. Professionals often follow the Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) approach while designing logos, focusing on minimalism and the business’ core values. This fundamental principle is suggestive of the power of simplicity in graphic design.  

Business Cards

  • Skills Practiced: Creativity, Software Skills, Typography, Communication

This design challenge will allow you to practice the skills mentioned above. Every business relies on business cards as a means of introduction. They are also an expression of the company’s branding. Therefore, it is vital to capture the company’s essence through excellent typography and some ingenuity.

YouTube Thumbnails

  • Skills Practiced: Creativity, Software Skills, Communication

YouTube thumbnails aim is to encourage viewers to click on a video by telling a great story in just one small image. You must have an exciting thumbnail to enhance your content marketing campaign, which requires creativity and communication skills. Given how lucrative YouTube is today, being able to create the perfect thumbnail is an incredibly valuable skill.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Graphics

Social media is an integral part of our lives. While we browse through our feeds, we come across various posts that communicate different messages to us, but not all do so effectively. A good graphic is aesthetically pleasing and successfully conveys our messages and values. To create such designs, you can rely on existing templates that meet recommended standards.  

Best Intermediate Graphic Design Project Ideas

At this level, the projects are a lot more technical. They will sharpen your graphic design skills further but require a bigger time commitment. The following is a list of projects you can take on to practice your creativity as well as your software and typography skills.

Invitation Cards

  • Skills Practiced: Creativity, Software Skills, Typography

This project requires a lot of creativity. After all, an invitation card is a representation of the host’s class and taste. Creating an outstanding invitation design will test your typography and software skills. The challenge you are up to is to effectively, and aesthetically, communicate the details of the event.

Posters and Fliers  

Digital posters and flyers have to be visually appealing while satisfactorily communicating a message to the public. Creating posters and fliers for public relations and marketing campaigns will expose you to scaling and proper design layouts in digital platforms.


Infographics employ pictures, data visualizations, typography, and statistical graphics to tell a straightforward story or present information. Working on an infographic will give you experience with important tools like Canva and Venngage and allow you to exercise your creativity as you think of ways to represent information in a way that is visually attractive, impactful, and effective.

Book Covers

The cover of a book plays a key role in sales. While it is advised not to judge a book by its cover, the truth is that a book with a sloppy design won’t sell very well. It is always best to aim for a cover design that is stylish and captures the essence of the book.

Magazines and Brochures

Designing the look and feel of a magazine or brochure is a complex project. It involves a range of elements, including advertising, visual representation, photography, art, and graphic design. Working on a magazine design will expose you to the design principles and standards used in print media. 

Advanced Graphic Design Project Ideas

At this level, graphic designers begin to carve a niche and specialize in a particular area. The skills required and practiced here cut across all the technical skills mentioned earlier. In addition, many advanced designers begin to venture into the world of coding, which tends to boost their designer credentials. 

Graphic designers are central to good branding. They define the visual identity of a company, shaping the public perception of it with elements like logos, color schemes, fonts, and slogans. Working on a company’s brand identity is a fun project that will allow you to use your technical skills to change how an organization is perceived by the media.

Mockup Designs

Mockups give you a taste of a concept or design before it is created, helping clients visualize what the final product will look like. Creating mockups involves a fair dose of creativity as well as dexterity with software like Balsamiq, Adobe XD, or InVision.

User Interface (UI) Design

  • Skills Practiced: Creativity, Software Skills, Typography, Communication, Coding

The complex field of UI design will test all the technical skills discussed thus far. You will even have to dabble in coding as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills are required to work on the customer-facing side of an application of a website. You will get a lot of fulfillment out of this project: creating an application or website interface is critical to the consumer experience with a digital product.

Product Design

Product design can be considered an extension of branding. However, rather than focusing on the logo or values of a company, the emphasis is on a particular product, its looks, sustainability, and packaging design. To go about this project, choose an existing product that’s interesting from a design standpoint. Reverse engineer this product and then redesign it following every step of the design process.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is animation in which text plays a major role. They are common in ads and movie titles. To work on motion graphics, advanced designers combine their basic graphic design skills with animation and filmmaking techniques. 

Creating good-looking motion graphics requires exceptional creativity, innovation, and storytelling. Typography, communication, and software skills are also vital to developing interesting motion graphics.

Graphic Design Starter Project Templates 

A graphic template is an excellent tool for beginners and even advanced designers that can save a lot of time. Templates allow you to edit predefined graphics and adjust them to your taste. Working with templates could also help to cure a creative block. The following are recommended templates for basic starter projects.  

  • Logos : These templates provided by Canva offer complete flexibility with the editing of layers, color schemes, typography, and shape to design the logo that best connects with your brand.
  • Social Media Images : Social media posts have to be attractive and engaging. If you cannot come up with posters and fliers that perfectly convey your message, freepik templates can be a helpful tool. 
  • Mockups : If you are having difficulty designing a mockup that accurately reflects the design concepts involved, these templates by should come in handy.
  • Business Cards : Designing a business card that represents your brand and business becomes a lot easier when you can simply customize a template. Check out these business card templates by PsPrint. 
  • Brochures : A brochure can be tricky to design considering the number of elements and skills involved. However, with these brochure templates by Envato Elements, you’ll have no trouble creating elegant brochures. 

Next Steps: Start Organizing Your Graphic Design Portfolio

Blue headphones on a pink and blue background.

The beauty of constantly embarking on design projects is that you’ll sharpen your skill while growing your portfolio. After a few months, you should have a solid portfolio that reflects your skills and experience and that attracts potential clients. Below, we give you a few tips on how to organize your graphic design portfolio. 

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to portfolios. Always go for a cleaner and straightforward portfolio look, remove distracting elements and unnecessary components. This ensures that your projects are accessible and that potential employers or clients can appreciate your creative designs. 

Keep It Updated

Never stop working on your portfolio, no matter how comfortable you get in your current position. Employers and clients won’t pay attention to your portfolio if all its projects are old. You need to be constantly working on new and exciting projects and adding them to your portfolio so that it is relevant and reflects your current skills.

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

Strive to build your portfolio with items that resonate with your target audience and leave out anything that they wouldn’t find interesting. For example, if you are applying for jobs at a web development agency, your portfolio should be composed mostly of website designs.  

Venus profile photo

"Career Karma entered my life when I needed it most and quickly helped me match with a bootcamp. Two months after graduating, I found my dream job that aligned with my values and goals in life!"

Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

Include a Brief Profile

Your portfolio should contain a brief personal description in which you introduce yourself and describe your skills and aptitudes. Include information about your level of education, work experience, and notable previous collaborations.

Never lie about your skills or previous experience or exaggerate the facts. If you get a project after having lied about your capabilities, you’ll find yourself in an uncomfortable situation when you are asked to do something that you are simply not ready to handle. 

Graphic Design Projects FAQ

First, read through the brief of the project to understand the task. Conduct adequate research, come up with a creative idea, and sketch the concepts. Finally, develop your concepts thoroughly before presenting them to your client.

The number of projects you should include in your portfolio depends on several factors, including your level of experience and niche. However, we wouldn’t recommend including more than six projects.

Focus on projects that allow you to exercise your creativity and communication. You also want projects that involve typography, coding, and different software programs. Finally, consider projects that can be completed quickly or that require you to come up with inventive solutions.

No, you can work with colleagues. In fact, it is advisable to collaborate with other designers on projects because it allows you to learn from other creatives while sharing your ideas. 

About us: Career Karma is a platform designed to help job seekers find, research, and connect with job training programs to advance their careers. Learn about the CK publication .

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Top 100 Graphic Design Project Ideas [Updated]

Graphic Design Project Ideas

Graphic design is a powerful and versatile medium that plays an important role in conveying messages, creating visual identities, and leaving a lasting impact. In the ever-evolving world of design, the exploration of graphic design project ideas is essential for staying relevant and innovative.

This blog will delve into various types of graphic design projects, considerations for successful execution, trendy ideas, challenges faced by designers, and tips to ensure a flourishing design journey.

What are the Types of Graphic Design Projects?

Table of Contents

Print Media

Print media remains a classic avenue for graphic designers to showcase their skills. Poster designs, brochure layouts, and business card creations offer a tangible and impactful way to communicate messages.

Each project requires a unique approach, blending creativity with functionality to captivate the audience.

Digital Media

In the digital age, graphic designers are tasked with creating eye-catching visuals for online platforms. Social media graphics, website designs, and app interfaces demand a keen understanding of user experience and the ability to adapt designs to varying screen sizes and resolutions.

Brand identity is a crucial aspect of any business, and graphic designers play a vital role in shaping it.

Logo designs, brand identity packages, and packaging designs contribute to establishing a brand’s visual language and fostering recognition.


Illustrations bring a touch of artistry to graphic design projects. Whether through digital or hand-drawn illustrations, designers can create visually appealing and engaging content.

Infographic designs, in particular, allow for the effective communication of complex information in a visually accessible manner.

Considerations for Graphic Design Projects

  • Target Audience

Understanding the demographics and preferences of the target audience is paramount. Tailoring designs to resonate with the intended viewers enhances the project’s effectiveness and ensures a more significant impact.

  • Purpose and Goals

Identifying the purpose and goals of a graphic design project is essential. Whether the aim is to convey a specific message, create brand awareness, or provide information, a clear understanding of objectives guides the design process.

  • Medium and Platform

Choosing the right tools and software is crucial for successful graphic design projects. Additionally, adapting designs for different platforms ensures a consistent and visually appealing presence across various mediums.

Top 100 Graphic Design Project Ideas

  • Minimalist Poster Design
  • Vintage-Inspired Logo Creation
  • Social Media Quote Graphics
  • Infographic on a Complex Topic
  • Packaging Design for a New Product
  • Business Card for a Creative Professional
  • Magazine Cover Redesign
  • Website Landing Page Revamp
  • Album Cover Artwork
  • T-shirt Graphic Design
  • Custom Font Creation
  • Environmental Awareness Poster
  • Animated GIF for Social Media
  • Food Menu Design for a Restaurant
  • eBook Cover Illustration
  • 3D Product Rendering
  • Event Invitation Design
  • App Interface Redesign
  • Charity Campaign Graphics
  • Car Wrap Design
  • Product Label for Handmade Goods
  • Interactive PDF Portfolio
  • Icon Set for a Mobile App
  • Sticker Designs for Brand Promotion
  • Pattern Design for Textiles
  • Social Media Banner Ads
  • Digital Art Print Series
  • Website Iconography Overhaul
  • Annual Report Infographics
  • Conceptual Product Mockup
  • Educational Poster for Children
  • Visual Brand Language Development
  • Outdoor Billboard Advertisement
  • Email Newsletter Template
  • Health and Wellness eBook Layout
  • Virtual Event Branding
  • E-commerce Website Graphics
  • Augmented Reality Filters
  • Interactive Map Design
  • Beer Label Artwork
  • Conceptual Book Cover Design
  • Real Estate Brochure
  • Podcast Cover Art
  • Dashboard UI Design
  • Packaging for Sustainable Products
  • Coffee Shop Menu Board
  • Digital Magazine Layout
  • Logo Animation for Video Intros
  • Virtual Reality Environment Design
  • Financial Report Data Visualization
  • Influencer Media Kit Design
  • Concept Car Advertisement
  • Educational Game Graphics
  • Neon Sign Design
  • Recipe Card Illustration
  • Inspirational Quote Wall Art
  • Conceptual Product Packaging
  • Environmental Awareness Campaign
  • Logo Animation for Social Media
  • Pop-Up Banner for Events
  • Outdoor Apparel Catalog Layout
  • Virtual Backgrounds for Video Calls
  • Artistic Social Media Stories
  • Editorial Illustration for a Newspaper
  • Packaging for Limited Edition Items
  • User Onboarding Graphics for Apps
  • Annual Calendar Design
  • Sustainable Packaging Redesign
  • Custom Emojis for a Brand
  • Interactive Website Navigation
  • Abstract Mural Design
  • Company Milestone Infographic
  • Interactive Quiz Graphics
  • Conceptual Movie Poster
  • Fashion Lookbook Design
  • Website Loading Animation
  • Holiday Greeting Cards
  • Personal Branding Collateral
  • Conceptual Tech Gadget Mockup
  • Custom Snapchat Geofilters
  • Conceptual Album Art for a Band
  • Beauty Product Packaging
  • Art Exhibition Poster
  • Animated Explainer Video Graphics
  • 404 Error Page Redesign
  • Social Media Contest Graphics
  • Custom Avatars for a Community
  • Virtual Trade Show Booth Design
  • Science Fiction Book Cover
  • Travel Postcard Series
  • Packaging for Luxury Items
  • Conceptual Smart Home Interface
  • Concept Art for Video Games
  • Skateboard Deck Design
  • Food Truck Wrap Design
  • Retro Video Game Graphics
  • Financial Dashboard Infographic
  • Conceptual Space Tourism Poster
  • Animated Social Media Polls
  • Branding for a Virtual Reality Experience

Tips for Successful Graphic Design Projects

Achieving success in graphic design projects involves a combination of creativity, technical skill, and effective project management. Here are some essential tips to ensure your graphic design projects thrive:

  • Understand the Project Requirements:
  • Begin by thoroughly understanding the client’s needs and project goals.
  • Clarify expectations, deadlines, and any specific preferences the client may have.
  • Know Your Audience:
  • Tailor your design to the target audience. Understand their preferences, demographics, and behavior to create more impactful visuals.
  • Research and Gather Inspiration:
  • Conduct research to stay updated on design trends, industry standards, and competitors.
  • Collect inspiration from various sources to spark creativity and bring fresh ideas to your projects.
  • Create a Clear Design Brief:
  • Develop a detailed design brief that outlines project objectives, target audience, key messages, and any specific requirements.
  • A clear brief helps you and the client stay aligned throughout the design process.
  • Effective Communication:
  • Maintain open and transparent communication with clients. Regular updates, check-ins, and feedback sessions ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Time Management:
  • Create a realistic project timeline with well-defined milestones.
  • Prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and allocate sufficient time for revisions and unforeseen challenges.
  • Collaborate and Seek Feedback:
  • Collaborate with team members or clients to enhance the creative process.
  • Actively seek feedback and be open to constructive criticism to refine your designs.
  • Embrace Constructive Criticism:
  • View feedback as an opportunity for improvement. Analyze critiques objectively and use them to enhance your design skills.
  • Stay Consistent with Branding:
  • When working on branding projects, maintain consistency across all elements, including colors, fonts, and visual style.
  • Ensure the design aligns with the established brand identity and guidelines.
  • Test Across Platforms:
  • Test your designs on different devices and platforms to ensure they are visually appealing and functional across various screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Keep It Simple:
  • Strive for simplicity, especially in communication design. Clear and straightforward visuals are often more effective in conveying messages.
  • Stay Updated on Tools and Software:
  • Familiarize yourself with the latest design tools and software to stay efficient and competitive in the field.
  • Continual Learning:
  • Graphic design is an ever-evolving field. Invest time in continuous learning to stay informed about new trends, techniques, and technologies.
  • Build a Strong Portfolio:
  • Showcase your best work in a portfolio that reflects your diverse skills and style.
  • Update your portfolio regularly to showcase your latest and most relevant projects.
  • Network and Connect:
  • Engage with other designers, attend industry events, and participate in online communities.
  • Networking can lead to collaboration opportunities and provide valuable insights into industry trends.

Exploring graphic design project ideas is an exhilarating journey filled with creative possibilities. From traditional print media to cutting-edge digital designs, graphic designers play a crucial role in shaping visual experiences.

By considering the target audience, purpose, and medium, embracing trendy ideas, overcoming challenges, and following essential tips, designers can embark on a path of continuous growth and innovation in the dynamic world of graphic design.

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The 23 Best Graphic Design Portfolios We've Ever Seen, & How to Start Your Own

Caroline Forsey

Published: September 28, 2023

A great graphic design portfolio can’t move mountains, but it can change your life with a new job or opportunity. AI and other factors are impacting graphic design hiring, making your portfolio more important than ever before.

graphic design portfolio

While some designers still carry a physical book of printed design examples, most portfolios are graphic designer websites. These sites show audiences much more than design skills like logo design or typography.

Whether you're a full-time graphic designer or dabbling in design as a freelancer, it's critical you create a sleek graphic design portfolio to showcase your work to potential clients.

Fortunately, we've created a list of over 20 impressive graphic design portfolios , followed by instructions on how you can create your own . Keep reading to get all the tips you need to curate the perfect space to showcase your work.

graphic design top projects

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What is a graphic design portfolio, and why does a graphic designer need one?

A graphic design portfolio is one of the most important elements a client or employer needs to see when choosing a graphic designer. A portfolio should include a selection of a graphic designer’s best work, as well as professional samples from client projects.

If you're a graphic designer a portfolio is essential for proving your design skills. It's also a chance to:

  • Share your design process
  • Talk about design or industry specialties
  • Showcase your unique style

A graphic design portfolio, like a resume, will also include contact information. It may also feature case studies from past employers.

Most portfolios today are graphic designer websites. This means that they’re not only a way to connect with clients. They also help graphic designers build communities and share their work with potential fans around the world.

So what does a graphic design portfolio website need to include to stand out? Your portfolio is much more than proving you know how to use Photoshop. Many graphic designers will include logos, typography, print design, or web design in their portfolios.

And, some of the best graphic design portfolios today may also include:

  • Motion graphics
  • Original illustrations
  • Product design
  • Ad campaigns
  • Storyboards
  • Brand identity

As you'll see below, the most powerful graphic designer portfolios balance personal vision with standout client samples.

Graphic Design Portfolio Website Examples

  • Jessica Walsh
  • Morag Myerscough
  • Heather Shaw
  • Mohamed Samir
  • Gail Anderson
  • Gleb Kuznetsov
  • Stefan Sagmeister
  • Lotte Niemenen
  • Luke Choice (Velvet Spectrum)
  • Sophia Yeshi
  • Eduardo Nunes
  • Stefanie Brüeckler
  • Ryan Dean Sprague (Pavlov)
  • Alex Trochut
  • Leandro Assis
  • Peter Tarka
  • Tobias van Schneider
  • Aries Moross
  • Nisha K. Sethi

Let’s look at some graphic design portfolio website examples to inspire and motivate your portfolio development. You could be a traditional graphic designer or experimenting with new media. There’s something here for everyone.

1. Jessica Walsh

Graphic designer portfolio, Jessica Walsh

The design industry is competitive. It takes eye-catching imagery and typographic finesse to create a portfolio that draws top clients like Apple, Benefit, and Levis.

This portfolio comes from a designer who's been named one of Ad Age’s "Top 10 Visual Creatives," among many other accolades. Currently a design professor, creative director, and head of creative agency &Walsh , this designer's portfolio on Behance makes great design the focus.

Why we love this graphic designer's website : Walsh's approach to type is bright, graphic, and complex. Her style also favors lush colorful photography and illustrations. This could get overwhelming, but this graphic designer is an expert with negative space, using careful visual composition to draw the eye and make a statement.

2. Morag Myerscough

Graphic design portfolio example: Morag Myerscough

Bright graphics, animations, and clean design make this an exceptional graphic design portfolio. This approach is great for designers who lean into the art of design. It also works for designers who take on more experimental or site-specific projects.

Why we chose this graphic design portfolio: Myerscough’s aesthetic is unique and this image-focused site quickly communicates her style.

Short sections of copy connect her visual brand to her background, professional experience, and personal philosophy. The combination makes the site feel like it shows the whole designer, not just a visualization of the work she does for clients.

3. Heather Shaw


This graphic design portfolio website includes samples of book and website designs, branding, and more. It’s good for designers who work in many different media but want to present a cohesive portfolio.

Why we chose this graphic design portfolio: Heather Shaw’s portfolio is super clear and easy to navigate. It shows a wide range of skills and approaches to solving client problems, but it’s also visually consistent.

The designer also uses text effectively to explain each project and to encourage further engagement with the work.

4. Mike Mills

Graphic designer portfolio, Mike Mills

Mike Mills is a talented designer, artist, and filmmaker, known for his punk aesthetic and original style. His portfolio is a reflection of his diverse interests and skills. The website offers a quick lesson in clean design, with easy-to-understand headers, professional photography, and crisp layout.

Why this is a great example of a graphic design portfolio website : When you’re a design beginner , creating your first graphic design portfolio, you quickly learn the importance of editing.

For example, a logo for your first-year graphic design class might have been your best work then. It shows that you know how to use Illustrator or other design software alternatives . But five years later, you have to ask — does that logo belong in a professional portfolio?

As your body of graphic design work grows, you'll find yourself making tough decisions about what to include, and just as important, what to leave out of your portfolio.

This portfolio example stands out because Mills has found a way to include samples of design that span from the 90s to today. This could easily feel disjointed or overwhelming. Instead, it's a beautiful and cohesive portfolio with exceptional attention to detail.

5. Mohamed Samir

Graphic design portfolio example: Mohamed Samir

Samir’s work includes branding, typography, posters, and print design. So, this graphic design portfolio zeros in on a tight collection of award-winning designs.

This graphic design portfolio is on Behance . This makes it a good fit for graphic designers who want an online presence without designing their own website.

Why we love this graphic designer's website: Besides the high quality of the design work, this portfolio shows a diverse range of approaches to typography and style. At the same time, it shows a consistent vision and passion for visual communication.

The printed design work is also well-photographed. While the designer could have added a digital file instead, the photographs give you a better sense of the final polished design.

6. Gail Anderson

Graphic designer portfolio, Gail Anderson

Image quality matters. And if your portfolio pieces include a lot of detail, you may get stumped with your online portfolio design. This graphic design portfolio website has a simple left-hand navigation. So, with each click, you have a chance to see detailed posters, book covers, and more at a scale that shows how they look for print while also being easy to scroll on a mobile phone.

Why we chose this graphic design portfolio : Anderson's work is smart and timeless. Each piece shows her dedication to the depth and value of design thinking, technical skill, and passion for design.

7. Gleb Kuznetsov

Graphic design portfolio example: Gleb Kuznetsov

Kuznetsov’s portfolio combines product design, user experience, and graphic design to create something entirely new. This Dribble-hosted portfolio has over 50 images, which could be overwhelming. But they're split into seven easy-to-understand projects.

This makes it a great graphic design portfolio example for designers who want to show long-term or complex projects.

Why this is a great example of a graphic design portfolio website: From the images to his brief "About" statement, this designer makes his unique vision and personality part of the work and its presentation.

8. Stefan Sagmeister

Sagmeister is a legend in the design world, and his website reflects the curiosity and power of the designer. The home page features a grid of images with text that appears as you scroll over each image. With a click, you're presented with images and/or videos that show the details of each project.

The site is a mix of collaborations, art projects, and more traditional design, like the corporate identity for the Jewish museum.

Why this is one of the best graphic design portfolio websites we’ve ever seen : This portfolio site doesn't just show the quality and technical ability of the designer. It also gives any client working with Sagmeister a sense of what the design process might be like.

Quick note : The "answers" section of the site is full of useful advice no matter where you are in your designer journey.

9. Lotte Niemenen

Graphic designer portfolio, Lotte Niemenen

Great designers often let the work do the talking. That's certainly true here, with a streamlined graphic design portfolio that calls attention to client deliverables. When text is present, it adds to the value of the work, like sharing what parts of the design process their team completed. This is a great portfolio format for designers doing graphic design work like:

  • Logo design

Why we chose this graphic design portfolio: This group of work is simple and to the point. It also shows off a wide range of skills and tactics with a consistent vision. Be sure to take a closer look at the website navigation — it’s clean and exciting while adding to the functionality of the site.

10. Luke Choice (Velvet Spectrum)

Graphic designer portfolio, Luke Choice (Velvet Spectrum)

3D animation is an exciting design form that's growing in popularity. But if you're a client who's not in the market for an animated billboard , it may be difficult to figure out how you might use this creative form for your business.

This site is a great example of a portfolio that educates with simple text, graphics, and video. It gives both a quick look and a deep dive into how this designer approaches his art form.

Why we chose this graphic design portfolio : If you're doing something interesting and new, it may be a selling point. But truly new ideas can also challenge or frustrate people who don't feel "in the know." This means that your portfolio can't just sell your designs. It also needs to teach viewers about the new format you're using and why you think it's important.

11. Sophia Yeshi

Graphic design portfolio example: Sophia Yeshi

A clear header and tile design emphasize work samples from this powerful graphic designer.

While the tiles emphasize the designer’s unique style, you can click on each tile to get the full details about each project. This is a great approach for designers who want to share the deeper story behind each project while still making the site easy to navigate.

Why we love this graphic designer's website: A distinct style is important in graphic design. That said, it can be tough to show how many ways you can apply that distinct style in a business context. Major brands, including Google, Nike, and Comcast, use Yeshi’s unique illustrative voice to speak for their brands.

This website portfolio makes that point clear, while still making graphic design the focus.

12. Eduardo Nunes

Graphic designer portfolio, Eduardo Nunes

Designers often have a muse — someone or something that inspires and motivates them when the designing gets tough. Sometimes that inspiration can serve as a starting point for your portfolio design, as it did for this design portfolio example.

The landing page starts with a quote from Ansel Adams, "There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept." Then, using clean motion graphics and fresh design, Nunes points to a central theme, a philosophy that guides his design approach. This leads every site visitor on a journey through his portfolio.

Why we chose this graphic design portfolio : This portfolio shows intense work, focus, practice, and care. It's an excellent model for anyone who wants to show the world what they're creating and why.

13. Stefanie Brüeckler

Graphic design portfolio, Stefanie Bruckler

This portfolio includes packaging design, illustration, and web design as well as graphic design and branding work. It’s one of our favorite graphic designer websites because it’s clean and easy to navigate.

It also shows a lot of different examples of work at a glance. This makes it a great example for designers who aren’t sure how to organize all the work they want to include in their portfolio.

Why we love this graphic designer website example: Brückler’s graphic design portfolio focuses on the tiniest of details to create an excellent user experience. From the simple page-loading animation to the thoughtful use of motion graphics, this designer hones in on the stunning details.

14. Chip Kidd

Graphic design portfolio example: Chip Kidd

Book cover designer Chip Kidd’s graphic design portfolio website uses lightbox-style pop-ups. Popups make it easier to focus on each book cover. This is a smart way to narrow in on the visuals with a graphic design site while still making it easy to see all the work in one place.

Kidd uses a range of different styles for book covers, and it’s edited in a way that makes this range look natural and exciting instead of chaotic.

Why this is a great example of a graphic design portfolio website: The dark background makes this graphic designer’s style pop. And the simple side navigation gives users a quick path to learn more about the designer and his work.

15. Ryan Dean Sprague (Pavlov)

Graphic designer portfolio, Ryan Dean Sprague (Pavlov)

This Texas designer's style is heavily influenced by music. So, this portfolio features illustration and design work that's bright, evocative, and fun. This portfolio website shines because it keeps the UX and site structure super simple. This puts the focus on a tight curation of exciting design samples.

Why this is a great example of a graphic design portfolio website : If you have a distinct illustration or design style, the tough sell for your portfolio may not be how good your work is. Instead, you may need to focus on showing the client how you can do your best work for their needs.

This graphic design portfolio is a vivid display of individuality that also shows clients how this designer can help them sell their product or brand.

16. MDZ Design

Graphic design portfolio example: MDZ Design

Concise and exciting images on this graphic designer website example give site visitors a peek at execution and strategy.

MDZ Design also offers product design and strategy to clients. This makes their graphic design portfolio a useful example for strategy-focused designers.

Why we love this graphic designer website example: The range of services this portfolio shows could be overwhelming or confusing. Instead, it’s a chance to see their approach to problem-solving. They also make it easy to see how their process leads to results for their clients.

17. Alex Trochut

Graphic design portfolio example: Alex Trochut

This graphic design portfolio is also a home for Trochut’s product design, animations, music, and NFTs. It’s a great example for multimedia artists who want to present their work on a single website. It also works for creators with a big collection of work to show.

Why we love this graphic designer website example: The four-column layout of this site shows image thumbnails of varying sizes. Each column moves at a different pace as you scroll down the page.

This motion feels dynamic and exciting and reinforces this designer’s original takes on color, type, and layouts.

18. Leandro Assis

Graphic designer portfolio, Leandro Assis

Sometimes a graphic design portfolio isn't just about a style — it's about a vibe. This exceptional portfolio comes from designer Leandro Assis.

From brand identity to hand lettering to package design, this portfolio displays a wide range of design skills and original style.

Why this is a great example of a graphic design portfolio website : It's not like this portfolio isn't enticing to the eyes. It's fun, bright, and a little wild. But what makes this portfolio excellent isn't just the quality of the work, it's the experience.

Fun icons, engaging UX, and lots of white space make this bold and playful site a pleasure to peruse.

19. Peter Tarka

Graphic designer portfolio, Peter Tarka

If you're a self-taught graphic designer, you might have less guidance on where to start with your portfolio website. Look no further for inspiration than the interactive design portfolio for Peter Tarka.

Best known for captivating 3D motion graphics like the ones featured in the video below, Tarka started with a love of architecture and vector graphics that's grown to a career working with top brands like Spotify, Google, and LG.

Why we love this designer's website : The fewer clicks it takes to show people what you're doing the better. This site isn't just low-click, it's no-click.

A simple scroll shows you the work, client, and completion date for 15 exceptional portfolio pieces. If you want to see more, a quick click at the top-right brings you to more work samples, links to other portfolio sites, and contact information.

20. Tobias van Schneider

Graphic design portfolio example: Tobias van Schneider

This graphic design portfolio website uses a range of type sizes and contrasts to emphasize the ideas it communicates. This is a great approach for entrepreneurial designers. It's also smart for anyone who collaborates in their design work.

Why we love this graphic designer's website: A sticky header and big blocks of color and text make this graphic designer website interesting to explore. This site also uses scale well. It combines big images with both big and small text to emphasize each client project.

21. Aries Moross

Graphic design portfolio, Aries Moross

There are many ways to play up a unique style, and this graphic design website highlights this designer’s recent work as well as a full project archive. This is a great example for designers who also do illustration.

Why we chose this graphic design portfolio: Moross uses space effectively on this site. It’s easy to get an immediate sense of the designer’s distinct style. The simple navigation helps users refine their search to target a specific type of work, like hand-drawn fonts or editorial design.

Graphic design portfolio example: Ling K

LingK's portfolio features their latest project while also showing other industry niches. The structure of the website helps prospective clients quickly decide if they want to work with this designer.

Why this is a great example of a graphic design portfolio website: It can be tough to convey how campaign materials for a complex event, like a wedding or conference, work together. This designer effectively shows the breadth and depth of work for each project and makes it easy to see the value of each deliverable.

23. Nisha K. Sethi

Graphic design portfolio example: Nisha K. Sethi

Sethi’s portfolio is simple and straightforward. It puts the spotlight on each design project. The "About" section also tells a clear story that encourages further questions and conversation.

It can be tempting to tell an audience everything on your website. But a great portfolio should offer enough samples to entice clients to reach out and learn more, but not so much that it overwhelms. This website is a great example of offering just enough.

Why we love this graphic designer website example: This graphic design example combines hand-lettering, printmaking, and other media with digital design. While this designer works in a range of media, their portfolio shows a strong voice that is effective across many channels.

Looking for more design portfolio inspo? These designers and design studios may not be a model for your personal portfolio website, but they’re great design resources:

  • Paula Scher
  • Michael Bierut
  • Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv
  • Wolff Olins
  • Milton Glaser
  • David Carson

If you've finished your portfolio pieces and want to get more website design ideas, check out this free lookbook with over 70 examples of incredible websites.

How to Make a Graphic Design Portfolio

  • Curate your best work, and show a wide breadth of skill.
  • Choose the right platform to showcase your work.
  • Include a professional case study, or client recommendations.
  • Integrate your personality.
  • Describe the creative process.
  • Show non-client work, or side projects.

1. Curate your best work, and show a wide breadth of skill.

Lindsay Burke , a HubSpot Product Designer, emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to curating a graphic design portfolio. She says, "I recommend selecting your strongest projects and making these the primary focus of your portfolio website."

Ideally, your portfolio will feature your sharpest, most impressive 10-20 designs — undoubtedly, someone pursuing your portfolio won't have the time to look at more, and if your first couple projects are impressive enough, they shouldn't need to.

But it's equally critical you show potential clients your versatility. If you've dabbled in logo design as well as video animation, it's good to include both kinds of projects in your portfolio.

2. Choose the right platform to showcase your work.

Investing in a quality website with a custom domain URL will pay off in the long run by demonstrating your professionalism to potential clients.

Having your own website helps you organize your portfolio to suit all your business needs — for instance, perhaps you'll include 'Projects', 'About Me', and 'Contact Me' sections, so visitors can peruse your content and then contact you without ever leaving the site.

Take a look at this list of the best website builders if you need help choosing a platform for your portfolio.

3. Include a professional case study or client recommendations.

Lindsay Burke told me it's incredibly valuable to write out a case study to complement any website visuals — "Through a written case study, your site visitors can get a sense of your project's background, the problem you were aiming to solve through design, and the process you took to arrive at a final deliverable. A lot of time, effort, and iteration goes into design solutions, and a written case study will help communicate your unique process."

To cultivate a strong case study, consider including the background of the project, the problem, the process, your deliverable, and any next steps.

In the process section of your case study, Burke suggests including research, experience mapping, persona development, wire-framing, sketching, usability testing, and iteration.

Plus it will impress future clients if you can include recommendations from prior employers, which allows you to display a level of professionalism.

4. Integrate your personality.

As you can see in the examples above, each portfolio is drastically different depending on the artist's unique style. Someone checking out Tobias van Schneider's portfolio will expect something vastly different from someone looking at Ling K's site. Make sure your portfolio — including layout, background, and website title — reflects who you are as a designer.

5. Describe the creative process.

Each designer has a unique process when working with clients — and the sooner a potential client can learn about your process, the better. It's important you include context, so visitors can get a sense of how you handle challenges, and how your designs solve real-world problems.

Plus, including a description of your creative process can help a potential client figure out whether you're capable of handling the scope of their project.

For instance, they might be unsure of your ability to handle graphic designs for mobile until they read how you single-handedly brainstormed and created the designs for another client's mobile site. In this case, context is critical.

6. Show non-client work, or side projects.

Amanda Chong , a former HubSpot Designer, says, "Side projects are a great way to demonstrate your will to take initiative and your ability to balance multiple things at once. They're also a great way to show some of the more experimental, creative ideas that you might not be able to show through your day-to-day work."

If you're just starting out, it's acceptable to include side projects or non-client work so potential customers can get a sense of your ability and style.

Consider incorporating school work, a logo you designed for your aunt's company, or an internal design you created for your current company — ideally, your designs will negate any concerns potential clients have over your lack of career experience.

Graphic Design Portfolio Ideas

  • Help a local business or start-up with its design and brand.
  • Create content for your own personal brand.
  • Redesign an existing website.
  • Create graphic design materials for a made-up company.
  • Design a logo for a brand you love.
  • Create a stock theme for WordPress.
  • Take part in a design challenge.

1. Help a local business or start-up with its design and brand.

One of the easiest ways to begin building your client base is by contacting nonprofits or local businesses in your area. Think about creating mock-ups or sketches in advance, These can help you give businesses a sense of your skill and vision.

Perhaps you think a local restaurant needs a new menu logo, or want to help a gift shop with their online marketing materials.

Projects like these will help you better understand local marketing challenges, and give you time to develop your skills in those areas. You never know what a pro-bono project could lead to next.

2. Create content for your own personal brand.

As you build personal brand content, take the time to make sure your marketing materials are cohesive and sleek.

Design a unique logo for your brand. Next, start building your website, and add that same design across various materials, including your business card and resume. This is also a great time to start a branded social media account, and to create posts that show off your design skills and interests.

Clients are more likely to work with you if they can see the type of high-quality work you're able to create for yourself.

3. Redesign an existing website.

Don’t wait for your dream client to give you a call. Instead, create a complete website redesign for a well-known brand to prove your skills to future clients.

This is a well-known strategy already used by plenty of designers — just take a look at some of the impressive Behance mock-ups for brands like RyanAir .

Additionally, Amanda Chong told me, "If you're creating mockups for established brands to use as part of your portfolio, it's important to pair this with a case study or description of the process that helped you arrive at your proposed design. Talk about what you think wasn't working with the existing design, some of the constraints that you think the designers were working with, and why you made the decisions that you did."

Chong added, "Mockups are great at showing your visual design skills, but don't necessarily demonstrate your ability to work in a real-world context, so you'll want to take the time to explain how you would have approached it in a true business setting."

4. Create graphic design materials for a made-up company.

If your designs are impressive enough, potential clients won't care that you created them for a fictitious company. In fact, you could impress them with your innovation and creativity.

Consider showing your skills by putting together a creative brief for a fake company, complete with wireframes and sketches. Other projects you can create for imaginary companies include:

  • Style guides
  • Social media ads
  • Apparel graphics
  • Wrapping paper
  • Brochures and email newsletters
  • Simple GIFs
  • Animated infographics
  • Trade show booths
  • Branded wall art
  • Pitch decks
  • Book covers

In due time, real companies will take notice.

5. Design a logo for a brand you love.

Stick to the type of content you enjoy designing. If you're particularly adept at making logos, and are often inspired by the logos used by real brands, consider designing an alternative logo for a brand you like.

Then take a look at these inspiring reimagined NFL logos . While these NFL teams probably won’t make a shift, they're great examples of the designers' skills and creativity.

6. Create a stock theme for WordPress.

WordPress, a popular content management system, allows users to develop stock themes for WP. Best of all, if your theme is approved, you can sell it as a premium theme for extra cash.

Begin by studying WordPress's most popular themes, and considering how you can create an impressive alternative. Take a look at WordPress's Theme Review Requirements and this overview of how to create a child theme to learn more.

7. Take part in a design challenge.

To get inspired, practice your skills, or interact with other designers in a community and build your portfolio at the same time, think about participating in a design challenge.

Design challenges can also help you uncover skills you didn't know you had by forcing you to step outside your design comfort zone.

There are various daily, weekly, or monthly challenges that will send you prompts on things to design — for instance, try checking out the Daily UI Design Challenge or The Daily Logo Challenge .

Graphic Design Portfolio Tips

  • Show your versatility.
  • Display your best work.
  • Include case studies.
  • Make it clean and easy to navigate.
  • Prominently display contact information.
  • Display your unique personality.

You’ve done the work, and now you’re pulling together your graphic design portfolio. Try these tips to make your graphic design portfolio stand out.

1. Show your versatility.

A portfolio should show a range of different works, so you want to highlight what you can do. Some clients prefer a more streamlined look, while others are looking for more experimentation.

If you have clients from different industries, include some work from each industry. Then, edit your portfolio based on the kind of client you’re showing your portfolio to.

For example, if you’re meeting with a client in real estate, show work samples from similar industries.

You’ll also want to show anyone who sees your portfolio what you can do. So, if you create design logos, books, and motion graphics, include a little bit of everything in your portfolio.

2. Display your best work.

That said, try to limit your portfolio to your best work. Don’t include a piece in your portfolio just to show that you can do it. The way that you edit your portfolio shows that you understand your strengths and know how to play them up. So, edit your portfolio to include only your best work.

If you’re great with one skill set but not as good with another, edit your portfolio to spotlight that skill. If possible, create portfolio pieces that show many skill sets at the same time.

For example, if you love hand lettering, a poster could emphasize your graphic design skills alongside this unique ability.

3. Include case studies.

Every client is unique, and each will teach you something new. As you continue to work with different clients, build up a collection of these stories.

Try not to throw anything away without documenting it. That page of thumbnails might not be much to look at on its own, but this kind of work in progress is a great way to show prospective clients how you solve problems.

When you present case studies in your portfolio, start with the initial problem your client approached you with. Next, show what the conversation and ideation process looked like over time. As you pull your case study together, don't forget to include the final solution you delivered.

4. Make it clean and easy to navigate.

Design is about more than visual skills, it’s about communicating. So the format of your portfolio, whether it’s printed or online, should be clear and simple to scan.

This point is especially important for graphic designer websites. It can be tempting to build a website that shows off the latest trends or to add Easter eggs that people need to hunt for. There’s a fine line between art and design, and those approaches can be super inspiring.

But building a complex site can also mean that clients in a hurry could miss some of your best work.

For example, a graphic designer once sent his portfolio to a creative director friend of mine. They liked the designer’s drawing but didn’t see much of the graphic design or web work that he talked about in his resume. With a little digging, they found a URL in one of the sketchbook drawings, and that URL led to his website.

This hide-and-seek process was cool, but it wasn’t clear or easy to navigate. This scenario could have been a missed opportunity for that designer.

5. Prominently display contact information.

If someone wants to talk to you, there are many places they can find you online. But you want to make it easy for them, and for you. You don’t want to miss out on an important meeting because a client reached out to you with an email you don’t check anymore.

Most graphic designer websites have a contact page that has your contact information. Once you add this to your site, be sure to check that the links and forms are working.

6. Display your unique personality.

There are thousands of successful graphic designers out there, and you might be competing against some of them for your next client. So, the best tip for a great portfolio is to be yourself.

Whether you have a feel for typography or are talented with color, show off the way that you see the world in your graphic design portfolio. Think about every detail, and then execute to the best of your ability.

Whether it’s the first version of your portfolio or the 200th, make it feel like something only you could create.

The best graphic design portfolios aren’t ever finished.

You’ve learned about the value of a graphic design portfolio and checked out some of the best portfolio examples. You read about how to create your portfolio, then you scanned some smart ideas to build on the graphic design work you’ve already completed.

So what’s next?

Even the best graphic design portfolios need constant updates. Keep in mind that while your first graphic design portfolio may be complete, portfolio building won’t ever really end.

What do you want to tackle for your next project? Social media to promote your new portfolio? A new resume or professional bio to attract clients? The possibilities are endless.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in March 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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8 Graphic Design Projects Every Beginner Should Know About

Graphic design projects

Table of Content

Understanding different types of graphic design projects for beginners.

The importance of graphic design projects in building a portfolio doesn’t need any kind of explanation. It is the primary thing that helps you to attract clients’ attention and bring uniqueness in your branding. Today, every company emphasizes heavily on creative graphic designs. They know its importance in the business representation, especially for those that are associated with the fashion industry.

Considering the high demand, many beginners want to move towards this field in a bid to make their careers successful. But unfortunately, only a few of them tend to achieve top names in it. The reason is that most of these people do not learn the art of graphic designing completely. Some people just tend to focus on logo designing, whereas some only think about web and UI designing.

Now, all of us know that the industry of graphic and web designing is evolving quite rapidly. It has now become crucial for us to keep our skills updated according to the latest market standards. Today, it is just not enough to learn one part of graphic designing. Instead, we have to evolve ourselves on multiple domains, so that we can grab the emerging opportunities quickly.

If you are also a beginner in graphic designing and want to learn a pathway to become professional, this article is precisely written for you. It will let you know about some specific graphic design project that can optimize your learning potential. Let’s first understand how big the scope of graphic designing is in the world.

The Wide Scope of Graphic Designing

Graphic designing

Graphic designing is a very broad term including multiple types of jobs depending on the requirements. Earlier, people only knew about this field with a tag of logo or banner designing. But, in the last couple of decades, things have changed greatly.

Today, many companies are offering graphic design services using a variety of tools and softwares. All of them are created to cater different types of functions. They have allowed graphic designers to work seamlessly without having any technical glitch. All they need to do is to just utilize their creativity to craft stunning designs that can grab eyeballs quickly.

The scope of graphic designing has tremendously evolved in the last few years. The emergence of UI and web designing has also paved a way for graphic designers to find work easily. That is the reason why every youngster knows about the importance of graphic designing, and hence want to make a career in it.

With the rise of freelancing, the demand for skilled graphic designers is also increasing in the world. Many businesses are frequently hiring freelance designers to handle their tons of projects. This shows how vast the scope of graphic designing has evolved in the world, encouraging every youngster to get attracted towards it.

Types of Graphic Design Projects for Beginners

Many youngsters are opting to become a graphic designer rightly due to its demand in the market. But many of them often face problems in becoming a top professional. There are many reasons involved in that, but the one most important among all is the lack of work knowledge.

It is therefore recommended to optimize your graphic designing learning according to the latest standards. You need to make sure that your skills are updated as per the emerging trends. It will allow you to work on any type of project regardless of difficulties in design and complexity.

To become a seasoned designer, you need to work on different types of graphic design projects. It will enhance your learning as well as enable you to get clients’ attention. Here are some of those areas where you should regularly avail graphic design projects.

Logo Design

Logo design

Every business knows about the importance of logo design. It is the primary source of their brand representation, allowing them to demonstrate a strong identity in the market. It is the major reason why every business wants to design a unique logo. They know how these logos encourage people to take interest in the products, as well as get converted towards it.

Considering the high demand of different types of logos , it has become a top freelancing source for many graphic designers. There are many marketplaces working on the internet where tons of graphic design projects related to logos are available for freelancers.

If you are looking to start your career as a graphic designer, tryout these logo projects. It will help you to know about the intrinsic details of logo designing, as how it should be completed starting from the scratch. You can learn how to design logos relating to different categories, increasing your own knowledge in the field.

Just like logo designing, there are also dozens of freelancing opportunities available in UI/UX designing . That is also one of those hot jobs that could help you to get connected with hundreds of clients. But, to do so, you need to have a sound knowledge of the cores of UI designing.

This process and method of UI design is totally different from the other graphic designing activities. It requires you to bring creativity in the website frontend that can attract the incoming traffic.

You can learn UI designing from tons of tutorials and other resources available on the internet. Many experts recommend YouTube as the best source to learn UI designing. It houses hundreds of tutorials aimed towards helping beginners to learn the art of UI designing.

Brochures / Flyers

Flyer design

Every marketer knows the importance of branding materials. They are primarily responsible to market any business strongly in the industry. It is the main reason why businesses always look for such designers who are well versed in creating quality branding elements such as brochures.

The usage of brochures comes really handy in tradeshows and other marketing events. Generally, companies distribute these brochures in those events to attract people’s attention. Therefore, they always want to get connected with those designers that can help them to create stunning brochure designs .

Being a freelancer, you can take these graphic design projects to enhance your professional portfolio. They are a bit different as compared to conventional banner designing. These brochures are designed with a mixed combination of content and graphical elements. As a designer, you need to learn principles of design and how to keep the balance between both, so that your brochure design can look great.

Icons are also termed very important for designing banners, logos, website content and more others. They are often designers with a custom style in order to assist any relevant design. This requires skilled expertise from a professional designer who knows how to create a font according to the design.

Today, you can find different types of freelancing opportunities available for creating masculine fonts . If you don’t have much idea about how to create them, take a look at the examples given on the internet. It will allow you to design creative fonts, precisely according to the modern standards.

YouTube Graphical Ads

Youtube ads

YouTube is undoubtedly the biggest online streaming platform in the world. It houses millions of videos relating from different categories. People from around the globe regularly visit YouTube to watch different types of videos . That is why its traffic just keeps on increasing with each passing day, making it the most popular video streaming global platform.

Considering this popularity, many marketers have started to target YouTube as a channel to attract clients. To do that, they need the services of a talented designer who can create engaging artwork for YouTube ads. This is a very high paid job that allows you to get connected with some of the top companies in the market.

You can create engaging videos and designs according to the brand requirements. This will be a great addition to your graphic design projects, giving your overall portfolio a stunning boost.


Infographics are also becoming popular in the market due to their easy way of explaining things. They are used precisely to create designs that can help people to understand things quickly. But, the development of these infographics is not a straightforward process. It requires tactical knowledge on how to place different things in a single design, so that people can take a look at them all quickly.

You can find different types of infographics used by the marketers today. Most of them are built in a listicle manner, allowing people to notice various things quickly. As a designer, it brings a nice opportunity for you to enhance your graphic design projects portfolio by designing interactive infographics.

The good thing is that you can find many premade templates for designing infographics. Some of the websites like Freepik, Envato and more others are termed very good in this regard. These marketplaces will help you to find unique infographics templates, so that you can customize them easily with the relevant elements.

Banner design

Banners are also an important branding material due to their vast usage in marketing activities. They are used to grab people’ attention, rightly by displaying the best discount offers and product deals. You can find dozens of banner designing projects on marketplaces like Fiverr, Freelancer and more easily. Most of them are high paid, allowing you to build a strong graphic design projects portfolio.

All you need to do is to just enhance your skills on graphic design softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and more others. These tools are termed pretty handy to learn the basic art of graphic designing.

If you don’t have good knowledge about their usage, take a look at the detailed tutorials given on the internet. They are precisely made for absolute beginners, so that they can learn the basics of graphics designing. Once you have the required knowledge of graphics, then you can easily take different types of graphic design projects. The demand of banner designing is pretty much more in the market, hence you can build a strong portfolio by getting its projects.

Business Cards

Business card

Every business knows the importance of business cards. It is termed as the most important branding material that allows people to know about your point of contact. That is the biggest reason why companies heavily emphasize designing these business cards with flawless perfection. They know that business cards showcase their identity and build a reputation for their business.

For freelance designers, it is best recommended to find those graphic design projects that are related to business cards designing. You can easily find these projects on sites like Upwork, Toptal and more others. All you need to do is to just build a strong profile on these marketplaces. People who are looking to hire skilled freelancers will quickly come to your profile and contact you upon finding the relevant work experience.

Best Graphic Design Projects for a High School Student

Being a high school student, you need to first find those graphic design projects that are easy to handle. This includes projects like logo designing, business cards designing and more others. Though it will be a bit hard to find some projects if you have no experience. But, if you will show the required expertise, then you can get some valuable graphic design projects.

It is also recommended to build some connections in the market to get quality designing projects. Once you will to do that, you can get long term projects allowing your portfolio to grow strongly.

Importance of Graphic Designing Projects for Portfolio Building

Frequently asked questions, final words.

That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed different types of graphic design projects suitable for beginners. We all know that it has become a very lucrative field, rightly due to its demand in the world. Today, there are a lot of opportunities available for graphic designers. From IT to the medical field, the demand of graphic designers is everywhere making them a real asset for every company.

If you also want to become a graphic designer, you need to first work on the projects defined above. It will help you to know about the basics of graphic designing, allowing you to learn its art completely. This is indeed a very lucrative field that provides everyone great opportunities to work regularly.

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Twine Blog

8 Graphic Design Projects To Earn Your First $100

Graphic design projects can be a great way to make extra money on the side of your day job or even start and grow your own business.

But with so many graphic design projects to choose from, you might be asking yourself: which design projects can help me make my first $100 and beyond.

So today, I’ll share with you some of the best advice I’ve gathered by working with thousands of freelance designers over 11 years. These tried and tested graphic design projects will help you make your first $100 and set you up for future success.

Let’s dive in!

1. Design a Logo

If you’re good with branding a logo design , you can make a very quick $100 by designing a logo for someone.

To make a quick $100 (or more) designing logos, try signing up for sites like Twine where you’ll be connected with clients who need a logo designed for their business or project.

Of course, if you’d like to be a long-term logo designer, you’ll need to charge much more for a logo and similar graphic design projects. But it can be a great way to get some experience and get your foot in the door. From there, you can always upsell other services or raise your prices.

2. Design a Menu

When it comes to great graphic design projects to make your first $100 as a designer, another good place to look is at your local restaurants.

That’s because many local restaurants have horribly designed menus. With a quick redesign, you can help restaurateurs increase their revenue by far more than $100.

Redesigning a stale menu can also provide a great opportunity to build relationships in your community for future work. 

If you find the right clients for this kind of design work, you might even find yourself with repeat clients each month. Consider how often a restaurateur needs help with graphic design projects. For example, every time they:

  • Add a new menu item
  • Run a promotion
  • Change their menu pricing

3. Design Some Social Media Graphics

If you’re social savvy, you may want to consider social images for your next graphic design projects. 

Social images are in high demand because companies constantly need something to add to their social feed which means it’s a great way to get repeat business after finding your first graphic design clients .

Social images would include anything from illustrations to promotions, informational graphs and mind maps , all the way to funny memes—it all depends on your client.

4. Design a Postcard or Flyer

While social graphics are definitely in high demand, most smart business owners know that there’s still a lot of power in traditional graphic design projects like postcards or flyers.

That’s because, while some argue snail mail is dying, in actuality it is stronger than ever thanks to technology’s ability to take the online experience into your physical home through “junk mail.”

Because printed advertising material can be so lucrative to your client, you’ll have no problem getting at least $100 for these kinds of graphic design projects and quickly raising your rates.

5. Design a Book Cover

As personal publishing becomes more and more accessible, far more people are hiring graphic designers for book cover graphic design projects than ever before.

That’s why it would be fairly easy to make a quick $100 or even more designing a cover for a book. In addition, depending on the book, these graphic design projects can be a great way to get extra exposure for your services. 

Design a cool book cover that sells a lot of copies and you may just have new clients coming your way for a long time to come.

6. Design a Billboard

If your style is to “go big or go home” then maybe thinking much bigger is a good idea for your graphic design projects.

Designing a Billboard is not only a unique challenge (you’ve got to use few words and large images) but can be extremely gratifying to see as you’re driving down the freeway.

Keep in mind, your client is likely paying thousands to book the billboard in the first place so they likely have a fair budget (probably more than $100) to spend on your design services.

A talented billboard design could easily make an extra $1,000 a month or more.

7. Design an Email Template

If you have an interest in email marketing and a little bit of know-how on what it takes to design (and code) an email template, then email design could be right for you.

Email-centered graphic design projects can be lucrative because email is so lucrative—particularly to online e-commerce stores.

To make your first $100 designing email templates , find small, new e-commerce stores that need your support. Small businesses need good design more than ever . As an added bonus, you’ll build a good relationship with a young company with lots of potential for growth.

8. Design an Infographic

If you’ve got a mind for information and pretty graphs, then maybe you should consider finding freelance jobs related to designing infographics.

Of course, these take a special kind of designer. You can’t just throw together a couple charts and write some text. But designing an infographic might be easier than you think and can be pretty lucrative.

Where to Find Graphic Design Projects to Apply For

If you’re not sure where to actually find graphic design projects to make $100, here are a few ways to get started:

  • Reach out to your personal network and let them know you’re taking on freelance graphic design projects.
  • Sign up for Twine  where you’ll get connected with clients who need design projects completed on a regular basis.
  • Call agencies in your area and ask if they hire freelance designers on a contract basis.

Making a little extra money (or starting an entire business) while working on fun and exciting graphic design projects can be extremely fulfilling. All it takes is a little work and some talent and you can make it happen.

Looking to find paid work as a graphic designer? Sign up to Twine  and pitch on a wide variety of graphic design projects each week.

Once you’ve secured your first client, streamline the revision process with  ReviewStudio;  the ultimate proofing platform.

Business building tips, hacks and resources for creative folks. Formerly Graphic Design Blender, now Millo.

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Best Time Tracking Software for Freelancers and Small Businesses

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graphic design top projects

4 amazing graphic design project ideas

You know you need a graphic design portfolio. But what projects should you put in it? Get inspired with four graphic design project ideas.

graphic design top projects

Great artists don’t just talk about the art they make — they show it.

For graphic designers, that means putting together a strong portfolio that showcases your best work. Think about it — reading “designed coffee shop logo” as a line item on a resume is much less impressive than seeing the logo in full color. 

But if you’re new to graphic design and don’t have much professional experience under your belt, you might not have much work to showcase in your portfolio. And even seasoned designers may get the itch to take on new projects that demonstrate a bit more range.

There’s no need to wait until a client commissions new work to build or revamp a portfolio. No matter what stage you’re at in your career, exploring new graphic design project ideas will get the creative juices flowing and help refine — and show off — your skills. 

Popular types of projects to include in a graphic design portfolio

Like any art, graphic design encompasses projects of all shapes and sizes. For this medium, that means anything from business cards to book covers to the visual aspects of web design. The more variety your portfolio includes, the easier it is for potential clients to get a feel for your aesthetic, skill level, and process.

Here are some graphic design projects most commonly featured in portfolios:

Brand identity 

Creating a brand identity involves using design elements to craft a unique visual identity that tells a brand’s story and sets it apart from competitors. These elements include:

  • Color — Designers use color psychology and color theory to develop color palettes that speak to a brand’s personality. 
  • Typography — The art of creating and arranging text, including choosing font pairs and styles that are visually appealing and match the brand’s identity. 
  • Iconography — Designers use iconography (the art of creating icons) to communicate meaning through images, like a button representing a shopping cart to guide users to their pending purchases.

Graphic designers are the minds behind logo creation, lettering, font selection, and every other visual aspect of a company’s brand kit. By including brand identity projects in your portfolio, you demonstrate your ability to create a cohesive and memorable brand image across all elements.

User experience and product design

User experience (UX) design relies on technology, psychology, and user research to design interfaces that are intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable to use. These interfaces guide someone’s interactions with software, apps, websites, and even physical products like alarm clocks, refrigerators, and coffee makers. UX design teams often include visual or graphic designers who ensure the product’s visual elements enhance the overall UX and fit the company’s brand identity.

UX is one piece of the larger product design process, which involves ideating and developing digital or physical products that solve a problem for the target audience. While graphic and product designers have two distinct roles, the former play an integral role in the design process. For a digital product, this might mean laying out the visual aspects of an app’s interface with the company’s brand identity in mind. For a physical product, a graphic designer might create mockups that show stakeholders what the finished product will look like. 

Including both UX and product projects in a graphic design portfolio can demonstrate your skills in creating user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing products.


Storyboards are a series of illustrations or images that depict a plot or sequence of events. They’re often used in film and video production to plan and visualize scenes. Including storyboards in your portfolio can demonstrate your ability to convey a message effectively through visual storytelling and create a cohesive, compelling narrative.

Illustrations and graphics

Print and digital media often include illustrations and graphics to share information or tell a short story. This includes poster design , editorial illustrations that bring a piece of writing to life, and infographics that help readers visualize data or information. Including a variety of illustrations and graphics in your portfolio proves you can create eye-catching visuals that effectively communicate the desired message.

Use Webflow's visual development platform to build completely custom, production-ready websites — or high-fidelity prototypes — without writing a line of code.

4 inspiring project examples

Now we’ll put the concept of showing versus telling to the test with a roundup of real project design ideas worthy of any portfolio.

1. Poster design

Photo of two art exhibition posters on the exterior of an ornate Italian building.

Designer Alberto Brilli used Adobe Illustrator to create a graphic design concept for an exhibition showcasing Romanian artist Constantin Brâncuși. The design capitalizes on Brâncuși’s art legacy, with each poster featuring a letter from the artist’s name alongside one of his gold sculptures. Rather than adding the concept to his portfolio as a still, two-dimensional image, Alberto used web design to help visitors visualize what the concept would look like in the real-world setting he designed it for.

2. Brochure design

Photo of a text-heavy brochure propped on an empty paper towel roll against a sage-green backdrop.

Designer Cristiaan Jackson applies the same level of thoughtfulness to every element, from color to typeface to layout in this brochure. Cristiaan’s attention to detail informed her “ The Earth is Sick '' composting guide, which challenged her to present important information without using pictures to draw attention to the brochure’s content. Cristiaan used her knowledge of typography and color to turn large blocks of text into art, choosing shades of brown and green for the color palette and draping strings of words to mimic the structure of roots. 

Cristiaan shares her work on her portfolio website and uses it as a space to talk through the thought process that guides her designs. She includes her collaborators, design tools, and challenges to help potential clients understand her approach and abilities.

3. Product packaging design

Photo of coffee beans in a brown mortar and pestle and a black box slid partially open to reveal two black tins with Eritrean-inspired labels.‍

As a student, product designer Cherelle Hibbert created a fictional coffee brand called Zula , using design tools and principles to create a coffee tin and its accompanying mortar and pestle. Cherelle then switched into graphic designer mode, incorporating traditional East African colors and patterns into the label in a nod to the Eritrean coffee ceremony that inspired the product. This step elevated the project from a well-designed tin to a polished, comprehensive concept enticing discerning coffee drinkers to try Zula.

With the help of Adobe Photoshop, Cherelle edited the logo into a realistic branding advertisement perfect for inclusion in a design portfolio. Like Cristiaan, Cherelle explains the thinking behind her designs, offering portfolio viewers a window into her decision-making process.

4. Illustration 

A beer label featuring an illustration of a crowned skull surrounded by fungus, insects, and flowers.

Illustrator and designer Rachel Riordan of Lucky Bones Studio has been drawing since early childhood, a commitment to craft that shines through in the logo and illustrations she created for Tilted Glass Brewing Co. Each piece relies on color and vivid imagery to tell a story, like the label for the brand’s Dark Prince IPA, which conveys themes of death and rebirth through the whimsical illustration of a crowned skull, fungus, and insects on a backdrop of navy and muted pink blossoms over a pale blue sky. Rachel’s portfolio is simple and uncluttered, spotlighting her intricate illustrations.

Learn by doing

Webflow is the leading visual development platform for building powerful websites without writing code — the perfect solution for graphic designers who don’t have the knowledge (or the time) to build a portfolio site from scratch. Try our free 21 day design portfolio course and start sharing your graphic design projects. 

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100 essential free resources for graphic designers in 2022

Following two years of pandemic-busting disruption, many of us will be feeling the pinch. If you're a graphic designer running your own business, then you'll want to save every penny you can over the next 12 months. To help, we've pulled together an essential guide to the best free resources for your next graphic design projects.

Image licensed via Adobe Stock / By Tashka2000

Image licensed via Adobe Stock / By Tashka2000

We're talking the highest quality, non-cheesy stock imagery and videos, illustration templates when you sadly can't afford anything bespoke, and millions of icons to serve just about any purpose. There's also free typography to polish off those designs and special tools to help you get there. We've even shared recommended free mockups to help you showcase your completed work.

And if that wasn't enough, we've taken the time to pull together some design inspiration resources, so if you ever get stuck and need to spark an idea, you'll have a whole list of decent platforms to visit and peruse. We'll update this essential list of free resources as and when we can. For now, here are our fresh suggestions to help you enjoy a budget-conscious but super creative 2022. Add this page to your bookmarks, so you can always have it ready.

Free stock images

As any graphic designer will tell you, some projects are not complete until there is some decent accompanying photography. Shots of people in various situations or city landscapes can add that extra something. Here are our favourite free stock image sites to browse and enjoy. But designers, ensure you keep a record of where you sourced each stock picture from for future reference.

Offering a mix of "beautiful photos of black and brown people, for free", Nappy was founded to address the traditional stock photo sites that were once lacking in diversity. An essential resource for any creative, all of Nappy's images are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero agreement, giving you peace of mind.

Promising stock photos by a "movie-scale crew", Moose brings you options of people, ethnicity, style, fashion and more. A handy category list and search box help you narrow down what you need. We especially like the background imagery – plenty to choose from.

3. StockSnap

One of the originals and still one of the best, StockSnap continues to expand its most excellent range of free stock imagery. It's always interesting to see what photographs are "trending". At the time of writing, it seems anything to do with beauty and nature is proving popular with the creative community.

A favourite stand-out resource of ours is Pexels, which offers free stock photos, royalty-free and shared by other creators. We love checking out the leaderboard to see which users have had the most views of their photos and videos in the last 30 days. This site has a real community behind it, so add it to your list today.

5. Unsplash

Another stock photo site powered by a friendly community of photographers, all uploading free stock pics for you to download and use. There are some really decent choices via Unsplash. This could be our favourite.

6. FreeImages

Royalty-free photographs by subject, photographer, or even camera – all completely free to download and use for either personal or commercial use.

A super resource courtesy of Shopify, Burst brings you free, high-resolution images for your projects. From categories such as fitness and beauty to business, sign language and nature, there are also textures and backgrounds available, so there is plenty to play with.

8. New Old Stock

This does exactly what it says on the tin: vintage photos from the public archives, free of known copyright restrictions and with the aim of recapturing history. You never know when you might need a black and white 100-year-old cityscape or portraits from another era.

9. Free Nature Stock

Another royalty-free CC0 resource with a particular focus on nature stock photos and videos. Created by Adrian Pelletier, a graphic designer and self-taught front-end developer. Bring us mountains, beaches and lakes galore!

10. ISO Republic

Promising thousands of free and high-resolution stock images and videos, ISO is a one-stop-shop for all your visual needs. Have fun browsing the various sections, from people and food to travel and animals.

Nappy, free stock imagery

Nappy, free stock imagery

Free stock videos

Sometimes you really need something to move. When a stock image just won't do, here are some wonderful suggestions for free video footage brought to you from other creative professionals, generous communities or big brands wishing to give back.

It's hard to believe that footage via Pond5 is free and ready to use on your website or for your next design project. There are plenty of clips to keep you occupied. And there's even a section on free audio, too.

Vimeo, yes, Vimeo, has free HD stock footage for you to download and use for whatever purpose you require. Created by Phil Fried, it's a resource that includes 258 videos generously donated by nearly 30,000 community members.

Free stock video footage courtesy of Coverr, one of the original sites in this category, to kindly give back to the creative community with its excellent selection of clips. It promises "videos for every need", and we've yet to discover otherwise.

14. Adobe Stock

The people behind Adobe are giving away a decent selection of free videos based on themes such as business, nature and people. It's just one of many areas of its Adobe Stock website where you can also find free stock assets, free motion graphic templates and more.

15. Cute Stock Footage

VFX, light leaks, overlays, backgrounds and more – these are all available to download from Cute Stock Footage, where there are over 4,000 clips to discover.

Coverr, free stock footage for designers

Coverr, free stock footage for designers

Free stock music and audio

What about adding sound to a design project? We've got you covered. Here are our top picks for royalty-free music for your videos, as well as sound effects and essential sounds.

16. Uppbeat

Free music for creators at Uppbeat with a solemn promise of "no copyright claims" with tracks from your favourite beatmakers. Save your favourites, see what's trending and enjoy listening to the website community's top picks.

17. Free Music Archive

Deemed as your number one resource for free to download and royalty-free music, FMA promises "not just free music, but good music".

18. Bensound

From acoustic and folk to cinematic and urban groove, tracks from Bensound are free to use as long as you credit the website and don't use it for anything like audiobooks, podcasts or for making songs. Always read the small print.

With "free assets for your next video project", MixKit doesn't just have free stock music tracks and sound effects, it also stretches to stock video. It's a free library that is growing fast, with new content added every week from creators worldwide.

Whilst many of the sound effects via Videvo cost money, many are free. From police sirens and gunshots to rain falling and wind whistling, you'll have everything you need to bring your design projects to life.

Uppbeat, free stock music and audio

Uppbeat, free stock music and audio

Free illustrations

We all want to bring in bespoke support from our illustrator friends. But sometimes, client budgets just don't allow it. Here are some free options to tide you over until that glorious day when you can ask your freelance buddies to collaborate.

21. Humaaans

Mix and match illustrations of people with a design library. An amazing resource by Pablo Stanley that can be used with Blush to create your own compositions.

Illustrations of people in various scenarios to help add to your design project. What we especially love is the quick and easy ability to use a colour image generator to match the illustrations to your brand identity.

23. DrawKit

Updated weekly, DrawKit offers beautiful free illustrations, hand-drawn vectors and icons alike, perfect for your next project. Although there are many free options, you can also enjoy browsing the premium illustration packs, which start at $10, so it's hardly breaking the bank.

24. Pimp my Drawing

A free library of CAD drawings of people, brought to you by three recently graduated architecture students. "During our years of study, we created a considerable amount of vector scale models. Instead of letting them collect dust in the deepest and darkest corners of our external backup drives, we made a site to let them see the light of day and spread all over the world," they explain.

25. Open Peeps

A hand-drawn illustration library, Open Peeps is another awesome resource by Pablo Stanley, allowing you to mix and match different characters with various elements to build your own unique illustrations. With creations for all occasions, the assets can be used in Blush , too.

26. Free Illustrations

Designers will find a nice selection of free illustrations via this website. From artworks on themes such as sneakers and transport to retro vectors and helpful icons, it's a curated web resource to add to your bookmarks.

27. Lukasz Adam

Good old Lukasz Adam continues to generously give back to the creative community with his free SVG illustrations, available for both commercial and personal use under the CC0 license. No attribution is required.

28. Pixabay

We think Pixabay is worth a mention, not just for its gorgeous selection of free illustrations but also for its free stock photos, vectors, videos, music and sound effects. This website has grown enormously since its launch. Sign up and become a member to join in the fun.

29. Open Doodles

Open Doodles is a set of free illustrations that you can copy, edit, remix, share, or redraw for any purpose without restriction under copyright or database law. And guess what, it's another classic resource courtesy of Pablo Stanley.

Absurd illustrations that make sense. That's the bold statement on the Absurd Design homepage. It is brought to you by Diana Valeanu, whose side project has grabbed the attention of the design community worldwide. Whether you need illustrations for apps, websites, landing pages, products, or articles, Diana's side project offers a selection for free with an option to upgrade and pay, should you need access to more.

Open Peeps, recommended free illustrations for designers

Open Peeps, recommended free illustrations for designers

Icons might be the smaller of design elements, but that doesn't mean they're any less important. We've scoured the web to pick some of the best resources for free icons, no matter the theme in question.

31. Ionicons

Over 1,300 open-source icons, lovingly hand-crafted for use in web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps. Built by the Ionic Framework team, they're all free and open source.

32. Simple Icons

Started by Dan Leech, Simple Icons features free SVG icons for popular brands available to download for free. To date, there are 2,141 free icons, making your life much easier as a designer.

33. Free Icons

Claiming to be the largest database of free icons on the web, Free Icons has everything you might need, and its treasure trove of goodies are available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats. Perfect.

34. Icons Icons

Get everything you need, free and available to download for commercial use, via Icons Icons. There are flat icons, and there are icon sets. Whatever your project's theme, this site will have you covered.

35. Iconscout

Download any number of free icons for commercial use, royalty-free and of seriously decent quality. We're talking arrows, device icons, transport graphics and more.

36. Flaticons

Over 2,400 royalty-free flat icons on various themes. There's even a flat icon maker where you can create your own icons with ease.

37. The Noun Project

Co-founded by Sofya Polyakov, Edward Boatman and Scott Thomas, The Noun Project offers over two million curated icons created by a global community and available for use by designers for free.

38. Animaticons

This excellent resource has a range of high-resolution animated GIFs that you can customise. They are small in file size, compatible with all major browsers, emails, and smartphones and don't require any special plugins or libraries. Sorted.

39. Font Awesome

Describing its selection of icons as "awesome", this nifty little site has a great range of assets for your next design project. There are also some 'Pro Only' options available to paying members.

40. IconMonstr

There's nothing monstrous about this generous resource. Iconmonstr gives you free icons that can either be heavyweight or lightweight, depending on your design. You can even "vote for the icon to be made next", putting your idea to founder Alexander Kahlkopf, a senior designer from Germany with over 15 years of professional experience in icon design.

The Noun Project, free icons

The Noun Project, free icons

Fonts can make or break a design. They can also be one of the most expensive aspects of any project. That's why this curated selection of free font libraries will help you avoid blowing the budget on some sexy slab serif.

41. Google Fonts

A robust directory of open source web fonts for designers to use how they wish. All created to the high standards you'd expect from the world's largest search engine.

42. Font Squirrel

Click on this site, and you're promised a "free font utopia". Font Squirrel is another extensive archive of free fonts, all free for commercial use.

43. FontFabric

FontFabric is a comprehensive type foundry that creates retail fonts and custom typography for various brands. Rather generously, it also provides a selection of free fonts for anyone to download and use. We love Nexa and Mont Blanc, but there are lots more to browse and sample on its nicely designed website.

44. Use & Modify

A personal selection of "beautiful, classy, punk, professional, incomplete, and weird typefaces", Use & Modify provides open-source fonts that are free to use guessed it, modify.

45. 1001 Free Fonts

Not the nicest designed website in the world, but who cares when 1001 Free Fonts gives you loads of free fonts to play with! Ok, so there's a slight catch. You can download and use any font for personal use, but if you need to go commercial, you can download 10,000 fonts for just $20 or thereabouts. Not bad when you see the quality of specimens such as Bodoni and Pine Tree.

46. MyFonts

Like most large type shops, MyFonts has a range of free fonts that you can download and use at no cost. You just have to do some sifting through to find what you need.

47. Font Zone

Font Zone has thousands of free fonts to enhance your websites, documents, greeting cards, and more. You can browse popular fonts by themes, name or style.

48. UrbanFonts

UrbanFonts features a decent collection of free fonts, premium fonts and free dingbats. With over 8,000 freeware fonts, there are many options to browse and use. Most fonts on this site are freeware. Some are shareware or linkware. Some fonts provided are trial versions of full versions and may not allow embedding unless a commercial license is purchased or may contain a limited character set. Make sure you review any files included with your download, which will usually include information on the usage and licenses of each font.

49. FontSpace

FontSpace has free downloads of legally licensed fonts for your next design projects. Founded in 2006, the site is a designer-centred typography website with fonts broken down into different styles. Just double-check the small print before you use anything for commercial purposes.

DaFont is an enormous archive of freely downloadable fonts. Browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity.

Google Fonts, free typography for designers

Google Fonts, free typography for designers

Free graphic design tools

Not everyone can afford the big guns when it comes to design tools. That's why this particular list of recommendations will be welcome news for budget-conscious designers. There are some real gems here, so take your time to bookmark each site.

Describing itself as an "online graphic design tool", Figma has all the elements you might need to create logos, social media graphics, presentations and more. And yes, it's all free.

A free vector graphics editor that's simple and powerful, allowing you to design and edit vector graphics like a pro via its website and desktop cross-platform without any steep learning curve. We'll take that.

53. Inkscape

One we've recommended before, Inkscape is a powerful design tool that allows you to edit vector graphics for free. All Inkscape projects may be exported in formats friendly to web browsers or commercial printer rooms. It is cross-platform, which means it is easy to run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux distributions.

54. PaperSizes

Keep forgetting the exact dimensions of A1? PaperSizes is a comprehensive resource listing all international standards for paper sizes, dimensions and formats – all right there, online and free to use.

Another professional vector design app that you can access from anywhere on any machine. There's a free version to get started with 500MB of cloud storage, PDF export, and colour space. To access more features, simply upgrade to #37.49 per annum.

Crello is a free graphic design tool to help you create impressive content in minutes. Browse thousands of professional templates and edit them right away. Click to create a new font pairing, lock fonts that you want to keep, and choose a font manually. The text is editable, so try replacing it with your company name or other suitable copy.

57. Font Joy

Where has Font Joy been our whole lives? Finally, font pairing made simple thanks to this most excellent free resource. Match the fonts that will work beautifully together with an easy online tool that even allows you to add your own text to play with.

58. Vecteezy

The Vecteezy Editor is designed to allow anyone to customise the platform's own content before you download it or create beautiful vector designs from scratch directly in your browser.

59. Wordmark

Are you struggling to decide on which typography to use in your designs? Wordmark helps you choose those fonts. Simply type in a word or sentence to its preview search bar, and it'll show you a range of options on your screen.

Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Not everything is free, but 250,000 free templates might just be enough to get you started.

Wordmark helps you choose the right fonts for your designs

Wordmark helps you choose the right fonts for your designs

Free colour tools

What about palettes? These recommended free tools will inspire some seriously gorgeous colour schemes and help you make something your clients will love.

61. Coolors

Trending colour palettes, voted by the creative community, for you to browse, save, keep and borrow. No catch. No payment is required. It's just an amazing community of designers who share and generate their own inspiring palettes.

62. Site Palette

Need to get the essential colours from a website? This browser extension helps you generate comprehensive palettes—a must-have tool for designers and front-end developers with free colour scheme extraction.

63. Color Hunt

Color Hunt is an open collection of beautiful colour palettes created by Gal Shir. What started as a small personal project soon became a platform to share trendy colour combinations between a group of designer friends. The collection scaled up and is now being used daily as a handy resource for thousands of people worldwide.

64. Web Gradients

WebGradients is a free collection of 180 linear gradients that you can use as content backdrops in any part of your website. Created by Dima Braven.

65. Color Lisa

Now, this we love: Color Lisa offers palette masterpieces from the world's greatest artists. For example, if you love The Starry Night by Van Gogh, then this wonderful tool gives you all of the colours the artist used in that particular piece. We're hooked.

Color Lisa is the ultimate palette inspiration tool

Color Lisa is the ultimate palette inspiration tool

Free image editing tools

When Adobe's Photoshop isn't within reach, there are plenty of alternative tools available to help you edit images for free and via your web browser. Here are some of our top recommendations.

Fotor allows you to edit photos for free, that's whether you need to crop images, resize images, add text to photos, make photo collages, or create graphic designs easily.

67. Remove BG

Remove is a tool that lets you remove backgrounds in photographs 100% automatically and completely free. In five seconds with zero clicks, you've saved yourself hours of editing.

68. SocialSizes

Sick of looking up the exact image dimensions for all the different social media platforms? SocialSizes is an amazing collection of free image and video sized templates for Sketch, Figma, XD, Photoshop and Illustrator. If that wasn't enough, there's also a free Image Maker where you can upload images and download the right-sized version for any social network.

This nifty photo editor and template designer lets you start editing your images at the click of a button. It's free with a premium option should you wish to upgrade and access more features.

70. Kapwing

Kapwing is a free collaborative online video editor that also includes a free tool for editing images. There's a free membership option with an option to upgrade to access more. However, the free version gives you plenty to get going.

Remove BG is a tool that lets you remove backgrounds for free

Remove BG is a tool that lets you remove backgrounds for free

Free mockup tools

You've done all the hard work. Now you want to show it off. Mocking up your projects will really showcase what you're capable of, making your online portfolio sing and helping to convince new clients to hire you. The following free mockup tools will help you present your work beautifully.

71. UI Faces

Check out these gorgeous free avatars for design mockups via UI Faces. Acting as the perfect placeholders, this is a great resource to finalise your about pages, for example.

72. Shotsnapp

One of our favourite free tools, Shotsnapp, helps you craft beautiful device mockup images for your app or website design. Simply choose a device, add an image of your design or screenshot, make some changes to the appearance, then download and off you go.

73. Screely

Screely allows you to instantly turn a screenshot into a browser mockup. Drag and drop your files, paste from your clipboard or browse files and the mockup is made. You can also choose between different browser windows, edit your images, and customise your background.

74. Artboard Studio

A relatively new kid on the block, and not one we've seen before, Artboard Studio is a gorgeously-designed website that claims to be the "best online mockup generator". Design, animate and present your projects with an extensive library of mockups right inside the browser. As with most of these tools, there are free options, and there are professional upgrades. Take your pick.

75. Screenpeek

Screenpeek captures any website within a high-quality mockup in seconds. Choose the iPhone template and type in the URL to get what you need for free. Upgrade to 'Pro' if you want access to more templates, such as the iPad, MacBook, and iMac.

76. House of Mockups

House of Mockups was established as a fierce creative community founded by Anthony Wood—creative director and global MD of Shillington. Here, you'll find a selection of free and premium mockups that will "dazzle clients with photographic realism".

77. You Work For Them

Browse hundreds of mockups for your next design project via YouWorkForThem. We're talking about everything from stickers and cassette taps to devices and billboards—some lovely assets to browse and download here.

78. Smartmockups

Smartmockups lets you craft stunning product mockups easily and online. Yes, there are lots of free options to choose from. And you'll certainly enjoy seeing the tool do all the hard work for you. But should you need access to more, the site allows you to upgrade.

79. The Templates

A seriously stunning resource for any discerning graphic designer, The Templates brings you high-quality mockups from the talented folk behind The Brand Identity.

80. Graphic Burger

Cheerful and with loads of variety, Graphic Burger might be one of the more established mockup resource sites on the web, but its content remains fresh and interesting.

Artboard offers free mockups to showcase your designs

Artboard offers free mockups to showcase your designs

Free screenshot and screen recorder tools

You've got your mockups. You're prepping your case studies for your portfolio, ready to send to the design press. But what about those all-important screenshots and assets. Sure, you can manually capture what you need, but some tools just do the job better. Here are our favourites.

81. Collabshot

Collabshot is a free web and desktop application that enables quick screengrabs, easy URL-based sharing, and live, multi-person drawing and sketching. All you have to do is download the free desktop app to get started.

82. Giphy Capture

Need to create gifs on your Mac? Giphy Capture is simple, powerful, free, and easy enough for pretty much anyone to master.

Snappy lets you take snapshots of screens as well as clip stuff ready for future reference.

84. GoFullPage

GoFullPage is the best browser extension for taking a screenshot of an entire webpage. Add it to Chrome and start capturing what you need.

85. EasyScreen

EasyScreen is a powerful screen capture software for creating screenshots and screencasts. Capture your computer screen, add your voice and webcam for narration. Ideal for games, demos, video tutorials and more. Record Screencasts fast and free! With GIF Support

86. ScreenRec

ScreenRec is a free screen recorder with no watermark that lets you capture your desktop in one click and share instantly.

87. Markup Hero

Markup Hero is the screenshot and annotation tool made for the web. Works on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome and lets you start annotating in seconds.

88. LightShot

Promising to be "the fastest way to take a customisable screenshot", LightShot is an app that allows you to select any area on your desktop and take a screenshot with two clicks. What's more, there's a powerful editor and it works across Windows or Mac... Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera.

89. ScreenToGif

Use ScreenToGif to record your screen, your webcam feed or sketch board drawings. There is plenty to play with here, especially when you need to create some seriously nice gifs that will showcase your work.

Collabshot is a free screengrab tool

Collabshot is a free screengrab tool

Free design inspiration

We all have those days when we get stuck, and projects feel stagnant and unmoving. That's when a good hour of browsing the web can get the creative juices flowing again with a whole host of online magazines, blogs, and resources dedicated to inspiring graphic designers around the globe.

90. Creative Boom

With designers making up a huge chunk of our audience at Creative Boom, our dedicated graphic design section is perfect for daily inspiration. Here, we share the latest brand identities, the latest industry news, and relevant books and magazines.

91. Mirador

Mirador is the image hunting work of Say What Studio, a graphic design duo based in Paris. Enjoy looking through the curated guide of the most inspirational works out there.

92. Wix Creative

Wix, the cloud-based development platform, has its own blog where it shares tips and advice on designing your online portfolio while sharing some of the most inspiring web designs in the world. Bookmark and stay updated for regular inspiration.

93. Inspiration Grid

Launched in 2011, Inspiration Grid is an online magazine celebrating creative talent from around the world. It promises to be a daily fix of design, art, illustration, typography, photography, architecture, fashion and more.

94. Behance

Adobe's portfolio tool for creatives, Behance, also acts as a showcase of the latest design projects from creative pros worldwide. Search and filter by creative field, colour, location, or tools to really get under the bonnet of what's happening out there.

95. Dribbble

Dribbble is a great source of inspiration when you need an uplift. Being a community where its members share creative work via the platform, you can enjoy browsing some of their latest projects whenever you like.

96. Httpster

Httpster is an inspiration resource showcasing "totally rocking websites made by people from all over the world", as it puts it. Enough said.

97. It's Nice That

It's Nice That is a fond favourite amongst graphic designers with a finger-on-the-pulse attitude and a unique eye on creativity and where it's heading. Follow its graphic design section to enjoy typography, logos, rebrands, and more.

98. Creative Review

From new work to in-depth coverage, reviews and opinion, Creative Review's dedicated section on graphic design will keep you abreast of what's happening across the UK.

99. The Design Blog

Founded, designed, and curated by Ruby Bacanovic, a Croatian designer based in Los Angeles, The Design Blog brings you carefully curated design inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world, with the main focus on emerging talent.

100. Identity Designed

Identity Designed is a website and book devoted to the design of visual identities. The website launched as a side project in 2010 and has since become one of the best sources of inspiration out there. It was founded by David Airey, an independent graphic designer based in Northern Ireland.

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35 Best Graphic Design Portfolio Examples & Tips to Create Your Own Portfolio

graphic design top projects

Putting together a kick-ass graphic design portfolio isn’t just something you need to worry about when you’re a student. You need to think about maintaining, improving and evolving your portfolio throughout your graphic design career.

If you’re looking to get your portfolio to the next level, then below you’ll find a selection of 35 graphic design portfolio websites to inspire you, curated by teachers and graduates from our graphic design course . W e also offer our very best graphic design portfolio tips to help you raise your portfolio and make it your best tool for career success.

What is a Graphic Design Portfolio?

A graphic design portfolio is a collection of a designer’s work. Traditionally these would have been a folder or bound volume, but nowadays a large majority of graphic designers have a document (most likely a pdf) that showcases the best of their design work from across their career—more on what a designer might put in their portfolio below. Graphic designers then use these portfolios as a ticket to the industry—they’ll be shown to any employers or potential clients before they decide if they want to work with you.

So, a winning portfolio is vital when you’re going for a new job. But that’s not all. You might be called in at a moment’s notice to chat with your art director to discuss a promotion opportunity or a hot new project you didn’t even know about. And you don’t want to be caught short by a graphic design portfolio that’s not all it could be.

What Should a Graphic Design Portfolio Include?

As we said before, a graphic design portfolio is a collection of a designer’s work—so it should showcase exactly what you can do. It doesn’t have to contain every single project you’ve worked on since you first learnt InDesign, instead it should reflect who you are as a designer no matter where you are in your career—so pick and choose your top projects that display your full range of skills.

The work in your portfolio shouldn’t just be the finished, polished product either, you should use your portfolio to show process too. It’s a great idea to show how you got to that polished product, from your initial concept and ideas onwards. Again, your portfolio is all about showing you as a graphic designer and what you are able to do.

35 Inspiring Graphic Design Portfolio Examples

1. aries moross.

graphic design top projects

2. Lotta Nieminen

graphic design top projects

3. Maria Vazquez

graphic design top projects

4. Mike Kus

graphic design top projects

5. & Walsh

graphic design top projects

6. Gabrielle Adam

7. jonathan barnbrook.

graphic design top projects

8. Lauren Hom

graphic design top projects

9. Juliette van Rhyn

graphic design top projects

10. Kind Studio

graphic design top projects

11. Craig Black

graphic design top projects

12. Hattie Stewart

graphic design top projects

13. Gabriela Namie

graphic design top projects

14. Carlos Bocai

graphic design top projects

15. Anthony Burrill

graphic design top projects

16. Lisa Maltby

graphic design top projects

17. Flick Eriksson

graphic design top projects

18. Mike Perry

graphic design top projects

19. Anton + Irene

graphic design top projects

20. Kris Andrew Small

graphic design top projects

21. Tobias Van Schneider

graphic design top projects

22. Studio Chenchen

graphic design top projects

23. Unspoken Agreement

graphic design top projects

24. Ben Anthony

graphic design top projects

25. Beci Orpin

graphic design top projects

26. Xavier Cussó

graphic design top projects

27. Leslie David

graphic design top projects

29. Wade & Leta

graphic design top projects

30. Marleigh Culver

graphic design top projects

31. Yul Moreau

graphic design top projects

32. Brianne Coglon

graphic design top projects

33. Koto Studio

graphic design top projects

34. Indre Klimaite

graphic design top projects

35. Sylvan Hillebrand

graphic design top projects

Tips for putting together a great graphic design portfolio

Inspired by these amazing graphic design portfolio examples, and ready to start improving your current portfolio? Well, follow these expert graphic design portfolio tips, and you shouldn’t go far wrong…

1. Let go of lesser work

When you’ve put a lot of time, effort and emotional energy into a particular project, you naturally want to show it off to people and include it in your graphic design portfolio. But if you want your portfolio to be the best it can be, it needs to be ruthlessly edited. And that means being tough with yourself about only including the very best work.

There’s no hard and fast rule about how many pieces to include, but remember that you can’t predict what people will dive into, and so your reputation is only as good as your last good piece. More reason, then, to ditch the weaker pieces, and only include the work you can be truly proud of. Since you have a short amount of time to grab the art director’s attention, ideally, you should include 10-12 top quality pieces that highlight your best work to make the most impact.

As Shanti Sparrow , head of teaching at Shillington New York points out:

You are only as good as your worst project, so you must learn to edit and let go. By including projects of varying quality, an employer may think you are inconsistent. Ask a peer or mentor to honestly critique your work and either ‘improve or remove’ the problem areas.

2. Include the kind of work you want more of

There’s a qualification to the idea that you should only include your best work. Even if a particular project is brilliantly worthy, it’s still worth considering leaving it out if it’s the kind of work you want to move away from in the future.

Clare Terry , director of Shillington Australia, puts it bluntly. “Like attracts like, so ask yourself: does your folio reflect the work you’d like to attract? If not, add more of those clients and projects in.”

For example, if you’ve done a lot of digital design projects, but you want your next job or freelance gig to be focused on print design, then you need to tailor your design profile accordingly. People are not mind-readers, and you have to tailor your brand visually, just as you would a brand you were working for.

As Jimmy Muldoon , teacher at Shillington New York, points out:

Does your portfolio reflect who you are today? As people and designers, we’re constantly evolving. Make sure your portfolio authentically represents who you are now.

It’s one of those annoying pieces of advice that’s easy to dish out, much more difficult to do. But in reality, numerous employees have told us they want to see “some of your personality” come through in your portfolio.

Don’t go over the top with this: it’s the kind of thing that can backfire if done casually or thoughtlessly. But it’s worth considering if there’s any way you can show a little of who you are through your portfolio, whether that’s through the work you curate, your personal branding, the way you present it, the copy you write, or any other method.

4. It doesn’t have to just be client work

When you’re still a student on a graphic design course , it can be tricky to find enough work to fill a portfolio, and tutors will usually advise you to generate other design work outside of normal client relationships, including side projects, pro bono work and competition entries.

And in principle that doesn’t stop when you finish your course, either. Later in your career, even when you’ve had years of experience in a design studio, you may still find these approaches useful in making your portfolio better. Especially when it comes to highlighting the kind of work you want to do in future, which your current employer may be preventing you from doing.

5. Focus on the process, not just the finished work

The biggest mistake many graphic designers make with their portfolios is only showing the finished work. That’s frustrating for many potential clients and employers, who typically want to know things like who else was working on the project, what your contribution was, what the brief was, what the challenges were in fulfilling it, and how you went about overcoming them.

Very little of what can be seen in one glossy final image, so make sure there’s extra content that shows the process you went through to get there, including sketches, screenshots and other works-in-progress where appropriate.

Designer and illustrator Jane Bowyer stresses that not every project you include needs to have been a success from start to finish:

Don’t be afraid to discuss where things went wrong with a piece of work, but consider talking about what you learned from the experience, rather than focusing on the negative.

6. Think about formats

Nowadays, a portfolio typically appears in the form of a web page or series of web pages. But there may be times when that isn’t the best solution.

For example, you might be having an interview or meeting in a place with no Wi-Fi and where mobile internet is choppy or non-existent. So it’s always good if you can put together a PDF portfolio that you can store on your laptop or tablet, and put on a USB stick in case the other party wants to have a look through too.

It’s also useful to have a presence on an online creative platform like Dribbble or Behance —but don’t spread yourself too thin; only commit to one of these if you can devote enough time to do one well. An outdated profile is only going to worsen your chances of consideration. 

Employers will also be expecting you to have some kind of social media presence, too. Again, focus on one or two platforms you can consistently maintain, rather than trying to populate all of them. But it’s important to have a design-specific account that’s separate from your friends and family images.

7. Check your spelling

While a graphic design portfolio is primarily about visuals, don’t think that words aren’t important. When people spot a spelling mistake in your work, it’s usually taken as a sign of sloppiness, laziness or a don’t care attitude.

That might seem unfair: after all, everyone lets a typo slip once in a while; if they claim they don’t, they’re simply lying. But harsh judgements like that are simply the world we live in, so it’s vital that you double- and triple-check every word you write, and then get others to do so too (as they will inevitably spot something you’ve missed).

8. Ask for critiques

Of course, spelling mistakes aren’t the only reason to show other people your portfolio. One of the most straightforward and reliable ways to improve a graphic design portfolio overall is to get it critiqued by others, whether that’s a colleague, your creative director, a tutor or even just a friend in a related profession, such as the media.

Not everyone does this because quite frankly no one likes to be told that the thing they’ve poured their heart and soul into isn’t perfect. But isn’t it better to be told that by someone who doesn’t have a big influence over your future, and rather than finding out when it’s far too late?

9. Practice talking through your portfolio

However awesome your portfolio is, if you just walk into an interviewer’s office, show it to them, and sit back waiting to be praised, you’ll probably be waiting a long time. In reality, you must walk them through it, step by step, explaining what they should be looking at and why it’s relevant.

Again, this is something that’s best practised beforehand, so you don’t stumble over your words or get lost halfway through. We’ve all done that at one stage or another, so the maxim ‘practice makes perfect’ really does apply here.

10. Put in the hours

If all this sounds like a lot of work, then you’re correct: if you’re doing everything right, it will be. But equally, you will get back the time you’ve spent tenfold in terms of the career and freelancing opportunities that a killer portfolio opens up.

It’s natural to feel occasionally feel aggrieved about the hours you’re putting in. After all, why can’t they just take your word for it that you can do the job, or complete the freelance project? Whenever you feel like this, though, think about how they see it. They’re considering investing their hard-earned money in you, and they don’t want it to go to waste.

11. Get Help from an Expert

An absolute key step in creating your own graphic design portfolio is getting help from someone who knows—and excels—at what they’re doing. An expert, in this case a practicing graphic designer, will be able to show you what you’re doing well and what you can improve in your portfolio. Being a graphic designer, they can show you exactly what a graphic designer wants to see.

The best way to get expert help on creating your own portfolio is Shillington’s graphic design course . In our innovative graphic design bootcamp, expert practicing graphic designers guide you everything you need to know to work as a graphic design before graduating fast—just three months full-time or nine months part-time—with a complete graphic design portfolio ready to apply for jobs in the industry. In fact, some of the portfolios you have just seen were created by Shillington graduates .

Amazed by these portfolios and would love to create one of your own? Study graphic design or upskill at Shillington with our online graphic design course .  Follow this guide on how you can learn how to become a graphic designer , even if you’re a total beginner.

Laura Carrick February 16, 2023

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  • You have some experience in motion design (After Effects/Premiere Pro)
  • You are an ambitious, highly skilled, and extremely organized designer.
  • You are detail-oriented and have a strong sense of composition, color, hierarchy, and design best practices.
  • You are a true team player who is eager to collaborate, share ideas, offer your skills, provide constructive feedback, engage with your teammates, and jump in and tackle a new assignment, no matter how challenging or unfamiliar.
  • You are comfortable with fast-paced environments, quick turnarounds, time management, and changing priorities. 

What You'll Do

  • Study and understand design briefs and project requirements.
  • Develop an understanding of client needs, brand guidelines, and project scopes.
  • Communicate with project leads, team leadership, and fellow designers to strategize, schedule, and execute high-quality design deliverables within the project timeline.
  • Design and deliver a variety of visual content, including videos, digital ads, social media graphics, decks, white papers, event graphics, and other multi-media assets.
  • Ensure top quality work with time management, self-review, and a client-first mentality.
  • Continually seek ways to elevate client work and exceed client expectations.
  • Follow the direction of project leads and team leadership to complete revisions and design refinements to the clients’ satisfaction.
  • Collaborate with fellow designers and team leadership to complete comprehensive branding projects, including discovery, industry research, competitive analysis, mood boards, stylescapes, brand identity, logo designs, graphic elements, color palettes, and brand guidelines.
  • Collaborate with UX/UI and Web Development teams on brand handoff, web design assets, etc.
  • Support fellow graphic designers with their projects and professional development when appropriate.
  • Make a positive contribution to team strategy, professional development, and team morale.

Perks and Benefits

  • In addition to 11 observed holidays, salaried team members have unlimited paid time off, with an additional 4 mental wellness days per year
  • 100% company funded health insurance, with dental and vision options
  • 401(k) plan to help save for your future
  • Permanent remote work option
  • Summer Fridays (office closes at 3:00 PM) and Fall/Winter/Spring Fridays (office closes at 5:00 PM)
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  • Competency Credential: Radiographic Inspection for Non-Destructive Testing (028)
  • Competency Credential: Ultrasonic Inspection for Non-Destructive Testing (029)
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  • Master of Science in Nursing - Nursing Education (MNE)
  • Nursing (BGN)
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A. Duie Pyle

Recruiting 5 majors

A family-owned business since 1924, A. Duie Pyle provides a range of integrated transportation and distribution solutions throughout the Northeast. Supported by our vast network of Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) service centers, warehouse facilities, and dedicated locations, we have the ability to offer flexible and seamless integrated solutions tailored to our customer's needs. Simply put, when it comes to integrated supply chain solutions, Pyle People Deliver. Our promise is to provide outstanding service as it remains to be our first and foremost mission.

A.H. Cornell & Son Inc.

Recruiting 37 majors

A.H. Cornell & Son Inc. is a 4th Generation Family Owned/Operated Business. We have about 50+ employees ranging from : -Office staff -Estimators/Project Managers -Site Foreman (Earthwork, Utilites, Paving) -Heavy Equipment Operators -Construction Laborers -Pipe Crew Fitters -Class A CDL Truck Drivers (Triaxle Dump/Lowboys) -Heavy Equipment Mechanics -Heavy Diesel Fleet Mechanics We perform Site Development Projects in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware Counties. Tree Clearing, Demolition, Mass Earth Moving, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Water/ Undergound Bains, Water Systems, Asphalt Milling and Paving Projects.

ABC Keystone

Recruiting 11 majors

ABC Keystone is a trade association covering 33 counties in the commonwealth. We represent 650 contractors, subcontractors, associates and suppliers to the commercial and industry construction industry. ABC Keystone offers registered apprenticeship training in 11 different trades: carpentry, assembler/metal buildings, electrical, plumbing, pipefitting, HVAC, sheet metal, masonry, roofing, heavy equipment operation, and craft labor.


Recruiting 21 majors

Altec is a leading equipment and service provider for the electric utility, telecommunications, contractor, lights and signs and tree care markets. The company provides products and services in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

ARM Group Enterprises Inc.

Recruiting 2 majors

ARM Group is a full-service science and engineering consulting firm, specializing in environmental services, waste management engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology & water resources, electrical & mechanical engineering, automation & control systems, renewable energy engineering, natural resources, geophysics, and shale resource development.

ASGCO Manufacturing

Recruiting 1 majors

ASGCO engineers, manufactures, distributes a wide array of conveyor and screening components, all specifically designed for the above ground and underground mining, aggregate, cement, recycling, bulk shipping terminals, pulp and paper, recycling, food processing and other bulk material handling industries.

Recruiting All majors

ATCS is a professional engineering consulting firm providing comprehensive, multi-disciplinary services to public and private sector clients. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, the firm has 9 offices across Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, & North and South Carolina. Serving our clients, valuing and supporting our employees, and actively participating in our communities are key to the continual development and growth of ATCS as a company. We refer to our core values as our Four Pillars, which set the expectations, behaviors, and commitment to everyone at ATCS. We believe everyone wants to perform at their highest potential, working on challenging projects in a supportive environment while serving our community.


Autokiniton is a leading North American supplier of propulsion-agnostic, structural automotive components and assemblies. Our 100% vertical integration capabilities allow us to offer our customers end-to-end engineering, manufacturing, and in-house logistics. AUTOKINITON is recognized by our customers as one of the top suppliers in our industry. At AUTOKINITON, we are building a better foundation for every vehicle on the road.

Abel Construction Co., Inc.

Recruiting 4 majors

Abel Construction has been in business since 1972, and at that time was involved in various small projects in the York Co., PA area. Since our inception, we have grown to offer a wide range of construction services including: excavation, sewer and waterline installation, storm water management, structural concrete curbing and paving. Our area of operation includes central PA, as well as portions of northern MD. Working in both the public and private sectors, our firm has installed site improvements on many types of projects including: Marcellus shale gas sites, residential subdivisions, railroad yards, industrial/commercial sites, schools, shopping malls, municipal utility systems, highway bridges and golf courses. We are pre-qualified with Harford and Carroll Counties in Maryland; and als

Actalent Engineering

Recruiting 12 majors

Actalent is committed to caring for you and your career. We want to be able to continuously align you with work that excites you and gives you what you're looking for personally and professionally. We work with industry-leading companies to give you access to engineering and sciences opportunities where you can explore, learn, grow and prosper.

Acutec Precision Aerospace, Inc,

Recruiting 7 majors

Acutec Precision Aerospace, Inc. is an award-winning, employee-owned, woman-led aerospace manufacturer providing critical components for the aviation industry.

Advance Testing Company, Inc.

Advance Testing is a consulting construction materials testing laboratory that has been providing outstanding service to its clients since 1984. We provide both field inspection and laboratory analysis of all construction materials for commercial, private, and public organizations. Currently, we manage work out of four primary offices located in New York, Florida, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Recruiting 3 majors

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is a premier thermal management solutions company, focusing on custom applications of two-phase heat transfer technology. Started in 2003 as an R&D company, ACT has grown into a leading manufacturer of thermal management products for diverse industries and applications. Our thermal management designs and products are deployed in numerous commercial satellites, military vehicles, medical devices and imaging equipment, Primary Calibration equipment, and HVAC systems.

Recruiting 31 majors

National Staffing firm that focuses on supporting our clients in Skilled Trades, Construction Trades, and Industrial Facilities

Ainsworth Inc.

Recruiting 15 majors

Ainsworth Building Automation Solutions is a Building Management System contractor with operations spanning the tri-state region (PA/NJ/NY), and offices across the U.S. and Canada. Our core expertise lie in the design and installation of automation systems for HVAC and energy management across a diverse set of markets; including commercial, medical, pharmaceutical, residential, and educational sectors. We are looking for Engineering and Technical students who are seeking hands-on engineering careers in a cutting edge industry. We offer competitive compensation and a wide range of benefits, as well as countless opportunities to grow in your career in many aspects of our company. If you're excited about unique learning prospects tied to some of the most iconic buildings in New York City or

Air Products

Air Products touches the lives of consumers around the globe in positive ways every day. Focused on serving energy, environment and emerging markets, we provide essential industrial gases, related equipment and applications expertise to customers in dozens of industries, including refining, chemical, metals, electronics, manufacturing, and food and beverage. We are also the global leader in the supply of liquefied natural gas process technology and equipment. Air Products develops, engineers, builds, owns and operates some of the world's largest industrial gas projects, including gasification projects that sustainably convert abundant natural resources into syngas for the production of high-value power, fuels and chemicals. Founded in 1940, Air Products has built a reputation for its inno

Recruiting 10 majors

Akima is a trusted federal contractor with a portfolio of small businesses that delivers mission support across specialties like IT, systems engineering, facilities and ground logistics, aerospace solutions, and more.

Albireo Energy

Recruiting 8 majors

Albireo Energy is an international team offering solutions including building automation, systems integration, energy services, facility engineering and electrical power monitoring systems. Our solutions and services help building owners and facility managers improve efficiency and reduce operational costs while improving comfort for occupants. Our team of over 1000 professionals work with industry-leading technologies from Schneider Electric, Johnson Controls, Delta Controls, Honeywell, Tridium and others. Albireo Energy provides superior building services to commercial real estate, government, campuses, healthcare, data centers and bioscience laboratories.

Allan Myers

.Allan Myers is the largest civil construction and materials company in the Mid-Atlantic with seven regional offices, 21 asphalt plants and 5 aggregate quarries. With a workforce of more than 2,200 hard working men and women, and our own extensive fleet of vehicles and equipment, there's no job that we can't tackle. We build careers and provide a pathway to the American Dream. We are your neighbors, working every day to improve the world around us, making it Better, Faster, Safe. If you want more out of your career than just a job, there's no one better to look to start your career in heavy Civil Construction than Allan Myers. What will you build?

Allan Myers Materials

Recruiting 14 majors

Allan Myers is the largest civil construction and materials company in the Mid-Atlantic with seven regional offices, 21 asphalt plants and 5 aggregate quarries. With a workforce of more than 2,200 hard working men and women, and our own extensive fleet of vehicles and equipment, there's no job that we can't tackle. We build careers and provide a pathway to the American Dream. We are your neighbors, working every day to improve the world around us, making it Better, Faster, Safe. If you want more out of your career than just a job, there's no one better to look to start your career in heavy Civil Construction than Allan Myers. What will you build?

Allegheny Electric Service, LLC

Recruiting 13 majors

For over 35 years, Allegheny Electric Service has become synonymous with excellent service, quality workmanship, and versatility in control systems design, industrial automation, and complete facilities electrical solutions for many industries with special focus on Powdered Metal, Lumber, Metal Stamping, Carbon, and Gas Processing.

Allegheny Technologies Inc (ATI)

Recruiting 18 majors

At ATI, our vision is Solving the World's Challenges Through Materials Science. This vision hinges on one core value that we prioritize above all else: Never stop innovating. Creating Long-Term Value Through Relentless Innovation® - it's the epitome of our work ethic. Our modern production capabilities would astound the industry's previous generation; we want the capabilities of the ATI of the future to astound us today. To that end, we're committed to attracting, coaching, and retaining only the best. We pledge to meet the needs of all of our customers, and to solve the challenges of the modern world. Future generations will require robust and versatile materials and components produced in an ecologically sustainable manner. Here at ATI, we're determined to meet that need. Our ma

Allison Crane and Rigging

Recruiting 9 majors


Allison Crane & Rigging is an industry leader and has been for over 47 years. Our fleet has grown from a single crane to a large fleet of cranes, with numerous tractors and trailers, including lowboys, step decks and vans.

American Asphalt Paving Co

Recruiting 20 majors

American Asphalt Paving Co. is a 4th generation family owned business headquartered in Shavertown, PA. Our specialty is full site work and paving for PennDOT, municipal, commercial, and natural gas customers. We have been serving 8 counties in Northeastern PA since 1951 with quality workmanship and materials. We operate two quarries and two asphalt plants in Luzerne county.

American Refining Group, Inc.

American Refining Group is oldest continuously operating refinery in the United States dating back to 1881. Privately held, the employees and leadership pride themselves on offering competitive pay, generous benefits and a supportive culture of growth and learning. We are one of the few organizations that offer no-cost stock ownership in addition to traditional retirement benefits. ARG delivers specialty refining solutions for a diverse set of industrial market applications. Our product line includes base oils, solvents, waxes, resins fuels and blended lubes. We are an ESOP company that has an "ownership" culture seen throughout all parts of the company. As the trusted partner of choice, we are focused on continuously improving our processes to ensure that our offerings meet and exceed ex

Amerikohl Mining, Inc.

Recruiting 6 majors

We are one of the largest surface mining coal and aggregate producers in the state of PA, employing 100 people from heavy equipment operators to engineers and geologists.

Anderson Equipment Company

Anderson Equipment is the Northeast premier distributor for construction, mining, forestry, road building and specialty equipment. Anderson Equipment has 19 full service locations from W.Va. to Me. Anderson Equipment is a third generation family owned business founded in 1935. The company's mission is to provide professional users of construction machinery the highest quality products and exceptional service to enable our customers to have a competitive advantage.

Arbon Equipment

Arbon Equipment is the sales and service arm of Rite Hite loading dock equipment. At Arbon we are responsible for sales of new loading dock equipment and service of existing equipment. We have a need for service and install technicians as well as sales reps.

Arcos Industries, LLC

High Alloy welding consumable manufacturing company

Arrowwood Landscape Design

Arrowwood Landscape Design is a skilled group of landscape professionals who treat each customer's house as if it were their own. Starting with the design process and continuing through implementation and maintenance, the team at Arrowwood Landscape Design is guided by our core values to provide the best customer experience and product. Arrowwood Landscape has been known for quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. We aim to exceed expectations in all facets of each project. We are a team of talented and skilled landscape professionals who are committed to correct horticulture and construction practices. We have the experience and creativity to help every homeowner get the most out of their outdoor spaces.

Ashland Foundry & Machine Works, LLC

Ashland Foundry & machine Works is a World class foundry that produces and machines Ferrous and non-ferrous castings. We produce over 100 carbon, low alloy, nickel based, duplex, austenitic and super austenitic, martensitic alloys and high chrome irons. We service various industries including pump, calve, oil field, chemical, marine, industrial defense and more.

Associated Environmental Systems

Who we are We are an innovative manufacturing company that focuses on growth and technology and enjoys having fun along the way. We have built an extensive and loyal customer base spanning aerospace, electronics, and automotive with significant involvement in the global expansion of the battery industry. We work with many of the major tech companies as well as brands such as Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, Meta, Google, and Harley Davidson.

Astro Machine Works, Inc.

Astro Machine Works, located in Lancaster County PA,specializes in building custom machinery and equipment and machining precision parts to exacting customer specifications. In our 30+ years as a custom machine builder and fabricator, we have become experts in several other value-added services such as: machine repair, machine design, rebuilding and refurbishment, welding and metal fabrication, reverse engineering, panel wiring and control systems.

Atlantic Contracting & Material

Heavy civil general contracting company specializing in concrete paving, site development, material crushing & recycling, concrete production, underground utilities, and demolition.

Autoneum North America, Inc.

Autoneum North America, Inc., a world class automotive carpet system supplier located in Bloomsburg, PA.


BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 is proud to support our schools and communities across the Bradford, Lycoming, Sullivan, and Tioga County region. Our mission is providing, creating, and facilitating high-quality educational solutions.

BWX Technologies, Inc.

At BWX Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BWXT), we are People Strong, Innovation Driven. Headquartered in Lynchburg, Virginia, BWXT is a Fortune 1000 and Defense News Top 100 manufacturing and engineering innovator that provides safe and effective nuclear solutions for global security, clean energy, environmental restoration, nuclear medicine and space exploration. With approximately 6,700 employees, BWXT has 14 major operating sites in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. We are the sole manufacturer of naval nuclear reactors for U.S. submarines and aircraft carriers. Our company supplies precision manufactured components, services and fuel for the commercial nuclear power industry across four continents. Our joint ventures provide environmental restoration and nuclear operations management at more than

Baker Concrete Constuction

Baker Concrete Construction is the nation's leading commercial concrete construction contractor. Our relentless pursuit of excellence and fiercely competitive nature drive us to perform safer, smarter, better, and faster - no matter the size or complexity of your project.

Befesa's state-of-the-art recycling facilities recover zinc from EAF dust generated by mini-mill steel producers a listed hazardous waste under EPA regulations. Befesa's management of this material is in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency requirements and allows the steel producers an option over landfilling or other expensive disposal methods. Befesa utilizes high-temperature rotary ("Waelz") kilns to reduce and volatilize zinc from EAF dust and recover it, along with other volatile impurities, as a crude oxide ("Waelz Oxide") baghouse product. The WOX is further refined to zinc metal at Befesa Zinc Metal's facility in Mooresboro, NC. Befesa operates nine Waelz kilns at four strategic locations, Chicago, IL, Rockwood, TN, Palmerton, PA and Barnwell, SC.

Bell-Mark Technologies

Inline Printing and Coding Specialists: For over 60 years, BELL-MARK has been developing innovative solutions for package and carton printing applications in the medical device, pharmaceutical, prepared foods, meat, bakery, dairy, and poultry packaging industries. BELL-MARK offers many in-line printing technologies including piezo inkjet, thermal inkjet, thermal transfer, flexographic, and ink coder, all of which satisfy requirements to print directly onto package and carton substrates.

Bergey's Inc.

Bergey's Inc. is a family owned business that has been servicing our customers' needs since 1924. Currently our company has over 55 locations and more than 1,700 employees. Today our family of automobile, truck and tire companies stretch into Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. Visit us at to learn more about our company. We strive to provide and environment for our associates and customers that is welcoming, transparent and forward thinking. Our employees are our greatest asset. We promote and develop individual strengths, as well as, grow our employees personally and professionally. Together we can make a difference.

Berry Global

At Berry, we create innovative packaging and engineered products that we believe make life better for people and the planet. We do this every day by leveraging our unmatched global capabilities, sustainability leadership, and deep innovation expertise to serve customers of all sizes around the world. Harnessing the strength in our diversity and industry leading talent of 40,000+ global employees across more than 250+ locations, we partner with customers to develop, design, and manufacture innovative products with an eye toward the circular economy. The challenges we solve and the innovations we pioneer benefit our customers at every stage of their journey.

Berry Global - CPI

At Berry, we create innovative packaging and engineered products that we believe make life better for people and the planet. We do this every day by leveraging our unmatched global capabilities, sustainability leadership, and deep innovation expertise to serve customers of all sizes around the world. Harnessing the strength in our diversity and industry leading talent of 47,000 global employees across more than 295 locations, we partner with customers to develop, design, and manufacture innovative products with an eye toward the circular economy.

Beverage Air - Victory Refrigeration

We are a well known manufacturer of refrigeration equipment for the commercial food equipment market. Our manufacturing facility is located in Brookville, PA.

Bihler Of America

Bihler of America manufactures "Turn Key" Automated manufacturing systems by utilizing "Bihler" technology. We are also a Contract Manufacturer, meaning we build the equipment we utilize for production also.

Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships

Over 40 years ago, Blaise Alexander built his business on the foundation of family and community service. To this day, these two pillars have not waivered. This is how one dealership all those years ago has grown into 21 dealerships across Pennsylvania.

Blaschak Anthracite Corporation

Established and growing anthracite mining and processing company.

Bobst North America Inc

Bobst is one of the world's leading suppliers of substrate processing, printing and converting equipment and services for the label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated board industries.

Bowen Engineering

Bowen is a national construction company that works primarily in the Water, Wastewater, Industrial and Energy sectors. Regularly listed as one of ENR's top 50 environmental contractors, Bowen works on projects that improve the quality of the air we breathe and the water we use every day. When you turn on the faucet, flush the toilet or flip the light switch - you are using the infrastructure that Bowen builds and maintains every day. Bowen self-performs site work, concrete, underground utility work, structural steel, equipment setting, millwright, mechanical and process piping and boilermaker construction.

Brentwood Industries

Recruiting 36 majors

Brentwood is a family business, founded and headquartered in Reading, PA, that specializes in thermoplastic molding and engineered plastic systems. This broad focus has led to a diverse product portfolio and extensive plastics manufacturing capabilities. In the early days of Brentwood, the shop was full of small, custom plastics jobs. Manufacturing equipment included two homemade formers, with roughly a half dozen employees to run them. Our primary focus was creating solutions for whatever our customers needed. While the company has grown tremendously since then, employing hundreds of employees across the globe and operating from seven different countries, we uphold that spirit - taking on projects big and small, simple and complex, to find solutions for our customers' challenges.

Brubacher Excavating Inc.

Insight. On Site. (R) It represents how we do business and the value we bring to your project. We provide excavating work and the complete range of self-performed site services to the commercial, residential, municipal, industrial and energy services industries. Our accumulated knowledge and experience from over 40 years in site services allows us to share insight with contractors on their job to make the project stress free.

Buch Construction

Buch Construction is a leading general contractor specializing in corporate office, retail, life sciences and more. From base building to interiors, renovations to unique technical solutions, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our regional foundation and the care with which we approach every project. The name Buch-pronounced like "book"-is our founding family name. After all, some say we wrote the book on quality construction. We are family- and woman-owned and have grown to be one of the most respected general contractors in the mid-Atlantic region, while holding strong to our roots. It is no accident that our first client, the May Company, now Macy's, is still a valued Buch Construction customer to this day. View our Company Timeline to see our story.

Burkholder’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Burkholder's was built in 1960 on one basic philosophy: Treat your customers the way you would like to be treated, deliver quality products and service at a fair price, and your business will grow! Today, Burkholder's continues with a second-generation of delivering quality products and personal service to the thousands of customers in the Lehigh Valley and beyond who have come to rely on us. Not only do we treat our customers how we would like to be treated, at Burkholder's we extend these fundamentals to our staff as well. Our mission is to provide our employees with an honest and helpful working environment, where every employee individually and collectively, can dedicate themselves to providing our customers with exceptional workmanship, extraordinary service, and professional integ

Byers Industrial Services

Recruiting 33 majors

Byers Industrial Services provides turn-key solutions for a wide array of industrial applications. Whether it be electrical, mechanical, structural or utility; Byers is a multifaceted industrial service contractor, sure to provide the skills that your company needs. Let our experienced management, skilled tradesmen and qualified workforce get the job done for you, safely and efficiently.

For over 150 years, C&N has shared the values of our communities, local families and businesses, our employees and our shareholders. Living our values every day is what makes us different from other banks - teamwork, excellence, respect, responsibility & accountability, integrity, and having fun. From partnering closely with our customers helping them identify and reach their life goals, to supporting our communities, C&N is committed to being the only financial institution that our customers will ever need. At C&N, we are not just offering jobs, we're providing a place for you to thrive, innovate, and excel. Imagine waking up every day excited to tackle new challenges and make a real impact. We believe in the power of passion and dedication. Joining our team means becoming part of a

CACI International, Inc.

Recruiting 22 majors

We're excited to highlight some positions and on-going opportunities at the Naval Surface Warfare Center - Carderock Division (NSWCCD) in Bethesda, MD that include two main areas: 1) Welding, metal fabrication, CNC machining, and metrology for the fabrication and testing of scale model ships and submarines. 2) Mechanical/Electrical maintenance and operation of advanced and proprietary industrial equipment to support research and development test programs. Come work with and learn from some of the best talent in the industry and use that knowledge to help prepare the US Navy for its future challenges! These roles provide a fantastic opportunity to work on novel, custom-built systems unlike anywhere else and will challenge and grow your expertise.


Carl Walker Construction is specialized in parking garage new-build and restoration services. Based out of Pittsburgh, PA and servicing the Ohio Valley and Northeast (from Kentucky to New York), we offer construction, restoration, remediation and design services. Carl Walker partners with Owner/Developers to assist with parking needs for overall project and developments for retail, office, public, private and federal facilities.

We are a privately owned engineering and construction firm providing legendary client service and smart solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities. Passionate about our work and invested in each other, we are inspired to think and driven to solve the world's environmental and infrastructure challenges.

CDR Maguire Engineering

Since 1938, CDR Maguire Engineering (CDR|M) has provided Professional Consulting Engineering, Environmental and Construction Management Services to a wide range of clients nationwide and throughout Pennsylvania, including PennDOT, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, municipal governments, airports, and public and private agencies. We employ over 250 professionals in our Pennsylvania offices, located in Allentown, Pittsburgh, Mechanicsburg and Montoursville, with additional locations nationwide including Florida and New England. Our Professional civil, structural and transportation engineers, designers, environmental scientists, planners, land surveyors, construction managers and building code officials utilize state-of-the-art equipment and methods to exceed our client's expectations.

With over 20 years of power experience, we deliver specialized support services for large-scale festivals, concerts, films, broadcasts, sporting events, disaster response, military exercises and field hospitals. Our fully integrated power solutions are customized for your event and backed by worldwide, 24/7 service. Our people are committed, our equipment is industry-leading, and our experience is unmatched. When all eyes are on your event, trust the name that earns applause every time. We have 9 locations across the US including NJ, TN, FL and CA.

CH+N Site Construction

CH+N Site began in 2007 when a small group of experienced professionals with a handful of machines took on several projects for a builder, giving us the opportunity to prove we could make-and keep-our promises. Soon afterwards, we came to understand that what brought us together then-and why others join us now-is because why we work is as important to us as what we do. WE BUILD PLACES AND THINGS. But we're also building something more challenging and enduring: a team that works SMARTER + HARDER + SAFE + TOGETHER. We are building our team by harnessing the strength of AND (+), realizing that we only deliver our promise when we do all three things TOGETHER.

CHL Systems Inc.

At CHL Systems we design, build, and install the equipment and technology that moves, makes, and packs products, primarily in the food industry. We have a wide variety of job opportunities spanning from sales, project management, engineering and robotics to manufacturing, welding, and equipment testing.

CJ Miller LLC

Recruiting 17 majors

A philosophy often quoted by our founder, Charles J. "Buck" Miller, Jr., serves as the foundation for every job C.J. Miller LLC completes today. For over 60 years, CJM has built and maintained a reputation of reliability and superior quality. Pursuing his vision of what CJM would become, Buck built C.J. Miller LLC to become the total site development contractor. Over the years, as he developed residential and commercial sites, Buck recognized the benefits of such an entity to its customers. Being able to perform all phases in site development eliminates the need for multiple subcontractors completing individual phases of work. This arrangement alleviates many of the challenges faced by developers such as questionable quality, scheduling conflicts, and subsequent spiraling costs.


CTS designs, manufactures and commissions Environmentally Controlled Storage and Test Facilities and equipment for the Automotive, HVAC and Pharmaceutical Industries. We manufacture equipment that allows companies to test the thermal performance of automotive air conditioning systems and components, commercial air conditioning systems and components.

CNH Industrial

CNH Industrial is located in New Holland Pennsylvania and is locally known as Case New Holland. We have been helping farmers to improve their productivity and efficiency since 1895. We have over 125 years of experience in supporting five generations of farmers across the globe. Today, the brand offers a complete agricultural equipment product, offering specializing in livestock, hay & forage, small seed crops, orchards and vineyards, with more than 400 models in over 100 product lines.

Cambridge-Lee Industries

We are the copper-focused supplier to the Plumbing, HVAC, Construction, Industrial and OEM Markets and a market leader distributing globally from warehouse locations across the USA and Canada. Our manufacturing complex, located near Reading, Pennsylvania, includes a refinery, multiple casting furnaces,three tube mills and a 90,000 sq. ft distribution center.

The Canary System as an industrial data platform that is designed to help companies collect, store, and analyze timeseries process data. Founded in Pennsylvania in 1985 with a focus to develop solutions from the end user's perspective, we have achieved more than 20,000 installations in over 70 countries. Our clients represent private, public, and government entities in all major industries.

Cannon Instrument Company

Cannon Instrument Company has been manufacturing viscosity related products since 1938.

Carpenter Technology

Carpenter Technology Corporation (NYSE: CRS) is a recognized leader in high-performance specialty alloy-based materials and process solutions for critical applications in the aerospace, defense, transportation, energy, industrial, medical, and consumer electronics markets. Founded in 1889, Carpenter has evolved to become a pioneer in premium specialty alloys, including titanium, nickel, and cobalt, as well as alloys specifically engineered for additive manufacturing (AM) processes and soft magnetics applications. Carpenter recently expanded its AM capabilities to provide a complete "powder-to-part" solution to accelerate materials innovation, offer rapid prototyping, and streamline parts production.

Carter Machinery

For over 90 years, Carter Machinery has been focused on enabling the highest level of success for our customers and our team members. This mission has allowed us to grow from humble beginnings in southwest Virginia to our current network of over thirty locations across Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. Through a team of more than 2,000 dedicated professionals, we sell and support the full line of Caterpillar equipment, engines, and electric power generation systems. However, we don't stop with traditional parts and service support. Our intent is to be an integral partner with our customers by employing the latest technologies, data insights, and application expertise so maximum uptime and return on investment is realized.

Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA)

Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) is a Joint Municipal Authority serving the five Centre Region municipalities, Bellefonte Borough, Spring Township and Benner Township. Our mission is to deliver safe, reliable, accessible and affordable transportation, provided in a courteous and environmentally, fiscally and socially responsible manner.

Chance Aluminum Corp.

Chance Aluminum focuses on production as the domestic supplier for AA Metals, Inc., a Florida-based master distributor with global operations in the United States, Colombia, Turkey, Germany, and China. Based in Williamsport, PA, we will continually work to expand and upgrade our facility to maintain its state-of-the-art quality, efficiency, and capability.

Chapel Steel

We specialize in the wholesale distribution and processing of Structural, Carbon, Alloy, Abrasion Resistant, Marine & Offshore, Pressure Vessel Quality (PVQ), and armor grades of steel plate. We have a strategic distribution channel across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. This distribution system is composed of eight facilities located in Philadelphia, PA, Birmingham, AL, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, Portland, OR, Hamilton, Ontario, and Monterrey, Mexico. Each of our distribution facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art processing machines which include plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, beveling, drilling, tapping, milling, counter boring, plasma etching, custom forming, and shot blasting.

Cima Network, Inc.

We are a 15-year-old Full-service National branding company; we manage, design, build, install and maintain a wide range of products that help our customers tell their full brand story.

Ciocca Automotive West - York County

If you're wondering what's at the core of Apple Automotive, it's our employees. Our family-owned car dealership group was founded back in 1976 with the goal of improving the lives and commutes of Central PA drivers. We put our community, family and employees first, and are proud to offer car dealerships in York, PA, Hanover, PA and Red Lion, PA. Whether you want to lease a new Nissan, buy a used Ford or service your Honda, know that It's Easy at Apple Automotive! When you do business with Apple Automotive, your time will be respected. Our auto sales and service teams want you to enjoy an easy and transparent car-buying process, which is why you'll enjoy paperless transactions and convenient service hours at our York, Hanover and Red Lion dealerships. When you shop with us, you'll never str

Ciocca Dealerships

Find your new career at the Ciocca family of dealerships! As a family of auto dealers serving drivers from State College PA to Atlantic City and all points in between, our greatest strength as a business isn't our selection of vehicles or our state-of-the-art facilities, but our team. We here at the Ciocca family of dealership take great pride in being a people-focused business, and we're always looking to invest in growing our team with talented individuals. So, if you're in the market for a new job and want to work alongside a team of driven and experienced technicians at a business that values its human resources, you owe it to yourself to learn more about your career options with the Ciocca family of dealerships. What are the benefits of working for the Ciocca family of dealerships?

Civil and Environmental Consultants (CEC)

CEC is an expanding engineering and environmental consulting firm that provides innovative design solutions and integrated expertise in air quality, civil engineering, ecological sciences, environmental engineering and sciences, manufacturing infrastructure services, survey/geospatial, waste management, and water resources. CEC is consistently ranked highly on Engineering News-Record's annual list of the Top Design Firms and Top Environmental Firms in the nation.

Clark Associates

Recruiting 28 majors

Clark Associates, a collective of dynamic companies and the core services that support them, leads the food service industry in equipment, supplies and service. Its businesses include e-commerce site,, 11 brick-and-click Restaurant Stores in the northeast, and 3 specialty channels, Clark Food Service Equipment, 11400 Inc. and Clark National Accounts. These differing units allow Clark Associates to serve every type of foodservice customer from independent restaurants to institutions to some of the world's largest restaurant chains. Clark Associates is the #1 distributor in the nation with over 9 million square feet of distribution centers, and over 7,000 employees in 33 states.

Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes, a Berkshire Hathaway company and the nation's leading housing provider, is a vertically integrated housing company the builds, sells, and insures affordable housing. Our commitment to creating a World Class Customer Experience is unparalleled in the housing industry; We take pride in ensuring that all Clayton homeowners receive a high level of customer experience from the time they visit one of our Home Centers all the way through to the time they take ownership of their new home. Clayton Homes, Lewistown, PA builds manufactured and modular homes that are sold in the Northeastern United States market. We are one of 40 facilities owned by Clayton in US. We currently have over 200 team members but need to grow in response to our market performance.

Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co.

Caterpillar Dealer for central and western PA and northern W.V. Full service dealer for all Cat product lines and many other brands.

ClimaShield Industries

ClimaShield Industries provides the latest in coatings and spray applied technologies to our clients across several construction segments. Commercial Roofing / Protective & Decorative Coatings Spray Foam Insulation Concrete, Floor & Deck Coatings Custom Epoxy Metallic Floors Commercial Roofing Specialists: At ClimaShield Roofing, we've got you covered in the commercial roofing market. We have the best roof systems you can buy for your building. We specialize in innovative roof coating solutions that have the ability to save almost any roof without tearing everything off. In most cases, we can make your existing roof look and perform like new, without removing the old system. If you're in need of a new roof, our team will recommend the right roofing system, leveraging the

As a leader in infrastructure construction and maintenance, Colas USA companies are part of the Colas Group, the worldwide leader in transportation infrastructure construction and maintenance. The Colas Group is active in the construction and maintenance of road, air, rail and maritime transport infrastructure, urban development projects and recreational facilities. With 58,000 employees spanning 5 continents around the world, the Colas Group carries out over 85,000 projects each year, backed by a tight international network of construction materials facilities, including: aggregates mining sites, asphalt plants, ready-mix concrete plants, liquid asphalt terminals and emulsion plants.

Comar manufactures plastic products to support Health and Wellness, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device industries, among others. Some of our main products you may know of are caps/lids, syringes, medical wet wipe containers, droppers, etc. We have 11 plants globally, with 9 in the continental US, 1 in Puerto Rico and a recent acquisition in Ireland.

Commonwealth Equipment

COMMONWEALTH EQUIPMENT is THE source for all your portable crushing and screening needs! Since 1999, the skill and experience of our Sales, Parts & Service staff and our crushers and screeners from McCloskey International and Tesab Engineering have proven to hundreds of clients that we are the best in the industry. Our clientele includes many of the most successful quarry, coal, recycling, construction and highway contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Recruiting 51 majors

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employs thousands of people across the state to deliver programs and services to the citizens of Pennsylvania. Employees work in a wide variety of profession in full-time, part-time, temporary, or seasonal capacities in civil service and non-civil service positions. On an employee basis per citizen basis, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is among the most efficient state governments in the county. For more information on Pennsylvania government agencies and services visit For more information on employment opportunities visit

Compass Natural Gas

Compass Natural Gas eliminates the need for a pipeline connection at a customer facility. We're able to deliver clean, green, American natural gas anywhere accessible by truck. With a yard in the Harrisburg greater area, Service Terminal in Montoursville, Sales department in the Pittsburgh region, and filling agreements with strategic partners, we make it convenient to supply natural gas and maintain customer sites all over the mid-Atlantic region including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky. The company has also diversified from its industrial applications into gas field services, utility support work, and fleet fueling; we are well-versed in all phases of the industry including drilling, completion, and production.

Con Edison operates one of the world's largest energy delivery systems. Founded in 1823 as the New York Gas Light company, our electric, gas, and steam service now provides energy for the 10 million people who live in New York City and Westchester County. Van Nest Shop was established in 1959. It is a 90,000 square-foot facility and is home to over 100 full time experienced craftspeople. The shops have more than 200 state of the art machine tools: conventional or computer-operated. Our team is comprised of the following areas of expertise: Machine Shop, Fabrication Shop, Motor and Pump, Elevator and Cranes, and Innovative Technologies. We provide planned and emergency support to the various construction, electric, gas, steam, and facility organizations within Con Edison.

Con Edison of New York

We operate one of the world's largest energy delivery systems. Founded in 1823 as the New York Gas Light company, our electric, gas, and steam service now provides energy for the 10 million people who live in New York City and Westchester County. We're constantly looking toward the future and exploring ways to innovate and take advantage of developing technology. But, more than anything, we're listening to you and working hard to give you cleaner, more efficient energy choices, and more control over when and how you use your power.

Conewago Enterprises, Inc.

Conewago Enterprises, Inc. is a multi-faceted organization that serves the needs of a variety of clients primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region but throughout the nation as well. Conewago Enterprises, Inc. is a leading design-build general contractor serving clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Conewago offers a full range of services, from site work and general construction services to ready mix, precast and tilt-up concrete services to steel fabrication and steel erection as well as environmental and infrastructure projects and improvements. Founded in 1956 by Donald B. Smith, Sr., the company has continued to evolve over the past 50 years+ in response to the needs of its clients. From 1956-1993, Conewago Contractors, Inc. enjoyed a reputation as a well-run family.

Conexus, Inc.

Conexus is a smart building technology contractor dedicated to helping our clients transform their environments to keep their facilities safe, comfortable and efficient. Our goal is to engineer custom solutions that consolidate all the information that building systems produce into simple, actionable information that makes their life better. Although manufacturer independent, we concentrate on solutions utilizing Distech Controls and the Tridium platform. Each of our systems utilize open and non-proprietary protocols. We never hold back any proprietary programming tools or passwords. We believe in giving our clients control over who services, maintains and extends their system. Our clients continuing working with Conexus because they choose to do so, not because they are locked into

Construction Specialties

Construction Specialties, Inc. Founded in 1948, Construction Specialties (CS) is a specialty building products manufacturer. CS provides solutions to building challenges that architects, designers, building owners, facility managers, and contractors face every day. Since inventing the first extruded louver, CS has become a global leader in all our product categories. Our products are a part of some of the most iconic buildings around the worldfrom the worlds tallest tower, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, to the Oculus at the World Trade Center Transit Hub in Manhattan. If you want to work in an inspiring atmosphere and collaborate with customers and colleagues to solve challenges, we're the right place for you. CS: Making Buildings Better

Continental Tide Defense

Continental Tide is a Defense Contractor who mainly supports the Navy; however, we also have contracts supporting both Army and Coast Guard tasks. We support the Navy with Engineering and Installation services. to support the Navy's installations, we employee many different trades including electricians, welders, and other trades. We also employee engineers and engineering technicians.

Control Solutions Group

At Control Solutions Group, we provide state-of-the-art engineering, design, software programming, graphics, commissioning, and consulting solutions for building control and automation systems


At Countryside, we are dedicated to providing quality care for your home's plumbing, heating, cooling, and your fuel and propane needs. We deliver propane, heating oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, and gasoline. Our Home Service Department provides service for air conditioning, heating, plumbing, generators, water heaters, and water treatment systems.

Crown Cork & Seal USA, Inc.

Crown Holdings, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of packaging products for consumer marketing companies around the world. We make a wide range of metal packaging for food, beverage, household and personal care, and industrial products and metal vacuum closures and caps. At Crown, we value our employees. We value their commitment, hard work and drive to succeed. It takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests and backgrounds to ensure we achieve our goals, and we know the direct impact that satisfied employees can have on the Company's success and growth. Crown is fully committed to giving our employees the tools they need to reach their highest potential.

Cumberland Goodwill EMS

Cumberland Goodwill EMS stands out as a leading emergency medical services provider catering to central Cumberland County in Pennsylvania. Annually, we respond to over 11,000 service requests utilizing the expertise of EMTs, AEMTs, and Paramedics. Notably, we are one of only four EMS agencies in the state to hold national accreditation. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, equipment, and protocols underscores why Cumberland Goodwill is an exceptional workplace. With our single station setup, we foster a familial atmosphere and offer flexible, responsive scheduling. Apply today to experience what sets us apart, placing us among the top 1% of EMS agencies nationwide.

Currier Plastics

Plastics manufacturing company

D'Huy Engineering, Inc.

D'Huy Engineering provides engineering and technical support services to architects, facility owners and managers, construction managers, contractors, and other engineering firms involved in the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure systems. We are looking for experienced Revit and AutoCAD technicians who enjoy working on building design including, architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems for buildings.

D.R. Horton, Inc.

D.R. Horton, Inc., the largest homebuilder in the U.S., was founded in 1978 and is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. It is engaged in the construction and sale of high quality homes designed principally for the entry-level and first time move-up markets. More people build their home with D.R. Horton than any other builder. That's why we've been ranked America's #1 Homebuilder by Builder Magazine since 2002. The Company also provides mortgage financing and title services for homebuyers through its mortgage and title subsidiaries. Please visit our website at for more information.


DeBoer's Auto, Inc. was established in 1982, by William (Bill Sr.) as a used car dealership and body shop. It was originally located in Newton, NJ. But the DeBoer's family's love of, and hands on experience with, cars pre-dates the original independent business. William DeBoer (Bill Sr.) is the founder of DeBoer's Auto, Inc. and carries the title of President. He immigrated to America from Holland with his parents at the age of two. He grew up fascinated by cars which led him to the pastime of drag racing - and a career assembling cars for 13 years at the Ford Motor Company's plant in Mahwah. After the assembly plant, in the 80s, Bill Sr. turned down options to relocate. Instead, he started DeBoer's Auto in Newton, NJ, in 1982. Originally a body shop and independent car deal

DEMCO Automation

automation redefined is a tag line that we take seriously. Innovation, creativity, technical solutions, a team atmosphere, and a mission to support our customers has been our formula for decades. DEMCO Automation is a leader in designing and constructing automated manufacturing systems for the medical device, electronics, pharmaceutical, consumer products and other industries. We are a multi-year award winner of Inc. Magazines Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-growing Private Companies and the US Department of Labor for Veteran Employments HIRE Vets Award. Years of corporate outreach to high schools, technical schools, colleges and universities provide students and emerging professionals with career development opportunities that few can offer in our region.

Davey Resource Group, Inc.

We are officially known as Davey Resource Group Inc., but we are more likely to come up in conversation around a successful project we've completed for a client or a capability we have. Our simple, client-centered approach has allowed us to work effectively in diverse markets, including: -Utilities -Transportation companies -Telecommunications organizations -Federal, state and local governments -Land developers and contractors -Facility managers -Architecture and engineering firms The approach is the same: Deliver on our brand promise, solutions through innovation, and expertise by consistently exceeding client expectations.

Day Automation

Recruiting 25 majors

Day Automation is a leading provider of unified security solutions, building automation, instructional technology and energy services. Our innovative solutions provide secure, comfortable, connected and sustainable environments for our clients. Founded in 1976, the company has grown to be one of the premier security and building automation solution providers in New York State. We bring smart, reliable solutions to provide a safe and secure environment for our clients. Headquarters in Victor, NY with offices in Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Corning, Ogdensburg and New Paltz.

Dedicated Nursing Associates, Inc.

Dedicated Nursing Associates is a technology driven medical staffing and home care firm. We specialize in five major areas including: nursing, home health care, hospice, allied health, and behavioral health. We work with a variety of clients such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, home care, hospice care, home health, medical offices, group homes, schools, corporate facilities, and many more. Our clients have several options to meet their staffing requirements including per diem, travel and contract nursing, temp-to-hire, and direct placements.

Delaware Valley Automation

Delaware Valley Automation (DVA) is a full-service IoT (Internet of Things) Master Systems Integrator (MSI) featuring Automatic Temperature Control (ATC), Building Automation System (BAS), Lighting Control, AFDDR&R (Automatic Fault Detection Diagnosis Reporting & Response), Card Access, Security, and Video Surveillance. We have expertise with IP based systems, wireless mesh systems, Bluetooth, CogFX, ASHRAE 36 Sequences of Operation, and high-availability critical systems.

Delval Equipment

Delval has provided thousands of packaged boilers to our trusted clients, more than any other supplier in the region. Our dedicated sales engineers will help you design, develop or update every aspect of your boiler room from the ground up. Our highly skilled service technicians are on call 24/7/365 to ensure that your equipment is working hard when you need it most. In addition to boiler room operations, Delval offers specialized water treatment services which combine technology and service to provide you with the best water treatment program available.

Design and Engineering, Inc.

D and E was founded in 1978 with the primary goal of providing quality Architectural, Civil and Structural Engineering Services for our national corporate clients. By providing these essential components in-house, D and E has continued to offer seamless architectural and engineering design for both multi-unit clientele as well as custom design. We have consistently grown and evolved over the past 40+ years, yet we remain committed to our core doctrine, which is to focus on our clients' success. Our managing shareholders have over 100 years of combined professional experience and hold licenses across the U.S. D and E has a wonderful, relaxed, team atmosphere, and we are always looking for new talent! Contact [email protected] for information.

DiamondBack Covers

DiamondBack makes the most reliable truck bed covers on the market. We pride ourselves in being a company that employees love to work for and customers love to buy from

Diversified Treatment Alternative Centers

Healing the Past. Building the Future. Diversified Treatment Alternative Centers (DTAC) has been providing award-winning, specialized residential and outpatient treatment programs for children, adolescents, and their families since 1991. Our residential treatment and outpatient programs in Central Pennsylvania and Delaware offer safe, welcoming environments for our innovative treatments. Through our intensive, solution-focused treatment processes, we help those who have experienced trauma stemming from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, as well as those who exhibit behavioral problems which require intervention. DTAC is proud to be a DEI inclusive employer.

Donsco Inc.

Single source cast iron supplier. 2 foundries and 1 machine shop.

Drees Homes

Drees Homes is a family-owned home building company with a passion for making custom homes easy. For 95 years, we have taken care of our employees and our customers. It's why we rank as the 18th largest privately-owned builder in the country and have a track record of long-tenured employees. We're proud of being named a 2022 and 2023 U.S. Best Managed Company, a program sponsored by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal, and we've been officially certified as a 2023 Great Place to Work. Enrich your career at a company that values integrity, excellence, opportunity, stability and success.Headquartered in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, Drees has operations in ten metropolitan areas: Greater Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio; Austin, Dallas and Houston, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Jacksonvi

The DuPont Towanda site is a chemical facility that manufactures film style products for many aspects of the electronics industry from circuit boards to flexible circuitry to an assortment of smaller electronics needs such as holographic logos and solar panel components.

Dual Temp Company

Dual Temp is a leader in mechanical contracting; specializing in design, build, and service of HVAC/R, Plumbing and Automated Building Control Systems in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Duncan Aviation

Duncan Aviation is the largest privately owned business jet service provider in the world. With complete Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service offerings at three beautiful US facilities, strategically placed regional shops, and mobile technical teams able to provide services worldwide, we help business aircraft operators get the most value from their aircraft ownership.

Durable Surfaces

Durable Surfaces began in 2001 as a small concrete repair company, working primarily in the state of Pennsylvania. Today, Durable has grown to become a nationally recognized company, known for its' expertise in understanding concrete. We provide services to industrial facilities such as floor testing, floor profiling, patching, concrete polishing, high performance coating systems, joint filling, permanent crack repair, slab stabilization, and improving your overall floor flatness Ff / Fl and Fmin with corrective grinding. Over the past 20+ years, Durable Surfaces has traveled from state to state, offering an unparalleled array of services and support, providing the best concrete solutions to our clients. We are the Concrete Authority.

Dyco is a world leader in the design, fabrication and installation of advanced systems to move and manage plastic bottles.

EAM-Mosca Corporation

A Leading Provider of Automatic Strapping Systems for Over 35 Years With more than 35 years of experience and over 25,000 machines installed throughout the Americas, our automatic strapping machines are proven to increase productivity, line speed, and package protection. Our systems are built to reduce downtime across a wide variety of industries and applications - allowing you the ability to meet or exceed performance goals. Our years of experience enable us to confidently configure the best systems and materials for your specific application with an easy no-obligation quote and plant survey.

EAS Carpenters Local 445

Carpenters Local 445 offers a 4 year Apprentice program in the Construction Industry with family sustaining wages, health care, and pension & annuity

Eagles Mere Inn

Eagles Mere Inn is a Historic Hotel of America member (only 300 Hotels/Inn in the US qualify). The Eagles Mere Inn has 17 full functional guest rooms and 3 onsite restaurants. It is nestled in the town of Eagles Mere "the town that time forgot" with a private country club and lake for all guests. It is a unique place to visit and work.

East Penn Manufacturing

In seven remarkable decades, East Penn has grown from a one-room shop with a product line of five automotive batteries to one of the world's leading battery manufacturers with over 10,500 full-time employees, 515 product designs, operations around the world, and hundreds of awards for industry excellence. Our core values are as strong today as they were in 1946, and we continue to embrace them as we prepare for the future of energy storage solutions and sustainable practices.

Eccotrol is a full service controls, building automation, system integration and energy efficiency company. We specialize in making commercial, institutional and industrial buildings more energy efficient without sacrificing occupant comfort. We are a full service company that can design custom energy efficiency programs, engineer and install systems, integrate controls from virtually any manufacturer and provide on-site and remote service.

Electri-Cord Manufacturing

Electri-Cord is a turnkey electronics manufacturing company specializing in power cords, wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, high-level assemblies, power distribution units, and box builds. Our broad range of services caters to the unique needs of Military, Medical, Alternative Energy, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Commercial markets worldwide. Our mission is to add value to our customer's supply chain and ensure their success by providing a broad range of electronic manufacturing services, delivering custom manufacturing solutions, and building long-term, trust-based relationships.

Ellwood Group Inc

ELLWOOD is a family company. We were founded in 1910 by David A. Evans and his brother, Jonathan A. Evans. All of the common stock remains in the hands of some 35 family members. Our President and Chief Executive Officer, David Evans Barensfeld, is the fifth family member to hold this job. He has occupied that post since 1983. For over a century, ELLWOOD has grown through innovation and acquisition into the leading supplier of quality metals and custom-engineered components for critical applications worldwide. While our footprint now spans more than 25 locations across North America, we haven't lost sight of what's right: treating our employees, industry partners and customers like family.

Ellwood National Forge Company

At ELLWOOD National Forge, we are looking for a Quality Control Analyst to join our team. We bring machining, forging, heat treating (vertical/horizontal), painting, assembly, welding, and cladding as a single source solution to our customers. With 20 years in operation with no layoffs, we are looking for new talent to join our team! Our wide array of machine tools includes conventional and state-of-the-art robotic cell, multi-axis CNC work centers consisting of lathes, boring machines, mills, hones, saws and support equipment. Machining capacities extend up to 120" in diameter and in excess of 88' in length! With 75 years of experience in thru boring, bottle boring, blend end boring, taper boring and honing ELLWOOD National Forge is an industry leader boring 2.5 miles weekly!

Emergancy Medical Transport Solutions

Recruiting 26 majors

911 and non-emergent ambulance transportation. Also Wheelchair transportation.

Emerson Automation Solutions

Emerson is a leading global technology, software, and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial and commercial markets. We help customers in the world's most essential industries solve the biggest challenges of modern life. Every day, our global workforce fulfills our unified Purpose and lives out the Values we hold close as an organization: Integrity, Safety & Quality, Support Our People, Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement, Collaboration, and Innovation. Across the globe, we are united by a singular Purpose: We drive innovation that makes the world healthier, safer, smarter, and more sustainable. Some of our industry-leading brands include PlantWeb, Fisher, Rosemount, Micro Motion, DeltaV, Ovation, and AMS Suite

When you join Enerflex, you're on a team of exceptional people and you're in a place of opportunity to do exceptional things. You'll become one of over 5,000 people responsible for sophisticated energy-processing systems that provide natural gas and other energy products to markets around the globe. Enerflex wants people with the right skills, attitude and drive to succeed. We are looking for professional engineers specializing in gas processing systems, tradespeople like welders and millwrights, and specialists including instrumentation technicians. We also hire for various management, professional, support and administrative positions. We will match your skills, capabilities and positive attitude with a position that challenges you, rewards your outstanding performance and provides

Engineered Air

Engineered Air is one of North America's largest manufacturers of: Heating Air Conditioning Ventilation Refrigeration Energy Recovery Heat Transfer Products Engineered Air's integrated sales, design and manufacturing groups enable the company to produce equipment that is designed to fit a specific project's requirements.

Engineered Services, Inc

Engineered Services Inc. (ESI) was founded in 1972 with two offices located in Sterling (HQ) and Richmond. ESI specializes in building automation and energy management systems. Our technicians are all factory trained and certified, and all engineering, programming and graphics are done in-house.

Envirodyne Systems Inc.

We design custom water and wastewater treatment equipment for private industries and public utilities.

Environmental Management Services Inc.

EMI is the largest individually owned landscape firm in Ohio, and still growing. From Construction to Maintenance or irrigation, there are multiple career opportunities for individuals looking to grow. We believe in training and development of our staff to ensure we have the most qualified team members in the industry.

Envinity is an employee-owned energy retrofit company that is rooted in a building science approach to energy management. Our commercial team works with healthcare, manufacturing, and academic clients.

Equipment & Controls Inc. (ECI)

ECI specializes in process automation products and solutions for manufacturing and industrial customers. An Emerson Impact Partner, ECI provides engineering, site support and training services for customers. ECI offers unmatched product and service solutions designed to meet specific customer needs. For information: 724.746.3700 or

Equipment Corporation of America

With six (6) branch Locations and three remote sales offices across Eastern North America, ECA is always looking for hard working dedicated people. As a 100-year-old family owned business, ECA seeks individuals looking for a company with big opportunities and a family business culture. In addition to a great working environment, ECA offers best in industry training and development opportunities. If you are committed to learning, ECA will help you realize your full potential. As a distributor for BAUER foundation equipment and several other major foundation equipment manufacturers, ECA offers our employees the opportunity to learn and work with the industries finest equipment. As a an ECA employee, you will represent the industry's premier drilling and pile driving equipment. ECA has the pe

Ethical Energy Solar

Ethical Energy Solar provides residential solar energy PV installations to homeowners in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Florida. Starting out in 2020 at the height of the Covid pandemic our small company at the time managed to install close to 100 solar projects our first year with just 3 employees. Today, we have grown that into one of the largest residential solar companies in PA. If you are looking to earn life changing money while making a difference, this is the right home for you.

Evangelical Community Hospital

Recruiting 50 majors

For nearly a century, we've been fulfilling our mission of providing top-quality healthcare to our community in the beautiful Susquehanna River Valley in Pennsylvania. You belong here, where your skills and drive to help others find their true calling. Join us to be part of something greater, caring for your neighbors, and experience the rewarding feeling of belonging. We offer competitive compensation, excellent benefits and professional growth opportunities, making us one of the region's most stable and reputable employers. Our independent, non-denominational institution continues to grow with our community's needs, offering comprehensive health services with unwavering compassion. At Evangelical, working feels like belonging.

Evapco, Inc.

EVAPCO, Inc. is an industry leading manufacturing company with global resources and solutions for worldwide heat transfer applications. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality products for the evaporative cooling and industrial refrigeration markets around the globe. Our worldwide clients are supported through our manufacturing facilities and sales offices strategically located around the world. Headquartered in Taneytown, Maryland, EVAPCO products are engineered and manufactured in 24 locations in 10 countries and supplied through a sales network of more than 170 offices.

FORCE America

FORCE America is an employee-owned company that manufactures and distributes hydraulic solutions. We are a leader in our markets for technology and customer focus. FORCE America's manufacturing divisions are recognized for personal responsiveness, product innovations and flexible designs. FORCE America's distribution chain reaches a customer base of over 17,000. FORCE America employs experienced design engineers, knowledgeable support staff and skilled production teams to ensure quality and service.

Falcon Technical Services, Inc.

Perform Maintenance, Installation and Advisory Services For Electrical Distribution Equipment. Serving Industry and Power Plants

Faulkner Automotive Group

We've been happily in business since 1932. Today, Faulkner is still family-owned and -operated by the fourth generation of Faulkners-the great grandchildren of founder Henry Faulkner, Sr. Our inventory has more vehicle options than you can fathom, offering muscular pickup trucks, sporty sedans, capable SUVs, and much more. Regardless of your lifestyle needs, you'll undoubtedly find your ideal vehicle on the lot at one of our many dealership locations.

FedEx Freight

FedEx Freight is a LTL transportation company. With shop locations located in almost every state we are looking for Diesel Technicians to come work for us.

Fidelity Power Systems

Fidelity Power Systems, a Fidelity Building Services Group company, is one of the nation's largest distributors of KOHLER? generators and power systems. We offer a full line of commercial, industrial, and residential emergency power systems, including stand-by generators, automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, and replacement parts. Fidelity Power Systems has a long and successful history of delivering reliable backup power solutions to companies of all sizes. Fidelity Power Systems' award-winning service teams are staffed with factory-trained and authorized service technicians who specialize in emergency power systems, supporting commercial, industrial, health care, critical facilities, and more.

First Quality

First Quality was founded in 1989 and, in nearly three decades, has grown to be a global, privately held company with over 4,000 employees. Its corporate offices are located in Great Neck, New York, with manufacturing facilities and offices in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, and Canada. First Quality is a diversified family of companies manufacturing consumer products ranging from Absorbent Hygiene (adult incontinence, feminine care, and baby care), Tissue (bath and towel), and Industrial (print and packaging materials), serving institutional and retail markets throughout the world.Our core business philosophy is built on a proud culture driven by safety, quality, respect, humility, integrity, customer focus, and teamwork. With leading edge manufacturing technologies and processes

First Quality Tissue

First Quality was founded in 1989 and has grown to be a global privately held company with over 4,000 employees. Its corporate offices are located in Great Neck, New York, with manufacturing facilities and offices in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, and Canada. First Quality is a diversified family of companies manufacturing consumer products ranging from Absorbent Hygiene (adult incontinence, feminine care, and baby care), Tissue (bath and towel), and Industrial (print and packaging materials), serving institutional and retail markets throughout the world. First Quality focuses on private label and branded product lines.

Five Star Equipment

John Deere Construction and Forestry Equipment Dealer

Foley, Inc.

Our vision is to "Create customer experiences that create customers for life," and we believe in and strive to achieve our vision by adhering to our company values of Safety, Trust, Communication, Relationships, Excellence, and Astonishment, every day. There are three divisions that provide a diversified line of products, rentals and services to support our wide range of customer needs. The Machinery Division offers the full line of Caterpillar Construction Products, consisting of over 300 machines. Foley Rents offers short term rentals, long term rentals and rent-to-own agreements. Power Systems provides emergency and prime power generator sets, power generation rentals, temperature control rentals, compressed air rentals, marine engines, and industrial engines.

Foster F. Wineland Inc

Foster F Wineland, Inc. a John Deere dealer, has been the leader in new and used construction and forestry equipment over the last 50 years. We cover a significant part of Pennsylvania with four dealer locations for your convenience.

Friends In Action, International

Friends In Action, International is a construction mission focused on using our construction skills so that the mission agency can focus wo what they do best; the spiritual development of the local people,

Fronius USA

We are Fronius Fronius is an Austrian company specializing in welding technology, photovoltaics, and battery charging technology. Together with more than 7,000 employees, we work on inspired solutions, for a better today and a sustainable tomorrow. What sets us apart? Our outstanding corporate culture, which unites us despite all our diversity and individuality. Our Fronius spirit, our sense of togetherness, is always present. No matter in which area, whether in day-to-day business or at events: we are all part of the community. We are Fronius.

The nations leading roofing manufacturing company

Gasbarre Products, Inc.

Recruiting 27 majors

Gasbarre, headquartered in DuBois, PA, was founded in 1973 to design, manufacture, and service a complete line of powder compaction and sizing presses for the powder metallurgy industry. Since that time, Gasbarre has earned a worldwide reputation as a full service supplier to the powder metallurgy, particulate materials and thermal processing industries. With 180 employees in five locations, Gasbarre stands alone in the ability to offer equipment and services for all applications related to powder compaction and thermal processing. Today, with 15% of Gasbarre products being exported, there are thousands of Gasbarre presses, furnaces and other equipment in operation all around the globe.

Geisinger comprises 13 hospital campuses, two research centers, a college of medicine and a nearly 600,000-member health plan serving more than three million residents in central, south-central and northeast Pennsylvania and beyond. We want you to love what you do. That's why we believe in work/life balance and understand the importance of feeling fully appreciated and satisfied at the end of each day. For your hard work, you'll be rewarded with a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, compensated vacation time and holidays, a 401(k) plan and more.

Geissele Automatics

Geissele Automatics, we are Weaponmakers® and we are committed to excellence in everything we do, with a steadfast dedication to excellence across all aspects of our business. Our relentless pursuit of quality drives us to continuously innovate and elevate the standards within our industry. We take pride in the trust our customers and partners place in us, and we remain committed to providing world-class firearms and parts that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

General Dynamics - Electric Boat

General Dynamics is the world's foremost designer and builder of nuclear submarines, arguably the most complex machines made by man. The company's industry leadership extends back over a century to 1899 when it produced the first practical submarine for the U. S. Navy. We develop and apply state of the art technology to the design and construction of nuclear powered submarines. With a team of highly skilled and dedicated employees, we have successfully taken submarine technology to a new level.

General Machine Kraft

General Machine Kraft is a family owned business that has existed since nineteen hundred and ninety seven. General Machine Kraft is operated by Eugene Cancelliere and his three brothers, Nicholas, Robert, and Douglas who together, with staff, have amassed over 25 years of experience in CNC machining. The management and staff of General Machine Kraft are committed to providing its clients with quality products at competitive prices. General Machine Kraft is an official supplier to the US Government, Cage Code: 6WR15; ITAR: M32675.

Gettle Incorporated

Gettle Incorporated is your choice for comprehensive electrical and technology contracting services. With offices in the York, PA and Baltimore, MD areas, we are proud to work with commercial and industrial businesses of all sizes across the Mid-Atlantic region. Our electrical division delivers turnkey electrical contractor services from planning, engineering and design through installation, maintenance and 24-hour support. They work in tandem with the automation, datacom, and fire/security teams to deliver a complete suite of solutions unmatched in the region. For over 60 years, Gettle Incorporated has been focused on providing exceptional service to every client we serve. By continually working to create the most efficient and effective solution for our partners staying on the cut

Glen-Gery Corporation

Glen-Gery is one of the largest brick manufacturers in the United States offering a broad range of products from extruded, molded, handmade and thin brick. We have 11 brick production facilities and 1 manufactured stone plant in the Northeast and Midwest.

Glenn O. Hawbaker

Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc. serves our customers with an array of services including asphalt paving, equipment operating, road construction, gas well service and construction as well as engineering design services.

Global Tungsten and Powders

Global Tungsten & Powders (GTP) develops, manufactures, and markets refractory metal powders such as tungsten, tungsten carbide, and cobalt. GTP is a leading Western supplier with production facilities in the United States, Finland, the Czech Republic, and Luxembourg.

Globus Medical

Globus Medical and NuVasive have officially joined forces. We're committed to providing innovative technologies and industry-leading clinical support to help surgeons and healthcare providers deliver better care around the globe. We now have one of the most comprehensive offerings of musculoskeletal procedural solutions and enabling technologies to impact the care continuum. Our employees are relentlessly focused on changing patient lives.

Goodco Mechanical, Inc.

At Goodco, we believe in creating a culture where employees enjoy what they do and are empowered to make the customer's experience so positive that they have no choice but to use us again and again. We have the best pay, best benefits, and highest employee satisfaction of any organization in the region. Our culture fosters growth, education, retention, and a sense of ownership for all our employees. We are able to accomplish this by standing by our core values which are Safety - Respect - Customer Focus - Quality and Pride - Continuous Improvement. So why not join a company that puts their employees first!!

Goodhart Sons Inc.

We are a fully equipped steel fabricator and equipment installer able to take on projects of almost any size. We have over 175,000 square feet of production space and travel extensively to meet our customers needs.

With a history dating back to 1900, Great Dane has established itself as the transportation solutions leader of today - delivering innovative products and exceptional services that help our customers and employees succeed. We not only engineer durable and high-quality trailers and truck bodies, we foster relationships that last a lifetime. With that legacy comes a dedication to the hard-working individuals that make Great Dane what it is today. Located across nine manufacturing plants and 20 sales branches, our jobs are waiting to be filled by driven, challenge-focused & enthusiastic people like you.

Groff Tractor & Equipment, LLC.

We operate our business by focusing on 3 BASIC OPERATING PRINCIPLES that drive everything we do and is what we stand for as a company. At Groff Tractor we believe that it is imperative that we embed these principles into our daily work ethic, decision-making and culture to ensure the future success and growth of our company. 1. TAKE CARE OF THE CUSTOMER. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and ultimately define the success of our business. We are service-oriented and our job, our mission, is to provide Outstanding Customer Service every time a customer walks through our door, whenever we answer the phone, or show up on their jobsite. 2. TAKE CARE OF OUR EMPLOYEES. Our employees must be outstanding, highly trained, and dedicated in order to take care of our customers. We

H&K Equipment, Inc.

The H&K Equipment Group is a collection of 5 companies dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of Material Handling, scrap handling, industrial cleaning, and warehouse solutions (plus stone countertops) to customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. With facilities across Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey, we provide exceptional service to our customers wherever, and whenever, we are needed.

H&K Group, Inc.

Recruiting 16 majors


The H&K Group, Inc. provides heavy civil contracting and construction materials solutions with safety, speed, quality and value. Beginning as a small family business, we are now a dynamic group of vertically integrated companies that has been growing for 50 years. At H&K, we invest in our people, providing the essential training and supervisory support that they need to grow within our company. We acknowledge that H&K's strength and success is directly related to our employees and the talents and dedication they exemplify. H&K does not discriminate in employment opportunities on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, veterans' status, or any other characteristic protected by law. The H&K Group is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.

H.O. Penn Machinery

H.O. Penn Machinery Company is the Caterpillar Equipment dealer for the lower 13 counties of New York and the state of Connecticut. H.O. Penn operates out of six locations, all of which offer full sales and service for Caterpillar products. Our locations are the corporate headquarters in Poughkeepsie, NY; Bronx, NY; Holtsville and Medford (Long Island), NY (the Medford location houses the Power Systems Corporate Headquarters); Bloomingburg, NY; and Newington, CT. H.O. Penn offers extensive service expertise in Caterpillar products and a vast inventory of parts, as well as over 500 Caterpillar machines available to meet customers'​ rental and equipment needs. Service and sales personnel are factory trained to help provide the quickest and most cost-effective solutions to customers.

HB McClure is a full mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractor in the Central PA area. We offer a broad range of commercial and industrial mechanical services from new construction design and build, renovations, retrofits as well as planned preventive maintenance, on-demand service, and equipment repair and replacement. We have the expertise and resources to be your one-stop partner. HB McClure is also an employee-owned company, which means we provide unbiased counsel and commit to building long-term relationships.

HCT Control Technology

HCT Control Technology, a Fidelity Building Services Group company, is a national provider of advanced systems integration and control system design and installation services. We are experts in regulatory compliance within heavily regulated industries, and we serve several critical markets, including pharma/biotech, healthcare, retail, flavor and fragrance, and new construction.Our service line offerings include facility management systems, process controls, energy and optimization, 24/7 monitoring and response, measurement and verification, energy-driven solutions, and preventive maintenance programs. We offer customers our unique HCT PULSE Platform, a suite of automated and analytical services to further improve the customer experience and optimize facility management and SCADA systems.

We specialize in architecture, engineering, environmental and construction services. While we are most well-known for adding beauty and structure to communities through high-performance buildings and smart infrastructure, we provide much more than that. We create an unshakable foundation for progress because our multidisciplinary teams also include scientists, economists, builders, analysts and artists. Our employees, working in more than 200 locations around the world, push open the doors to what's possible each and every day.

HUNT is a multi-discipline engineering, architectural and land surveying firm that specializes in consulting and design for educational, institutional, and private sector facilities (buildings and building systems, interior design, campus amenities, and athletic fields); municipal infrastructure (water and wastewater systems, storm water management); state and county transportation facilities, such as roadways and bridges; and technology consulting, design and integration. We have offices in Horseheads, NY, Rochester, NY and Towanda, PA.

Hamilton Health Center

Our history is steeped in powerful community building and shared vision for growth. Indeed, it is hard to believe that Hamilton began over fifty years ago in the basement of a church. Though many things have changed, one thing has remained constant: our mission. The mission of Hamilton Health Center, Inc. is to improve the health of Central Pennsylvania's residents. For instance, Hamilton delivers high quality, respectful and patient-centered care. In addition we provide social services that promote access, treatment, education, and prevention regardless of income or insurance status.

Handyside Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical

For over 25 years, Handyside Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical has been the premier choice for residential home services in Central, PA. At Handyside, we emphasize the importance of our coworkers, customers, and community. Together, our team has earned Harrisburg Magazine's Simply the Best in 2020, 2021 and 2023, and we maintain a 4.9-star rating on Google.

Hardinge Inc.

Hardinge, Inc. is the trusted global provider of high precision, computer-controlled machine tool solutions for critical, hard-to-machine metal parts and advanced work holding accessories. With over 125 years of experience, Hardinge offers the largest variety of metal-cutting turning machines, grinding machines, machining centers, collets, chucks, index fixtures, repair parts, standard and specialty work holding devices, and other machine tool accessories. Hardinge's solutions can be found in a broad base of industries including aerospace, agricultural, automotive, construction, consumer products, defense, energy, medical, technology, and transportation. Headquartered in Berwyn, PA, the company designs, manufactures, and distributes machine tools in over 65 countries across North America,

Harkins Builders

At its core, Harkins is a construction manager specializing in multifamily, commercial, and government building projects. But look a little closer, and you'll see more. You'll see a team of vetted professionals united by shared values, working every day to be the best possible partner. You'll see customized services, like our unique preconstruction offering, that go above and beyond what's expected in our industry. You'll see a team who isn't satisfied until the project is completed in an exceptional way.

Harnden Construction Services, LLC

Harnden Construction Services prides itself on offering best in class site construction services to public, private and government clients. Founded in 2014, we are a Service‐Disabled Veteran‐Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), certified by the Small Business Administration, specializing in large earthwork, utility installation, and site finishes. Our safety mindset, experienced staff, and collaborative culture differentiates our services from other small disadvantaged businesses.

Havtech, LLC

Havtech is the largest and most experienced heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems sales and service agency serving the Baltimore and Washington, DC regions. The company represents many of the most innovative HVAC equipment and building automation system manufacturers serving both the commercial and industrial markets. This inventory combined with its expertise in energy efficient HVAC system design and green building methods allows it to offer cost-effective solutions that provide the most environmental impact at the highest return on investment to its customers.

Hayden Power Group

Hayden Power Group is looking for Journeyperson Electricians and Project Managers to join our team and continue to grow with us! Since 1975, the Hayden Power Group has provided superior and award-winning electrical services and renowned customer support to Northeast and Central Pennsylvania and throughout the United States through. The Hayden Power Group unites some of the most trusted names in electrical contracting in George J. Hayden, Inc., the Howard Company and Industrial Maintenance Associates, Inc. Our mission is to provide the highest quality electrical construction work in the safest manner for all of our customers. When it comes to electrical services, we do it all.

Heidelberg Materials

Heidelberg Materials provides the materials to build our future. Our future is sustainable. Our future is digital. And it goes beyond cement, aggregates and ready-mixed concrete. Heidelberg Materials North America, previously known as Lehigh Hanson, operates more than 450 locations with approximately 9,000 employees in the U.S. and Canada.

Helios Service Partners

Helios Service Partners is a leading national commercial Mechanical Service, Maintenance and Installation provider servicing 40 states and expanding, within multi-site customer accounts. We are a 100% Self-Performing Provider for HVAC-R Repair, Retrofit Replacement, Preventative Maintenance and audit/Survey services, Plumbing Services and Food & Beverage Equipment Services. We offer 24-hour emergency service via digital dispatch and track all repairs & warranties per unit so that we have clear historical service data at our fingertips and available at your request.Helios Service Partners is a wholly owned company, comprised of the best commercial HVAC, Refrigeration, Plumbing and Food & Beverage Equipment businesses, excelling in national and regional client needs. We provide nationwid

Hensel Phelps

General Contractor

Herbal Gifts

We are a wholesale company that sells kratom, hemp and CBD products. We are currently involved in the production and research of in-house kratom extraction

Heritage Springs Memory Care Inc

Recruiting 43 majors

Heritage Springs Memory Care is unlike traditional assisted living and long-term care homes. Our memory care communities in Lewisburg and Montoursville, PA are designed specifically to provide a safe, yet independent living environment for loved ones with memory impairments such as Alzheimer's and dementia. Our program is designed specifically for individuals with dementia. From promoting daily routines and creating familiar environments to planning activities that provide cognitive stimulation, our program is built not just to provide care, but to enhance the life of seniors with dementia.

Hershey Excavating

Hershey Excavating LLC is a growing, full-service commercial excavating company located in Manheim, PA. Providing excavation and site work services to clients in the Central PA region. Hershey Excavating LLC is well-established and well-known for their top-quality work and ?let?s get it done right the first-time approach. The company offers full-time steady work with a family friendly environment and room to grow.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Recruiting 42 majors

Hexagon is the global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies. Our solutions free our customers to harness the rapidly-increasing amounts of data, putting it to work to boost efficiency, productivity, quality and safety across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, public sector and mobility applications.

High Steel Structures LLC

With more than one million tons of structural steel fabricated over the past 20 years, High Steel Structures LLC is proud of the quality reputation we've earned as the steel fabricator of choice for North America's transportation infrastructure projects. A leader in the industry for innovation, we have the capacity, technology and experience to help make steel bridge projects a success.

Hitachi Energy

At Hitachi Energy, we collaborate with customers and partners to enable a sustainable energy future for today's generations and those to come. As the pioneering technology leader, we utilize Safety, Quality, and Integrity, in our everyday tasks to sustain our four business units Grid Integration, Grid Automation, Transformers, and High Voltage.

Hollywood Casino

We're agile. We're problem solvers. We believe in collaboration and competition - but we check our egos at the door. We count on you to bring your best to work. And you count on us to help you thrive. We're champions of the can-do attitude, and we empower you to make decisions that move your career - and our business - forward. We're committed to success. But more than that, we're committed to doing right by our people, our communities and our planet.

We have been innovating for more than 100 years - and now we're creating what's next.

Roofing, roof maint, welding, flooring, concrete

Hunter Truck

A family-owned authorized dealer of Peterbilt trucks, Hunter Truck has provided four generations of trucking solutions and an unparalleled commitment to personalized service, parts, and sales. A name that's been synonymous with reliability since 1938, we have a long-standing relationship with premium-quality truck producer, Peterbilt Motors, and operate locations across Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and West Virginia. Our Mission is to build long term relationships by providing excellent products and service that reflect value, integrity, and teamwork.

Hydro Extrusion North America

Hydro Extrusions is a world-leading aluminum extrusion business counting around 100 production sites in 40 countries and employing 20,000 people. Through our unique combination of local expertise, global network, and unmatched R&D capabilities, we can offer everything from standards profiles, to advanced development and manufacturing for most industries. Since 1905, Hydro has turned natural resources into valuable products for people and businesses with focus on a safe and good workplace for our 30,000 employees in more than 140 locations. Hydro is committed to leading the way in shaping a sustainable future and in doing so, creating more viable societies by developing natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways to industries that matter.

Hyundai Careers

Hyundai Careers is a Student and Hyundai Dealership connection portal which helps technicians connect with and find a meaningful career with Hyundai USA

National specialty subcontractor working on scopes ranging from Architectural Woodwork, Ceilings, Doors Frames and Hardware, General Construction, Glass and Glazing, Medical Equipment, Metals, Science Furniture & Equipment and Specialties in various markets.


ISS Solutions is an industry leader in clinical engineering services, providing solutions that help healthcare organizations provide highquality patient care through timely, accurate, and cost-effective delivery of clinical equipment services. Additionally, our services help clients meet regulatory requirements and contribute positively to their bottom line.

Ide Electric

Ide Electric is a full service electrical contractor serving industrial, commercial, and oil & gas industries

Independence Excavating

Independence Excavating is a recognized industry leader in challenging site development, demolition, heavy industrial applications, environmental remediation, concrete construction, and aggregate crushing .

Inductotherm Corp.

We are looking for individuals who want to work in - and help shape the future of - the metal casting industry by working for one of the world's largest induction melting equipment suppliers in the industry. We offer a variety of opportunities for motivated and enthusiastic individuals. Your growth potential is unlimited! Along with great career opportunities, we provide you with a Total Rewards Package which includes a Profit Sharing Plan. Join our team to enjoy an innovative experience in the workplace. Your opportunity starts here!

Innovative Refrigeration Systems

Innovative Refrigeration Systems is a Design-Build company specializing in industrial ammonia & CO2 refrigeration systems. We custom design, fabricate, install, and maintain systems all across North America. We are located in Waynesboro, VA. If you enjoy solving complex problems, this is the company for you!

Integrity Testlabs, LLC

Non-Destructive Testing and Inspections

Intertek's Building Science Solutions group is a specialized provider of building enclosure commissioning, consulting, and performance verification testing for new construction and existing building projects. Our overall breadth of experience relative to all aspects of the building enclosure provides our clients with a knowledge base not available to other consultants. Our primary focus is on the long-term performance of building enclosure systems with a focus on constructability, durability, serviceability, and energy performance. The depth and breadth of our expertise includes a multitude of building types including healthcare, higher education, sports complexes and arenas, government, natatoriums, high-rise commercial and residential, and data centers.

Intrada Technologies

Intrada Technologies is a full-service web development and network management company focusing on creating ongoing, trusted partnerships with each of our clients. We ensure our clients have what they require to run their businesses with maximum efficiency and reliability, as many of their needs are mission-critical. Our unique, collaborative partnerships allow us to assure our clients that we will be there when they need us. Intrada Technologies was launched in 2000 to fulfill a need experienced by founding partners Paul Boyer and David Steele. They wanted to start a company that allows its clients to forge and build an ongoing, collaborative relationship with their information technology company. Intrada does not believe that one specific technology is the solution, but technology is a

J.D. Eckman, Inc.

Heavy Highway Road/Bridge Construction Company

J.P. Mascaro & Sons

Fully encompassed waste and recycling management company that takes waste and recyclable material through the entirety of its life cycle.

J.W. Smith Auto Body, Inc.

We are a collision center located in Elliottsburg Pennsylvania. Our shop is over 13,000 sq ft and has brand new up to date equipement. We are seeking employees who care about the quality of work they do. We are committed to repairing cars correctly.

JDM Materials Company

Founded in 1954, JDM Materials Company is the premiere family owned and operated Ready Mix Supply Company in Pennsylvania. With 10 active plants, no other concrete company has the ability to offer you the growth opportunities in your driving career that we are able to offer.


JEM Group is a construction services firm located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. From the beginning, the driving force of our organization has been to improve the communities where we live and build. Our primary goal is to build to improve lives. On each project that we undertake, our goal is to develop deep relationships with our clients by understanding their project vision and developing a strategy for execution. Our portfolio of work includes projects of all sizes and levels of complexity - from the simple office fit-out to a complex urban renewal project. Our diversity of experience across the markets we serve and our capabilities ensure that we can meet the needs of all of our clients. We are committed to providing extraordinary service to every client by providing leadership, colla

Originally named Jersey Equipment Sales Company, now known as JESCO, was founded in 1972 by Lou Robustelli and his wife Terry. With deep-seated roots in the construction industry, Lou was able to relate to the needs of contractors and was able to facilitate a relationship with his working knowledge of what products and services were needed by contractors. For the past fifty years, JESCO has been supplying the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions with quality construction equipment, parts, and service. In 1972, JESCO forged a strategic partnership with John Deere becoming an exclusive dealer of John Deere products. Over the years, JESCO has become the sole John Deere Construction & Forestry Equipment dealer for New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Hudson Valley and Maryland.

JGM Fabricators & Constructors LLC

Driven to be the safest, fastest & most effective industrial construction and fabrication partner in North America. We can. We will. We do. JGM is driven to create breakthrough solutions for our client's toughest challenges. For over 20 years, we've provided a one-stop experience for turnkey industrial construction & heavy fabrication. From our estimating and project management teams to our highly skilled fitters, welders, ironworkers, millwrights and boilermakers JGM has the experience, talent and the required grit to execute your toughest projects. Our success is guided by our founder, Joe Messner, Jr, and supported by a leadership team and staff whose expertise and commitment to excellence is unmatched in the industry. From industrial project management to fast track steel fabrication

JLG Industries Inc.

As the world's leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment, JLG products and personnel can be found all over the world, going above and beyond to support customers. We deliver the powerful, versatile equipment they need, along with unsurpassed training and service, because we have a responsibility to be more than a manufacturing company. We're a partner in our customers' success, reaching out worldwide to enable performance, boost productivity, ensure uptime and support forward progress.

JLS Automation

JLS is a customer-centric company. We embrace a collaborative process to ensure that our customers receive the best-fit solution for their needs, even if that means it doesn't come from us. Our customers value JLS Automation for more than just our products and innovative system automation. Our strengths are derived from our real world experience and our heritage in automation. We supply easy-to-use hygienic robotic packaging solutions for the food industry that solve complex packaging challenges. Designed for sanitary environments, JLS custom vision-guided primary and secondary robotic packaging systems are user-friendly, easy to operate, fast to start-up, and ensure both worker and food safety. Our proprietary robotic tooling and high-speed leak detection systems have been awarded seve

Recruiting 23 majors

JST Corporation Apprenticeship Program with JST Corporation. JST Corporation makes electrical connectors for automotive, medical and durable goods among other categories.

Jack Giambalvo Motor Company

Mr. Giambalvo's business philosophy when he went into business was that the Sales Department will sell the first vehicle and the Service Department will sell the second, third and fourth. Forty years later and this is still our philosophy. Jack Giambalvo Motor Co.'s commitment to customer satisfaction is carried out everyday by over 250+ co-workers and is evidenced by our award-winning sales and service. Accessible Main MenuHome New Inventory Pre-Owned Inventory Service & Parts Collision Centers About Us Insurance Working in the automotive industry is a unique and challenging career that is open to anyone passionate, regardless of skill level. In the automotive industry, what matters most is a high standard of professionalism, a passion for learning, and enthusiasm. Working in the automo

Jesel, Inc.

Industry leading, high end auto parts manufacturer located in Lakewood, NJ.

Johnson Controls

Your buildings have a purpose. This is where Johnson Controls comes in. Through a full range of systems and digital solutions, we make your buildings smarter. A smarter building is safer, more comfortable, more efficient, and, ultimately, more sustainable. Most important, smarter buildings let you focus more intensely on your unique mission. At Johnson Controls, we've been making buildings smarter since 1885, and our capabilities, depth of innovation experience, and global reach have been growing ever since. Today, we offer the world's largest portfolio of building products, technologies, software, and services; we put that portfolio to work to transform the environments where people live, work, learn and play. Johnson Controls: The power behind your mission.

Johnson Controls Navy System

The primary mission of Johnson Controls Navy Systems is to supply Chilled Water Air Conditioning Plants, Refrigeration Systems and associated equipment to the US Navy and US Coast Guard. Johnson Controls Navy Systems is a part of the Johnson Controls Federal Systems business. Our robust, high reliability products are designed, manufactured and tested in York, PA to military and other stringent customer specifications. Most of our designs are custom engineered for the specific application. If you'd like to learn more about Johnson Controls, what we do, and the systems and products we work with please check out our "take a journey" video on Youtube to learn more. (Around 7 minutes long)

Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson

Founded in 1971, JMT is a 100% employee-owned firm that provides a full range of multi-disciplined engineering, architectural, and related services to public agencies and private clients throughout the United States. Our staff of more than 2,000 professionals -- engineers, architects, landscape architects, planners, environmental scientists, surveyors, construction and program managers, inspectors, designers, CADD technicians, and GIS and information technology specialists -- is dedicated to the highest-quality project performance.

Joseph T. Berrena Mechanicals, Inc.

We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in Mechanical Contracting, specializing in service, install, and maintenance. Our fields include: HVAC, Generators, Plumbing, Kitchen Equipment, Refrigeration, Laundry, and more

K&D Factory Service, Inc.

We are looking for mechanical inclined individuals to service cooking, refrigeration, HVAC, and Ice making equipment in the foodservice industry. We will train the skills required. For our refrigeration dept, EPA certification is required. Mechanical skills and a willingness to learn.

KB Systems, Inc. a division of Gemini Baking Equipment

Recruiting 19 majors

K B Systems, of Bangor, PA, along with its parent company Gemini Baking Equipment, is a manufacturer and distributor of standard and custom bakery equipment. Products include bulk ingredient systems - both indoor and outdoor - as well as food/dough processing line systems.

Keller Contracting LLC

Keller Contracting is a General Contractor in York, PA. We currently have 32 employees. We specialize in Design/Build, general construction and facility service and maintenance. A few of our clients are Drayer Physical Therapy, FMC, Subway, MOD Pizza and Rutter's Farm Stores just to name a few.

Kellogg's/New - Kellanova

GET TO KNOW US: Our Vision The world's best snacks-led powerhouse, unleashing the full potential of our differentiated brands and our passionate people Our Purpose Creating better days and a place at the table for everyone through our trusted food brands Kellanova's predecessor - Kellogg Company - was honored with some of the industry's highest recognitions, including: Ethisphere World's Most Ethical Companies Fortune World's Most Admired Companies Forbes America's Best Large Employers Dow Jones Sustainability Indices Newsweek America's Most Loved Workplaces DiversityInc Top 50 Companies Points of Light Civic 50 3BL 100 Best Corporate Citizens

Kelly RV Inc

At the highest level, our goal is to help families travel and explore the outdoors. We sell and service recreational vehicles and accessories. As such, our work ranges from the basics of carpentry, electrical, hvac and plumbing to more complex technologies of communications systems, solar power generation and storage, hydraulic systems, control systems and a variety of home automation systems. The job is rewarding, challenging and ever changing.

Kelvin Group- Refrigeration Design & Services

The Kelvin Group is a leader in the field of industrial and commercial mission-critical mechanical services, process safety management and environmental compliance. Our turnkey solutions provide Design/Installation and Ongoing Service and Preventative Maintenance of world-class mechanical systems for leaders in the Food and Beverage, Cold Storage, Pharmaceutical, Educational, Health Care, and Process industries. Once engaged with our customers, we assist business owners achieve mandated health, safety, environmental and regulatory compliance standards. Refrigeration Design & Service, Inc. (RD&S) is a design/build industrial refrigeration contracting firm based in metropolitan Philadelphia. We provide a full line of services to meet the needs of the industrial refrigeration marketplace. Fr

Kennedy Valve

Manufacturing of Fire Hydrants and valves

Kenworth of Pennsylvania and Motor truck Thermoking

A full service Kenworth and Thermo King dealership will 10 locations throughout Pennsylvania. Our parent company (Motor Truck Equipment Company) is a family owned business started in 1933.

Keystone Utility Systems

Keystone Utility Systems is a utility industry contracting firm whose team has decades of experience in full 2-way Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and simpler direct-read metering projects, associated plumbing, utility businesses, and utility consultation. Keystone's team has the experience and mobility to manage projects that range in scope from smaller deployments accompanied with troubleshooting, to larger scale, multi-year replacement projects with accounts of over 200,000 meters. We specialize in AMI/AMR deployments and work closely with our clients from the start of a project through completion. Keystone provides its clients with strong support through utilizing our carefully customized and monitored systems, along with our industry knowledge and experience. Whether you need

Kinsley Construction LLC.

The Kinsley story began in 1963 as a small concrete subcontractor. Today, we're a nationally-recognized construction firm operating with nine areas of expertise. Our reputation as a master builder stems from our ability to deliver comprehensive services for clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Family-run since the beginning, Kinsley is currently managed by third-generation family members who grew up in the business alongside trusted executives who are experts in their fields. Our company still operates under the guiding principles of our founder, Robert A. Kinsley. We focus on safety and our people, delivering and self-policing quality, meeting the schedule, having a sense of urgency, empowering our employees, taking ownership and producing results.

Kinsley Power Systems

The Kinsley Group was founded in 1964 by Kenneth N. Kinsley in Springfield, Massachusetts. Over the years, the company has grown into an energy solutions provider for customers throughout the northeast, and has developed a reputation for integrity and professionalism. Our mission is to set the standard for energy systems performance and service.

Knoebels Amusement Resort

We're America's largest free-admission amusement park and offer free parking, entertainment and picnic facilities. While visiting the park, take a dip in our 900,000 gallon Crystal Pool filled with refreshing mountain stream water. The pool area includes watersides, diving boards and a play area for children. Stay overnight at one of two campgrounds that include cabins and over 800 campsites for tents and campers. In addition to nearly 60 rides, award winning food, swimming, games, and shopping, add a round of golf at Three Ponds Golf Course next door to the park. Our Mission Statement: We are dedicated to offering fun, food and fantasy by providing exceptional service, with an emphasis on cleanliness, safety, fairness and value. Join Team Knoebels: We offer employment opportunities

Komatsu is an indispensable partner to the construction, mining, forestry, forklift, and industrial machinery markets, maximizing value for customers through innovative solutions. With a diverse line of products supported by our advanced IoT technologies, regional distribution channels, and a global service network, we tap into the power of data and technology to enhance safety and productivity while optimizing performance.


Driven by innovation and integrity, Lockheed Martin employees dream big and then turn those dreams into reality. Every day the men and women of Lockheed Martin are reminded of the vital importance of the work they do in support of our customers’ missions. Lockheed Martin is a leading systems integrator and global security company principally engaged in creating systems vital to the safety and security of free nations. We design and manufacture platforms such as aircraft, ships, satellites and land vehicles that support the U.S. armed forces and allied nations. We also partner with the Department of Homeland Security to assist in keeping Americans safe from the adversaries of freedom. As the foremost Federal IT contractor, Lockheed Martin manages and secures large databases and oth

LONG Building Technologies

LONG Building Technologies was established in 1965 as a manufacturer representative of HVAC equipment and has evolved throughout the years, adding offerings and expertise to keep pace with changing technology.

LaBella Associates

LaBella Associates was established in 1978 and is a certified Great Place To Work. We are headquartered in Rochester, NY with offices across New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Madrid, Spain. LaBella is a multi-disciplined architectural and engineering firm dedicated to client satisfaction through teamwork, respect, and trust. We provide services that take a project from start to finish-from an initial study to determine a project's feasibility to construction administration and start up, and everything in between

LandPro Equipment

LandPro Equipment is your premier John Deere Ag & Turf, Compact Construction Equipment, and Commercial Mower dealer. Serving you from 20 locations and surrounding areas, we offer the biggest range of farm, commercial landscaping, lawn & garden equipment, and light industrial / construction equipment. Don't forget we are Western New York, Eastern Ohio, and Northwest & Central Pennsylvania's best source for authorized Genuine John Deere toys, apparel, and merchandise. Our product lineup features the affordable and durable Frontier brand of implements and attachments. And when it comes to the best commercial, or consumer lawn and garden and commercial mowers and equipment, LandPro Equipment covers the broad spectrum with trusted brands like Honda Power Equipment, Stihl, Ariens, and Billy Goa

Lansberry Trucking

Lansberry Trucking of Woodland, PA, has successfully been providing dry-bulk transportation services to our customers for over 50 years. Lansberry Trucking is one of Pennsylvania's premier providers of Tri-Axle, End-Dump, Pneumatic Tank, Transloading and Well Services.

Larson Design Group

We are a growing, 100% employee-owned firm that started as a vision shared by three people - an architect, an engineer, and a land surveyor. Their vision was a firm that would focus on clients, employees, and community. As we grow and improve, we never depart from this vision. Client benefit and employee ownership are permanently connected at this firm in a way that few others can match. Larson Design Group delivers client benefit, based on our founders' trust in talent and accountability. We have talented designers and are consistently recruiting new talent. This creates stability and keeps us fresh. Our strength comes from our excellent project managers and a management team that is experienced and collaborative. Our commitment to quality and responsive service has resulted in

Laurel Health Centers

We Are Laurel Health Everyone deserves compassionate, comprehensive, and affordable health services. The Laurel Health Centers are proud to serve communities throughout Tioga and Bradford counties with outstanding healthcare that addresses you as a whole person - your physical, mental, social, and economic needs. We provide seamless, coordinated care and wellness services to anyone, regardless of age, background, ability to pay, or insurance status. We work with you as a wellness partner at every age, building trusted relationships as we deliver personalized and reliable care that helps you lead a happier, healthier life. Comprehensive Health Services Consistent, high-quality patient care that sees you as an individual, not an ailment - that's what you'll find when you choose Laurel H

Letterkenny Army Depot

Letterkenny Army Depot is the premier professional organization in Air, Missile and Space systems, dedicated to emerging technologies and best business practices that transform the ability of the Army, our allies and business partners to provide military superiority. Letterkenny Army Depot repairs and modernizes Air and Missile Defense and precision fires systems to enable multi-domain operations for U.S. and Allied Forces.

Leviton Manufacturing

We are helping create the internet of the FUTURE for hospitals, schools, factories, offices, stadiums and more. We are a single-source manufacturer of end-to-end structured cabling systems - including connectivity and cable - for customers around the world. Our copper and fiber optic systems support data center, enterprise, education, health care, government and commercial mixed-use markets globally. All Leviton products are engineered to exacting standards, offer industry-leading performance and are backed by the industry's best service and support. IT management, builders, contractors and other industry professionals consistently rank Leviton products as the most preferred brand in the industry.

Liberty Excavators

Headquartered near Harrisburg, PA, Liberty Excavators is recognized as one of the Mid-Atlantic's most respected and reliable turnkey site contractors, based on a solid track record spanning over 40 years. Our experienced workforce and state-of-the-art equipment fleet provide us with both the experience and resources to professionally deliver a quality-finished product in the time frame our customers require. Turnkey Site Development -Warehousing -Shopping Centers -Industrial Commercial / Residential Site Development -Military and Federal Government -Healthcare -Higher Education -Housing Developments Other Specializations -Crushing -Heavy Equipment Hauling -Water / Waste Water Treatment Plants -Sewer / Water Utility Line Installation

Lithko Contracting, LLC

Lithko is a market-leading, full-service commercial concrete contractor. Lithko has over 2,500 coworkers across 17 geographic regions building some of the most important and recognizable structures across the U.S. The company has experienced significant growth in the past 10 years making it one of the nation's largest commercial concrete contractors. This growth provides significant career opportunities in a fast-paced work environment. Lithko was recently recognized by Deloitte and The Wall Street Journal as a US Best Managed Company. Lithko is committed to exceeding internal and external customer expectations by providing cost-effective and quality concrete projects and creating opportunity to career progression through exposure to responsibility and continual company growth.

Local 520 Training Center

Local 520 Plumbers & Pipefitters Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee is a 5 year apprenticeship program registered with the PA DOL.

Lutron Electronics

Lutron is the worldwide leader in lighting, automated shade, and temperature controls, with headquarters in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and engineering offices in Boston, Philadelphia, South Florida, Austin, and Cincinnati. As a private corporation guided by our founder's simple but profound Five Principles, Lutron has a long history of significant growth and smart innovations. Lutron light control products range from individual dimmers to total light management systems that control entire building complexes. Some of the larger Lutron light control systems in the US include the 52-story New York Times Building in New York; Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia; and the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

MB Companies

From high-traffic freeways to airport runways, MB brings an economical outlet for governments and road marking contractors to supply the needs of the ever-growing road and airport systems.

MCM Consulting Group, Inc.

Empowering a Safer World At MCM, your satisfaction is our priority, resulting in a customer repeat rate of over 99%. We excel at understanding what our customers need and get it right the first time, which is why we have obtained so many successful, long-term relationships. We are dedicated to serving public safety, government, education, private industry and healthcare communities with a goal to Empower a Safer World. Improving the Future of 911 and Emergency Response, One Project at a Time MCM is a consulting company committed to creating a customized plan for each unique client. We specialize in Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Training in order to carry out your entire project from start to finish.



We are a company that is made up of many different division. HVAC service ,Building Commissioning, appreciation engineers, equipment/product sales. project management. Our many division service building owners, Facilities managers ,Design engineers. We currently have offices in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and Boston. We search for talent.

MQC Labs, Inc.

NDT Inspection service company established 1983. Specializes inrRadiography (film, digital, computed), ultrasonic, magnetic particle, penetrant, CWI, radar.

MSS Solutions, LLC

Since 1996, MSS has made thousands of facilities more efficient, comfortable, secure and reliable for owners, operators and occupiers across the Carolinas and throughout North America. MSS serves the entire Carolinas region from its nine locations with more than 650 employees. MSS is an industry leader in executing design assist and design build projects by utilizing experienced estimating and operations resources to assess and produce the best available outcomes. MSS will work with engineering partners or self-perform or subcontract engineering services for a streamlined project delivery that optimizes performance while being conscientious of the Owner's budget.

MYCO Mechanical, Inc.

MYCO Mechanical, Inc. provides HVAC, Plumbing and Prefabrication services using the best technology available in the market. We ensure a high quality of work, which attributes to the success of each project. We currently have an excellent team of employees consisting of Executive managers, Project Managers, Superintendents, Pipefitting Journeymen, Plumbing Journeymen, Sheet Metal Journeymen, Apprentices, and Administrative Personnel.

Mack Trucks

Transport is at the core of modern society. Imagine using your expertise to shape sustainable transport solutions for the future? If you seek to make a difference on a global scale, working with next-gen technologies and the sharpest collaborative teams, then we could be a perfect match. Dedicated to quality, reliability, and total customer satisfaction, Mack Trucks, Inc. has provided its customers with innovative transportation solutions for more than a century. Mack Trucks, a member of The Volvo Group, is one of North America's largest producers of heavy-duty trucks. Part of Volvo's Group Trucks Operations (GTO), the Macungie facility is one of 50 plants globally dedicated to the manufacturing of trucks. MACK® vehicles are sold and serviced in more than 45 countries worldwide. Mack

Magna Structures Tennessee

Recruiting 29 majors

Ford Motor Company is constructing a mega campus in Stanton, Tennessee to build electric F- Series vehicles. Magna will build two new assembly plants to support Ford's needs and will be fully staffing both of these brand new state of the art facilities. There will be a lot of welding positions as well as various engineering positions that will have to be filled, including robot engineers, controls (PLC) engineers, weld engineers and process engineers. Magna is a leading global automotive parts supplier with 314 manufacturing operations and 104 research and development centers.

Marino Corporation

Marino Corporation is a highway, site and recreational contractor founded in 1999.

Martin Marietta

Martin Marietta, a member of the S&P 500 Index, employs more than 8,500 employees at operations spanning 27 states, Canada and the Bahamas. A leading supplier of aggregates and heavy building materials, dedicated teams at Martin Marietta supply the resources for the roads, sidewalks and foundations on which we live.

Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.

Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. is a family owned and operated consumer goods company headquartered in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. We are a bread and roll manufacturer that is rigorously dedicated to extraordinary taste, quality and customer service and proudly represents our legacy of cherished eating experiences.

Master Solutions Inc. dba TransMaster Trailers

TRANSMASTER TRAILERS/MASTER SOLUTIONS is based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Our trailers are working all across North America. We design and manufacture heavy haul trailers; offering a multitude of specialized multi-axle steering dollies, jeeps, heavy-duty step decks, low boy detachable goosenecks, perimeter frame (widening), extendable (stretch), wind energy, beam systems, and special high capacity steer capable trailers. We are committed to providing the most innovative, quality built and reliable heavy-haul trailer

Mayville Engineering Company

MEC is the leading supply chain partner for OEM manufacturers in heavy and medium-duty commercial vehicles, construction, power sports, agriculture, military, and other end industries.

Mchale Landscape design, INC.

McHale Landscape Design is a residential landscape architecture company and design-build firm dedicated to designing and constructing extraordinary residential gardens, pools, outdoor living areas, and home additions. Since 1981, the firm has designed, constructed and planted many residential projects, including more than 250 award-winning landscapes. Combining landscape architecture, horticulture knowledge, and field experience, our professionally licensed and certified staff help you create beautiful gardens and living spaces. With an interactive design-build process, McHale Landscape Design views every client as an important part of the team. Our goal is to be your single source for the entire project, from design to implementation to aftercare.

Medical Technology Assosiates

OUR COMPANY Over three decades ago, MTA entered the healthcare industry as a medical gas pipeline equipment company, serving healthcare facilities throughout the state of Florida. Through time, MTA has grown in size, organically and through acquisition. Today MTA provides a wide array of Medical Gas Services and Equipment, Environmental Monitoring and Clean Room/Hood Services to healthcare facilities, pharmacies, laboratories and mechanical engineers across the United States and throughout the Caribbean. MTA is one of the largest single-source healthcare compliance companies in the United States, with its corporate office located in Pinellas Park, Florida (Tampa Bay area) and regional offices located in Texas, Arizona, Kansas, Indiana, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. As a single-source

Medico Construction Equipment Inc

Medico Construction Equipment, Inc. is a customer focused, reliable, family-owned Construction Equipment Dealer in business for over 80 years. Serving 14 counties in Northeastern & Central Pennsylvania, our hard-working Sales, Service, Rental, Leasing, and Parts teams are dedicated to complete customer support. We're known throughout the construction industry for expert advice, fast service, and flexible financing. We proudly carry the following brands: CASE, Takeuchi, Wacker Neuson, Hitachi, JLG, Atlas Copco, Epiroc, Soosan, Husqvarna, TT Technologies, Leica Geosystems, Broce Brooms, Efficiency Production, Schwarze Industries, & Vacall. We offer a wide selection of construction equipment (commercial and industrial) including excavators, dozers, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, rough terra

Melink Corporation

We are a global provider of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for commercial buildings with several offerings: HVAC Testing, Adjusting Balancing (TAB), Building Commissioning (Cx), Intelli- Hood Kitchen Ventilation Controls, and Enhanced Building Monitoring. For 35 years, we've been helping companies save energy, increase profits and make the world a more sustainable place. Ensure your buildings are healthy, energy-efficient and comfortable with HVAC Test, Adjust and Balance and Building Commissioning services. Let Melink help assess your HVAC systems to promote optimal energy utilization and peak performance.

Michael Foods

Michael Foods is a multi-billion-dollar supplier of foodservice, food ingredient and retail offerings that specializes in value-added eggs, and refrigerated potatoes.

Mid-Penn Engineering Corporation

JOB DESCRIPTION Mid-Penn Engineering Corporation (MPE) of Lewisburg, PA is seeking various positions. MPE was established in 1969 and services all of Pennsylvania and portions of New York State. MPE provides civil/site engineering, architecture, structural, mechanical, transportation, municipal, surveying, environmental, and related services. MPE is seeking resumes from all levels of qualifications from college graduates to licensed professionals. Architects - MPE is seeking individuals with a minimum of a four-year architecture or architecture engineering degree that has experience with Architecture Desktop (ADT), Revit, Google SketchUp Pro, and related design software. Must have knowledge & capability to prepare construction & code compliant drawing & specification packages includi

Milton CAT is the Caterpillar Dealer for the Northeast region of the United States. Our territory includes Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and upstate New York. We are a private company, founded in 1960, owned by the family who started the business fifty years ago. Since those early days, Milton CAT has grown to 12 locations, and over 1,000 employees. We're consistently named one of the world's top CAT dealers in terms of sales volume and we're well-known for our progressive practices. In addition to the complete range of Caterpillar equipment, we also sell and service several other top brands that complement the Caterpillar brand. The company has two main divisions; Earthmoving and Power Systems. The Earthmoving Division sells, rents and supports machi

Minichi, Inc.

Heavy Highway Construction Company based in Northeastern Pennsylvania.


Building Automation Systems HVAC Services Projects System Balancing Integration Solutions Dashboards for Energy Management Preventative Maintenance Agreements HVAC System 24-hour Emergency Service Preventative Maintenance Agreements HVAC System Evaluation Mechanical System Upgrades and Retrofits Engineered Mechanical Solutions NEBB Certified for Building System Commissioning NEBB Certified Air and Water Testing and Balancing

Monk Heating and Air Conditioning

Monk Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing professional service to eastern and central Pennsylvania for four generations. We specialize in residential and light commercial installations, replacements, and service of all air conditioning and heating equipment.

Grow. Thrive. Belong. Grow with one of the largest automotive sales and service networks in the Mid-Atlantic region. 3,600+ Employees. 24 Brands. 65 Dealerships. 4 States. MotorWorld: 13 Dealerships. 13 Brands. 1 Body Shop. MotorWorld employees have access to more advancement opportunities than at any other auto group throughout northeastern Pennsylvania. A third of our employees have been with the company for over 10 years, with families boasting multiple generations that are part of the MotorWorld family. Division President, Rick Osick, recognizes that the commitment and longevity of MotorWorld employees is a true reflection of the extraordinary career opportunities we offer our employees.

Mount Nittany Health

Recruiting 34 majors

Mount Nittany Health, based in State College, Pa., provides primary, specialized, emergency and surgical care to the residents of Central Pennsylvania. Originally established as a community hospital, we've grown exponentially to add the care our community needs, where they need it. Integrated as a multi-branch organization in 2011, Mount Nittany Health is the parent organization for: Mount Nittany Medical Center, a 260-bed acute-care facility offering medical, surgical, diagnostic and community services. Mount Nittany Physician Group, a group of more than 60 physicians providing primary and specialty care. Collaboration among all of these entities enables us to provide excellent patient care with the latest technology and expert medical professionals. We are committed to improv

Mr. Rehab LLC

Mr. Rehab LLC is a leader in the northeast trenchless pipeline rehabilitation industry. We are the region's one-stop shop for sewer system services in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic.

Multi-Dimensional Integration

MDI provides a wide variety of services within the Industrial & Manufacturing Controls and Automation field of engineering. We are consistently looking to fill internship/co-op and full-time positions year-round involving a lot of exciting and immersive work in a variety of industries including pharma, logistics, food & beverage, government, automotive and cosmetics. Our engineers & interns are working with some of the biggest names in those industries like Amazon, Coke, McCormick & Merck. While we are growing quickly, we work very hard to maintain the flat structured company culture we value!

Murray Motors

"We Can, Because We Care" is one of our core philosophies here at Murray Motors, it means that we truly believe we can help anybody looking to buy, sell, or trade a vehicle, or even just anybody who has any questions related to the automotive industry at all, because we care about people! Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority and we will always do our best to achieve that!

Muschlitz Excavating, Inc.

Muschlitz Excavating, Inc. is a recognized leader in the commercial, industrial and residential site development industry. Located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Muschlitz was founded in 1990 and specializes in complete site packages including land clearing, mass earthwork, rock removal, underground utilities, asphalt paving and milling, and portable rock crushing/recycling. Muschlitz employs a workforce of over 120 skilled professionals, combined with a fleet of over 200 late-model pieces of equipment. Muschlitz has a shop and team of highly-skilled mechanics to maintain our trucks and equipment.

NAPA Transportation, Inc.

NAPA proudly offers an innovative and dynamic culture, competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package, including medical, prescription, dental, vision, company paid life insurance, paid holidays, paid time off, 401k with company match, tuition reimbursement & much more!

NRG Controls, Inc.

Founded in 1976, NRG Controls, Inc. specializes in Building Automation solutions for our clients, comprised of Energy Management Systems, Advanced Lighting Control Systems, Security Systems, including Access Control, and Video Surveillance Systems. NRG Controls has established "Premier Partnerships" with many key suppliers including, Schneider Electric, Tridium, KMC Controls, Osram Sylvania/Encelium, Milestone and Axis. As an advanced technology solutions partner for Building Owners in both the public and private sectors, NRG Controls, Inc. performs installations and service for the Central Pennsylvania area; however, NRG has executed projects for clients all around the continental United States. Partnering with NRG, our clients have documented measurable results in all types of faci

NVR, Inc./Ryan Homes

NVR is the parent company of Ryan Homes, NVHomes and Heartland Homes. We are a Top 5 US Homebuilder and an industry leading company. With more than 75 years of experience building quality homes - and successful careers - NVR has developed a reputation for stability & responsibility. We operate in 15 states and are the dominant homebuilder in each of our markets. We have constructed over 535,000 homes while maintaining a commitment to quality product & customer care. In addition to our homebuilding operations, NVR has a Mortgage and Settlement Services business, and we provide various support functions from a Corporate level. This includes essential managerial structures, sales & marketing support, vital human resource specialists, and an advanced information technology department.

Nammo Pocal, Inc.

Nammo is an international aerospace and defense company headquartered in Norway. With more than 2 700 employees, 28 production sites and a presence in 12 countries, Nammo is one of the world's leading providers of specialty ammunition and rocket motors.

National Design Build Services LLC

We are a nation wide industrial mechanical design/build contractor who has capabilities of mechanical engineering, estimating, procurement, installation, controls work, and commissioning.

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc., (New Enterprise) is a fifth-generation, family-owned company that has been helping to build a stronger infrastructure system across Pennsylvania for more than 90 years. As both a major construction materials supplier and a general contractor in the public and private sectors, New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc. lives by a commitment to our customers, pledging to safely supply and deliver the highest quality products and construction services on time and on budget. We don't make promises we don't intent to keep. To this end, we focus on three critical components throughout our operations and in every job entrusted to us.

New Standard Corporation

New Standard Corporation is a family-owned company with several locations in York, Pennsylvania, and Rocky Mount, North Carolina. New Standard Corporation takes pride in its history of uncompromised collaboration to help our customers solve their most urgent and vital challenges as they strive to lead their industries. Our profound competencies in contract manufacturing, design for manufacturability, and operational excellence, coupled with our willingness to invest in industry-leading solutions, make us the perfect strategic partner when it matters most.

New York State Department of Transportation

It is the mission of the New York State Department of Transportation to ensure our customers - those who live, work and travel in New York State -- have a safe, efficient, balanced and environmentally sound transportation system.

Newcomer Associates

We are an Architectural and Engineering Firm designing commercial buildings along the East Coast of the United States. We have in-house HVAC, electrical and structural engineers.

Newport News Shipbuilding, a Divison of HII

HII is an all-domain defense and technologies partner, recognized worldwide as America's largest shipbuilder. With a 135-year history of trusted partnerships in advancing U.S. national security, HII delivers critical capabilities ranging from the most powerful and survivable naval ships ever built, to unmanned systems, ISR and AI/ML analytics. HII leads the industry in mission-driven solutions that support and enable an all-domain force. Headquartered in Virginia, HII's skilled workforce is 44,000 strong.

Nexgen Automation, Inc.

Nexgen Automation is Central Pennsylvania's leading Energy Management System professional. Specializing in Energy Management System consulting, design, installation & service along with Metering, Lighting Controls, Security, Integration & more. Our team of professionals is ready to serve by developing custom, non-proprietary, open protocol systems which utilize the latest industry technology ensuring a safe and comfortable environment while eliminating wasted energy.

Niagara Bottling

Although innovation is the key to our success at Niagara, our family tradition of high quality, value priced bottled water will never change. Niagara continues to grow and is the leading private label bottled water company in the United States.

Nittany CNC

Guidedwave/Nittany CNC is a company specializing in job shop production of high-quality CNC components, as well as design and development of nondestructive testing products and technologies, with efforts in pipeline, rail, aviation, power generation, manufacturing, civil infrastructure, and military products. Guidedwave/Nittany CNC offers a unique entrepreneurial environment for new employees to apply their skills and creativity to develop and grow. For more information regarding our products and technologies visit and

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman solves the toughest problems in space, aeronautics, defense and cyberspace to meet the ever evolving needs of our customers worldwide. Our 100,000 employees are Defining Possible every day using science, technology and engineering to create and deliver advanced systems, products and services.

Ohio CAT, a Division of Ohio Machinery Co., represents the entire portfolio of Caterpillar products from 11 locations throughout Ohio and northern Kentucky. We also provide parts, service, and rental to a widely varied and diverse customer base. We are always looking for new team members who share our winning attitude and customer focus.

Old Castle Infrastructure

A COMPANY OF TRANSFORMATION We are Oldcastle Infrastructure (formerly Oldcastle Precast), one of North America's largest manufacturers of utility products and construction accessories for the telecommunications, energy, transportation, building structures and water markets. We offer flexibility of scale, engineering expertise, and a large product portfolio, all without losing the local responsiveness and delivery options you need and deserve. If that wasn't enough, you'll benefit from the strength and global support of CRH, our parent company and a worldwide leader in diversified building products. With all of this on our side, it's no surprise that we're able to offer comprehensive service solutions for Engineers, Contractors, Distributors, Utility Companies, Government Age

PPL Corporation's family of companies provide electricity and natural gas to power our customers' lives. PPL's high-performing, award-winning utilities are addressing energy challenges head-on by building smarter, more resilient and more dynamic power grids and advancing sustainable energy solutions.

Packaging Progressions Inc

Pacproinc, LLC designs and manufactures sanitary, washdown-duty, stainless steel systems for the foodservice equipment and retail food industries. The streamlined designs incorporate leading-edge technology that ensures low maintenance and long machine life. Located in Souderton, Pennsylvania, 30 miles north of Philadelphia, Pacproinc, LLC is the World Leader in Interleaving and Stacking solutions for bacon, burger, deli meat, bakery, pizza, and empanada applications, along with many more.

Paraco, a family-owned company that has been delivering clean energy and fueling life's moments for over 50 years. We take pride in being one of the largest privately-owned propane companies in the Northeast, serving eight states.


Patterson-UTI (NASDAQ: PTEN) inspires innovation and talent to responsibly provide energy to the world. We are a leading provider of drilling and completion services to oil and natural gas exploration and production companies in the United States and other select countries, including contract drilling services, integrated well completion services and directional drilling services in the United States, and specialized bit solutions in the United States, Middle East and many other regions around the world.

Peiffer Machine Services

In business since 1956, Peiffer Machine Services is dedicated to the repair, rebuild, and retrofit of machine tools, as well as custom building machines for our customers. Our work is performed both at our shop in Mt. Aetna, PA, as well as on-site at customer facilities.

Penn Highlands Healthcare

Recruiting 24 majors

We are currently an 8 Hospital Healthcare System, soon to be 9! Penn Highlands Healthcare also has a Home Health & Hospice division, 4 Long Term Care Facilities & our Physician Network. We serve 39 counties in Pennsylvania. Hospital Locations include DuBois, Brookville, Elk, Clearfield, Connellsville, Mon Valley, Huntingdon & Tryone-- soon to be State College!

Penn State Health

Penn State Health is a multi-hospital health system serving patients and communities across 29 counties in central Pennsylvania. It employs more than 16,500 people systemwide. The system includes Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Penn State Children's Hospital, and Penn State Cancer Institute based in Hershey, PA., Penn State Health Holy Spirit Medical Center in Camp Hill, PA, Penn State Health St. Joseph Medical Center in Reading, PA, Hampden Medical Center in Enola, PA, and our brand new hospital Lancaster Medical Center. In addition, there are more than 2,300 physicians and direct care providers at more than 125 medical office locations. Additionally, the system jointly operates various health care providers, including Penn State Health Rehabilitation Hospital, Her

PennCore Consulting LLC

PennCore is a civil engineering and surveying consulting firm based in the Williamsport, Pennsylvania Area with additional Pennsylvania locations in Selinsgrove, Lewisburg, Tower City, and Herndon. PennCore was established to provide commonsense and simple solutions for the most complex projects while focusing on the client's main goal. The senior members of the PennCore team each provide at least a decade of experience in design and project consulting.

PennTerra Engineering, Inc.

Join our team of land development experts, headquartered in Happy Valley! PennTerra Engineering is an employee-owned company that has been shaping our community since 1976. Our team offers professional civil engineering services for land development planning, surveying, and environmental design.

Pennsy Supply, Inc.

Pennsy Supply is the leading manufacturer of aggregate, sand, asphalt and concrete throughout the North and Central Regions of Pennsylvania providing materials for commercial construction, infrastructure development and residential building. Pennsy Supply, Inc. is a part of CRH, the leading leading vertically integrated supplier of crushed aggregates, asphalt, ready mix concrete and paving services in the United States. Serving the region since 1921, Pennsy Supply operates 15 aggregate quarries, 8 asphalt plants, 2 sand sites, 2 industrial mineral sites and 6 ready mix concrete plants. In addition to providing professional paving services, we are dedicated to manufacturing quality aggregate, sand, asphalt and ready mix concrete.

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

We oversee 23 State Corrections Institutions throughout PA. Variety of careers from COT's clerk typists to nurses!

Pennsylvania Game Commission

For more than 100 years, the Game Commission has managed the Commonwealth's wildlife resources for all Pennsylvanians. With the help of more than 700 full-time employees and thousands of part-timers and volunteers, the agency provides a host of benefits to wildlife, state residents, and visitors. In the late 1800s, however, wildlife was dwindling as a result of deforestation, pollution, and unregulated hunting and trapping. From this dark period emerged the Game Commission, created by the state Legislature to protect and conserve wildlife, which was then commonly referred to as "game." The wildlife diversity we enjoy today is largely due to the agency's progressive, scientifically-based wildlife management programs and support from countless Pennsylvanians and outdoors organizations

Penske Truck Leasing

When you join Penske, you're joining a team that cares about doing its best. At each location, there's a strong sense of teamwork. We're all working together to move our customers forward. That's true for the 9,000 vehicle repair associates who are working at hundreds of locations across the United States. Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P., headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, is a partnership of Penske Corporation, Penske Automotive Group and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. A leading global transportation services provider, Penske operates a premier fleet of vehicles and serves its customers from locations in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Penske's product lines include full-service truck leasing, contract maintenance, commercial and consumer truck rentals, used truck sale

Perryman Company

Perryman titanium group is a trusted, fully integrated worldwide supplier of specialty titanium products. From melting ingots to finishing, this branch of the Perryman Company produces titanium bar, wire, fine wire and net shapes to support the needs of the aerospace, medical/dental, additive/3D printing, consumer, industrial, infrastructure, and military markets. Perryman Forge & Fabrication is a high-quality contract manufacturer that specializes in forging metals and fabricating metals and plastics. The Forge & Fabrication facility processes titanium, cobalt chrome, stainless, and plastic materials in addition to cleaning and packaging products for the medical industry.

Pickering, Corts & Summerson

Pickering, Corts & Summerson Inc., Consulting Engineers (PCS) is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive transportation engineering services for public and private clients in multiple states. PCS is one of the premiere bridge inspection firms on the East Coast of the United States. Founded in 1918, our 100 year old company is a well-respected, multi-disciplined civil engineering firm. Our clients have acknowledged our ability to achieve the highest level of professional excellence in providing exceptional engineering products, through positive evaluations, and repeat business.

Pillar Innovations

Recruiting 60 majors

Pillar Innovations is a turnkey industrial contractor based out of Grantsville, MD. Founded in 2007, Pillar Innovations was derived from its parent company, Beitzel Corporation, to focus on automation and electrical projects. From those beginnings Pillar's capabilities have grown beyond automation and electrical to include engineering, custom machine building, communications, fiber optics, IoT, and fire suppression. Pillar Innovations is headquartered in Grantsville, Maryland, and has seven sales and service facility locations throughout the states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, and New Mexico. We are strategically positioned to provide fine-tuned attention in areas where we are most needed. Together with our co-located sister company, Beitzel Corporation, Pillar

Pine Hill Manufacturing LLC

Pine Hill Manufacturing serves haulers' needs through custom and stock trailer designs. We started with a special focus on the shed hauling industry but have grown to provide trailer and truck bed solutions for many different industries and consumers. Our dedication to exceeding our customers' expectations is a primary factor in driving the robust growth our company has experienced. As a faith-based employer, we value people, respect their family commitments, and support local and global ministries, fundraisers, and community organizations.

Families that play together stay together. At PlayPower, we're a family of brands dedicated to enabling people of all ages to experience the power of play. Together we're a world leader in producing premier recreation equipment, from commercial playgrounds to floating boat docks. Play engages and inspires by bringing fun and laughter to children and adults every day. PlayPower is a fully integrated manufacturer of commercial recreational and leisure products. We have facilities in Monett, Missouri; Lewisburg, Pennsylvania; Dallas, Texas; Silver Lake, Indiana; Nogales, Mexico; and Sosnowiec, Poland. Our manufacturing facilities in the United States encompass more than 1 million square feet. In addition, we have 65,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Mexico, and 290,000 square feet i

Pneu-Dart, Inc.

Pneu-Dart team members take great pride in providing the best services possible and offer products at an affordable price. We continually provide the latest advances in remote delivery device systems into every product, which are simple to use, functional and reliable. Just connect with your target and let us do the rest. Whether you are home on the range, deep in the back country, or out on safari, you'll be sure to hit your mark the first time - every time with Pneu-Dart.

Pocono Lake Preserve

Known to its members as "PLP" or "The Preserve," this 5300-acre private retreat includes 141 member leaseholds ("Camps") set in the woods around a 550-acre lake. Each summer, a highly engaged community of roughly 700 people, many who have attended every summer of their lives, participate in countless activities: tennis on eight clay courts, fly fishing on two miles of well-stocked trout stream, hiking and mountain biking on fifty miles of trails, racing sailboats on the lake, swimming at the Main Dock, attending educational programs at the Nature Center, a morning day-camp for little ones, classes at the Arts Center, history programs, worship services, bonfire gatherings at rustic campsites, and communal meals beneath the soaring beams of the historic Dining Camp.

Poole Anderson Construction

Poole Anderson Construction was formed in 1999 by the merger of two commercial construction companies, L.C. Anderson & Sons and S&A Commercial Construction. Founded in 1924, L.C. Anderson & Sons brought a long history and excellent reputation for providing construction services in the educational, medical, industrial and institutional markets while S&A Commercial focused on commercial and multi-family housing construction. The merger brought together diverse talents to successfully manage and build many types of commercial construction. Poole Anderson has continued the legacy of our founders by maintaining a highly skilled team of craftsmen and management personnel devoted to solving the construction challenges of our clients with experience, expertise, and innovation. To help ensur

Power Engineering Corporation

Power Engineering Corporation (PEC) was established in 1922. PEC has since flourished into a full service mechanical company with in house engineering and design capabilities, a highly trained mechanical construction division, a state of the art 24-hour service fleet, and sheet metal fabrication and installation capabilities. PEC specializes in design-build projects but we have a presence in the plan and spec market. Our value engineering skills are unparalleled when trying to get a project in on budget. PEC competes in the following venues: industrial, laboratory, hospital, commercial and textile markets. We also enjoy a great deal of work locally from institutions of higher education and other private sector markets. PEC client base includes such industry powerhouses as, Cargill Foods, T

PowerPro Equipment

At PowerPro Equipment, we offer the best selection of lawn and heavy equipment in the PA and New Jersey areas. Between our eight stores, our power equipment company offers equipment for purchase and to rent that includes lifts and platforms, telehandlers, skid steers, mules, and hustlers. We also supply landscaping equipment like zero-turn lawn mowers, saw and tree care, snow removal, and tractors. Our excellent team of skilled technicians service and repair equipment when needed. PowerPro Equipment is your one-stop shop for all your heavy machinery and lawn equipment needs. We are looking for enthusiastic, mechanically skilled and customer oriented employees to join our team.

Precision Custom Components

PCC is a job shop that performs a variety work for commercial nuclear, navy nuclear, research labs, or any other specialized applications.

Premium Power Services, LLC

Premium Power Services, LLC is committed to providing our customers the services necessary to ensure a safe and reliable power system. Our diverse capabilities allow us to provide efficient, cost effective turnkey power system solutions to the utility, industrial, commercial and institutional markets.

Presbyterian Senior Living

We are a non-profit organization with 14 communities through PA, DE, MD, and now OH. We are a stand alone building in the heart of Williamsport right beside UPMC Williamsport with opportunities for all ages and careers.

Process HVAC Solutions

PHS is focused exclusively on Mission Critical Data Centers. PHS has sought out and hired the industry's best engineers, project managers and technicians with vast Mission Critical Data Center experience.

Process and Data Automation

Process and Data Automation is the premier Control Systems Integration and Data Services provider. We invest in our employees' professional development, knowledge, and expertise in areas that best meet our client's needs; focusing on continuous growth in our core automation business, data services, project management, and new business partnerships. We are recognized for our superior service, philosophy of continuous improvement, and 100 percent client satisfaction. Why work with us? At PDA we promote a healthy work-life which means looking at the big picture - workload, health, well-being, socializing, restoration, and more - and taking a holistic approach to integrate all of those facets into a careful balance that sustains, nourishes, and motivates you to be your best self every day.

Proconex is the exclusive Emerson Impact Partner for Emerson Automation Solutions in the Mid-Atlantic region. We provide a full portfolio of Process Automation Control Systems, Valves and Control Devices, and related technologies and services to a range of customers-in the Life Sciences, Chemical, Power, Refining, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Paper, Metals, and other industries, as well as commercial enterprises and campus facilities. With three strategically located offices, Proconex maintains a deep dedication to its 200+ employees, a sharp focus on safety and quality, and the drive to deliver. The Proconex family of companies includes: Atlantic Valve Services and Valspec.

National Home Builder.

Quality Air Mechanical Inc


Quest Global

We are Quest Global. We're in the business of engineering, but what we're really building is a brighter future. It's not just what we do, but why we do it that makes us different. We believe engineering has the unique opportunity to solve the problems of today that stand in the way of tomorrow. For more than 25 years, we have strived to be the most trusted partner for the world's hardest engineering problems. As a global organization headquartered in Singapore, we live and work in 17 countries, with 67 global delivery centers and offices, driven by 17,500+ extraordinary employees who make the impossible possible every day.

R-V Industries, Inc.

At R-V Industries, our work is much more than designing and building world-class industrial process equipment. Not only are we impacting everyday life in the world we serve, but we are providing a quality of life to our employees and their families. • Every day, we come together to build stronger relationships with our vendors, our customers, and each other, so we can solve challenging problems, and continue to improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of all that we do. • Caring matters at R-V. We care for each other, our safety, our quality, our learning, and our growth.• We seek out diversity of thought, experience, and strengths in individuals, so we can continue to innovate as a team.• We believe when we bring our true full selves to serve others, it elevates the quality of life


Reading Bakery Systems is a leading manufacturer of bakery equipment, providing turnkey processing systems and support services for the snack food industry. At Reading Bakery Systems, we understand that we are successful because of our team and are always searching for new team members who believe that collaboration is a prerequisite for innovation. We provide an environment where excellence and enthusiasm are valued equally and where teammates feel as though they are part of our family.

RGS Associates

Our comprehensive approach to site design employs the integrated talents of landscape architects and civil engineers. We provide our clients with creative site design and entitlement services from initial feasibility investigations, through design, permitting, construction, and post-construction services. Our goal is to deliver creative and practical site planning and landscape design solutions, combined with effective site engineering and visual aesthetic. We do not just deliver a plan set. We work with our clients to strategize and develop solutions that meet their project goals, interests, values, and bottom line.

Radius Systems LLC

Radius Systems is a full-service provider of HVAC and Lighting Control Systems, Indoor Environmental Quality Systems and services, and Security Systems in the mid-Atlantic region.

Reading and Northern Railroad

The Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad (RBMN), with its corporate headquarters in Port Clinton, is a privately held railroad company serving major businesses in nine Eastern Pennsylvania counties, (Berks, Bradford, Carbon, Columbia, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Northumberland, Schuylkill, and Wyoming). The railroad runs about 400 miles from Reading PA to Mehoopany PA and it also operates the 7-mile rail line from Towanda to Monroeton in Bradford County. We offer both freight services and passenger excursion operations, and we currently employ over 200 employees.

Redmond's Complete Comfort, LLC.

Redmond's Complete Comfort treats you like you are part of the family. We strive to build lasting relationships in our community. At RCC we offer a multitude of skilled services to help you establish and maintain a comfortable, productive, and rewarding environment for your family. We provide state-of-the-art efficiency, safety, and peace of mind. Our certified technicians bring you the best solutions to create and maintain the comfort of your home. You can be confident that we are waiting for you whether it is emergency service or if you would like to be a member of our exclusive Energy Savings Club we are prepared to partner with you to help reduce service emergencies.

Remco, Inc. is proudly an employee-owned company with a family-oriented, hard-working culture. We are an established industry-leading service provider who has been in business since 1977. We provide construction and maintenance service to primarily supermarkets, convenience stores, and other commercial/industrial businesses. You'll find a culture that values hard work, respect and collaboration. We celebrate the grit and determination that defines the tradesman's spirit. Our employees are servicing the Mid-Atlantic region out of 7 branch offices. We pride ourselves in workmanship, customer satisfaction and are looking for motivated, career minded candidates who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get the job done alongside our team with a shared commitment to excellence.

Renewable Operations Company LLC

Renewable Operations Company, LLC (ROC) is a leader in the operations and maintenance of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) projects and facilities. We partner with dairy farms across the Northeast and Midwest to provide the strategy, skill, and manpower required for sustainable and safe RNG production. The ROC team has proven success, having developed 10 fully operational dairy RNG projects to date; with many more in various stages of development. From concept to completion, our employees are equipped to support the unique infrastructure of today's EPA and CALCFS-compliant energy solutions. Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) systems are co-located on existing American dairy farms. Manure from these farms is continually processed to produce raw biogas. The biogas is refined into RNG, reducing the carbo

Richard E Pierson Construction Co., Inc.

We have added greatly to our scope and strength of operations over the years. We've accomplished this by increasing the services we perform, including asphalt paving, site concrete work, asphalt production (plants in NJ & DE), concrete production (NJ), structural and concrete construction (retaining and sound walls, dams and bridges), concrete paving, demolition, and the production of sands, gravel and stone. These specialties, when added to our already considerable earthwork and utility abilities have enabled us to become one of the area's largest best performing heavy and highway construction firms.

Ricupero, Inc.

Ricupero, Inc. has been in business for 25 years. They focus on landscape design and construction.

Riverside Technologies

RTI is your complete IT source. We specialize in a variety of solutions-managed services, IT hardware, warehouse services, and technology deployment. In everything we do, we add passion, creativity, and teamwork. As your trusted IT partner, we take time to understand your business and unique challenges; then we develop technology solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team is one of a kind. We have the experience, knowledge, and certifications to take on any project.

Rudd Equipment

We are the exclusive distributor in the Midwest for internationally recognized and preferred manufacturers including Volvo, Hitachi, Sandvik, and Link-Belt.

Ryder System Inc.

Ryder is a full service transportation company. We have been in business for just over 85 years, we are in 5 different counties, just under 900 locations and roughly 36,000 employees. We have three different divisions of the company.

SGL Carbon, LLC

SGL Carbon is one of the world's leading manufacturers of products from carbon. The company portfolio ranges from carbon and graphite materials to carbon fibers and composites. A broad base of materials, the deployment of the relevant technologies and many years of application and engineering expertise are the basis of the company's success.

SSM Industries, Inc.

SSM Industries, Inc. is a Mechanical / HVAC / Plumbing / Process / Sheet Metal Contractor with (3) locations in PA and (1) in DE. Our primary work is on Commercial & Industrial Facilities such as Hospitals, Higher Education, Food Industry, Manufacturing Plants, Schools, etc. SSM has its own in house Estimating Team, Drafting Dept., and Management Staff to complete projects. SSM is looking to expand in the Harrisburg Area.


Stocker Chevrolet has been a member of the Centre Region since 1961 when we first opened our doors in Bellefonte, PA. In 1965, we moved to our current location near the Nittany Mall. We are a Chevrolet and Subaru dealer

Schaible's Plumbing and Heating

Schaible's Plumbing and Heating is located in Hampton, New Jersey and has been in business for over 35 years. We offer plumbing, heating, and water treatment services to homes and businesses. We also operate a commercial division where we work on large projects doing plumbing, heating and general mechanical work.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric SE is a French multinational company that specializes in digital automation and energy management. It addresses homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries, by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services.

Schneider Electric Buildings

We drive digital transformation by integrating world-leading process and energy technologies to realize the full efficiency and sustainability opportunities for your business. We provide end-point to cloud integration connecting products, controls, software and services. We enable lifecycle solutions from design and build to operate and maintain phases through a digital twin. We deliver capabilities to transform from site-to-site to an integrated company management. Our integrated solutions are built with safety, reliability and cybersecurity for your homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries.

Schreiber Foods

At Schreiber, we're more than just a dairy production company. We believe in building lasting relationships. We provide our customers with quality dairy foods and partner with them to help make these food offerings a success. Our specialized business and support services create value for our customers and help them grow - no matter where they are in the world. We offer: Insights that uncover trends and sharpen our customers' competitive edge. Risk management to help our customers keep costs predictable and stable, which enables them to manage risk. Exporting expertise to deliver dairy foods worldwide. Creative services that help our customers create impactful marketing tools and artwork.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

SEL partners with customers around the world to ensure the safe, reliable, and economical delivery of electric power. We design, manufacture, and support a complete line of products and services, ranging from generator and transmission protection to distribution automation and control systems. SEL was founded in 1982 when Dr. Edmund O. Schweitzer, III, invented the first all-digital protective relay, reducing the cost and complexity of power protection and revolutionizing the electric power industry. Today, SEL provides products, solutions, and services in 168 countries, employs approximately 5,500 people worldwide, and is 100 percent employee-owned.

Shearon Environmental Design

Shearon Environmental Design Company, a family-owned and family-run company, is a leader in landscape design, construction and maintenance throughout the Delaware Valley for the last 50 years. Shearon offers opportunities for internships and full time employment in various landscape related fields including but not limited to: Golf Course Maintenance, Arboriculture, Sports Field Construction/Maintenance, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Maintenance/Construction, and more!

Sheetz Inc.

Since 1952, Sheetz, Inc. has served up top-tier convenience and customer service to its communities at the intersection of food and convenience. The family-owned company continues to experience limitless growth resulting in over 675 locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina (Michigan coming soon!). Our mission at Sheetz has been to meet every need of a customers on-the-go, from gas to snacks and everything in between. Of course, things have changed over the course of over 70 years. We like it that way, because we understand that innovation is the key to good business. Life is faster and busier, and customers expect us to be there when they need us most. One thing that always will remain the same is our commitment to Total Customer Focus, valuing

Sherwood Freightliner

Class 8 truck dealership

Siemens Industry

Service Specialist - Smart Buildings/Automation Blue Bell, United States of America Customer Services Smart Infrastructure Are you looking for a career where you can showcase your technical aptitude and passion for problem solving to ensure your customers can work in a comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient environment? Then look to Siemens! Join our team! Recognized by Fortune as World's Most Admired Companies 2020 Our Culture: At Siemens, we live and foster an ownership culture, in which every employee takes personal responsibility for our company's success. We trust and empower our leaders to act as owners, direct their teams, and innovate to succeed. We communicate openly and honestly to learn from our failures and celebrate o

Sigma Engineered Solutions/Tooling Dynamics

Tooling Dynamics specializes in high volume, precision metal stamping. Our expertise working with very thin gauge metals under extremely tight tolerances means we tackle the toughest jobs in the electronic connector world. For over 30 years, Tooling Dynamics has specialized in producing high-volume, precision parts - we bring that same commitment to excellence to a wide range of Swiss screw machining solutions. Using advanced computerized numerical control (CNC) capabilities, our Swiss screw machining production team can create very small parts up to 0.8125" in diameter with consistently excellent, highly uniform dimensions and surface finishes.

Simplex Homes

Builders of the highest quality modular homes for both single-family and multi-family projects.

SitelogIQ is a rapidly growing company focused on making buildings better. We provide planning, design, and management solutions for organizations that want efficient and sustainable building environments that are healthier and safer for their occupants.

Smart Building Technologies

As the leader in complete solutions for Building Automation Systems, Smart Building Technologies, a Fidelity Building Services Group company, helps building engineers, building managers, and building owners operate with efficiency throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Our specialty is reinvigorating buildings with aged and outdated systems. For buildings with old systems, we provide the most comprehensive overhaul of inefficient systems in the industry. We do this by monitoring and correcting areas of the existing system that are losing heat and energy, prior to connecting all components to a central automated control mechanism to ensure the highest level of energy efficiency.Smart Building Technologies is the industry leader in building automation systems, energy management

Southland Industries

At Southland Industries, we aspire to build a workforce that's as diverse as the people who occupy the buildings we design, build, and maintain. Our People First model is built on three pillars: engagement, planning, and development. These pillars enable you to take the lead in building, designing, and developing your professional experiences, leading to a successful career at Southland Industries. We believe in listening to our people and finding out what's important to them. By understanding what drives our people, we can support their professional aspirations, inspire them to do their best, contribute to our positive culture, and stay connected as a company. Beginning as a Southern California-based supplier of residential heating solutions in 1949, Southland Industries has a vibrant

Spotts, Stevens and McCoy

Spotts, Stevens and McCoy is a family-owned regional engineering, environmental, and surveying firm serving local and global clients. We engineer solutions for a better world. Our work touches everyday life; from the water you drink, to the air you breathe, to the buildings and communities where you live, work and play. Innovation built on a solid foundation. Spotts, Stevens and McCoy traces its history back to 1932 when Walter E. Spotts, PE opened an engineering and surveying practice in Reading, Pennsylvania. In 1967 Lewis J. McCoy, Sr., PE opened an individual engineering practice in Wyomissing Pennsylvania. Mr. McCoy opened this office after 10 years of experience in environmental engineering with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and a large multi-discipline consulting firm. A

Stauffer Diesel Inc

Sales & Service of Deutz, Mitsubishi and FPT Diesel Engines We're a comprehensive resource that sells, services and supports the full lines of DEUTZ diesel engines, FPT diesel engines, and Mitsubishi diesel engines.

Stellant Systems

Stellant Systems is a premier manufacturer of critical power amplification products. Stellant Systems has a storied and distinguished history of innovation and tough problem-solving, starting with Charles Litton's Engineering Laboratories in 1932, Varian Associates and the first RF amplifying vacuum tube in 1948, and Howard Hughes' Microwave Tube Division in 1959. Today, Stellant Systems continues innovating and adapting these, and other, technologies to meet the ever increasing demand for power, frequency and efficiency. Whether your need is to Detect, Protect, or Connect we can help.

Stephenson Equipment Inc.

Stephenson Equipment, based in Harrisburg, PA, is a trusted crane and construction equipment dealer. They provide rentals, as well as new and used products. With a fleet of cranes, excavators, loaders, and more, they offer tailored solutions for projects of any size.

Stewart & Tate Construction

Stewart & Tate is a family owned and operated, full-service construction firm specializing in general building construction, site development, and specialized industrial construction. Headquartered in York, PA, the company provides preconstruction, construction, and post-construction services for projects throughout South Central Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Strauser Nature's Helpers

Established in 1998, Strauser Nature's Helpers is a full-service landscape company, offering our residential and commercial customers complete lawn and landscape care. Our markets are continuing to grow, and stretch from the Poconos, to the Lehigh Valley, Lancaster, and the Harrisburg/Reading areas. Our crews perform general mowing and maintenance services, enhancement and seasonal services, and full custom landscape design installs. We also provide our landscape customers with commercial snow removal during the winter season. Come join our growing team!

Straw Construction Co., Inc.

We are a heavy highway construction company that specializes in athletic fields.

Stretch Wrap Systems, LLC

We are in industrial packaging equipment company that sales, services, and provides parts and supplies for all types of industrial packaging equipment.

Stryten Energy is an innovative stored energy solutions provider with The Energy to Challenge the status quo in transportation, motive and essential power industries. We invest in and develop the energy storage technologies that give our customers the competitive advantage they need to be successful and achieve their goals for growth and profitability.

Superior Plastic Products

With over 30 years of design and vinyl manufacturing expertise, Superior Plastic Products offers a wide variety of products and styles designed to maximize your enjoyment, security, and privacy. Manufactured and finished in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Superior has tapped into the wealth of knowledge and experience of our local craftsmen to blend ageless classic designs with modern, low-maintenance materials and superior structural integrity.

Surface Preparation Technologies

Surface Preparation Technologies, LLC (SPT) is the nation's largest contractor for shoulder and centerline rumble strips. "Innovators in Lane Departure Technology and Highway Safety since 1988". At SPT, we value both hard work and work-life balance. We appreciate our employees and respect their contributions to our ongoing success. In return, we offer employees a place to thrive in their careers. We encourage employees to find purpose and make a difference as well as career advancement opportunities. We want employees to be engaged and to participate in our mission. SPT offers excellent benefits to include medical, dental, vision, 401k with match, paid vacation & holidays, provided uniforms, weekly pay cycle and much more!

Susquehanna Valley Construction Corporation

Heavy/Highway Construction (Bridge) Susquehanna Valley Construction Corporation (SVCC), New Cumberland, was established in 1972 as a bridge contractor serving Central PA and we are a family owned and operated company . For over 50 years, Susquehanna Valley Construction Corporation has proven to be a dependable and quality-driven heavy civil / highway construction firm. Our success is built upon a group of highly dedicated and hard-working people. We believe in our cores values, which are: 1) We take care of each other 2) We place team above self 3) We play the long game (by earning trust and respect with our relationships).

T & T Construction

T&T Construction is a team of seasoned experts who serve the national construction market by providing a wide variety of turnkey horizontal and vertical concrete solutions. Put simply, we're deeply dedicated to our craft, and we believe one of the greatest measures of our success is the number of satisfied customers who return to us for successive projects. You'll find that we operate on a solid foundation of integrity, ethical behavior, and a commitment to excellence, both through our words and our actions.

Since 1950, TIMET has been leading the industry in mill and melted products, supplying nearly one-fifth of the world's titanium. We are the only supplier with production facilities in both the United States and Europe to support our multinational customer base in the aerospace and military industries.

Recruiting 38 majors

Thermal Product Solutions designs and manufactures industrial ovens, environmental simulation test chambers, heat treating ovens, non-ferrous melting furnaces, crystal growing equipment. TPS brands includes Tenney, Blue M, Gruenberg, and LindbergMPH. The Tenney, Blue M and Gruenberg brands are designed and manufactured in White Deer, PA. The Tenney product brand offers one of the most comprehensive lines of environmental test chambers and rooms in the industry. The Blue M product brand is recognized in the industry as a leader in the design, manufacture and support of industrial ovens, inline curing ovens, light industrial furnaces, custom industrial ovens, and ASTM test ovens. The Gruenberg product brand is recognized as a leader in the manufacture of industrial ovens including class

TRAK Machine Tools

Manufacturer of TRAK machine tools and ProtoTRAK controls. Based out of Rancho Dominguez, CA (Los Angeles area), we have field opportunities around the country for sales reps, applications reps and service technicians. Company was founded in 1951 and has a long history of growth.

Tate Engineering

Tate Engineering is a family-owned mechanical services company serving the Mid-Atlantic area for nearly 100 years. We specialize in steam & hot water boiler systems, compressed air & air treatment, HVAC & mission-critical environmental systems, filtration, pumps, audits, preventative maintenance, and rentals.

Textron Aviation

For nearly a century, Textron Aviation has empowered our collective talent across the Cessna and Beechcraft brands to design and deliver the best aviation experience for our customers. With a range that includes everything from business jets, turboprops, and high-performance pistons, to special mission, military trainer and defense products, Textron Aviation has the most versatile and comprehensive aviation product portfolio in the world and a workforce that has produced more than half of all general aviation aircraft worldwide.

Textron Systems - Lycoming

Recruiting 56 majors

About Textron Systems Textron Systems businesses are industry leading developers and integrators of unmanned systems, advanced marine craft, armored vehicles, intelligent battlefield and surveillance systems, geospatial management and analysis systems, intelligence software solutions, precision weapons, piston engines, test and training systems, and total lifecycle sustainment and operational services. Textron Systems' businesses consist of Advanced Information Solutions, Electronic Systems, Geospatial Solutions, Lycoming Engines, Marine & Land Systems, Support Solutions, Unmanned Systems, Weapon & Sensor Systems and TRU Simulation + Training.

The City of Philadelphia, Office of Human Resources

As an employer, the City of Philadelphia values inclusion, integrity, innovation, empowerment, and hard work above all else. We offer a vibrant work environment, comprehensive health care and benefits, and the experience you need to grow and excel. If you're interested in working with a passionate team of people who care about the future of Philadelphia, start here. What we offer ? Impact - The work you do here matters to millions. ? Growth - Philadelphia is growing, why not grow with it? ? Diversity & Inclusion - Find a career in a place where everyone belongs. ? Benefits - We care about your well-being. The City of Philadelphia is a qualified employer for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Learn more at

The Plastek Group

Global provider of plastic consumer products

The Tri-M Group, LLC

The Tri-M Group specializes in the design, installation and service of high voltage, electrical construction, building automation systems, data and telecommunications networks, security and energy analytics. Working with the latest technology and innovations, we design, engineer, install, automate, secure, analyze, test, and maintain the critical infrastructure businesses need.

The Tuckey Companies

Serving South Central Pennsylvania over the course of five decades, the Tuckey organization, situated in Carlisle, PA, is comprised of three distinct entities -... Tuckey Mechanical Services, Tuckey Metal Fabricators, and Tuckey Restoration - each of which is a recognized leader within its respective industry. Well-known throughout the greater Harrisburg, PA region as the "one-call" contractor due to our unprecedented scope of services, collectively, the Tuckey companies are uniquely positioned to provide turnkey solutions for all aspects of construction. In fact, because of our reputation for innovative and comprehensive services, we've been sought out by a number of customers to facilitate special projects across the state of Pennsylvania and throughout the East Coast.

The Walsh Group

The Walsh Group is a fourth-generation family-owned company providing design, build, finance, operation and activation services. We operate as Walsh Construction, Archer Western and Walsh Canada across 21 regional offices. Consistently ranked as one of the largest contractors in North America, we are delivering some of the most complex and challenging projects in the building, transportation and water markets. Our 8,000 employees are united by a shared dedication to deliver exceptional customer service, while upholding the highest standards of ethics, quality and safety.

The Wesson Group, LLC

The Wesson Group is an experienced, professional construction services firm headquartered in Johnstown, New York. We are capable of constructing your most demanding and complex projects. And we are dedicated to delivering safe, superior construction projects for a variety of industries. We have broad experience in alternative energy, design-build, heavy civil, infrastructure, and marine projects. Our people believe in giving customers their very best. Every day. It's one reason why we recruit and retain some of the best engineering and construction professionals in the industry.

Thomas Automotive

A Different Kind of Car Dealer The Thomas Automotive Family is an enduring team committed to providing reliable transportation to the motoring public through service with care that meets or exceeds the highest standards in safety, ethics, and efficiency.

ToyotaLift Northeast, LLC

We are a material handling equipment company. We sell, service and rental forklifts, aerial lifts, scissor lifts and other material handling equipment.

Traditional Pediatric and Adult Services

Recruiting 68 majors

Traditional Home Care is a locally owned and operated home health agency with vast experience and knowledgeable staff serving the health care needs of our community. Our company provides home health services to pediatric & adult skilled patients in a Private Duty Nursing setting in the home. Today we employ passionate highly qualified RN's, LPN's, CNA's, and HHA's. Our staff takes pride in providing the best home care for our patients while keeping them in the comfort of their own homes.

TranSystems Corporation

TranSystems plans, designs, and oversees construction to enhance the transportation networks and infrastructure that makes communities more livable today and in the future. Our professionals in more than 50 offices throughout the U.S. bring strong local connections, new thinking, and fresh approaches to solve community challenges across the country.

Trane is a world leader in HVAC and Building Automation. We employ design engineers, Account Managers, as well as HVAC technicians and Building Automation technicians.

Connecting ideas with solutions. Trinseo is a specialty material solutions provider that partners with companies to bring ideas to life in an imaginative, smart and sustainability-focused manner. Combining premier expertise, future-focused innovations and best-in-class materials, Trinseo unlocks value for companies and consumers alike. From design to manufacturing, Trinseo taps into decades of experience in diverse material solutions to address our customers' unique challenges across a wide range of industries, including building and construction, consumer goods, medical and mobility. Since the beginning, Trinseo has continued to grow its capabilities through the acquisition of additional businesses and assets across the globe. Trinseo's employees bring endless creativity to reimagining

Trion Industries, Inc

Trion is a leading manufacturer of point of purchase and retail store fixtures based in Wilkes-Barre, PA. In business since 1965, we have been innovators of display hooks, shelf edge labeling systems and shelf management pusher systems used by retailers through out the world. Our manufacturing diversity (wire forming, stamping, welding, plastic extrusion, powder coating, assembly and packaging) allows us to produce a wide variety of merchandising solutions.

Triple Crown Corporation

Triple Crown Corporation began as a residential real estate developer in June 1977. The company has since evolved to include commercial construction, general contracting, commercial and residential property management services, real estate brokerage, remodeling and most other real estate services. Triple Crown Corporation is one of Central Pennsylvania's largest real estate entities, providing construction and property management services.

Trotter Workforce

Welcome to Trotter Workforce, where we redefine possibilities in the world of employment. As a dynamic and innovative company, we take pride in offering diverse career opportunities across a multitude of industries. At Trotter, we're not just filling positions; we're crafting teams that span the full spectrum of expertise. Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting your career journey in the Skilled Trades, Trotter Workforce provides a collaborative environment for you to thrive. Join us as we shape the future of work, where the opportunities are as diverse as our workforce. Your potential has a place here at Trotter Workforce, where every role contributes to our collective success.

Ty Construction Company, Inc.

Ty Construction is a leader in the supermarket refrigeration industry. We provide system installation and service for "big box" supermarket chains in the mid Atlantic region such as Giant, Weis, Walmart and Amazon. Our corporate office is located in Chambersburg, Pa however - our team members are located in PA, MD, WV, VA, NJ & NY.

A $23 billion health care provider and insurer, Pittsburgh-based UPMC is inventing new models of patient-centered, cost-effective, accountable care. The largest nongovernmental employer in Pennsylvania, UPMC integrates more than 92,000 employees, 40 hospitals, 800 doctors' offices and outpatient sites, and more than 4 million-member Insurance Services Division, the largest medical insurer in western Pennsylvania. In the most recent fiscal year, UPMC contributed $1.7 billion in benefits to its communities, including more care to the region's most vulnerable citizens than any other health care institution, and paid more than $900 million in federal, state and local taxes. Working in close collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, UPMC shares its clinical

UPMC Facilities

Recruiting 45 majors

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, UPMC is a world-renowned health care provider and insurer. We are an international health care leader - pioneering groundbreaking research, treatments, and clinical care. UPMC operates 40 hospitals and more than 700 doctors' offices and outpatient centers. We serve people throughout western and central Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and around the globe.

Valley View Rehab & Nursing Center

Valley View Rehab & Nursing is a 163 bed facility.

Vergason Technology Inc.

Recruiting 53 majors

Vergason Technology, Inc. has been an industry leader in PVD technologies, services, and equipment since 1986. Founded by Gary Vergason, VTI initially focused on PVD hard coating services, then branched out into metalizing services and the design & manufacture of industrial quality PVD equipment. For over 33 years now, VTI has been recognized as a leader in PVD Applications expertise, and World-Class PVD equipment.

Victaulic is the originator and world's leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions. Used in the most demanding markets, Victaulic innovative piping technologies and services put people to work faster while increasing safety, ensuring reliability and maximizing efficiency. The company has 14 manufacturing facilities and 29 branches worldwide with 3,800 employees who speak 43 languages across the globe. With over 1900 global patents, Victaulic solutions are at work in more than 140 countries across diverse business lines including oil and gas, chemical, mining, power generation, water and wastewater treatment, military and marine, as well as commercial building and fire protection. We are looking for bright, innovative, goal-driven, motivated, and friendly individuals to become pa

Viocity Group

Viocity Group is a collection of diverse teams of craftsmen united across disciplines for the express purpose of building ideas into cutting-edge reality. Our teams include the following companies: H&S Industrial: provides custom metal fabrication and quality mechanical contracting specializing in custom metal fabrication, process and utility piping, rigging, cutting, blasting and painting. Nitro Cutting: provides fabrication specializing in cutting edge technology and automation equipment for laser cutting, plasma cutting and forming for unique and highly scalable applications. RSR Electric: an electrical contractor providing electrical design, engineering and installation. Keystruct Construction: provides full service construction solutions in commercial, industrial and healthcare.

Voith Hydro Inc.

Through its flagship facility in York, Pennsylvania, Voith traces its American hydropower manufacturing heritage back over 140 years. The York location is one of the world's largest dedicated hydropower turbine equipment manufacturing facilities, and the only one in the United States to feature a hydraulic laboratory. Voith is a full-line supplier of hydropower equipment and services, from project planning and execution, manufacturing, electrical and mechanical engineering, outage management, modernization, and aftermarket business and services. As one of the largest dedicated hydropower manufacturing facilities in the world, the York, Pennsylvania, plant builds and refurbishes components that serve a critical role in the electrical grid and production of renewable energy.

Volkert Inc

Founded in 1925, Volkert is a leading provider of transportation and infrastructure engineering services to federal, state and municipal government and private industry clients throughout the United States as well as select international clients. Volkert offers a full range of program management, planning, design and engineering, construction management, asset management, and alternative delivery services. With ninety years of service, Volkert serves a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, water and wastewater, real estate, and disaster services. Volkert's diverse professional staff includes civil, structural, traffic, environmental, electrical and construction engineers, program managers, real estate and GIS specialists and landscape architects.

Vulcan Materials Company

Build Your Career. Build Americas Future. Vulcan Materials Company is the nations largest producer of construction aggregates and a major producer of aggregates-based construction materials including asphalt and ready-mixed concrete. When you join Vulcan, its more than starting an exciting career you get to make a difference for millions of people every day across the country. When you join Vulcan, you join a dynamic culture in which career development is encouraged, excellence is rewarded, and diversity is valued. No matter the role or the location across the country, every member of the Vulcan team lives through the Vulcan Way: doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time.

Wagman, Inc

Wagman is a multi-faceted construction firm with major operations in heavy civil, general construction and geotechnical construction services. Wagman is a fourth generation, family-owned company with offices in Pennsylvania and Virginia and is headquartered in York, PA. Founded in 1902, Wagman is a nationally recognized leader in the industry. Core competencies include: design-build, infrastructure, marine construction, modified concrete, grooving and grinding, and geotechnical construction services.

Waitkus Design Inc.

Waitkus Design is a design build landscape construction company focusing on high end landscape and masonry projects as well as smaller scale golf course construction projects.

Walmart Facility Services

Recruiting 59 majors

"The secret of successful retailing is to give your customers what they want. And really, if you think about it from your point of view as a customer, you want everything: a wide assortment of good-quality merchandise; the lowest possible prices; guaranteed satisfaction with what you buy; friendly, knowledgeable service; convenient hours; free parking; a pleasant shopping experience." - Sam Walton (1918-1992)

Walton & Company

Walton & Company is a Mechanical Contractor and Metal Fabricator that has been providing services since 1989. We have a team of professionals who work together to provide solutions for engineering, metal fabrication, mechanical services, and building service needs. The team is made up of professional engineers, skilled mechanics, plumbing services, service technicians, all of whom are committed to meeting the diverse needs of their clients. Safety is a top priority at Walton & Company, and every employee is responsible for ensuring it. The company ensures that all its services are carried out with the highest standards of safety. Their motto, "We Design It...We Build It...We Service It" reflects their commitment to delivering quality services to their clients.

Waukesha-Pearce Industries, LLC

Construction Solutions for all of your earth moving, mining and recycling equipment needs. Energy Solutions for all of your power generation, gas compression and drilling & production equipment needs.

Weaver Industries

Custom machined graphite parts and urethane casting

Weis Markets Refrigeration/HVAC Division

Weis Markets, Inc was founded in 1912 and today currently employs approximately 23,000 associates. We have a long-standing history with our community. At Weis Markets, we are a team that is passionate about our associates having a meaningful career and providing a work life balance. Our associates are the pillars of our company and our number one priority. We are known for our internal career growth opportunities and developing a career path for our associates. We are always looking for talented people to bring their new and creative ideas and insights to help our company grow and prosper into the future. Make Weis Markets your place to grow and see how we can offer you endless opportunities.

Welliver is recognized as a leading construction management firm. This means that our people have the opportunity to work on some of the best projects for some of the best clients in the marketplace. We offer numerous opportunities for advancement and professional growth, including professional development programs, continuing education programs, balanced work week initiatives, employee referral programs, and professional association memberships. In addition, we champion professional development opportunities for all staff including LEED accreditation, training through ASHRAE and PMP, as well as training through OSHA Training Institute. In fact, many of our project team members are OSHA 30 Certified.

West Generator Services Inc.

Diesel, Gas, Electrical, Generator Mechanic / Technician. West Generator Services Inc. is excepting resumes for a mechanics position. A generator mechanic will need : Schooling in one of the diesel, automotive or electrical fields, knowledge of the combustion engine : gas / diesel, the ability to read wiring schematics & diagrams, complete set of hand tools. The ability to handle a laptop computer to talking to the generator/transfer switch controls. Great mechanical and problem solving skills, the ability the stay professional in any situation that arises. A good driving record with a DOT physical card, this is a road mechanic position, We do travel up to 2 hours away from Harleysville, PA. ( East PA. NJ. DE. ). Each mechanic will be on call 24 / 7 on his scheduled week. Each pe

West Pharmaceutical Services

West is a leading global manufacturer in the design and production of technologically advanced, high-quality, integrated containment and delivery systems for injectable medicines. We are a trusted partner to the worlds top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companiesworking by their side to improve patient health.

Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Whiting-Turner provides construction management, general contracting, design-build and integrated project delivery services on projects small and large for a diverse group of customers. With over 50+ offices nationwide, Whiting-Turner has a strong presence throughout the country. More importantly, we recognize the value in community involvement and the benefits of strong local subcontractor relationships. We pride ourselves on familiarity with our local communities and our ability to give our clients the attention of a small business with the resources of a national corporation. Clients include: Disney, MGM, NIH, IBM, T Rowe Price, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, Unilever, Costco and many more across 25+ industries.

Wickersham Construction & Engineering, Inc.

Established in 1906, Wickersham Construction is a General Contractor providing preconstruction, design/build and construction management services. We work in a variety of markets including commercial, industrial, manufacturing, food processing, education, churches, education, senior care, healthcare, historical, pharmaceutical, water/wastewater and entertainment. In fact, we were the GC on many of the roller coasters and attractions at Hersheypark over the years! We are seeking highly motivated Assistant Project Managers and Carpenters Helpers to join our team!

Williams Forestry and Associates

Williams Forestry and Associates is a professional reforestation company that has been in business since 1979. Since then we have planted over 500,000,000 native trees and shrubs for conservation projects all over the eastern United States. We provide services in almost every environmental sector including stream and wetland mitigation, surface mining, oil and gas, solar, timber, as well as several new sectors such as agroforestry and carbon sequestration.

Willing Hand Hose Co#1

Volunteer Fire/EMS organization, provides EMS/Firefighting services to the communities around Williamsport. Provide College students the opportunity for free housing nominal stipends while gaining field experience in EMS & Fire operations.

Winters Construction Inc

Winters Construction Inc. has been serving central Pennsylvania for the last 30 years. Specializing in public school, and government building renovations. We are looking for motivated individuals with some construction experience looking to learn and develop carpentry, and management skills.

Witherup Fabrication & Erection, Inc.

Witherup Fabrication & Erection, Inc. designs, fabricates, erects, and repairs welded steel storage tanks of all sizes. Witherup has 70 years of experience designing and building storage tanks for a wide variety of industries including: Power, Process, Petroleum Terminals, Refineries, Steel Making, Chemical, Municipal, Institutional, and Government. Our company offers a range of turnkey services to support any tank project from conception through completion including drafting, in-house engineering, and welding fabrication. Witherup also provides tank repair/modification services to help customers repurpose or extend the life of existing tanks.

Wolfoods Inc.

WOLFoods breaks away from the standard approach towards camp food by eliminating the standard freezer-to-table fare and improving it with home-style scratch cooking. Summer camp kitchens and dining halls are a great opportunity to educate campers on the importance of balanced diets and green initiatives. A diverse menu offering allows campers to not only enjoy their favorites, but to experience culture through exploring cuisine. Each meal offers something freshly baked on site by one of our professional bakers in the camp bakery. Campers can enjoy perfectly executed entrees or they may enjoy an offering from the morning fruit and yogurt bar at breakfast and during lunch and dinner, the salad bars. No camper is left without personalized care. Any camper requiring special diets is attended

Worth & Company, Inc.

The award-winning Worth & Company, Inc. is one of the most respected, full-service mechanical contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region. Established in 1976 from a garage in Doylestown, Bucks County, PA, Company President, Stephen Worth maintains his philosophy to "deliver what is promised, when promised." A merit shop enterprise, the company's proven reputation is earned through years of outstanding customer service, hard work, and commitment to customers and the mechanical industry. Our infrastructure, advanced technology, excellent safety record, and multiple areas of expertise set us not only apart, but above the competition. Worth & Company employs over 500 people - servicing Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

York Building Products

For over 85 years, York Building Products has stood as a testament to enduring excellence in the building materials industry. As a premier, family-owned and operated company, we've thrived by recognizing the invaluable asset our employees represent. Throughout our rich history, we've been the cornerstone of countless construction projects and a leader within the building materials industry on the East Coast.

Your Mountainhouse

If you are looking for a one of a kind opportunity in this area - look no further! Your Mountainhouse is brand new construction, with all brand new kitchen and bar equipment, among many other things. Your Mountainhouse is so much more than just a chance to work under a top chef on brand new equipment, but will also gain experience working in a steakhouse, along with a concert and wedding venue. This is an opportunity to merge restaurant style along with catering events. Your Mountainhouse will serve in-house, dry aged beef that is sourced exclusively from black angus cows on a ranch in Nebraska. This is truly an amazing opportunity for someone looking to gain culinary or bar experience with some very knowledgeable and experienced management.

Zartman Construction Inc.

Zartman Construction, Inc. is a local construction company in Central PA. We deal with Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional work. We also provide Equipment Rental and Industrial Services.

Zook Interiors

We are a commercial construction company in the drywall, metal framing, and acoustical ceiling trades. We are a family-oriented business that cares about every person and every project. Our hardworking, systems-driven, innovative, and collaborative culture ensures everyone has a voice in the company, has a connection to the overall vision, and is personally motivated to strive for excellence.

eciGroup LLC

We are construction company located in South Central PA seeking graduating students looking for a career in the construction industry. I, myself, am a PCT alumni as well as many of our current employees. We are also interested in speaking with underclassmen interested in summer work with our company. We specialize in commercial construction, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical construction.

ifm efector, inc.

ifm prover USA is a subsidiary of the global company, ifm electronic gmbh, Germany. Since 1969, ifm has developed, manufactured, and marketed sensors and controls technology to industries such as assembly and robotics, automotive, material handling, metal forming, mobile equipment, plastics, and food and beverage. ifm prover USA opened its doors in 2012. It includes a product development team, a production facility, and multiple labs for testing and quality control. Our core business is the development and production of temperature and flow sensors for industrial automation and process applications. Since our inception, we record a steady growth and plan to double in size within the next few years. Expansion plans are now underway. Come join us in our success.

onsemi (Nasdaq: ON) is driving disruptive innovations to help build a better future. With a focus on automotive and industrial end-markets, the company is accelerating change in megatrends such as vehicle electrification and safety, sustainable energy grids, industrial automation, and 5G and cloud infrastructure. With a highly differentiated and innovative product portfolio, onsemi creates intelligent power and sensing technologies that solve the world's most complex challenges and leads the way in creating a safer, cleaner, and smarter world. Learn more about onsemi at

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    1. Excalibur Limited Edition packaging by Fengsheng Cai The inspiration behind the design for Excalibur whisky by Fengsheng Cai came from the legend of the sword of King Arthur as well as his armour. Featuring the bottle inside the packaging, it rises up slowly with the opening of the outer case.

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    360 3.8k. cauce. Menta . 939 4.7k. Lord of the Rings Type Series Vol.1. Martin Amelung. 254 2.7k. Behance is the world's largest creative network for showcasing and discovering creative work.

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    1. Timed Experiments Looking for a quick way to unblock? Setting yourself a challenge that is restricted by time is a great way to increase creativity and produce some fun, unexpected results. UK based designer and illustrator Shaun Swainland set himself a challenge called The Ten Minute Type Project.

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    1. Trifold Brochures for Business A trifold brochure is most commonly used to promote a product or a company. This printed material consists of three equal sections, with the sides folded over the middle.

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    848,407 designs found for: all designs Industries Advanced Logo design Logo & brand identity pack Logo & social media pack Logo & hosted website Logo & business card Brand guide Business card Stationery Logo & brand guide Logo & product packaging Web & app design Web page design WordPress theme design Landing page design Icon or button App design

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    Article Graphic designers are as committed to function and usability as they are to style, a perspective that's driving growth in an industry that could reach $75.8 billion by 2029. Companies want to tap into that expertise—and that's creating a carousel of new opportunities for you.

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    8 Graphic Design Projects Every Beginner Should Know About Table of Content Understanding Different Types of Graphic Design Projects for Beginners The importance of graphic design projects in building a portfolio doesn't need any kind of explanation.

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    The best graphic design work, including poster, logo, branding, music packaging and more. ... magnifying glass Search all Graphic Design Projects opens in a new tab. Follow Graphic Design Following Graphic Design Unfollow Graphic Design. Save — — Glass Onion. Made Shop. 311 2.9k ...

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    2. Design a Menu. When it comes to great graphic design projects to make your first $100 as a designer, another good place to look is at your local restaurants. That's because many local restaurants have horribly designed menus. With a quick redesign, you can help restaurateurs increase their revenue by far more than $100.

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    4 inspiring project examples. Now we'll put the concept of showing versus telling to the test with a roundup of real project design ideas worthy of any portfolio. 1. Poster design. Graphic design concept posters by Alberto Brilli. Designer Alberto Brilli used Adobe Illustrator to create a graphic design concept for an exhibition showcasing ...

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    Pexels A favourite stand-out resource of ours is Pexels, which offers free stock photos, royalty-free and shared by other creators. We love checking out the leaderboard to see which users have had the most views of their photos and videos in the last 30 days. This site has a real community behind it, so add it to your list today.

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    35 Inspiring Graphic Design Portfolio Examples 1. Aries Moross 2. Lotta Nieminen 3. Maria Vazquez 4. Mike Kus 5. & Walsh 6. Gabrielle Adam 7. Jonathan Barnbrook 8. Lauren Hom 9. Juliette van Rhyn

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    Terra's Creative team is a small, agile group that solves diverse creative problems for our clients. We are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced Graphic Designer who brings an open mind to every project, is excited to learn new tools and processes, and works well with others. As a key member of our growing Creative team, you will work to support our mission of bringing our clients ...

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    Upwork: Same as Fiverr, for graphic designers, web designers, and professional writers. Getty Images: Photographers, videographers and graphic designers can sell images online and earn a monthly ...

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    Regularly listed as one of ENR's top 50 environmental contractors, Bowen works on projects that improve the quality of the air we breathe and the water we use every day. When you turn on the faucet, flush the toilet or flip the light switch - you are using the infrastructure that Bowen builds and maintains every day.