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13 Free Traceable Fonts

Traceable Fonts

How to Use these Traceable Fonts

Handwriting Lines worksheet

  • You can make your own lined handwriting practice sheets using the KG Primary Dots font, which is available below. Simply tap out the space bar instead of typing actual letters. 
  • Below, you can see one example of a handwriting sheet with the alphabet sheet I made. Other ideas include:
  • name writing
  • day of the week 

Handwriting Worksheet

Installing Your Traceable Fonts

  • I've been a loyal Mac user since the 90s. Ironically, I couldn't begin to tell you a thing about using a PC, let alone installing fonts on it. But, there is a really thorough  font installing guide for PC users here on Wikihow .
  • To install these traceable fonts on a Mac (since this is what I use, I feel more confident explaining this), follow my simple steps below:

Installing a Font

Installing Traceble Fonts on a Mac:

  • After you download your font, unzip its download folder (usually they land in your 'Downloads' folder, unless you have programmed your downloads to go somewhere else). To unzip, just double click on the .zip file and the unzipping process should begin on its own (it just takes a second or two).
  • After your file has unzipped, you can open the individual folder of the font (there may not be one, it may just be the actual file, in which case, you won't have to open a folder).
  • Double click the .ttf or .otf file (I prefer .otf. or Open Type Format files if they're available, they can be resized and manipulated without compromising quality. But, they're not always included in font downloads).  

Installing Fonts

  • After you have double clicked your .ttf or .otf file, a dialog box should automatically pop up for you.
  • Click 'Install Font' and your installation will begin (it only takes about two seconds, total).
  • Check your Mac's Font Book to make sure your new font is in there (they're arranged alphabetically). You can start using your new font immediately in your computer's applications.
  • Can't find the font in your application for use? Shut down all of your running applications and restart your computer. Relaunch your applications. Often, fonts have a different preface before them, so if you still can't find your font, be sure to check your download folder for its proper name.

ABC Cursive Dotted Line

Looking for More Free Fonts?

  • My free Typewriter Font Downloads are really vintage-y and fun. They're very versatile for a variety of uses, too.
  • And my Free Farmhouse Font Downloads are quickly becoming a reader-favorite. They are lovely on signs and framed printables to add to your decor.
  • These Ten Back-to-School Fonts have a similar vibe to the traceable fonts I shared today.
  • Since I shared a great KG font above, be sure to check out this entire round up of Kimberly Geswein fonts over at Yellow Bliss Road .
  • If you're in search of great fonts to use with a Cricut or Silhouette machine, see this list over at Naptime Alternative.


handwriting practice dotted lines

Thank you very much! Love the dotted cursive.

handwriting practice dotted lines

Hi Carolina! You are so very welcome! I'm glad you are enjoying the fonts! The dotted cursive is great practice for the kiddos! Thank you bunches for stopping by! xoxo

handwriting practice dotted lines

Hi. Do you know what the license is like for Best Font? I can't find it anywhere on their website.

handwriting practice dotted lines

Goodness, I'm not seeing it either. It looks like you may need to contact them for that info. https://best-font.com/contact.html

Thank you! 😊

Hello, thank you soooo much for his font. I would like to know it you would happen to know how to install it on an word for IPad ? That would be so helpful as I don’t ow a computer and would like to print some for my kid. Thank you for any help

Thank you so much. I honestly don't use these on an iPad since I only print via my computer. I would use Pinterest to find a good tutorial. xoxo

handwriting practice dotted lines

Good looking

Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. We have tons of letter tracing books (even with wipe out) but none of them seems to raise my kid interest. But if I print something, anything about Pokemon he is caught in the game!


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  1. 13 Free Traceable Fonts

    10. Raleway Dots. This traceable font has dots that are quite close together, making it easier for younger children to practice lettering. It's a super clean font to use. Again, this is another font that starts with the font designer's name, so be mindful of that when searching for it to use in applications.