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Atlassian Confluence Tutorial: Track a List of Action Items

by Andrew Makar · March 23, 2024

how to create a task report in confluence

In this Confluence tutorial, I’ll show you how to create an automatic action item list based on all the projects in a given program.

Table of Contents

Confluence is a powerful collaboration tool I’ve used to track action items and meeting minutes across various projects and programs.

In my last article, I showed you how to build a project status reporting dashboard for large projects or programs.  I’ve included my Overall Portfolio status and supporting Portfolio Action items in the snapshot below.

how to create a task report in confluence

During program status reviews, each project manager would present project status, and action items were identified and captured in Confluence. The action items were quickly gathered across multiple Confluence pages and Confluence spaces using the Confluence Task Report macro. As team members completed their action items, the list was automatically updated before the next status review. Let’s get started with some simple Confluence task tracking!

Step 1. Create a task list on a page

The task list is created by formatting a line of text using the checkmark icon in the toolbar. Project managers create individual task lists for each status report.

how to create a task report in confluence

Below is a simple task list with people assigned and target dates identified.

how to create a task report in confluence

Remember, you can use the @ shortcut to assign a person and the // shortcut to assign a date. Go ahead and create your task list and save the page.

Step 2. Create a label for the page

  • Click the “L” key
  • Create a label and call it actions-log or some other variant
  • Click Close

how to create a task report in confluence

Step 3. Insert the Task Report Macro into the Portfolio page

Refer back to the Portfolio status page. You can create separate pages, but I like associating the action items with all the projects within a program.

  • Insert a Task Report Macro
  • Enter the Space name or page names that contain the desired checklists
  • In the example below, I’ve selected the EPMO space
  • Enter the actions-log label
  • Enter “incomplete” for the Task Status
  • Select the number of tasks to display
  • Type the column names to display
  • I use the standard description, due date, assignee, and location fields
  • Select the sort-by option
  • Click the Preview icon to refresh the list

In page edit mode, the Task report looks like the following snapshot.

how to create a task report in confluence

When you save the page, the list of open action items from all the projects in the Confluence space with the action-items label will be displayed.

how to create a task report in confluence

Projects and program teams can manage project and program tasks by applying proper labels and developing different task reports. Also, If you want to view a separate list of Completed actions, you can copy the same macro and change the Task Status to Complete.

Confluence’s power comes from its flexibility, although some initial overhead is involved in setting up the pages. This approach is a flexible solution for meeting minutes and action items without much administrative overhead.

Additional User Questions

How do i add multiple labels to the action items list.

In this example, I created two pages in Confluence and tagged them with the label team meetings and steering committee.  Each page has its own set of tasks as action items.

Add each label separated by a comma in the label(s) box.

how to create a task report in confluence

Andrew Makar

Andrew Makar, DMIT, PMP, CSM is an IT director with delivery experience across projects, programs and portfolios in Digital Marketing, Automotive, Software and Financial Management industries. He is an enthusiastic leader who effectively translates project management theory into practical application. His area of interest and practice is in implementing Agile processes and SCRUM techniques to deliver better software to his customers. Find out more about Andrew on and please reach out and connect with Andrew on LinkedIn.

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how to create a task report in confluence

Confluence 5.4 has reached end of life Check out the [latest version] of the documentation

  • A t tachments (18)
  • Page History
  • Page Information
  • View in Hierarchy
  • View Source
  • Export to Word

Managing Tasks in Confluence

  • Created by SarahA , last modified by Rachel Robins on Nov 25, 2014

how to create a task report in confluence

You can also create a list of tasks on a page, and assign them to your colleagues via @mention . Changes made in the workbox are reflected in the task list on the page, and changes made on the page are reflected in the workbox too.

Creating personal tasks and having tasks assigned to you

There are a few ways that you and other people can assign tasks to you:

  • You can add a personal task via the workbox.
  • You can add a notification to your task list, via the notification workbox. This is useful if you want to get back to it later.
  • Someone can assign you a task from a task list on a Confluence page.
  • Other Confluence actions may create a task for you. For example, your Confluence site may be running a plugin that creates and assigns tasks.

On this page:

Related pages:

  • Managing Notifications in Confluence
  • Subscribing to Email Notifications of Updates to Confluence Content
  • Confluence User's Guide

Managing your personal tasks in the workbox

The workbox displays your notifications and your personal tasks in separate tabs. The task tab shows the tasks assigned to you. When you update a task that originated in a task list on a page, the update is reflected in the task list too.

Screenshot: Your personal tasks in the workbox

how to create a task report in confluence

To manage your tasks:

  • You can use the keyboard shortcut: Type g then  n . (When in the Confluence editor, click outside the editor pane before pressing the keyboard shortcut keys.)
  • The icon indicates the number of unread notifications.

how to create a task report in confluence

  • To add a task and assign it to yourself, type the task summary in the text box and choose Add task .
  • To prioritise tasks, drag and drop them into your chosen order. (Click a task, hold down your mouse button to drag the task into position, then release the mouse button.) 
  • To complete a task, or mark it as incomplete, choose the check box next to the task.
  • To add notes to a task and see further information (for example, a related page) choose the task item. The task details dialog will open.
  • To see the tasks that are marked as complete, choose View completed .

Adding your notifications to your task list

To add a notification to your task list:

  • You can use the keyboard shortcut: Type g then  n . (When in the Confluence editor, click outside the editor pane before pressing the keyboard shortcut keys.)
  • The icon above shows that you have 3 unread notifications.

how to create a task report in confluence

  • Choose the notification that you want to add to your task list. The notification details dialog will open.

how to create a task report in confluence

See Managing Notifications in Confluence for a full description of notifications.

Screenshot: The notification details dialog

how to create a task report in confluence

Creating task lists and managing tasks on a page

Task lists on a page are useful for assigning and managing tasks in a team.

To add a task list on a page:

  • Edit the page.

how to create a task report in confluence

  • Type the description of the task.
  • If you want to assign a task to someone, type '@' and the person's name in the task description. (For more information about @mentions, see Using Mentions .) That person will receive a notification, and the task will appear in their personal task list in the workbox. If you @mention yourself, the task will appear in your personal task list.
  • To end the list, press Enter twice.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • To add a task list, press press [ and then ] on your keyboard.
  • To indent a task, press Tab.
  • To undo an indent, press Shift+Tab.

Managing tasks on a page:

  • When viewing a page, you and other viewers can mark tasks as complete or incomplete. Updates to a task on the page will be transferred to the workbox too. (See above .)
  • You need the 'Create page' permission in the space. See Space Permissions Overview .
  • There must not be any page restrictions that prevent you from editing the page. See  Page Restrictions .

What if the update fails?

  • Your session has expired. Resolution: Log in and update the task list again.
  • You do not have permission to update the task list. Resolution: Check your permissions. You need 'Create page' permission in the space. Please check also that there are no page restrictions that prevent you from editing the page.
  • The network is down. Resolution: Please try again when the network is available.

Screenshot: A task list on a page

how to create a task report in confluence

Managing tasks with Confluence mobile

You can view and manage your tasks on your phone or other mobile device too. See Using Confluence on a Mobile Device for more about mobile platforms.


  • Administrators can enable and disable the workbox on your Confluence site. They can also connect a JIRA site or another Confluence site, so that notifications from those sites appear in your workbox too. See Configuring Workbox Notifications .
  • Workbox - Common Plugin
  • Workbox - Host Plugin
  • Workbox - Confluence Provider Plugin
  • If you want to re-enable the plugins, do so in the following order: Common Plugin, Host Plugin, Confluence Provider Plugin.
  • There is no option to disable the workbox for an individual user.

The workbox is not available in  clustered  environments. The plugin will be installed and enabled, but it will detect that the site is in clustered mode and will not display the dialog.

  • Completed tasks in the workbox are automatically deleted after 7 days.
You cannot disable the functionality that provides task lists on a page.
  • There is no link between the tasks in a Tasklist Macro and the tasks described above. The tasks from the macro do not appear in the workbox.


Sascha picchiantano.

I would love to see a little enhancement to this. Often, task lists are built using tables. Like this:

With the current implementation, I would have to use a Confluence task in the "Task Description" field and @mention the person responsible for the task in the very same field - just to make sure the task popping up in his WorkBox has a meaningful description. So I have a redundant placement of the person's name (in Task Description and "Who"). I could get rid of the Who field but that affects readability of the whole thing.

What I am trying to say is it would be awesome if the task feature could be spread across multiple table cells.

  • Sep 21, 2012

Rodney Hughes

I am still frustrated that we still don't have a fully usable Tasklist

  • Need a free text field: - we need to be able to add explanatory notes and links to other pages etc - a single line 'title' of the task is insufficient - imagine if the software developers were given a task named "improve TaskList macro"
  • Need a due date : this is a suggestion made by someone else way back in 2006!!!  Shouldn't be hard since there is already two date fields in the macro - just need a third
  • Sorting should not be a Page history change:

At the moment I see nothing in the above description addressing any of these

I admit I am only using 4.2.12 but I haven't seen any inclusion of these long standing typical task features

Dare I say that even Microsoft Outlook Tasks has these features!!

  • Oct 03, 2012

I agree with Rodney. While I think he is talking about the legacy task macro, the new task system could use some "beefing up". I get it's the first and initial release so I am hoping to see some of these features in the future.

  • Oct 04, 2012

Sherif Mansour

Thanks for the feature requests! Bare in mind that this is our  first version  of tasks. We put it out there to get feedback and work out what direction we should head. So like everything in Confluence, we hope to improve on them in future versions.  These feature requests, however, are better raised in our feature request tracker  (for more info see  Creating a Feature Request ).  For your specific features:

  • Interesting, thanks for the request. How would you expect to add this from a page? We've tried to be flexible as much as possible when creating tasks in the free-form nature of pages, so they are really light-weight.  I've raised some requests for you:  CONF-26882 ,  CONF-26883 .
  • We already have a feature request for due dates:  CONF-26696
  • Oct 13, 2012

Not sure exactly when TaskList macro started (I've only been using for 2 years starting with V3.3 and it was certainly available from the start then) but the request to add due dates has been around since 2006!! 

If you follow the link in my point 2 above, you will see there is a link to CONF-7371 - Getting issue details... STATUS which was created by someone on 24th Nov 2006 !!!!

More than six years to get some 'feedback' is probably long enough.  Since I first started on v3.3

Confluence Latest Confluence 4.3.x Confluence 4.2.x Confluence 4.1.x Confluence 4.0.x Confluence 3.5.x Confluence 3.4.x Confluence 3.3.x

So how many "future versions" does it take to create a third date field (you already have two)

How many "future versions" does it take to add a second text field (the title is a free text field effectively.)

Here is a line of "Edit-view code" on a page I have with a TaskList macro on it already

  •  ||Completed||Priority||Locked||CreatedDate||CompletedDate||Assignee||Name||
  •  |F|M|F|1345283413379| ||investigate the .........|

So why can't you modify the macro to have

  • ||Completed||Priority||Locked||CreatedDate||CompletedDate||Assignee||Name|| DueDate||Comments||
  • |F|M|F|1345283413379| ||investigate the .........|| 1365283413379||this has been around too long - refer web page http//:www.alpha    and this file on the main server fred.doc|

Doesn't seem that difficult to me - even if only one person wanted it .....

As for how does it appear on the page - well - exactly as equivalent things do now! (I am using 4.2.12 on the corporate download version and I also have a private on demand system)

I navigate to the page, if I want to add a task I start typing the title.  If I want to edit it in anyway I use the drop arrow to open the task - - what I need is two more lines - a due date line

refer this jpg of the current screen with the two extra bits:

If you guys would take th e"10-minutes" to modify the maxcro instead of the hours telling us that it might be considered in the future .....

And form our perspective - we don't need JIRA for our industry association - we are a body of knowledge and our tasks are very simply

Task: Add Due Date and Freetext comments field

Assignee:  Atlassian

Due Date : 1st Nov 2012

Priority:  High

Description/Comments/Notes:   refer CONF-7371 - Getting issue details... STATUS   and Re: Managing Tasks in Confluence

Thanks, Rodney. I am aware of this, sorry about the mix up, I thought you were referring to due dates for the new inline tasks feature.

so can it be done???????


It's not on our roadmap right now. Given that it's been open for that many years with little demand, I can't let you know when/if it would be. 

  • Oct 14, 2012

Oh, come on ..... you are assuming that everyone knew it was there to vote on - I only found out about new work proposals about 6 months ago (having been using Confluence for two years now) and only tweaked to Voting 4 months ago.  I have been putting comments into various pages of documentation, but not on the JIRA work list equivalent.

If you look at the individual history of comments on the documentation pages of TaskList macro in each release of Confluence you will find dozens of references to wanting a due date - none of which flag in JIRA roadmap management tool - just like this conversation is quite detailed but doesn't specifically show in JIRA so any of your team reviewing priority list in JIRA would not even notice it was there :  "In project management , a task is an activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time or by a deadline "

So unless your Tasklist defines the deadline, it cannot be a list of tasks !

As I said in one of my pleading on this in another post/version..., a Task without a due date is just a random 'note to self/someone'  - just like the JIRA listing - it is an IDEA but it is not a TASK simply BECAUSE it has no due date so it will never get done.

It is just SO logical that tasks must be done by a certain date, it is frustrating that we have to go through all this to specify it.  Remember that most of the world's experience of tools for managing tasks is Outlook Tasks which has such dates.  It therefore eludes me why your original developers didn't just do it straight up, but sometimes the obvious is not so obvious.

I understand it is not on your roadmap -it is such a simple thing to do, it shouldn't appear there for more than a day anyway ....

SO, when it it not just going to get on the road map but more importantly when it is it going to get done ....???????????????

I think the two of you are talking about different things here. @Rodney, you are talking about the old, legacy task list macro (which this page is not about, by the way). And Sahrif is trying to tell you about the all new Tasks feature that has been introduced in 4.3. Both are completely different systems.

The old (legacy) tasklist macro is dead. It's been replaced by a new system in 4.3. The new system does not have due dates (yet) either, but as Sharif mentioned above, it's the very first iteration of the new system and it's likely to grow in terms of feature set. The new Tasks systems looks and feels as if it were an integral part of Confluence (just look at the WorkBox feature, that integrates tasks).

My advice to you would be to upgrade to 4.3 and check it out. And create proper feature reques tickets instead of posting to these comment threads. As you can see, your requests in these threads do  not get the right attention. 

Thanks Sascha- all that is understood

but the point is

  • a Task in any system is not a Task unless it has a due date!
  • Atlassian have been told since 2006 that a due date is required
  • The top of this page says it is documentation for Confluence V5 so even if my organisation chose to upgrade to V4.3 we still have a Task thing that does not work and V5 would also miss out
  • Evidently they missed the opportunity when recoding for V4.3 or V5 Tasks to listen to their user base and address the fundamental problem of no Due Date .

FYI I did try to post the issue in the new feature request facility - at least as far as the old TaskList macro was concerned as noted above since that is where it took me, not just in these comments pages.  However that is when I saw that it had been raised SIX YEARS AGO.

Obviously my organisation hasn't got 4.3 yet so I have no experience (or decision ability to get some) on this new Task system other than what is here and I stumbled on this page by accident and was wondering if V5 had the problem fixed - horror of horrors, they still haven't listened or acted -

IMHO, Atlassian needs to stop saying "it might be planned in a future release" and just get on with doing it. 

We need a Due Date for this Task !!!!!!

In the mean-time, this page in theory should not be called "Managing Tasks in Confluence" but "Managing Notes-to-self in Confluence" - sorry that was frivolous...

I agree that Tasks need to be beefed up (I myself made a request in this very comment thread, see above). And I trust that Atlassian will do that, since the announcement for the new Tasks system in 4.3 was a huge one and they seem to be focused on putting more emhasis on features like this. Let's not forget that Confluence is first and foremost a Wiki system and not a project management system. Although I believe it will go in that direction. I am eager to see what they have planned for V5. 

Have you tried playing with TeamCalendars? Maybe the combination of 4.3's new Task system and TeamCalendars will get you closer to what you want to accomplish.

I myself still use a dedicates project management system (the excellent, which I highly recommend) because I know Confluence is basically a Wiki and not (yet) up to the task of providing true project management capabilities. 

No not played beyond our 4.2.12 - we use it in a world wide industry association as a body of knowledge tool where we develop industry guideline documents on a voluntary "when you get time" basis using Confluence so its not really anything as sophisticated a process as project management but giving due date sis important to keep them aware of their role to do.

Nor have we played with Team Calendars.

But trying to get a few thousand users across the world to play with other possibilities is way too hard when we are just wanting them to use what we have.

and in that respect, my vote is a representative vote of several thousand users - OK they haven't all asked for it individually but they know I have asked on their behalf

I'm glad I saw this thread.  I am evaluating confluence as a social project management system and need some sort of essential milestone and task due date tracking.  It's disappointing to find out that the lastest version of the system lacks supports even very light weight features.  My guess is that Atlassian is concerned that they'll lose JIRA business if the include some level of project management capabilities.  However JIRA is way too overloaded for most non-dev projects.

  • Oct 12, 2012

Hi Anonymous,

Jackson Pan

I totally agree with you, JIRA has its purpose and it's mainly for development teams. JIRA is not 'Business User' friendly, but Confluence is, and tasks are so important to getting the enterprise business to adopt. The key to adoption to making the members use it like their work depends on it, and without tasks, the users are not going to be logging on. I made a comment about this on CONF-26615 - Getting issue details... STATUS , I was wondering if you could take that message to the Confluence product manager, and let us know if the messages from the Confluence users are being heard. It's so important to so many users, and we are eagerly awaiting any updates on the tasks.

  • May 28, 2013

I would like to put an overview of the personal tasks on the welcome page, is that possible? Or do you always have to click the workbox?

With respect to the other discussion, I consult customers on their strategic roadmaps. We always have a task, a grouping (project name), an owner, and a due date. In Confluence, it would be also good to have a link to a page describing the task.

  • Oct 15, 2012

Raised a feature request for you:  CONF-26898 - Getting issue details... STATUS

I just created CONF-26883 - Getting issue details... STATUS

I'd love to be able to easily view (either in a tool tip, a parenthetical text appended to the task summary display on the wiki page, or in a table format) the person who completed a task and when they completed it. 

Right now the only way to figure that out is to go digging through the change log. I'd like to be able to see it for all the tasks on a given page at a glance. I also created CONF-27061 - Getting issue details... STATUS which serves a similar purpose but is not as convenient as the previous item. I'd much prefer it in the wiki page context, but having it in the activity stream would be ok too.

  • Oct 29, 2012

I'm still a bit confused about what this new Task system does because it refers to personal task lists.

Can you clarify these (dumb) questions

  • In a given Space page, can I create a list of various tasks and then assign them to various people? (example Use case - a page set up as Minutes of Meeting with action lists)?
  • Will that Minutes of Meeting page allow me to assign a Due Date for the task?
  • Within that list of tasks, can I add to a specific task general comments in a 'free text' wiki box where I can add text, attachments, links etc so that they appear on the individual's personal list of tasks as well?
  • When an assignee ticks off that task as completed, will that 'Minutes of Meeting' page task list be automatically updated to show completed as well?
  • not really. you can of course add a date in the text, but it will not be used in any of the task systems's functions.
  • the tasks are free text, but you are limited to one text "field". you can not spread the task across table cells or something like this. it's basically a checkbox to which you add freeform text plus the name of the asignee with @mention. the whole text you enter here will show up on the person's task list.
  • Oct 30, 2012

As for Nr.3 - I probably put it in the wrong words (not a native english speaker, sorry). You do use the normal Wiki Editor. You put tasks right on your wiki pages, whereever you want them. They are normal text, with the addition of a checkbox. Maybe it's best you try it out yourself.

would love to but time....

3.  that is good but not what I mean

Scenario: I am on a page - not in Edit mode.

There is a list of tasks for various people

I click something like "add new task" - still not in edit mode of the page

I can give the task a name, assign it to someone and set a due date

Then in a wiki box that opens up for that Task, I can add all this extra stuff as text, attachments, links etc - so it is sort of like a Comment box as you provide at the bottom of the page, but for each Task on the page, and that information 'travels' with the Task to the assignee's own collated assigned tasks list from multiple pages and their own private task list.

The other tasks on that original page would each also have their own 'comment box' with relevant information to each of their own Task and assignee

Michael Regelin

We have bought the adhoc workflow plugin.

nd as it manage also tasks functionalities, i wonder if you think it is the same or another way of managin content?

If the answer is "it is the same", Is it possible to desactivate the task manager from confluence ?

thanks for your support.

  • Nov 06, 2012

ok, i managed to read the last part of this page and came to read this:

Disabling these plugins will disable the entire workbox . It is not possible to disable only tasks or only notifications:

Notifications and Tasks - Common Plugin

Notifications and Tasks - Host Plugin

  • Notifications and Tasks - Confluence Provider Plugin

But does that mean I can disable the task function like "[]".

as described above:

you might hide it via css if your users are just mouse users but that's dirty at all.

  • Sep 02, 2013

I've just found a major issue: when you rename the page on which the tasks have been created, the task list in the notification area no longer refers to the new page. Task notes are no longer saved, and when you click on the page icon, you get a Page not found page, with a suggested link to the new page.

Mick Davidson

For some reason I thought that this functionality was going to be a little more interactive. By this I mean this:

  • Colleague A assigns a task to me.
  • I get notified and add it to my task list (if necessary).
  • I then start work on the task, but need to ask Colleague A a question.
  • In the task in my task list, I use @mentions in the workbox to ask Colleague A the question.
  • Colleague A replies (not sure where from...) and my task is updated with their response.

Obviously this can go on ad infinitum until the task is finished.

At the moment, the only functionality I can see is the updating of the status of a task on the page that it was created on, which is great.

Note: this comment was originally in: .

  • Nov 12, 2012

Martin Seibert

I want this easy tasklist feature for comments also.

how to create a task report in confluence

  • Nov 16, 2012

nice feature!

question: do you happen to have some kind of overview in the tasks where i can see when i did what?

  • Nov 19, 2012

I was wondering what the action plan is for Atlassian on all of this

we have 10 votes for adding due dates here: CONF-7371 - Getting issue details... STATUS

and 11 votes here CONF-26696 - Getting issue details... STATUS

How many votes DOES it take to get basic functionality added - bearing in mind it is "just another date field"

  • Nov 26, 2012

Just using Personal Tasks for the first time.  Generally fine, but would like to see a little more sophistication, i.e..

... and with the ability to click/sort on the column

  • Nov 27, 2012

Dan Snodgrass

New user of Confluence here and the task list functionality was what even allowed me to consider Confluence.  Rodney and others point out however, that the tasks are not tasks but just a list. I'd call it a "check list". These are two very different things in the world of task and work management tools.

For this to be a real task, it actually needs more than a due date.  It needs to be able to be commented on, description added, tied to a page or space, tracked, and prioritized. 

On this last point, I'm not sure I even follow what is going on with the relationship of the notifications inbox and an inserted list on a page.  If I add items to a page they appear to show up in the Workbox list but not in the same order. If I reorder them in the Workbox list they don't change in the inserted list.

Also, there doesn't seem to be any way to reorder the list on the page itself.  There are two ways this could be accomplished in a future release: 1.) date field that keeps the list sorted, 2.) Web 2.0 method of dragging list items on the page.

So to reinforce Rodney's constructive criticism, this list should not be marketed as a "task list". It would need a lot of work just to get to the point of being a lightweight task list.  My suggestion would be to either beef it up to a minimal level of functionality or rename it "check list".

  • Nov 30, 2012

I agree - see my post Oct 03 2012 above

I have changed tact a tad since Atlassian seems committed to ignore this issue to see if a less demanding request would get their attention so I had diluted my request to just adding a due date - given they already had 2 date fields, a 3rd seemed to be an reasonable request .....

  • Nov 29, 2013

+1 for being able to reorder tasks on the page. We're going to have to stick to the tasklist macro for now - v disappointing.

  • Dec 17, 2012

Is it possible (as administrator or other) to see tasks assigned to another person?

  • Dec 18, 2012

How do you delete a task list from inside a table? I would demonstrate here but it seems I can't insert tasklists inside a comment.

  • Jan 18, 2013

+1 for getting a Due Date in that Tasklist perhaps in some way connected to TeamCalendars

  • Mar 04, 2013

Can Tasks that are created in Confluence automatically send JIRA tasks to particular projects and users within JIRA?  We use both.  Confluence is our documentation tool and JIRA is our tasking tool.

  • Apr 10, 2013

No you can't, but you can highlight the text you created, select Insert > JIRA  and click "Create new issue". This will automatically create a JIRA issue with the text you have highlighted and then embed that back in the Confluence page for you for traceability. 

New to this thread and Confluence in general.  So new, in fact, that I don't know how to login to this area as my company uses Gmail to authenticate into our instance of the product.  Anyways...

What I'm trying to figure out is how Task lists can be used when you have multiple instances of the same list that need to exist concurrently.  Let's say, for example, that I create a page with a Task list on it that has a series of steps required for setting up a new customer in our systems.  What happens when I have 10 new customer setups to manage?  Create 10 copies of the same page?  Or is there something that I'm missing where the Task list could be used as a template and there can exist individual instances for each setup.

Oh, and not to be snarky, but no, I'm not interested in JIRA and other solutions to solve this.  My question right now is simply yes or no can Confluence facilitate this?

Thanks in advance for your time, feedback and advice.

  • May 10, 2013

Pieter van Kampen

  • Aug 09, 2013

Mark Hrynczak

It has been raised as an issue, see CONF-27156 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Aug 11, 2013

Hi there, how can I make a task from a task list in a meeting notes blue print email the @mention person?

  • Aug 15, 2013

Sarina King

How can I view all the open tasks for a user other than myself?  I am a manager and want to track the progress of tasks I have assigned without having to open every page/space that is being worked in.  Is there a way to do this?  

  • Oct 07, 2013

Sera Prince

We have been using the task functionality and it's been really great. However two things aren't quite working as described above (or perhaps I am missing something)

  • The "View Completed" does not seem to be available. I have completed tasks, but can't get to them.
  •  When someone adds notes and completes the task, the notes don't seem to disappear into the ether. They are not sent through with the notification, nor posted to the page the task lived on. Where do they go?
  • Oct 10, 2013
  • you can only view your completed personal tasks, we do have an issue on our backlog to be able to report on tasks which might be related to what you are after  CONF-26688 - Getting issue details... STATUS ,  CONF-26615 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • I think you are after this feature request:  CONF-26785 - Getting issue details... STATUS , right now those comments are just for personal use.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

The thing is, I can't even view my own completed tasks. Is there a time limit on those? (You can't view if the task completed if you completed it longer than a week ago etc?)

If the notes features on the task workbox if only for personal notes use, that needs to be spelt out more then - Both on the workbox and in the documentation above. I've got team members using it as a communication device when they mark task completion.

Thanks - Sera

Yes, Sera. We automatically prune completed tasks more than a couple of weeks old. They are for just personal notes, but you've made a good point - we need to clarify that and make it a bit clearer as to what will happen. 

  • Oct 12, 2013

Is there a way to print out task notifications?

  • Oct 23, 2013

Ian Sullivan

Quick Question/request. When i mark a task as complete in the workbox that was assigned via a meeting note blueprint (or similar) it automatically generates a change comment that just says 'task marked complete'. Is there anyway to customise this message to indicate more clearly what task was completed?

So in the email and activity stream, etc... it would say something like:

task marked complete - " Get a memory audit done, so that we can make a decision on whether to roll out the 4GB pre-alloc. " 

IF there's no current way to do this, is it feasible/relatively easy to modify the source ourselves (we're a dev studio so basically 90% programmers) to achieve this?

  • Nov 01, 2013

I like the suggestion (Oh, why can't I click "like" here, once someone else liked it already?)

I think this should become an enhancement request. I imagine this will be a popular desire.

  • Nov 04, 2013

Saskia Etling

The workbox is useful for keeping track of small to-do items that do not belong as part of a larger JIRA project.  The @ mentions that someone attended a meeting are less useful.  I would like to have the badge show tasks not mentions.  I could do without the mentions at all.

  • Nov 20, 2013

Soooo, status of decent task management? The lack of this feature will probably lead me to something like Chiliproject or Openproject.

  • Nov 27, 2013

Please, Sherif Mansour, can you please, please, please make this happen QUICKLY – it would stop wasting our time asking, and it would stop wasting Atlassian’s time ignoring it

Rodney, thanks for your feedback. We are well aware that customers want to see improved tasks, and I can advise that improving tasks is on our short-term roadmap.

I do have to request a few things form you:

  • I would appreciate your understanding that there are another 40+ watchers of this page. Every time you comment, it emails everyone in this conversation. Adding more comments won't yield to more features but probably just frustrate customers and send dozens of emails for every comment.  For the sake of making the comments helpful related to this document, I'm going to delete some of the comments you've made which may not contribute directly as a question, tip or information for other customers who would also be sharing this information. Hope this is okay. 

Thanks for your enthusiasm and patience! We will get there. 

Well, at least we finally know it is on the short term roadmap (but obviously doesn't have a Due Date in any TaskList!!)

Actually I do object to the posts being removed as they were deliberately done to highlight the frustration in us users.

No doubt there are lots of things to be done and no doubt there are a huge number of Users wanting things.  Seven years does seem to be an awful long time to be waiting with so many people asking, voting, agreeing and yet it doesn't get added to the official status of "todo".  You may not be aware, but I actually wrote a LETTER - yes Australia Post thing - to your CEO about 12 months ago but even that never got replied to.

I guess we can only take your word for it

Rachel Robins

This feature has changed significantly in Confluence 5.5. To find out about the new tasks see Add, Assign, and View Tasks in the Confluence Latest documentation. 

Comments and feedback on previous versions of this feature are preserved on this page.

  • May 08, 2014
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how to create a task report in confluence

Confluence Status Reporting Tutorial

Confluence Status Reporting Tutorial

Teams pay attention to the proper workflow organization to gain satisfactory results faster. Atlassian Confluence offers a variety of tools to boost your team’s productivity. One of the most evident of them is to indicate the status of your project milestones, content, and action items. We all know that data without a good organization can be just a mess, so it’s difficult to get anything when it’s not visualized properly.

In this article, we’ll look at how to speed up Confluence status management, ensure data consistency, and facilitate status reporting.

Project collaboration in Confluence

Before speaking about status reporting techniques, we need to realize why to use Confluence. At Stiltsoft, we love Confluence for the ability of knowledge sharing it provides. Teams share ideas, give feedback, and work on projects directly in Confluence.

Some things in Confluence still can drive us away. In cases when we have too much data, it isn’t easy to keep it up to date and find what we need right now. We are all humans and forget to update anything, so our data can become inconsistent. Additionally, it can be time-consuming to switch between the page view and edit mode for minor updates like a date or status.

In this article, we will show you some hacks for improving project and status management in Confluence with the help of  Handy Macros for Confluence .

Data Entry Speed and Consistency

Confluence templates  are one of the most intuitive ways to keep data structured. Many teams use templates to somehow automate their daily work when they need to create some similar information all the time. We would want the data structure to satisfy the same standard. That makes templates a good solution for creating a set of similar pages.

Let’s say you are in charge of the the company marketing content and keep it in Confluence. In this case, you need to create a template that will be used for this project in advance.

how to create a task report in confluence

After that, add the  Create from template  button to your page and specify the template to be used. Now just one click is needed to start creating a new page.

If you want more time-saving tools, try adding to this template a table with predefined values. If you insert the  Handy Status  macro here, you can create table cells with dropdowns on your Confluence pages. The options of the dropdowns are custom and can be adjusted to any use case.

You can use Handy Status to track the status of your Confluence documentation or create predefined options for tables with select fields. Your users won’t need to manually type anything when creating pages from templates. They will fill out a new page in seconds from the options available.

how to create a task report in confluence

Consider the  Handy Date  feature if you need to indicate the timeline. With it, your users can indicate the date when creating the page from the template. Handy Date adds a dynamic date picker so that you can update dates in one click at any time if required.

The thing we like most about Handy Date and Handy Status is that you can do it in the page view mode. With these tools, changing the Confluence dropdown values and dates takes just a moment.

Time-sensitive Confluence Documentation

Having dropdowns for statuses and date pickers in Confluence sounds good, but what if you need to record an exact moment of the event, page update, or status change? Using a date picker is confusing for this use case.

You can consider adding the entry for the created and last updated time to your Confluence template. This will remind your users to add the corresponding information once they use the template. However, this option has its drawbacks. How can you ensure that users will remember to update this data as your progress takes place?

For this use case, we have the  Handy Timestamp macro. It will keep your time-sensitive data accurate and not changed by chance. If you need to lock the date and time in your documentation, Handy Timestamp will note down the values of the date and time and ensure that they won’t be changed.

how to create a task report in confluence

For example, if you need to note down the date of your page creation and last update, add and select the corresponding parameters of the Handy Timestamp macro. After that, your users can forget to change the date and time each time they modify the documentation. Our Handy Timestamp automates this routine and locks the date and time against changes.

Status Reporting in Confluence

How to track status changes on a page.

Using statuses in Confluence, you probably want to track their progress.  Handy Status  keeps its history. Once you hover over Handy Status, it shows how the status has been changed recently. The information includes data about when and who switched the status and how all these values were changed. This way, you can check progress and monitor who is responsible for a particular status change.

how to create a task report in confluence

Sometimes, you will need to instantly see the last status change on a Confluence page. You can use  Handy Status Timestamp  for advanced status management, workflow control, or automation. Link this macro to a particular Handy Status on a page and automatically update status meta information.

Try the combination of both macros to indicate the progress or instantly see the bottlenecks in your projects and tasks. Whether you have just one status or a multi-row table with the status column, Handy Status Timestamp will make the Confluence status management automated. Project leads and responsible team members will see at first glance the status got stuck, and they need to step in.

How to create status reports

Sometimes you need to see the status updates not only on the corresponding page but also in a short form for reporting purposes. You can just copy-paste it, but there are some better ways to do it.

Try to use the  Page Properties  and  Page Properties Report  macros combination.

If you need to automatically create an overview page with information about multiple page statuses and their progress, you can wrap the template table on your source pages with the Page Properties macro and assign the label to your template. After that, all you need to do is to specify this label while creating the Page Properties Report macro. In this case, all the information from the pages with this particular label will be collected on one table.

how to create a task report in confluence

As you remember, we also use Handy Status, Handy Status Timestamp, Handy Timestamp, and Handy Date in our template to work more efficiently and update content faster. This combination of macros allows you to ensure data consistency and create drop-downs and date pickers which can be changed in the page view mode. When you update the information on the source page, you can see the changes on the overview page and vice versa.

Try our Confluence status management tips to boost your team’s workflow. All the macros are bundled in the  Handy Macros for Confluence  app. You can try it for free on the Atlassian Marketplace. Follow the link above to navigate the app listing pages and click  Try it free . If you don’t see the button, please, contact your Confluence administrator to help you start with our apps. After the trial start, you will have 30 days to evaluate the app functionality in your company and see if it suits you.

how to create a task report in confluence

As we do every quarter, we present you with the five new Confluence apps we like most. We have created this list to help you discover apps that will increase…

how to create a task report in confluence

Luckily, employee training is no longer limited to classroom learning with cluttered PowerPoint slides and handouts with endless paragraphs of text. Nowadays, when training content is more accessible than ever…

how to create a task report in confluence

Today, Confluence is widely used by many diverse teams for seamless collaboration and documentation management. This highly customizable tool facilitates knowledge sharing, project management, and effective communication. So, let’s dive…

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Is there any way to create labels for tasks in confluence.

Nikki Leonard

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How To Create A Confluence Page In Jira

Learn how to create a Confluence page from your Jira dashboard, improving documentation and project clarity. Let's begin!

Have you ever accidentally tried to use Jira as a notepad ?

Confluence pages are the best way to make notes and more. Directly integrated with Jira, Confluence pages offer a smooth approach to documenting your projects. In this guide, we'll detail how to create a Confluence page right from your Jira platform.

  • Use Cases For Confluence Pages

Documentation And Notes In Jira vs Other Tools

  • Frequently Asked Question

Using A Template

Using a blank page.

  • Click on Menu and click on "Confluence" .

how to create a task report in confluence

  • Click on "Create" .

how to create a task report in confluence

  • Under "Templates" choose the template that suits your needs and click on it.

how to create a task report in confluence

  • Edit the template to suit your needs.

how to create a task report in confluence

  • Enter the "title" of your Confluence Page.

how to create a task report in confluence

  • Click on the "+" to add items to your page.

how to create a task report in confluence

  • Click on the icon indicated in the screenshot for a table.

how to create a task report in confluence

  • Create your page with items and text.

Use Cases For Confluences Pages

Confluence pages, integrated smoothly with Jira, serve various purposes across teams and organizations.

Here are some common use cases for Confluence pages:

  • Project Documentation: Confluence is ideal for maintaining detailed documentation for projects, ensuring that team members have access to project objectives, requirements, and guidelines all in one place.
  • Meeting Notes: Teams can use Confluence to record meeting minutes, decisions, action items, and other essential details. This ensures that everyone is on the same page (pun intended) post-meeting.
  • Collaborative Editing: Multiple users can simultaneously work on a Confluence page, making it a fantastic tool for collaborative document editing and brainstorming sessions.
  • Knowledge Base: Confluence can act as a central repository for an organization's knowledge base. FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and best practices can be housed here.
  • Research and Reports: Teams can compile research findings, data analyses, and detailed reports on Confluence, making it easy to share insights with others.

Effective document and note management is crucial for successful project execution. Jira, Asana, and each offer features for project notes.

But how do they compare?

Jira vs Asana vs

The comparison underscores distinct strengths each platform brings to the table. While Jira excels with its Confluence integration for technical teams. provides a balanced blend of flexibility, intuitiveness, and comprehensive features that cater to a broad audience. It also has many ways to document and take notes within the same platform unlike Jira.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i embed jira issues in a confluence page.

Yes, Confluence allows you to embed Jira issues directly into a page. This way, you can have dynamic content that updates as the Jira issue changes.

Who can access the Confluence pages linked to Jira?

The access depends on the permissions set up in Confluence. You can set up spaces in Confluence with specific permissions to ensure only the right team members can view or edit pages.

Is there a separate cost for using Confluence with Jira?

Yes, Confluence and Jira are billed separately by Atlassian. However, there might be bundled offers or discounts available for companies using multiple Atlassian products. (Both have free versions).

How does Confluence enhance Jira's functionality?

Confluence complements Jira by providing a space for detailed documentation, retrospectives, planning, and other collaborative content that might not fit neatly into a Jira issue but is essential for project success.

Is my data secure in Confluence?

Atlassian, the parent company of both Jira and Confluence, places a high emphasis on security. Regular audits, data encryption, and advanced permission settings ensure your content remains secure.

Where Do You Click To Insert Items To Page?

Creating a Confluence page in Jira, it's evident that Atlassian's suite provides a solid platform for documentation and collaboration.

However, it's also worth noting that while Jira and Confluence seamlessly integrate, transitioning between the two can sometimes be a juggling act , especially for teams that prioritize simplicity. This is where shines .

It elegantly combines task management with documentation, making it a compelling alternative.

So, while Confluence is undeniably powerful for creating in-depth pages, those looking for a more holistic , user-friendly experience might find to be a refreshing alternative.

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  1. Task Report Macro

    To add the Task Report macro to a page: From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros. Choose Task Report from the Confluence content category. Enter any parameters. Choose Insert . You can then publish your page to see the macro in action. Screenshot: Configuring the Task Report macro to show tasks from a specific space.

  2. How to create an interactive task reporting table in Confluence Cloud

    An easy way to create status sets. We just create three sets, as follows: Task priority — a set with task priorities. Here you can use the emojis to indicate the priority. You can get the ...

  3. Task Report Macro

    Task Report Macro. Use the Task Report macro to display a list of tasks on a page. Filter the tasks by space, page, user, label, created date and more. See Add, Assign, and View Tasks for more information on creating and assigning tasks. You can also use the Task Report blueprint, which will create a page and add this macro for you.

  4. How to use a task report macro in confluence

    In this #confluence #tutorial, you will learn how to show all your task in one list.Link to How to Capture Action Items in Confluence | Atlassian Confluence...

  5. Confluence For Beginners

    Confluence from Atlassian has a very useful macro called as Task Report.If you are struggling to manage open task for your projects and have to navigate diff...

  6. Tasks

    To create a task report: Choose Create > Task Report. Select the type of report: Assigned to my team - for tasks assigned to particular people. In my project - for tasks that appear in a specific space or page. Custom - for a wide range of filtering options, including by date or page label. Follow the prompts to create the report.

  7. Use macros to add reporting info to Confluence pages

    Insert the content report table macro; Insert the contributors macro; Insert the contributors summary macro; Insert the create from template macro; Insert the decision report macro; Insert the excerpt macro; Add excerpts to a page with the insert excerpt macro; Insert the include page macro; Insert the labels list macro; Insert the network macro

  8. Confluence shorts

    A short overview of the Actions Items macro and the Task report macro for Confluence.#confluence #actionitems #taskreport #macro #atlassian

  9. Track Confluence Tasks and Action Items ...

    1) Integrate Confluence Task Reports side by side with any Jira Reports! Create one comprehensive dashboard to keep your team and company on track. With the Confluence Tasks Report gadget, you can easily view open and completed tasks in either a list view or calendar view, and even check off tasks directly from the reports. Personal tasks can ...

  10. Atlassian Confluence Tutorial: Track a List of Action Items

    Go ahead and create your task list and save the page. Step 2. Create a label for the page. Click the "L" key. Create a label and call it actions-log or some other variant. Click Close. Step 3. Insert the Task Report Macro into the Portfolio page. Refer back to the Portfolio status page.

  11. Task Reporting in Confluence Cloud

    To quickly find all the tasks you've been dealing with, navigate to the Confluence Tasks menu. Click your Atlassian account icon in the top right corner and select Tasks. Here you can achieve both goals: immediately see all the tasks assigned to you. review progress on tasks assigned by you to other users.

  12. How to Work with Tasks in Confluence

    Want to track your work progress in Confluence effectively? Watch our short tutorial and learn how to do it. Find the Handy Macros for Confluence app here: h...

  13. Tutorial: A-Z guide to project management using Confluence

    Here are 2 simple steps to set this up: Step 1: When you document a new project plan, add the Page Properties macro to summarize the information about the project. Then add a page label, i.e. project-overview.

  14. Managing Tasks in Confluence

    Choose the personal tasks icon: To add a task and assign it to yourself, type the task summary in the text box and choose Add task. To prioritise tasks, drag and drop them into your chosen order. (Click a task, hold down your mouse button to drag the task into position, then release the mouse button.)

  15. Confluence Status Reporting Tutorial

    Try the combination of both macros to indicate the progress or instantly see the bottlenecks in your projects and tasks. Whether you have just one status or a multi-row table with the status column, Handy Status Timestamp will make the Confluence status management automated. ... How to create status reports. Sometimes you need to see the status ...

  16. Is there any way to create labels for tasks in Confluence?

    There are no possibilities to label tasks. For this, JIRA would be very useful. The "task report" can show all tasks from a page with a particular "label". As you can see from the documentation: Filter by Label. The macro will only display tasks on pages with at least one of the specified labels (for example, 'label-a' OR 'label-b').

  17. How To Create A Confluence Page In Jira

    Using A Blank Page. Click on Menu and click on "Confluence". Click on "Create". Enter the "title" of your Confluence Page. Click on the "+" to add items to your page. Click on the icon indicated in the screenshot for a table. Create your page with items and text. My Guideflow.

  18. Confluence Tutorial: How to Manage Tasks in Confluence ...

    To learn more Confluence tips & best practices make sure to visit our blog: