1. How to complete assigned IXL skills

    how to create an assignment in ixl

  2. How to add students to IXL and how to assign activities in IXL

    how to create an assignment in ixl

  3. How to Find IXL Assignments

    how to create an assignment in ixl

  4. How to find assignments on IXL

    how to create an assignment in ixl

  5. Introducing two helpful features on IXL!

    how to create an assignment in ixl

  6. How to easily assign IXL tasks to student based on where you are in your math curriculum

    how to create an assignment in ixl


  1. Create custom assessments with IXL Quizzes

  2. Assigning Skills and Skill Plans in IXL

  3. Implementation guide: IXL for Diagnostic Assessment

  4. IXL Quick Tip: How to assign skills

  5. Setting IXL SmartScore goals

  6. IXL for teachers: Make a bigger impact!


  1. IXL

    Learning How can I set assignments for my students to do at home? IXL's suggested skills tool allows you to highlight skills for your classes, small groups, or individual students. Simply hover over the star next to any skill and select a class or individual student from the menu that appears.

  2. IXL

    Implementation guides IXL for Daily Instruction Check out our 3-step guide to using IXL to reinforce lessons and check for understanding. IXL for Diagnostic Assessment Learn how to uncover student knowledge levels and get personalized action plans for growth. See all guides Discover simple, effective ways to use IXL in your classroom. Full guide

  3. PDF IXL Teacher's User Guide

    about IXL technical requirements, see Appendix A. For math students (pre-K-8th grade), language arts students (pre-K-5th grade) and science students (2nd-5th grade), an audio option is available for extra support. Spanish also has an audio component for many questions. If your students will be using audio, make sure they have

  4. Assigning Skills and Skill Plans in IXL

    This quick video explains how to assign specific skills to students, along with creating skill plans that align to your math textbook, on IXL.00:00 Intro00:1...

  5. IXL Quick Tip: How to assign skills

    Use the Suggested Skills feature to "star" skills for your students or classes to work on!

  6. Create custom assessments with IXL Quizzes

    0:00 / 1:10 Create custom assessments with IXL Quizzes IXL 18.7K subscribers Subscribe 12K views 10 months ago What's New on IXL IXL Quizzes give teachers a new way to quickly check what...


    A brief video demonstrating how to assign skills and content to students in IXL Math

  8. IXL

    How do I assign IXL skills? Browse by Topic What should I do if I forget my username? How do I change my password? How do I get an account for the IXL app? How can I change my profile icon? Why can't I sign in? How do I contact technical support? What are LaunchCards and how do I use them?

  9. PDF Using IXL with Canvas

    To assign an IXL skill through Canvas, open the assignment creation screen, select External tool under Submission type, click Find, and then select IXL Learning from the list of apps. 2 You can browse through all the skills available in the subjects on your license, as well as in any skill plans that you have pinned on IXL.


    Find and assign the right IXL skills Using IXL's skill plans, identify skills that support the lessons you've been teaching. Each day, assign 1-2 skills for students to work on, using the Suggested Skills feature. Check out ready-made IXL skill plans for skills that perfectly match your textbook, standards, and assessments.

  11. Make instruction seamless with IXL's integrations!

    On the skill page, hover over the "Share skill" button near the top right corner, and click the green Google Classroom icon. Then, you can assign the skill to your class, and include a due date as well as any instructions that might be helpful.

  12. PDF Using IXL with Google Classroom

    You can easily add more IXL skills to your assignment with just a few clicks. First, ˜nd the assignment in Google Classroom and click Edit. Students can now access all of the skills from within the assignment. Click Add and select Link. Enter the URL for the IXL skill you wish to add and click Add link. You can add as many skills as you like.

  13. How to do IXL assignments

    How to get to IXL and enter in the codes and get your 100 SmartScores

  14. Suggest skills to individual students and classes!

    To suggest a skill to an individual student, click on the name of a class to see a list of students in that class. From there, click on the star next to a student's name to suggest the skill to them. To suggest a skill to your entire roster, click the star next to "All students" in the menu. You can also still simply click the star that ...

  15. Your ready-made lesson plans

    IXL's Fall Power-up skill plans provide daily skill recommendations that review critical concepts from the previous year, so students are caught up and ready to move forward. Available for K-12 in both math and English language arts, the skill plans feature 1-2 skills per day covering important concepts from the previous grade level.


    - How to assign your quizzes to students in IXL.- How to post IXL quizzes as Canvas assignments.

  17. iXL How to find your assignments

    Finding an assignment in iXL

  18. IXL

    Print them out to praise special class goals or personal student triumphs. Create a space in your classroom to highlight your students' IXL achievements! This ready-made bulletin board kit has everything you need to celebrate progress in a fun, visual way. Encourage students to achieve practice goals with these coupons!

  19. Simple school-wide strategies to make the most of IXL

    Here are a few ways that you can make IXL a consistent part of your school's routine: Set IXL proficiency goals IXL is designed to guide students toward authentic skill mastery. As students answer questions on IXL, they'll receive a SmartScore indicating their level of understanding in a topic.

  20. How to find assignments on IXL

    How to find assignments on IXL

  21. IXL

    Yes! You can assign skills to your child or children by taking the following steps: Sign in to your parent account. From Learning, select a subject and grade level, topic, or skill plan. When you find a skill you'd like to highlight, do the following:

  22. As an administrator, how do I add new students to the master roster?

    To manually add a student to your master roster: Sign in to your administrator account. On the "Account" tab, hover over "Roster" and select Students from the drop-down menu. Click Add a student, which is located in the upper-right corner. Enter the student's information.

  23. IXL

    You can edit the information in your roster, except for students' usernames and subject (s), at any time. Just click on the student data you want to change, edit the text in the box that appears, and click Save to submit your changes. (If you change your mind, click Cancel .) You may find that you are unable to edit your roster due to your ...