how to make ignou assignment 2021

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how to make ignou assignment 2021

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how to make ignou assignment 2021

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How to Write IGNOU Assignment? Front Page Tips, Last Dates

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  • Sep 27, 2023

How to Write IGNOU Assignment

How to write IGNOU Assignment for a good score , is the most popular query among students of Indira Gandhi National Open University. It is mandatory that candidates submit the assignment on time so that they can appear in the IGNOU exam December 2023 term-end exam. It will be conducted between 01 December 2023 to 06 January 2024. The IGNOU assignment holds a 30% weightage in the exam, so make sure that you submit it.

how to make ignou assignment 2021

We are going to provide you with all the necessary instructions you need to know for writing your assignment including the IGNOU assignment front page pdf download. Keep reading this blog if you want to know how to write an IGNOU assignment to score good marks. 

This Blog Includes:

How to create ignou assignment first page, instructions on how to write ignou assignment , presentation, last date to submit ignou assignment, online .

It’s time to know how to make its cover page. Students often get a bit confused when it comes to creating the first page or cover page of the IGNOU assignment. The front page can be handwritten as well and does not need to be typed. Well, we have mentioned the IGNOU assignment front page pdf download link to help you better.

Keep these points in mind while creating the first page of the IGNOU assignment. 

  • Details of Candidates: The front page, or cover page, of your IGNOU assignment answer sheet, needs to contain your fundamental details. It should have your name, course code, enrollment number, programme code, submission date, and study centre code. 
  • Cross Verify the Details before Submission- Ensure that the details you provide on the first page are free of errors. 

Have a look at the format of the cover page below:

Candidates must carefully understand every step before writing their IGNOU assignment to avoid any errors. There are some instructions that you need to keep in mind while writing your assignment. Have a look at the step-by-step instructions on how to write an IGNOU assignment:

  • Write Notes- It should be noted that IGNOU only accepts handwritten assignments. Therefore, you should not type or print out your assignments. 
  • A4 Size Paper- Ensure you only write on foolscap or A4-sized paper as you complete your assignment.  
  • Space for Remarks- After you have finished your response, leave at least one or two lines blank so the assessor can provide feedback.
  • Paper Choice- Instead of using blank paper to do your assignment, IGNOU officials recommend using ruled paper.
  • Choice of Pen- To complete their assignments during each TEE session, candidates may use a black or blue pen. Candidates are not permitted to use red or other coloured pens.
  • Handwriting- In addition to this, having better handwriting allows you to finish your assignments more effectively.
  • Avoid Copying- Copied responses are going to get a score of zero. Make sure that you don’t replicate any assignments from other students, otherwise, the centre can reject your assignment. 
  • Question Paper- You do not have to include a question paper, but you should write each one out before you submit it. 
  • Make Presentable- Once you have completed the assignment writing task, use a paper file to properly arrange all the assignments. 
  • Submit the Assignment of your own study centre- Any other IGNOU centre, like the Regional Centre, Evaluation Division, or Registration for Evaluation, cannot receive the assignment from students. 

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Tips On How to Write IGNOU Assignment  

The evaluator is going to see two crucial things to assess your assignment. So, make sure that you keep in mind the points provided below while writing your assignment. 

  • Appropriateness of your Information: In your content, the evaluator wants to see the relevance of the topic, appropriateness of your information, and unbiasedness. Make sure that you keep everything to the point. 
  • Analysis: Make sure that the information you are providing has been taken from the right source and contains in-depth knowledge. 
  • Conciseness – Ensure that your content is concise and you draw lines after each answer. You should also use charts for clear explanations. 
  • Language and Expression – Make sure that you are using proper grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation. 

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The final day to turn in your IGNOU assignment for the July session is tentatively set for September 10, 2023. Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) level programmes in the online and ODL modes have started accepting IGNOU assignments for the December 2023 term as of August 10, 2023. It should be noted that you can only take the exam if your assignment has been turned in. 

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How to Submit IGNOU Assignments Online and Offline 

Once you have prepared your assignment, it’s time to submit it. There are two available options for submitting your assignment, online mode and offline mode. Let’s look at the online method first. 

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Follow these steps to submit the IGNOU assignment online:

  • Step 1: First of all, visit the official website of IGNOU at
  • Step 2: Go to the news and events section of the IGNOU Regional Center’s official webpage.
  • Step 3: You will see an option for Assignment Submission or Assignment Guidelines. Click on the option and continue with your submission process. 
  • Step 4: You will be provided with a form to fill out. Fill out the form properly, and provide your mandatory details like your name, programme code, enrollment number, and other important information. 
  • Step 5: Finally, submit your phone and attach a scanned copy of your assignment. 

Students can also submit their assignments via offline mode. You can easily do that by just visiting your study centre. Make sure that your assignment has all the mandatory information as explained above before you submit it. 

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You have to write your IGNOU assignment on A4-size blank paper, preferably; however, you can also use ruled paper.

Your assignment must be handwritten. Typed or printed assignments are not going to be acceptable.

The assignment needs to be written on an A4 sheet with a black or blue ballpoint pen. Make sure that you write everything in neat handwriting. 

For more such informative blogs do check out our  IGNOU Help Centre Page  or the  Indian University  page. You can learn more about us by visiting our official website  Leverage Edu .

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Thank u so much it’s a very useful knowledge I am very much happy lot of confusion is cleared

how to make ignou assignment 2021

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how to make ignou assignment 2021

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how to make ignou assignment 2021

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how to make ignou assignment 2021

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how to make ignou assignment 2021

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how to make ignou assignment 2021

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How to Submit IGNOU Assignment?

IGNOU Assignment Submission Methods 2023 – Now, Due to the lockdown and other pandemic-related regulations, the university has not just extended the assignment submission date but has also provided a new way of submitting the assignments. The students now can also submit their assignments online if they are not able to visit their respective centers.

As per the regular schedule of the IGNOU Assignment submission, the university going to accept the IGNOU Assignment for the Term-end examination June 2023 till 15th May 2023 so the students can submit their assignments latest by 15th May 2023 to get eligible to appear in the upcoming TEE June 2023. It is also noted that the given last date is subject to change or extension that should not be treated as the final date of submission.

So, now there are three different ways how the students can submit the assignments based on their convenience.

How To Submit IGNOU Assignment?

  • IGNOU Assignment 2023 (Last Date)
  • IGNOU Assignment Status 2023 (UPDATED)
  • IGNOU Project 2023 (Online Submission)

Through Offline Mode

This is the usual way through which the students usually submit the assignments. The students have to finish answering the questions of the assignments and then submit them to the study center. While preparing the assignments, you should make sure that the very first page of the assignment should have all the necessary details.

  • The name of the student
  • Enrolment number
  • Program and Code code
  • Name, Code, and address of the study center where you are submitting the assignment
  • Mobile number and email address of the student
  • IGNOU Assignment Front Page (PDF)
  • IGNOU Study Centre List

If you are submitting the assignments directly through offline mode, the person at the study center will offer you a receipt that you need to keep safe till the result is not declared.

Through Online Mode

For students who are not able to visit the study center to submit the assignments can also submit them online now by following any of these two methods. It is noted that both of the methods are subject to availability at the respective regional centre.

Google Form

The very first method is that of Google Forms. The students can visit the respective regional portals of IGNOU and then submit the assignments. You can follow the below steps for the successful submission of assignments through Google Form.

Also Read: IGNOU Regional Centre Official Sites

Step – 1 – First of all, have a look on the list of IGNOU Regional Centres at the Official Website of IGNOU and go to your RC website.

Step – 2 – On the homepage of RC’s official page, go to the section of News and Events.

Step – 3 – You should get the option of Assignment Guidelines or Assignment Submission on which you have to click.

Step – 4 – As you click on the link, the Google form will get open in the browser.

Step – 5 – Now now start filling the form with proper details such as your name, enrolment number, subject code, and others.

Step – 6 – Carefully upload the scanned copy of your assignment and submit the form.

Instructions to Follow

While you are submitting the assignments through Google Form, make sure that you follow these important instructions.

  • You have to fill a new form for each subject.
  • Make sure that you are uploading the assignment files correctly.
  • You need to scan the handwritten copies of the assignments and upload them.
  • The scanned copy of assignments should not be more than 100MB.
  • You should only submit the PDF format of the scanned copy.
  • Though you will be entering the basic details in the Google Form, it is also a great idea to mention the same details on your assignment copy also.
  • The option of submitting the assignments through Google Forms will be available only when the quota of email submission is over.

Through Email Address

Though IGNOU has started the option of submitting the assignments through Google Forms, it will be not available in all the regional centers. The option of Google Forms will be only applicable if the email quota of a regional center is over and they are not more able to receive assignment emails from the students.

Here is the method that you need to follow to submit your assignments through email.

Step – 1 – Mention all the important details on the front page of your assignment that you would do in the case of offline submissions such as name, subject name and code, program and course code, study center name and code, contact details, and others.

Step – 2 – Scan your handwritten assignment copy and get it in PDF format. Each subject assignment should be in each PDF copy.

Step – 3 – Find out the email address of your regional center from Google in the same way how you search for the regional center portal link.

Step – 4 – In the body of the email, provide all the details in a listicle format that you have mentioned on the front page of your assignments.

Step – 5 – Now attach the PDF formats of your assignments and send the email to the respective regional center email address.

After you have sent the email, you should receive an acknowledgment. It may take a few hours to get this acknowledgment email. But if you have still not received it, you should check whether the regional portal has shared the link for Google Forms or not and should upload the assignments there too.

It is also noted that the many of the regional centre of IGNOU is not sending any confirmation or acknowledgment after the submission of IGNOU Assignments so you don’t need to worry about it instead of keep checking the status of your assignments to get the result.

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Hii I am Beena IGNOU Student I had given my MCOM 1 Semester exam in December 2022 but my result has not yet come Please guid me what can I Do ???

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IGNOU Assignment Wala

How to Write IGNOU Assignments systematically ?

  • Post published: June 17, 2023
  • Post category: Updates
  • Post comments: 0 Comments

Assignments are a lot of a piece of understudy life nowadays and it is the same with IGNOU courses. Your assignments must be top quality to get you a passing mark. Assignments mean 30% of the complete imprints and accommodation is compulsory on the off chance that you wish to show up for the tests. Here are a couple of IGNOU assignments composting tips.

Tips for Writing IGNOU Assignments systematically 

                                       or, tips to get good  marks in assignments .


Read more :

1) Make the Cover Page Simple

Do not use fancy borders or designs for the cover page. It should have a name, enrollment number full address, and date in the top right corner as well as Title, Assignment Number, and Name of Study Center in the center of the page.

2) Write the Assignments yourself

Hand writes the assignment. Do not use a word processor and copy-paste materials. Do not assign work to writing services or anyone else.

3) Complete the Assignments in Time

It is vital that you complete the assignment, check it thoroughly from a content angle and from a grammar angle, and, if necessary, rewrite pages so that your page does not have crossed out or corrected paragraphs, words or sentences. Above all plan to complete and submit the assignment in time, at least a week prior to the last date.

4) Use high-quality paper 

It is recommended you write on good quality A4 sized white paper on only one side of the page leaving appropriate margins at left, right, bottom, and top of the pages with page numbers.

5) Write Answer on Front Page

Write the answer on the front page and write the relevant question number for each answer.

6) Good Hand Writing

It may be laborious and time-consuming but it is recommended you write slowly and with care using your best handwriting. Writing should be legible.

7) limitation  of Answer

The inspectors expect that each question has an answer that stretches to four or five pages. The appropriate response should be in legitimate arrangement with short passages and potentially sub-headings.

8) Your answers should be precise.

We strongly feel that you should retain a copy of your assignment response to avoid any unforeseen situation and append, if possible, a photocopy of this booklet with your response. 

Contact us: [email protected]

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