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Location-Based Internationalization and Localization With Mobile Computing

The Android system operates on many smartphones in many locales. Websites and web tools have their own requirements in day-to-day life. To reach the maximum users, the app and website should handle all the resources such as text strings, functions, layouts, graphics, and any other static data that the app/website needs. It requires internationalization and localization of the website and app to support multiple languages. The basic idea of this chapter is to present an approach for localizing the Android application according to the location data that the app received from the device, but many users do not allow the “access location” feature so this approach will be a dead end in this case. The authors have proposed some other techniques to achieve this feature of localization and internationalization by implementing the “choose language” service so that the app can itself optimize its content and translate it into the user's native language.

Why Does Privacy Paradox Exist?

In this exploratory study, the main aim was to find, ‘why do people disclose information when they are concerned about their privacy?’. The reasons that provide a plausible explanation to the privacy paradox have been conjectural. From the analysis of the eighteen in-depth interviews using grounded theory, themes were then conceptualized. We found rational and irrational explanations in terms of cognitive biases and heuristics that explain the privacy paradox among mobile users. We figured out some reasons in this context of mobile computing which were not emphasized earlier in the privacy paradox literature such as Peanut Effect, Fear of Missing Out- FoMo, Learned Helplessness, and Neophiliac Personality. These results add to the privacy paradox discourse and provide implications for smartphone users for making privacy-related decisions more consciously rather than inconsiderately disclosing information. Also, the results would help marketers and policymakers design nudges and choice architectures that consider privacy decision-making hurdles.

Database Recovery Technique for Mobile Computing: A Game Theory Approach

Intelligent multilevel node authentication in mobile computing using clone node, 2021 index ieee transactions on mobile computing vol. 20, mobile computing and sustainable informatics, computer mathematical modeling based on the improved genetic algorithm and mobile computing.

In order to change the problem of data redundancy in a genetic algorithm, this paper proposes a computer mathematical model based on the combination of an improved genetic algorithm and mobile computing. Combined with the least square method, MATLAB software is used to solve the equations, determine the range of parameters, and solve the estimation parameter range and identification problems. The improved genetic algorithm combined with mobile computing and least square method to establish a mathematical model greatly increased the individual search space and increased the operation rate of 90% compared to the basic genetic algorithm or mobile computing. The results show that the improved genetic algorithm and mobile computing have a certain ability to identify the optimal solution and greatly improve the work efficiency.

Integrated Fan‐Out ( InFO ) for Mobile Computing

Mobile computing as a support to teach the concept of function.

We make a proposal to teach the concept of function using mobile computing. This proposal is based on research that has support in education theories such as Constructivism and Problem Solving Learning. In the first part we show the difficulties that undergraduate Computer Science students have in the first semester of Engineering while working with that mathematical concept. And application to be used by the students anywhere and anytime in mobile devices is designed that process data and is intended to show them the concept of function in a problem solving situation. The proposed activities are part of the education methodology used in the research and within this paper we show the diagnostic questionnaire as one of the methodological tools and its results supporting the designed activities and its application to mobile devices

Prediction of Mineralization Prospects Based on Geological Semantic Model and Mobile Computer Machine Learning

Mineral resources are indispensable in the development of human society and are the foundation of national economic development. As the prospecting target shifts from outcrop ore to concealed ore, from shallow to deep, the difficulty of prospecting becomes more and more difficult. Therefore, the prediction of mineralization prospects is of great significance. This paper is aimed at completing the prediction of mineralization prospects by constructing geological semantic models and using mobile computer learning to improve the accuracy of prediction of mineralization prospects and expanding the application of semantic mobile computing. We use five different semantic relations to build a semantic knowledge library, realize semantic retrieval, complete information extraction of geological text data, and study mineral profiles. Through the distributed database of mobile computing, the association rules and random forest algorithm are used to describe the characteristics of minerals and the ore-controlling elements, find the association rules, and finally combine the geological and mineral data of the area and use the random forest algorithm to realize the prospect of mineralization district forecast. The geological semantic model constructed in the article uses the knowledge library for associative search to achieve an accuracy rate of 87.9% and a recall rate of 96.5%. The retrieval effect is much higher than that of traditional keyword retrieval methods. The maximum value of the posterior result of the mineralization prospect is 0.9027, the average value is 0.0421, and the standard deviation is 0.1069. The picture is brighter, and the probability of mineralization is higher.

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Mobile Computing -A Review

Profile image of Chief E D I T O R IJRISAT

2017, IJEMR

As the people are adapting the various advancements brought by mobile computing, it is becoming essential to secure the mobile computing. In the recent decades the technology has resulted in the reduction of the size of machinery and has increased the performance. This development came up with a new concept which is Mobile Computing. Mobile Computing basically allows the data transfer through the Computers, without being connected to any of the fixed physical parameter. In this paper various threats and the issues associated with Mobile computing has been highlighted.

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saima shoro

Nowadays many people are enjoying the services offered through the mobile computing, it is becomes a new trend in this generation. As we all know with new devices their comes different problems same is the case with mobile computing, securing mobile computing is being difficult day by day and requires more attention from developers to secure it. From the last decade the quantity of computing machinery is increasing rapidly, integrated by increasing in their computing power has led to the increased computing devices. It allows users to communicate with different people’s from anywhere in the world and also connect us to get notification of important news, these device’s solved our so much of hard work like writing letters to the ones who are living far away from us. As we all know due to the increase of these devices there comes many problems to be dealt with the major one of them is its security and the security of data which is stored in these devices. In this paper the security is...

mobile computing related research paper

International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology IJSRSET

This paper deals with the security issues and different security schemes in mobile computing system. We classify these schemes based on types the infrastructure used in the mobile computing system-Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) and Mobile Agent model. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks are permeative, present anywhere at once and without any centralized authority. These unique characteristics will increasing security threats, demand solutions in securing ad hoc networks. This paper reviews the prevailing mobile ad hoc network security threats, the existing solution schemes, their limitations and open research issues. With respect to Mobile Agent based mobile computing system, we have presented the classification of various types of security attacks in Mobile Agent based model and presented the security solutions for those type of attacks proposed by the various schemes and the open research issues in providing security for Mobile Agent based mobile computing system. Such classification enhances the understanding of the proposed security schemes in the mobile computing system, assists in the development and enhancement of schemes in the future and helps in choosing an appropriate scheme while implementing a mobile computing system.

Md. Rakibul Hoque

—In recent years the size of computing machines has decreased with more power of computing, which helped to develop the concept of mobile computing like laptops, PDAs, cell phones, data storage device, and other mobile devices. Most people begin acquisition these devices because of the nature and advantages such as easy of carrying and moving it from place to place. Although the wide spread and popularity of these devices, it has introduced new security threats which were not existing in the traditional computing, and it should be identified to protect the physical devices and the sensitive information of users. In this paper, we will highlight on some of the security issues related to mobile computing systems in order to avoid or reduce them, with addressing the security issues into two aspects: first is related to transmission of information over wireless networks, and the second is related to information residing on mobile devices. Finally, some security techniques and requirements are presented. 

IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology

Jennifer Seberry

Kartik Khurana

Now a day’s mobile communication has become a serious business tool for the users. Mobile devices are mainly used for the applications like banking, e-commerce, internet access, entertainment, etc. for communication. This has become common for the user to exchange and transfer the data. However people are still facing problems to use mobile devices because of its security issue. This paper deals with various security issues in mobile computing. It also covers all the basic points which are useful in mobile security issues such as categorisation of security issues, methods or tactics for success in security issues in mobile computing, security frameworks.

Ioannis Mavridis

Distributed Computing-IWDC …

Sugata Sanyal


Presently, mobile application and computing are gaining a high momentum and taking part in a big role in enhancing the web computing infrastructure. With the fast advances in wireless communication and moveable computing devices, a new computing paradigm, that is named mobile computing, has evolved. This paper presents security challenges in mobile computing and some investigated problems are given here regarding the safety of mobile computing system, among the framework of the classes of quality, disconnections, information access modes and scale of operation. In distinction to previous work that concentrates on security in wireless communications, we tend to focus on the safety of intersections that are engineered upon the underlying wireless communication medium.

Oliver Popov

Journal of Information Technology and Digital World

Abul Bashar

The offloading techniques have become more prominent among the mobile computing due to the increased number of users and enormous amount of information flowing through the internet. The offloading techniques enhance the competence of the mobile computing by reducing the congestion in the network caused by increased number of users and the enormous data traffic experienced. However in many cases the authentication becomes very essential for the connection establishment. So the paper proposes a secure and cost efficient data offloading technique for the mobile computing to make it safe, secure with an effective management of network traffic. The performance analysis of the security measures proffered in the paper for authentication of the offloading techniques in terms of the security, cost and the delay in the offloading ensures that the proposed method is superior to the existing methods.


Lecture Notes in …

Nikola Zlatanov

mary ramya poovizhi

Wireless Sensor Network

sathish kumar

International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing

Abid Shahzad

International Journal IJRITCC

International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology

International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology IJSRCSEIT , Uday Vandanapu

IEEE Security & Privacy

Charlie Miller

Springer Series in Wireless Technology


International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology (IJARCET)

International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology (IJARCET) ijarcet

Yoseph Abate

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology

Ijesrt Journal

Roselin Selvarani

nauman zahoor

IAEME Publication

International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET)

IJRASET Publication

Journal of Applied Sciences

Borhanuddin Mohd Ali

Sugandha Singh

Modern Applied Science

Johnnes Arreymbi

mohammad umar

Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing and Multimedia - MoMM '11

Driss Ouadghiri

Vasiliki Panagiotopoulou

International Journal of Computer Applications

Padmavathi Ganapathi

IJRIT Journal

Cassandra Ansara


parviz ghorbanzadeh

Bhavesha Pawar

United International Journal for Research & Technology

UIJRT | United International Journal for Research & Technology , Mohammed L A W A L Toro , Aliyu Rabiu Shuaibu , Abdulrazaq Abdulaziz

Rahul Neware

Gurunadha Guptha

Georg Carle


Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Eduardo Fernandez

Ahmad Sharifi

Manmohan Chaturvedi

Byeong Ho Kang


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