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paper write screen protector

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World-class creators choose  Paperlike

From professional artists to perpetual students, Paperlike is loved by users far and wide. See how top creators are using Paperlike products to do more with their iPad every single day.

"Feels very much like paper!"

The display noise has now been almost completely eliminated. This is as close to a perfect screen protector for my treasured iPad as I can imagine.

Ali Abdaal, Doctor & Content Creator.


“Gives you more control over your drawing hand!”

I installed the new Paperlike, and I’m honestly impressed! [It] feels like paper! That was my biggest issue when transitioning from paper to tablet. I wanted that paper feel, giving you more control over your drawing hand. The Paperlike really helps with that.

Natalie Brown, Lettering Artist.


“Perfect for anyone who uses their iPad to read and/or take notes!”

I love it because it really does feel as if I was writing on actual paper, and I can use my iPad outside because the matte surface reduces sun reflection. Also, thanks to the super intuitive instructions and the application kit that comes with every Paperlike, it is really easy and quick to apply to the iPad.

Lisa Woldrich, Student & Content Creator.

The Student Collection

See the movement of the screen protector being applied

Our screen protector. Your new best friend.

Write and draw on your iPad just like you would on paper.

Take neater notes. Create better art.

Enjoy the improved comfort, precision, and control that has made Paperlike the go-to screen protector for millions of fans across the globe.

Take natural &

precise notes.

Paperlike uses unique technology to help your Apple Pencil grip the surface of your iPad with the perfect amount of resistance. You’ll enjoy reduced hand fatigue and better precision with every stroke. In fact, it feels just like writing on paper.

Create smooth &

accurate lines.

With Paperlike, the slippage that comes from drawing on laminated glass is a thing of the past.  Enjoy smooth, flowing lines, whether you’re sketching a draft or creating your next masterpiece.

You might even say that it feels like drawing in a sketchbook.

Watch without

sacrificing clarity.

Because Paperlike is with you both on and off the clock, we’ve designed our screen protector to minimize light distortion so that you can still enjoy watching videos and browsing the web with minimal distractions.

All told, it’s the perfect balance between work and play.

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A close-up of an Apple Pencil tip on a screen filled with purple and yellow swirls.  Paperlike’s Nanodots are visible as a grainy texture over the surface of the iPad screen.

A difference you can feel.

Nanodots are the teensy, tiny micro-beads responsible for giving Paperlike its unique, papery feel.

They provide haptic feedback in the form of ever-so-slight vibrations that emulate the natural drag and resistance of sketchbook paper.

You can feel the difference as you write and draw on your iPad.

The sensory feedback provides additional information that allows you to create more precise lines, whether you’re taking notes or working on your next artistic masterpiece!

A close-up of an Apple Pencil touching a screen.  Paperlike’s Pencil Grips are attached to the Apple Pencil.

A difference you can see.

Nanodots deliver more than our unique, papery feel.  They’re also responsible for the unparalleled transparency that you won’t find in other matte screen protectors.

Our Nanodots are distributed evenly across the surface of our screen protector using a unique (and completely secret) process that took years to create.

The result?

A screen protector with improved resistance, maximum transparency, and minimal distortions.

Turn your iPad into the notebook of your dreams.

Paperlike iPad Screen Protector

Products designed for digital productivity.

Shop thoughtfully designed iPad accessories built for and used by creative students and professionals around the world.

Feel a jolt of inspiration every time you pick up your iPad.  Give your iPad a new, premium feel.

Pencil Grips set

Enjoy extra precision and comfort while using your Apple Pencil.  Sold as a set of two.

NEW Cleaning Kit

Extend the life of both your Paperlike protector and your Apple Pencil with our all-in-one, space-saving cleaning kit.

Shop all accessories

video of the the story about paperlike and how it began

Learn how Paperlike was made from Jan Sapper, Paperlike founder and CEO.

Insights for notetakers & artists

Get the tips, tricks, and info you need to be more productive and successful with your iPad.

40+ Free Procreate Tutorials for Digital Artists

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Yes, paper-feel screen protectors for the iPad are good

You can make writing notes or drawing on the ipad much nicer with the right kind of screen protector..

By Dan Seifert , an editor overseeing The Verge’s product reviews and service journalism programs. Dan has covered the technology world for over a decade at The Verge.

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An iPad Mini with a matte screen protector applied

Apple’s iPad and Pencil combination makes for an excellent note-taking or digital drawing solution. But even though writing notes or creating art on the iPad has a lot of advantages over using analog pen and paper, the actual feel of writing with a plastic-tipped stylus on the iPad’s smooth glass isn’t great. The hard plastic of the stylus hitting the hard glass of the iPad can be noisy, slippery, and just unpleasant to use if you’re used to writing on paper.

Yet it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. There is a small cottage industry of paper-feel (or paperlike or paper-type) screen protectors for the iPad that address this issue directly. And as someone who takes handwritten notes on the iPad every single day, I now swear by them.

These kinds of screen protectors have a different purpose than the typical clear plastic screen protector designed to prevent scratches on the screen. They have matte finishes that both diffuse the light coming out of the screen and provide a rougher texture for writing. This has the effect of providing resistance to the tip of the Apple Pencil, which makes writing on the glass feel more like writing on paper and provides more control over your strokes. They also reduce the tapping-on-glass noise you get with the Pencil on the iPad. Writing through the screen protector is no less responsive than without it, and you can still navigate the iPad easily with standard finger taps and swipes.

Yes, as expected, it makes the iPad feel more like paper, though I’m not going to tell you it’s exactly the same.

Common brands of paper-type screen protectors include Paperlike , Moshi (this is what I use on an iPad Mini and an iPad Pro ), and PenTips , though there are many off-brand options on Amazon for lower costs. You can find options for every iPad on the market, from the base 9.7-inch model released a couple of years ago to the latest and greatest iPad Pro models. A matte screen protector will typically cost more than a basic clear one, with the name-brand versions running anywhere from $30 to $45 each.

The matte finish of the screen protector provides texture to the iPad’s surface, providing greater control over Pencil strokes

There are some downsides to be aware of when using a matte screen protector. Because these screen protectors diffuse the light coming out of the screen, there is an impact to the brightness and color saturation of the screen. If you use your iPad outdoors or you primarily use it for watching movies, this might be an issue for you. PenTips’ PenMat offers a clever solution for this: it magnetically attaches to the iPad, so you can easily put it on when you want to write or draw and take it off when you want to watch a movie or get the full brightness of the iPad’s screen. I haven’t used this one myself, but YouTuber Brad Colbow, who creates videos about making art on digital devices, recently tested it and came away impressed.

Those who write with a heavy hand or do a lot of drawing on their iPads might wear out the tip of the Apple Pencil faster with a matte screen protector due to its rougher texture. (This seems to be worst when tilting the Pencil for shading effects.) Replacing the Pencil’s tip is easy, and you can get four replacements for less than $20 , but it is something to be aware of.

The matte screen protector almost makes my handwriting legible

I personally have never had an issue with the reduced brightness and contrast caused by the matte screen protector, so it’s something I leave on my iPad 100 percent of the time. And when I’m writing notes, it’s more comfortable to use, I have greater control, and you can almost read my chicken-scratch handwriting. It also eliminates glare when I’m reading or watching video. One last benefit is the matte screen protector seems to repel fingerprints and other grossness better than the bare glass screen.

If all you use your iPad for is watching video and entertaining young kids, then you probably don’t need to spend the money for a good matte screen protector. But if you’ve had ideas to use it for note-taking or digital art, then it’s one of the best accessories you can purchase — once you have a Pencil already, of course. And an iPad with a matte screen protector goes a long way toward providing a similar writing experience to something like a Remarkable while still being capable of all the other things an iPad is great for.

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paper write screen protector

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paper write screen protector

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paper write screen protector

Image Unavailable

2 PACK Paper Screen Protector for iPad Air 5th/4th Generation, iPad Pro 11 inch (2022/2021/2020/2018), Matte PET Film for iPad Air 5/4(10.9"), Write and Draw Like on Paper, Anti-Glare Screen Protector

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2 PACK Paper Screen Protector for iPad Air 5th/4th Generation, iPad Pro 11 inch (2022/2021/2020/2018), Matte PET Film for iPad Air 5/4(10.9"), Write and Draw Like on Paper, Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Purchase options and add-ons, about this item.

  • [Perfect Match]: Compatible with iPad Pro 11 inch 2022-2018, iPad Air 5th generation 2022/ iPad Air 4th generation 2020 (Model: A2759/A2435/A2761/A2762/A2588/A2589/A2591/A2377/A2459/A2301/A2228/A2068/A2230/A1980/A2013/A1934/A2316/A2324/A2325/A2072)
  • [Paper screen protector]: Paper screen protector for iPad air 5/iPad air 4/iPad Pro 11 inch, feels just like you are writing on paper, offer paper touch, friction, and feel.
  • [Anti Glare]: With Antiglare function to suppress light reflection. Makes drawing, sketching, and writing easy, even under the bright sun.
  • [Scratch Resistant/High Touch Sensitivity]: Designed with 3H hardness and self-adhesive, easy to push out the bubbles, and protects your daily scratches. Ultra-thin Paper screen protectors keep the sensitivity for iPad Pro 11 inch.
  • [Easy Installation]: With this film for iPad Air 5/4 screen can be attach smoothly, hassle-free, and bubble-free. Questions about installation or use, please contact us with no hesitation. We offer round-the-clock customer support.

Additional Details

paper write screen protector

Frequently bought together

2 PACK Paper Screen Protector for iPad Air 5th/4th Generation, iPad Pro 11 inch (2022/2021/2020/2018), Matte PET Film for iPa

Similar items that may ship from close to you

BERSEM [2 PACK] Paperfeel Screen protector Compatible with iPad Pro 11 inch (2022/2021/2020/2018 Models) / iPad Air 5th / 4th

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MOBDIK [2 PACK] Paperfeel Screen Protector Compatible with iPad Pro 11 (2022&2021&2020&2018) / iPad Air 5th Generation / iPad

Important information

Visible screen diagonal.

11" / 28 cm

To report an issue with this product, click here .

From the brand

ipad screen protector

XIRON is dedicated to bringing you the latest technologies, specializing in iPad accessories to improve the writing experience.

Stylus and Paper Screen Protector all aim to restore the feeling of drawing on paper when writing and creating on an iPad. Though the composition has changed, they are still used in much the same way: to push, draw, or write in the interest of communication and creative expression.

ipad pencil

Stylus Pen for iPad 2018-Later

Stylus Pen for iPad 9th&10th Generation-Fast Charge Active Pencil Compatible with 2018-2023 Apple...

Upgarded Stylus Pen for iPad

Stylus Pen for iPad 2018-above

Stylus Pen for iPad 2018-Above

Palm Rejection

ipad screen protector

Paper Screen Protector

Just give you the natural feeling.

screen protector for ipad

Turn Glass to Paper

Enjoy the smooth drawing feeling.

Turn Glass to Paper

Drawing as you like

Create your artistic imagination

Product Description

ipad pro 11 inch screen protector

Is the screen protector blue?

No, the blue film is a protective layer to avoid damage and scratches to the screen protector. Please peel off the blue layer and keep the clear one on the screen.

Why the Apple Pencil can't use on the iPad after installing the paper screen protector?

If you encounter this problem, please check the settings of the Apple Pencil on the iPad, and also check whether the battery of the Apple Pencil is sufficient and whether its tip is tightened.

Can I use it on top of my glass screen protector?

It can't sticker on the glass screen protector, it will reduce responsiveness when touching your screen or working with your Apple Pencil.

How can I avoid or remove bubbles when applying the paper screen protector?

Trapped air can be removed by using the flat edge of a card to push the air pocket to the edge of the device. Please follow the steps in our tutorial video.

How do I remove the paper screen protector from my iPad?

This paper screen protector is Self-Adhesive film, it is easy to tear off it from the iPad. You can tear off it from the corners, and then slowly tear off the whole piece.

Compatible with iPad/iPad Pro/ iPad Air/iPad Mini Models

Videos for this product.

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Video Widget Video Title Section

Customer Review: for college student !

paper write screen protector

Customer Review: NOT Apple Pencil compatible as advertised!

paper write screen protector

Waste of money

Nicole Poirier

paper write screen protector

Customer Review: Great paperlike screen protector!

Brandi Brand

paper write screen protector

Customer Review: Sounds and feels like paper!!

paper write screen protector

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Paper Screen Protector iPad Air 4 10.9 inch

Video Widget Card

Paper Screen Protector Honest Review...

The Woods'

paper write screen protector

Makes your iPad better to draw on

Marielou Mandl

paper write screen protector

You need this for your iPad!!

Jones Party of 6

paper write screen protector

Showcase of bersem screen Protector

Lynn Pelletiere

paper write screen protector

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paper write screen protector

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paper write screen protector

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paper write screen protector

The best iPad screen protectors in 2023

The best iPad (including Pro) screen protectors offer defence against daily damages plus an enhanced user experience too.

A press shot of the PaperLike 2, one of the best iPad screen protectors our there, on a green background.

Every iPad owner should consider getting one of the best iPad screen protectors to protect their expensive new tablet, but it's especially important for digital artists to ensure an enjoyable drawing experience with screen clarity.

See our picks of the top products below based on price, features, and protection to help you make an informed choice when shopping for the best iPad screen protector. There are some more affordable options on our list, but remember that iPads are pricey, and repairing them doesn't come cheap, either. So a quality screen protector is an investment more than anything else.

Make sure to double-check which iPad generation you own before you buy - we've listed this information for each entry - and while you're here, take a look at the best iPad keyboards and the best iPad stands to compliment your setup. 

The best iPad screen protectors

Why you can trust Creative Bloq Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test .

The best iPad screen protector overall Materials: Microscopic nano-texture Finish: Matte like-paper One of the best iPad screen protectors for digital artists, our reviewer gave this a strong 10/10 for its excellent drawing feel, and described as a must-have for anyone who loves drawing on paper but wants to go digital. It also comes with two hard metal nibs for the Apple Pencil. Read more in our full review . 

The best iPad screen protector for artists Materials: Polyethylene Terephthalate Finish: Matte This one is our favourite, providing easy use, solid protection, and a wonderful drawing experience. Made with (and by) design professionals and artists, this protector is designed to give your iPad the feel of paper under your stylus – and that's exactly how it performed when we tested it. Read more in our full review . 

The best glass iPad screen protector Materials: 9H tempered glass Finish: Gloss Spigen is one of the best manufacturers on the market, and this screen protector is incredibly easy to fit with its foolproof installation kit. Plus you get extra scratch and drop resistance and an oleophobic coating to see off greasy fingerprints, too. However, it may interfere with your Apple Pencil. Read more in our full  review .

A cheaper alternative for a paper-like feel Materials: Polyethylene Terephthalate Finish: Matte If you're looking for a budget alternative to the Paperlike screen protector, the ESR Paper-Feel is significantly cheaper, and you get two protectors in the pack. It's not quite the same paper-like feel, but ESR's specially-treated surface does simulate the feeling of pen on paper pretty well, and it's also nicely fingerprint-resistant.

The best light blocking iPad screen protector Materials: Tempered glass Finish: Gloss The Ocushield Screen Protector is a tempered glass construction that filters out a lot of blue light. This makes it easier and more comfortable to use your iPad at all times of day. It's a solid, multi-functional screen protector in general,  and we found it easy to fit with the included applicator.

Superior screen protector for the iPad Pro 12.9

Materials: Tempered glass Finish: Gloss If you have a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, amFilm's affordable Glass Screen Protector is great. Its carefully shaped design fits neatly around the selfie camera, so Face ID still works fine. The premium-grade tempered glass is resistant and does a good job of protecting the screen from scratches. Overall, it's crystal clear and robust.

A cheap iPad Pro screen protector for a paper feel

Materials: Polyethylene Terephthalate Finish: Matte If you want to give your iPad Pro 12.9 inch more of a paper texture, the JETech Write Like Paper screen protector is another budget Paperlike alternative. It also reduces glare while making your screen more scratch- and fingerprint-resistant. JETech does warns the protector can affect the clarity of the screen. 

The best cheap iPad Pro screen protector Materials: Thermoplastic Polyurethane Finish: Gloss The Olixar screen protector should effectively prevent damage while retaining touch sensitivity. It features an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and smudges, and we didn't notice any effect on the clarity of the display. It comes with an installation kit to help you position it and a two-year guarantee.

The best iPad screen protector for privacy

Materials: Plastic Finish: Matte The Belkin Screenforce True Privacy provides a privacy screen so that anyone looking over your shoulder sees nothing but darkness, but looking at the screen directly, everything is perfectly visible. It's great if you're worried about entering sensitive data in public, but doesn't offer a great deal of physical protection for your iPad.

The best iPad screen protector for the iPad mini Materials: 9H tempered glass Finish: Gloss Ailun's screen protector is great for the iPad mini. Made from 9H tempered glass, it offers great scratch and drop resistance, has an oleophobic coating to repel oils and it's very well-priced too. The package comes with two guide stickers for fitting, along with a wet wipe, a dry wipe, and a dust absorber. 

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Which is the best iPad screen protector?

The best iPad screen protector for you will depend on what you want it for. If you're going to carry your iPad in a case or sleeve and simply want a little extra protection against scratches, then you could get away with one of the cheapest iPad screen protectors like the Olixar Screen Protector. 

However, if you think you're going to use it a lot without a case or sleeve and want extra confidence – particularly if you have one of the more expensive iPads, then you might want to invest in some more heavy duty protection such as the ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector.

Artists and illustrators, or indeed anyone who is going to use a stylus a lot on an iPad might have other requirements than simply protecting the screen, wanting a surface that will enhance their experience with the stylus. For that we recommend Paperlike, at number 1 in our list of the best iPad screen protectors, because it actually improves the feel of writing and drawing on the tablet.

What is the benefit of Paperlike screen protectors?

Paperlike is actually the brand name for this type of screen protector, but the paper-feel category of screen protectors essentially adds extra screen texture to your device screen, and creates a slight resistance between the screen and pencil, just like real paper does. So with one of these screen protectors applied, it's easier to control your strokes and get smooth lines.

Other benefits of using paper-feel [rotcetors include fingerprint resistance, plus some are coated with anti-blue light filters which protects your eyes strain after staring at screens for long hours. The texture enhancement is also super helpful for creatives who work on a glossy iPad screen.

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Beren has worked on creative titles at Future Publishing for over 13 years. Cutting his teeth as Staff Writer on the digital art magazine ImagineFX, he moved on to edit several creative titles, and is currently the Deals Editor on the most effective creative website in the world. When he's not testing and reviewing the best ergonomic office chairs, he can be found finding and comparing the best deals on the tech that creatives value the most. 

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paper write screen protector

GlassWarrior Sapphire Screen Protector

Meet the most rugged and capable Screen Protector ever.

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ArmorAir Case built with Kevlar®

Ultra-Slim, Minimalist Design

ArmorPro iPhone 15 case made with kevlar.png__PID:112e9b55-2096-44c0-84e9-5d6aeb20c9b5

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paper write screen protector

Benks Giveaway

Paperlike iPad Screen Protector

Matte Screen Protector for iPad [Write & Draw Like on Paper]

Enjoy a paper-feel when you write and draw on your iPad with Benks screen protector.

  • Write and draw like on paper
  • Reduces Glare & Fingerprints
  • High Touch Sensitivity
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Easy Installation



paper write screen protector

Write & Draw like on Paper

Enjoy natural drawing and writing on your iPad with the Matte Screen Protector. It provides a paper-like surface that preserves the sensitivity of your Apple Pencil, enabling you to create artwork with precision.


Matte finish reduces glare from both artificial & natural light.

paper write screen protector

Touch Sensitivity

Turn glass to Paperfeel, Paperfeel film is ultra-thin, it maintains the touch sensitivity as same as your iPad screen.

Clean, Smudge-free Screen

The Long-lasting smudge resistant coating makes stains and fingerprint disappear in your screen.

paper write screen protector

Thin and Responsive

Ultra-thin protector and perfect adhesion ensure your screen stays responsive while letting you enjoy perfect precision while you create.

Customer Reviews

I did struggle a little bit with sticking the foil to my ipad screen. Of course, this is always challenging, but i unfortunately got a few little air bubbles under the protection foil. However, these mysteriously disappeared after a few days! I will say that the matte look slightly compromises the screen colour/pixel display when you look closely to the screen, as if you can slightly see more pixels on the screen. This is no problem for me, but it might be disappointing if you bought your ipad partly due to the impressive display and color features. No other issues!

La sensazione di scrivere su carta

User picture

low price but premium quality

It feels and sounds just like paper and the anti-glare is amazing. Highly recommended it is way cheaper than other brands but you are still getting a high-end quality screen protector.

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3 Best iPad Screen Protectors for Drawing and Lettering: It’s Not What You Think

I’ve always used a screen protector on my iPads. Although many claim that the glass is scratch resistant, I’ve never felt comfortable going “naked,” especially since I once had a scratch on my iPhone that drove me bananas. Since then, I’ve tried a bunch in my search for the best iPad screen protectors for use in Procreate and GoodNotes.

Although I started out using a screen protector just to protect the screen from the potential for scratches, I’ve since grown to love the feel of writing on my iPad with a screen protector, especially one that has a bit of texture to make it feel like I’m writing on paper. 

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. 

Paper Texture Screen Protectors: Pros and Cons

The first time I used a iPad matte screen protector, I was worried I would hate it because it tones down the screen a bit. Luckily I was wrong and I love them. I’ve experienced several positive benefits: 

  • There’s less glare, so you can use it outside.
  • I don’t have to look at my face reflected in my screen while using my iPad. 
  • My handwriting on the iPad improved dramatically right away.
  • I love the way it feels to write on the screen with a matte protector. 
  • It feels more realistic than writing on glass.

When I purchased the new 2021 iPad Pro I considered going back to a glass screen protector, but I love the feel of using the paper textured screen protector so much that I couldn’t do it. Although it changes the screen a little bit, it doesn’t distort anything or make it blurry. To me, it just seems less shiny. 

I’ve tried quite a few screen protectors and am writing this post to share my experiences with you. Please note that these are my personal experiences only and may not reflect your experience (this is me feeling bad for some negative things I’m about to say 😉 ). 

Let’s get the negative out of the way:

Paperlike iPad Screen Protector

It seems like everyone recommends the Paperlike iPad screen protector.  

It’s the most expensive of the bunch. I avoided this for awhile because of that but finally decided to give it a try. I figured since others had a lot of good things to say about it, it was worth a shot!

When I first put on the Paperlike, I fell in love. I loved the way it felt to write on the screen and it seemed like my lettering improved with this screen protector. I was super excited and planned to only purchase the Paperlike screen protector for life.

My opinion changed within 2 weeks. 

Somehow the screen protector already had a long, deep scratch on it. 

I really hate changing screen protectors. This was a pretty expensive purchase if it was only going to last 2 weeks!

I also noticed that the screen was showing a lot of scratches. At first I was able to sort of wipe those off, but it kept getting worse. 

I didn’t have the screen protector on for long, maybe three weeks, before I removed it. 

Since there were 2 in the package, I decided to give it another try when I purchased my new iPad. Here is what it looked like after 1 week:

This wasn’t super noticeable while the iPad was in use doing normal things on a brightish screen. 

When painting on a white canvas I didn’t see these scratches. I saw them when I carried my iPad around. It looked pretty beat up.

This week I recorded some updates to my Skillshare classes . When I started editing the first video, I noticed that my screen looked TERRIBLE and there was no way I could use those videos in my classes and they would need to be re-recorded. Here is a screenshot of the video 🙁 

Yes, I was recording outside so there is also a bunch of pollen on the screen. Oh well, real life. 

So, after 1 week I ditched the expensive screen protector once again and put on a new one from Amazon (see my description of the Bersem below). I chose this one because I have a similar one on my old iPad and I like the way my handwriting looks when using it. 

If you want to give the Paperlike a try, here is a link to the Paperlike screen protector . I don’t recommend it; however, it does have good reviews and a lot of other people like it. Maybe I got a faulty batch?

Let’s look at some others

Paperfeel by Mobdic

The screen protector I have on my other iPad is the Paperfeel screen protector by Mobdic . So far, I really like it. 

It’s a little weird feeling when you first put it on. It feels almost like a sand paper. It sounds like writing on some loudish paper for sure. (I like that)

I like writing and drawing on this one and haven’t seen scratches on it. I’ve had it on my other iPad for approximately a month and use my iPad nearly every day to create art projects or to practice lettering. 

With this screen protector, I’ve even enjoyed taking notes! 

This is one of my top recommendations for matte screen protectors for writing and drawing. Here is the link on Amazon for you to try it out. There are 2 in the package and the price is about a quarter of the price of the Paperlike. 

Paperfeel by Bersem

Because I like to live dangerously (haha) I decided to try a new screen protector when I took off the Paperlike. Note that I’ve had my new iPad for two weeks as of today, so that means I used the Paperlike for about a week and the Bersem for about a week. 

I wanted to try the Bersem because the package is super similar to the Morbic and frankly, I just wanted to know what the difference is between the two.

So far, I can’t figure it out. I think they are exactly the same product with different branding. Even the tools you use to put on the screen protector are the same.

I’m guessing that someone makes these as a sort of template that they sell to companies who then sell them as their own or something like that. 

Kinda weird, but hey, these are inexpensive and pretty awesome. As of this writing, the Bersem costs less than the Mobic. Especially since they recently changed to have three in the package! 

I seriously think they are the same thing. Even the package looks the same and says “jot til you drop” on it. 

The Bersem is one of my top recommendations of screen protectors for people who want to write or draw on their iPad. Here is the link to the Bersem on Amazon. There are 3 in the package! (This is a recent change since the package I purchased only has 2 – BONUS). 

iCarez Matte Screen Protector

I used the i Carez matte iPad screen protector on my iPads for 2-3 years before I decided to try out some others. I loved the iCarez protector. It comes in a 2 pack and I changed it once in 2-3 years. 

The only reason I changed is because I was curious about the Paperlike and wanted to try it. 

The only reason I didn’t go back to using it right away was because I saw other people raving about the Mobdic Paperfeel and wanted to try it. 

This is the least expensive of the bunch and I highly recommend it. 

That said, I have not used it after using the Paperlike or Paperfeel so I am not sure whether I would have a different opinion now. This was my first matte screen protector. 

When I first put it on, I was amazed at how much easier it was to do hand lettering on the screen. As a newbie I needed all the help I could get!

Tech Armor Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Prior to trying out the matte screen protector, I used this tempered glass iPad screen protector . (Well, an earlier version of it anyway). This is thicker than the matte protectors and it is clear and shiny just like the iPad screen. It is a beautiful screen protector. 

I still use a similar one on my iPhone. I’ve purchased this one for several of our iPhones over the years and love it. It’s super clear and it breaks instead of my phone if I drop it. It’s a tough screen protector though and only cracks if it falls in a very bad way 😉 

If you want to use a tempered glass screen protector for your iPad, you can’t go wrong with this one . I know a lot of people want to avoid using a matte protector right now on the new iPad due to the new mini-LED screen so wanted to include this. 

I recommend that if you’re looking for a screen protector for art or writing, that you at least try out a matte protector of the variety that is supposed to feel like paper. My top recommendation is the Bersem since it seems to be the same exact thing as the Mobic at a slightly lower price. 

A little update! I got super curious about how I would feel about a glass screen protector now that I’ve been doing a lot more drawing on my iPad (and now that I have the new M1 iPad). I put the glass protector on it yesterday and OMG I love it right now. The screen is so pretty. I’ll have to practice some lettering later and see if I still love it. Just wanted to pop on and say that it does make the screen look NICE!

Update 2: The tempered glass may be a bit thick for drawing. The result is that with some brushes you aren’t really able to get a straight line and instead it is weirdly wavy. I switched back to the Bersem .

Will a Paperlike Screen Protector Ruin Your Pencil Tip?

One of the biggest complaints about matte screen protectors is that they wear down the tip on your Apple Pencil. Is that true?

The answer is likely yes and also that it depends. Some people report they’ve never had to change their pencil tip, while others say that their tip wore down in a few short weeks using their tip. 

I think it’s going to depend on the screen protector you use, how often you use your Apple Pencil, and how hard you press when using your Apple Pencil. 

For the first 2-3 years of having an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, I never had to change my pencil tip. I could not tell you whether that was because of the screen protectors I was using (the glass screen protector and then the iCarez screen protector) or if it was because I wasn’t using it that often. 

Recently I’ve found I’ve had to change my pencil tip more often. But, I’ve been creating art with Procreate, taking notes, and using my digital planner every day. With my current setup and use, the answer is yes. Using the matte screen protector does wear down my pencil tip. 

The question you have to ask yourself though is whether it’s worth it. A box of 4 pencil tips is around $20 on Apple . Let’s say you have to change your Apple Pencil tip once a month. Would it be worth $5 a month to you to write on a screen that is less slippery and that feels like paper? 

That’s up to you. I personally think it’s worth it. You can get some spare tips on Apple . You can also purchase them on Amazon . 

I keep a spare box of these just in case.

What About Those Pencil Tips?

You may have seen some advertisements for silicone pencil tips for your Apple Pencil . They also sell inexpensiv e versions of this on Amazon . (I have not tried the Amazon ones, but they have decent reviews). 

Being the curious person I am, I purchased some silicone Apple Pencil tips off of a Facebook ad. 

I personally don’t like them. I don’t like the drag on the screen that I experience. Of course, that makes sense since I seem to push hard on the screen when creating art. If you don’t, your experience might be different. 

I also thought it was a little weird and unnatural to have a mushy pen. Pens don’t usually have cushions. I don’t know how else to explain that. It was a bit like writing on a marshmallow. 

I didn’t notice any problems with sensitivity of the iPad picking up the actions of the pencil. The tips did not interfere with the pencil at all in my opinion. Note that I used the pen tip AND my screen protector at the same time (I think I was using the Paperlike when I tried these). 

These are not for me. As mentioned above, the Apple Pencil tips are inexpensive and I’d rather just replace my tips . 

I hesitated with whether to include the company I purchased from since I’m saying I didn’t like the product; however, they were pretty awesome to work with and you may like using these tip covers, so here you go! 

I purchased the pink ones from pen.tips . If you’re going to try out the silicone tips, I recommend these. The company is responsive to questions and they come in a nice little black box you can store them in. 

Should You Use a Screen Protector?

Most people say that a screen protector isn’t necessary and that the screens on the iPads are super strong. I’ve personally experienced having a scratch on my phone so I choose to use a screen protector. 

I use a matte screen protector on my iPad because I enjoy writing and drawing on my iPad.

You can get the exact screen protector I’m using on Amazon . 

You may just want to pick up a few pencil tips while you’re there in case you’re one of the people who wears down your tips quickly with a screen protector. After all, you don’t want to be without your Apple Pencil. That would be a huge bummer!

For more accessories that I recommend, see my post on the best iPad for creatives!

Best Screen Protector for Writing on Your iPad

I take a lot of notes on my iPad. I love using GoodNotes to take notes because I can search for things instead of having to find things in all of my notebooks.

Handwriting can be sort of hit or miss with a digital note taking app. I find that using a matte screen protector helps me to have better writing.

In my opinion, the best screen protector for writing is the Bersem

Another Recommendation (??)

I go back and forth on recommending this last one . At one point I almost changed my top recommendation to this one because I love the feel of writing and drawing with it. The Bellemond Screen Protector feels very similar to the Paperlike and lasts longer than the paperlike. I have not had any problems with scratching on this screen protector and I really do love it.

I only recommend it if you’re really good at installing screen protectors. No kidding, this one is a challenge. You have to align it correctly when putting it on and then there is this really weird blue film on it that you take off after getting the bubbles out…but that blue film is sort of soft so it gets gouged easily, making it hard to smooth out the bubbles.

I hate installing this screen protector. HATE.

I’ve been able to get it on ok each time but it just feels so much harder than all of the other ones.

I’m a self proclaimed master at installing screen protectors now that I’ve tried so many of them. This one loses so many points.

Another big problem is that although it doesn’t get scratched and lasts a bit longer than the Paperlike because of that, it doesn’t last long at all.

This means that you’ll have to replace the screen protector A LOT. And since this one is terrible to put on, that’s a problem.

What happens? It loses all of its texture quickly. It ends up being just a smooth piece of plastic on your screen after just a couple of months. To me it is an unpleasant experience. I’d rather have a bare screen than this screen protector when it wears out.

I have this one on my iPad right now and I notice I’ve been avoiding doing art 🙁 I need to switch it but am procrastinating.

So while the Bellemond is a joy to use , it seems like a lot of work for a short period of time. If there was a better installation method, I’d move this to my top recommendation. (It would have to be an amazing installation method though because you have to change it pretty frequently).

I’m changing back to the Bersem this time.

Best iPad Case

I’ve always disliked using cases with my iPad but I recently discovered a case that completely changed my mind. I wrote a blog post describing the best iPad case for drawing which you can read about here. It holds your iPad in the perfect position for drawing comfortably. (Seriously, I stopped using a lapdesk…and I have like 8 lapdesks). There is a coupon code in the post too 🙂

Rock Paper Pencil Set

I just started to use the Rock Paper Pencil Set from Astropad – this is a combination of a magnetic screen protector and a special Apple Pencil tip that is supposed to feel like writing with a pen on paper. See my review of the Rock Paper Pencil set here.

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19 thoughts on “3 Best iPad Screen Protectors for Drawing and Lettering: It’s Not What You Think”

Very helpful!! I hate paperlike and it gets all the notoriety for whatever reason. Thanks so much for your very thorough feedback. I just ordered the Bersem.

I hope you enjoy the Bersem. 🙂

Thank you for this incredible review. It hit all the points I was looking for. I was about to pull the trigger on the Bellemond Kent, but longevity is a factor and you’ve convinced me otherwise. Will probably go with the Bersem or iCarez after a little more research. Than you!

I do like the Bellemond quite a bit but I think it’s kind of a pain to put it on the iPad. I hate putting that screen protector on.

I appreciate your insight in this. I am an oil painter, trying out procreate for the first time – and immediately wanted a more ‘tangible’ paper feel as I draw. Your info has helped me a lot. Unfortunately the Bersem is not available on the Canadian Amazon, so I am going to try the iCarez that you started out with (it’s a one day ship). The Bersem is available on the US Amazon site, but the ship time is longer – but, I’m going to order that as well as a backup/comparison.

Thanks again for the great info!

Hi Randy, I sent you an email. I think you’d like the Bellemond 🙂

Your review got me to order the Bersem all the way from the other end of the world where shipping was actually more expensive than the Bersem itself. After considering that I actually get 2 screens and the price of one Paperlike here is actually more expensive here, I went for it… And I am so glad I did. So, thanks for a great review. 🙂

I am so glad you like it! 🙂

Marlena, do you have a recommendation for apple pencil grips?

Before I got my Zugu case I was using the pencil grip from Paperlike. I liked it because I could still charge my pencil with it on. I have also used the one from uppr on Amazon, but that has to be removed for charging. I hope that helps!

Thank you very much. Love how honest you are.

Have you had an opportunity to try the pen mar form pentips? It is a magnetic removable screen? I would love to see a review on it…

Ugghhh. Penmat-https://pen.tips/products/penmat

I have tried penmat and am not a fan. Well, I was a huge fan until I wasn’t. It is nice to write on but holy dust under the screen protector. Guess what causes scratches? Rubbing dust and grit around. No thanks. I do not recommend.

To be fair, I did not have scratches but I only used it for a couple of weeks and took it off because off all the dust that got between the screen and penmat

I have tried penmat and am not a fan. See other response 🙂

I appreciate the sense of positivity and optimism that permeates your writing.

THIS WAS SO HELPFUL!!! You thought of EVERY question I had and answered it so that I didn’t need to read 100 reviews – thank you! I just ordered the Bersem and feel really confident about it after reading this. I am about to pop over and read your review about cases 🙂 thank you!

Yay! I hope you like it as much as I do. 🙂 I am going to put a new one on soon and love the feel of a new Bersem 🙂

The case is so good! (And I usually hate cases). I am never without it

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Consiglio vivamente!

One word....

Ottimo prodotto e soprattutto facile da applicare. I tempi di consegna sono stati rapidi.

L’antiriflesso migliora la visione dei film su iPad.

Absolutely love it. Much more realistic feel of paper from the one I used .

Uso l'iPad Pro per lavoro (graphic designer) e devo dire che DooDroo è davvero un qualcosa di cui non posso/voglio più fare a meno.

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Paperlike screen protectors are the best and worst thing to happen to the iPad

It's not all sunshine... but there are some rainbows

Notice the rainbow dots on the iPad with Paperlike on the left - Paperlike screen protectors are the best and worst thing to happen to the iPad

Wear and tear

Apple pencil destroyer.

Our Pencil got a bit of wear and tear on it. This may or may not be due to the paperlike protector I've been using recently - Paperlike screen protectors are the best and worst thing to happen to the iPad

The bottom line

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