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Parent homework pass

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Parent Homework Pass

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Parent Homework

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20+ Homework Strategies for Parents

December 13, 2022 by pathway2success Leave a Comment

20+ Homework Strategies for Parents

Homework can be a big source of frustration for kids and parents at home. Even more, it can be a challenge that carries over from home to school when the child doesn’t complete the work and is behind in class.

If your child is struggling with homework, read through these strategies and give some a try. As a note, not every single strategy is going to work for every child. To start, pick a few and give them a try. See what works and what doesn’t. Then, move forward together.

If you are an educator looking for strategies for kids, these can help you too. You might even want to pass them along to families to give strategies and support along the way.

Homework Strategies for Home:

Set up a binder organization system. First and foremost, it’s helpful to set your child up with a binder organization system that works for them. This might look different for different learners. One option is having one binder for every class/subject plus a dedicated homework binder. This is ideal for kids who are switching classes and have a good ability to keep track of different binders. In each binder, add a pocket folder and extra paper. In the homework binder, have your child add their homework agenda (read more about that below), a pencil pouch, and a pocket folder just for homework. If this system is too much, consider having one larger binder that contains a homework folder and all classes. You can separate the classes with dividers. While setting up a system most definitely takes time and planning, it helps keep things more orderly in the future.

Parent homework tip: Help kids set up a binder organization system that works for them.

Use a homework folder. A dedicated homework folder is key to making sure pages get brought home to finish and find their way back to the classroom to be turned in. Using a pocket folder, label one side of the folder “to do” and one side “done.” Explain that assignments that need to be completed, will go on the “to do” side, while pages that are finished will stay in “done.” It’s advisable to purchase a name brand folder to help make sure it lasts a bit longer and stays in the binder. Another tip is to go to the store with your child and let them choose the folder design. There are many different folders with everything from kittens to race cars. Letting the child choose the folder helps them be part of the organization process and might encourage a bit more buy-in. You can use this free homework binder template to get yourself started, or you can make your own!

Teach organization skills on an ongoing basis. Since a big part of completing homework is about organization, it’s important to teach and practice these skills often. Talk about where things should go in the house, take a 5-minute organization break when you need it, and model what organizing materials looks like. If your child struggles significantly with organization, consider reading up more on interventions for organization challenges .

Use executive functioning task cards to build skills  for organization, planning, and self-control

Set up a homework spot. Choose one spot in the house where your child can productively accomplish work on a regular basis. This might be a downstairs office or just the kitchen table. Most importantly, aim to make it consistent and distraction-free.

Have kids use a homework log or agenda. A homework log or agenda is a dedicated place to write homework every day. Often, schools provide homework logs with spots for kids to write work down. If this works, great! Sometimes, though, one isn’t provided or the space might be too small for a child to write in. If that’s the case, you can make your own or use a journal. The key is to set it up so that your child has one spot to write homework down every single day.

Parent homework tip: teach kids to use a daily homework log and make it a habit.

Keep the homework area stocked and organized. Keep extra pencils, coloring utensils, and paper ready to go when your child needs it. Having materials organized and stocked will reduce time your child goes looking for it when they need it for an assignment.

Check over the homework log together. Before starting homework, spend a few minutes going over the homework log with your child. Ask them to show you and tell you what assignments they have to do tonight. This is also a great time for positive reinforcement when all homework assignments are clearly outlined, or constructive criticism when they are not. For example, you might say, “I noticed you wrote down ‘study’ under math. What do you think might be more helpful than that for next time?” Then, talk about how you could write down the chapters or topics to study. This homework log check also helps build accountability for your child.

Parent homework tip: check over the homework log together before starting to discuss plans and expectations.

Find alternative ways to check homework. Kids and teens aren’t always perfect about writing their assignments down. Check to see if your child’s teacher has a website where homework is listed. Bookmark the site and have your child use it when they forget to write assignments down. It’s important that it becomes their responsibility to check. If a teacher website isn’t an option, have a homework buddy from class that your child can touch base with. Again, this should be your child’s responsibility when possible. The idea is to teach your child that it is actually easier just to write it down correctly in class the first time!

Be a motivator. It’s no secret that homework isn’t often a favorite activity for kids and teens. Help make it easier by providing encouragement and support in a positive way. You can even start with practicing some positive self-talk and positive affirmations .

positive affirmations list to boost student confidence during homework sessions

Use a timer. A timer can be a valuable tool to help set boundaries and allow breaks. Choose an amount of time that your child should be working, such as 20 minutes. Set the timer and make this a working time. Once the timer goes off, allow a 5 or 10 minute break before heading back to work. A visual timer can be especially helpful in this case because it shows kids and teens just how long they have left until they get their next break. Of course, a simple timer on the oven works, too.

Keep distractions away. We all know that kids and teens love their cell phones. The truth is that these devices are extremely distracting during working times. Make it an expectation that electronics stay away during homework time. Of course, it’s important to mention that this might be incredibly difficult for some kids at first. Work at it to make it a habit for the long-term.

Parent homework tip: Keep cell phones and other distractions away during working time.

Schedule breaks. It’s healthy to take breaks during long working sessions. Plan to take a break after each course assignment, or after a period of time. Of course, the number of breaks is going to vary greatly depending on your child.

Plan homework times. When it comes to homework, routine is a big part of the puzzle. Plan and schedule daily homework times when possible. Aim for shortly after your child gets home from school if that’s an option. This can allow a short break but still the time to finish the work they need to before dinner and night-time routines. Again, this is going to vary depending on every family situation, since parent work schedules and sports might interfere. If that’s the case, choose any time that works for you. It’s most important to stick with it so that it becomes a routine.

Model focused work. When it’s homework time, model what focused work looks like. While your child is working on assignments, read a book, do crossword puzzles, write in a journal, or complete some work of your own!

Parent homework tip: model focused work by reading or working during homework time.

Build in choice. Give kids some say when it comes to homework! This will help them feel more empowered and independent. You can let them choose which assignment to start first or how they’d like to start a project. A little bit of choice can go a long way.

Create a homework checklist. Help your child create a daily checklist for homework each day. Encourage them to list out everything they need to accomplish on a piece of paper. Then, prioritize what is most important and start there. Have them check off each assignment on the checklist as they go. This can be done on paper or on a mini whiteboard.

Find a homework buddy. Make sure your child has a friend or classmate they can reach out to when they need homework support. This can be beneficial if they don’t know the assignment or have a question on a specific problem.

Be flexible. If your child wants to do homework a little bit differently than you would recommend, let them try. For example, maybe your child needs to spread out and work on the floor. Perhaps they might really do better while listening to music. These are all recommendations, strategies, and ideas, but remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Be open-minded and find what works for your child.

Parent homework tip: be flexible! Be willing to try different strategies to see what works.

Recognize when something is taking too long. You know your child best. If he or she spending two hours on a homework assignment, consider taking a look at it together. Provide support and encourage strategies to help them move along. When nothing seems to work, you can also consider adding a note to the back of the page and sending an email to the teacher letting them know the challenges you encountered.

Check homework when finished. Depending on the needs of the child, it may be important to check over and review homework together. Not only it is important to check for completion, but for quality of work. If work isn’t done well, it is worth going back and having your child add or fix what they need to. Eventually, the goal is that they will learn that it’s just easier to do it right the first time!

Plan fun activities after homework. Family game time, watching a favorite show, or heading out for ice cream are all great ways to naturally reward being finished with work.

Develop a home incentive plan. If completing homework is continually a struggle and you suspect motivation is the culprit, consider an incentive or reward plan. Talk with your child about what they would like to earn, such as a movie night with friends or a weekend sleepover. Come up with the terms (such as homework completed every night for a week) and make it happen. The goal with an incentive plan is to develop positive habits and create independence.

Keep in touch with teachers. Remember to stay in contact with your child’s teachers. They are often a source of helpful tips and strategies, but they can’t provide that information if they don’t know your child is struggling. When talking to your child’s teacher about homework challenges, be specific about the difficulties you are seeing an open-minded to trying some strategies. Avoid the blame game. It’s always best when families work with schools on homework issues. If issues continue, do your best to document them and request a face-to-face meeting to discuss further and come up with ideas. Using actual homework samples might also be helpful.

Parent homework tip: keep in touch with your child's teachers to discuss struggles, strategies, and wins.

Be a united front with teachers. Even if homework becomes a source of frustration, it’s helpful to remember to act as a united front with your child’s teachers. Certainly, it’s helpful to voice your concerns (and even frustrations) with your child’s teacher privately, but doing it in front of the child can send the wrong message. Again, working together always works best.

Remember to start with just a few strategies, give them a fair shot, and see where they take you. The goal is always that your child can complete the homework independently and feel successful. This may take time, practice, and changing up the strategies along the way, but homework success is possible!

Homework Tips for Families

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The Value of Parents Helping with Homework

Dr. selena kiser.

  • September 2, 2020

Young girl and mom high-fiving while working on homework.

The importance of parents helping with homework is invaluable. Helping with homework is an important responsibility as a parent and directly supports the learning process. Parents’ experience and expertise is priceless. One of the best predictors of success in school is learning at home and being involved in children’s education. Parental involvement with homework helps develop self-confidence and motivation in the classroom. Parents helping students with homework has a multitude of benefits including spending individual time with children, enlightening strengths and weaknesses, making learning more meaningful, and having higher aspirations.

How Parental Involvement with Homework Impacts Students

Parental involvement with homework impacts students in a positive way. One of the most important reasons for parental involvement is that it helps alleviate stress and anxiety if the students are facing challenges with specific skills or topics. Parents have experience and expertise with a variety of subject matter and life experiences to help increase relevance. Parents help their children understand content and make it more meaningful, while also helping them understand things more clearly.

Also, their involvement increases skill and subject retention. Parents get into more depth about content and allow students to take skills to a greater level. Many children will always remember the times spent together working on homework or classroom projects. Parental involvement with homework and engagement in their child’s education are related to higher academic performance, better social skills and behavior, and increased self-confidence.

Parents helping with homework allows more time to expand upon subjects or skills since learning can be accelerated in the classroom. This is especially true in today’s classrooms. The curricula in many classrooms is enhanced and requires teaching a lot of content in a small amount of time. Homework is when parents and children can spend extra time on skills and subject matter. Parents provide relatable reasons for learning skills, and children retain information in greater depth.

Parental involvement increases creativity and induces critical-thinking skills in children. This creates a positive learning environment at home and transfers into the classroom setting. Parents have perspective on their children, and this allows them to support their weaknesses while expanding upon their strengths. The time together enlightens parents as to exactly what their child’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Virtual learning is now utilized nationwide, and parents are directly involved with their child’s schoolwork and homework. Their involvement is more vital now than ever. Fostering a positive homework environment is critical in virtual learning and assists children with technological and academic material.

Strategies for Including Parents in Homework

An essential strategy for including parents in homework is sharing a responsibility to help children meet educational goals. Parents’ commitment to prioritizing their child’s educational goals, and participating in homework supports a larger objective. Teachers and parents are specific about the goals and work directly with the child with classwork and homework. Teachers and parents collaboratively working together on children’s goals have larger and more long-lasting success. This also allows parents to be strategic with homework assistance.

A few other great examples of how to involve parents in homework are conducting experiments, assignments, or project-based learning activities that parents play an active role in. Interviewing parents is a fantastic way to be directly involved in homework and allows the project to be enjoyable. Parents are honored to be interviewed, and these activities create a bond between parents and children. Students will remember these assignments for the rest of their lives.

Project-based learning activities examples are family tree projects, leaf collections, research papers, and a myriad of other hands-on learning assignments. Children love working with their parents on these assignments as they are enjoyable and fun. This type of learning and engagement also fosters other interests. Conducting research is another way parents directly impact their child’s homework. This can be a subject the child is interested in or something they are unfamiliar with. Children and parents look forward to these types of homework activities.

Parents helping students with homework has a multitude of benefits. Parental involvement and engagement have lifelong benefits and creates a pathway for success. Parents provide autonomy and support, while modeling successful homework study habits.

  • #homework , #ParentalInvolvement

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parent homework pass

TikTok’s Parent Company Made An AI Homework Helper App — Here’s What To Know

W hether you love it or hate it, there’s no doubt that AI, or artificial intelligence , has changed the world and how many people work. While many students have concerns about AI — with potential issues being reduced jobs available to humans , a lack of empathy and creativity in content created by AI , and higher risks of getting hacked — there are also major potential benefits, like saving time by automating tasks and helping users with productivity, as well as the sheer amount of information people can have access to. In recent years, many new AI programs have hit the mainstream, with examples like ChatGPT and Snapchat’s AI bot being super prevalent among Gen Z in particular. Now, there’s a new program students are getting in on: Gauth AI, an app that helps with homework. 

While there are plenty of other homework-helping AI apps out on the internet, what makes Gauth so significant at this point in time is that it’s owned by Bytedance, aka the same company that owns TikTok, meaning it likely has the potential to be huge among current students. This, alongside the fact that the app has gained rapid popularity amid concerns over TikTok’s potential ban in the United States, has certainly caught people’s attention. Here’s everything else to know about Gauth AI. 

What is Gauth AI?

Gauth AI is already super popular. According to its listing on the Google Play Store, the app has more than 10 million downloads, along with a 4.8-star rating and 224,000 reviews. (Apple’s App Store doesn’t list the number of downloads an app has, but it has 4.8 stars and 3,100 reviews.)

While Gauth AI seems to be just now reaching the mainstream, it has actually been around for a few years. Launched in 2021 as an app called Gauthmath, it was originally used to help kindergarten through 12th grade students with their math homework amid the rise of remote learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, the app has expanded to other subjects, such as history and social sciences, and also provides a chatbot simply known as “Gauth” that students have access to 24/7.

How are students using Gauth AI? 

An in-depth April 3 piece in Forbes details how Gauth AI is used : First, students have to give the app permission to access their camera, which is pretty common in most apps. From there, they can take pictures of the homework problem they are struggling with, and Gauth AI will solve the problem, providing step-by-step instructions for the students. In addition to the help on homework, users can also use Gauth AI to set timers and reminders to work on their homework. There is also an animated “Personal AI Study Buddy” (which has major Clippy from Microsoft vibes , IYKYK) as well as an option to listen to music within the app.

If students want to get more than the basics out of Gauth, they can get a “Plus” version for $11.99 per month that connects students with human tutors. Gauth Plus is also ad-free and offers access to unlimited answers and explanations in its question bank. 

Will the potential TikTok ban in the U.S. affect Gauth AI?

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the ban on TikTok that got passed by the House of Representatives on March 13, 2024. The bill would require Bytedance, the company that owns TikTok and Gauth, to sell its stake in TikTok or face a TikTok ban in the United States . As for what that means for the fate of Gauth, Emily Baker-White, the journalist who wrote the Forbes piece, told CBS News that it may only be a matter of time before Gauth is also threatened with a U.S. ban. “ I expect Congress will have the same concerns about any Bytedance app ; it’s just that TikTok is the big one right now,” she said in the interview. This is because U.S. lawmakers are concerned that Bytedance, a Chinese company, has access to a ton of U.S. user data, which could compromise users’ privacy — and, potentially, U.S. national security.

“Their privacy policy in many ways isn’t that different from other companies; a lot of companies get access to a lot of data from our phones,” Baker-White explained in the interview. “But, most Bytedance apps have a provision in their privacy policy that the information can be shared with other companies in their corporate group. This is something that U.S. Senators and Congresspeople have been worried about, because they’re worried about that data being shared with people in China, who could be forced to turn it over to the government.” 

Only time — and Congress, probably — will tell what the future holds for Gauth AI in the U.S. But one thing is for sure: Whether this is the first time that you’ve heard of Gauth or you’ve been using it to help you with your schoolwork, the app will surely be a topic of discussion for some time to come.

The post TikTok’s Parent Company Made An AI Homework Helper App — Here’s What To Know first appeared on Her Campus .

TikTok’s Parent Company Made An AI Homework Helper App — Here’s What To Know

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  2. Free Printable Homework Pass

    All you need to do is select the Homework Pass link and once the PDF document appears, select the print option and the number of pages you would like to print. The designs and text show up the best when printing on plain white printer paper. Cut the passes apart on the gray line, sign and hand out a free printable homework pass to your students ...

  3. Homework Pass Printable (2nd

    Be everyone's favorite teacher with this No Homework pass! Reward students for a job well done with a "get out of homework free" card! This pass entitles a student to one homework-free evening. ... TeacherVision is part of the Sandbox Learning family of educational and reference sites for parents, teachers and students.

  4. 60+ Classroom Reward Ideas

    ideas for individual student rewards. A note (or email) of praise (written to the students) Positive note/email sent home to parents. Homework pass (get to skip one assignment) Skip the odds pass (get to skip the odd-number questions on an assignment. Delayed homework pass (get an extra day to complete an assignment)

  5. 20+ Homework Strategies for Parents

    Use a timer. A timer can be a valuable tool to help set boundaries and allow breaks. Choose an amount of time that your child should be working, such as 20 minutes. Set the timer and make this a working time. Once the timer goes off, allow a 5 or 10 minute break before heading back to work.

  6. Free Printable Homework Pass

    Printable Homework Pass Instructions. Go to the Custom Homework Pass page and follow the online instructions. You can select from a variety of images for the top of the coupon as well as enter in up to six lines of text. Choose a border and font color (first and last lines of text).

  7. 51 Free Classroom Reward Ideas Your Students will Love!

    A free homework pass is a great way to reward students who are doing well! Earn school supplies - Students love using new pencils and pens! Earn tokens toward a larger reward - This can be used as a tool for a larger class reward, too. Raffle ticket or prize box - Have parents donate small toys for your prize box.

  8. The Value of Parents Helping with Homework

    Parental involvement with homework and engagement in their child's education are related to higher academic performance, better social skills and behavior, and increased self-confidence. Parents helping with homework allows more time to expand upon subjects or skills since learning can be accelerated in the classroom.

  9. Millions Are Using TikTok Parent ByteDance's Homework App Gauth

    Gauth is a mobile app, owned by ByteDance, that offers homework help to students. getty. Gauth AI, an app that uses generative AI to help school-aged children do their homework, has surged in ...

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  11. TikTok's Parent Company Made An AI Homework Helper App

    Launched in 2021 as an app called Gauthmath, it was originally used to help kindergarten through 12th grade students with their math homework amid the rise of remote learning during the Covid-19 ...

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