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Easy and Fun Mini Python Projects for Beginners to Get Started

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, known for its simplicity and versatility. If you’re a beginner looking to improve your coding skills or just want to have some fun with Python, mini projects are a great way to get started. In this article, we will explore some easy and fun mini Python projects that are perfect for beginners.

Guess the Number Game

The “Guess the Number” game is a classic beginner project that helps you understand basic concepts like conditional statements and loops in Python. The objective of the game is simple: the computer generates a random number between 1 and 100, and you have to guess it within a certain number of attempts.

To create this game, you can use the `random` module in Python to generate a random number. Then, use a loop to allow the player to guess until they find the correct number. You can also provide hints such as “too high” or “too low” after each incorrect guess.

To-Do List Manager

A To-Do List Manager is another great mini project that helps beginners learn about data structures and file handling in Python. The goal of this project is to create a simple application where users can add, view, update, and delete tasks from their to-do list.

To accomplish this project, you can use basic file handling techniques in Python to store tasks in a text file. You can also use lists or dictionaries to manage tasks within your program’s memory. This project will not only teach you about file handling but also help improve your understanding of data structures.

Weather App

Developing a Weather App is an excellent way for beginners to learn about working with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in Python. With this mini project, you will be able to retrieve real-time weather information for any location worldwide.

To build a Weather App, you can use Python libraries such as `requests` and `json` to make API requests and parse the returned data. You will need to sign up for a free API key from a weather service provider, which will allow you to access their weather data.

Text-Based Adventure Game

A text-based adventure game is an exciting project that combines storytelling with programming. In this project, you create a game where players navigate through a series of choices and scenarios by typing commands in the console.

To create this project, you can use basic input/output functions in Python to interact with the player. You will also need to implement conditional statements and loops to handle different scenarios based on the player’s choices. This project allows beginners to unleash their creativity while learning about programming fundamentals.

In conclusion, mini Python projects are an excellent way for beginners to sharpen their coding skills and have some fun with programming. Whether it’s building simple games or creating useful applications, these projects provide hands-on experience and help solidify your understanding of core concepts in Python. So pick one of these easy and fun mini projects, roll up your sleeves, and get started on your coding journey.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


project ideas using python

42 Exciting Python Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners in 2023 [Latest]

42 Exciting Python Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners in 2023 [Latest]

In this article, you will learn the 42 Exciting Python Project Ideas & Topics in 2023 . Take a glimpse below.

  • Mad Libs Generator
  • Number Guessing
  • Text-based Adventure Game
  • Dice Rolling Simulator
  • Contact Book
  • Binary search algorithm
  • Desktop Notifier App
  • Python Story Generator
  •  Python Website Blocker
  • Spin a Yarn
  • What’s the word?… and more…

Read the full article to know more about all the 42 project Ideas & Topics in detail.

Python Project Ideas

Python is one of the most popular programming languages currently. It looks like this trend is about to continue in 2022 and beyond. So, if you are a Python beginner, the best thing you can do is work on some real-time Python project ideas. Also, you can check out some of our data science free courses that may help you understand python better.

We, here at upGrad, believe in a practical approach as theoretical knowledge alone won’t be of help in a real-time work environment. In this article, we will be exploring some interesting Python project ideas which beginners can work on to put their Python knowledge to the test. In this article, you will find 42 top python project ideas for beginners to get hands-on experience with Python. 

Moreover, project-based learning helps improve student knowledge. That’s why all of the upGrad courses cover case studies and assignments based on real-life problems. This technique is ideal for, but not limited to, beginners in programming skills. Also, check out our Python Programming Bootcamp which is for beginners in coding who want to explore a career in Data Science. 

After completing this course, you can choose from job roles like python intern , Jr python developer, and much more.

But first, let’s address the more pertinent question that must be lurking in your mind: why build Python projects?

When it comes to careers in software development, it is a must for aspiring developers to work on their own projects. Developing real-world projects is the best way to hone your skills and materialize your theoretical knowledge into practical experience. Learn Python Programming with SQL and explore a career in Data Science.

If you work on live projects, it will help:

  • To boost your confidence – As you work with real tools and technologies, you will become more confident about your strengths while also identifying your weak points. 
  • To experiment – You will need to acquaint yourself with new tools and technologies while working on a python project. The more you learn about cutting-edge development tools, environments, and libraries, the broader will be your scope for experimentation with your projects. The more you experiment with different python project ideas, the more knowledge you gain.
  • To know the nitty-gritty of SDLC – When you develop a project from scratch, you will gain a deeper understanding of how the software development life cycle functions. With time you will learn how to plan before writing the code, execute the code, manage the testing process, fix bugs, deploy the code, and also update your software product from time to time.
  • To master the concepts of programming – One of the biggest advantages of building real-world projects is that with continuous practice, you will master the concepts and patterns of programming in different languages. 

So, here are a few Python Projects for beginners can work on:

Python Project Ideas: Beginners Level

This list of python project ideas for students is suited for beginners, and those just starting out with Python or Data Science in general. These python project ideas will get you going with all the practicalities you need to succeed in your career as a Python developer.

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Further, if you’re looking for Python project ideas for a final year , this list should get you going. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into some Python project ideas that will strengthen your base and allow you to climb up the ladder.  

Here are some python topics list that will help beginners build a strong foundation in Python .

Alternatively, you can also enroll yourself in  Free Python Certification Course.

1. Mad Libs Generator

One of the best ideas to start experimenting with your hands-on python projects for students is working on Mad Libs Generator. This is the perfect project for beginners who are just starting out with software development. Primarily focused on strings, variables, and concatenation, this project will teach you how to manipulate user-inputted data. The program design is such that it will ask users to enter a series of inputs that will be considered a Mad Lib. Mab lib is one of the python projects for beginners .

The input could be anything, an adjective, a noun, a pronoun, etc. Once all the inputs are entered, the application will take the data and arrange the inputs into a story template form. Sound fun, right?

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2. Number Guessing

This is one of the simple python projects yet an exciting one. You can even call it a mini-game. This project is particularly useful for beginners. Make a program in which the computer randomly chooses a number between 1 to 10, 1 to 100, or any range. Then give users a hint to guess the number. Every time the user guesses wrong, he gets another clue, and his score gets reduced. The clue can be multiples, divisible, greater or smaller, or a combination of all.

project ideas using python

You will also need functions to compare the inputted number with the guessed number, to compute the difference between the two, and check whether an actual number was inputted or not in this python project. The main aim of this coding project idea from the Python projects list is to introduce beginners to coding basics . 

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3. text-based adventure game.

This is a basic version of the Adventure game. It is completely text-based. In this version of the game, users can move about through different rooms within a single setting, and based on the user input, it will provide descriptions for each room. This is one of the more interesting python projects for beginners.

project ideas using python

Movement direction is crucial here – you must create walls and set the directions in which the users can move through the rooms, set movement restrictions, and also include a tracker that can track how far a user has walked or moved in the game. Mentioning Python projects can help your resume look much more interesting than others.

4. Dice Rolling Simulator

project ideas using python

As the name of the program suggests, we will be imitating rolling dice. This is one of the interesting python projects and will generate a random number for each dices the program runs, and the users can use the dice repeatedly for as long as he wants. When the user rolls the dice, the program will generate a random number between 1 and 6 (as on a standard dice).

The number will then be displayed to the user. It will also ask users if they would like to roll the dice again. The program should also include a function that can randomly grab a number between 1 to 6 and print it. This beginner-level python project  allows you to explore programming fundamentals and different coding concepts.

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This is more of a “guess the word” game. The core concepts you have to use while developing this project are variables, random, integer, strings, char, input and output, and boolean. In the game, users have to enter letter guesses, and each user will have a limited number of guesses (a counter variable is needed for limiting the guesses). The Hangman is among the most highly recommended projects to master python for beginners. 

You can create a pre-organized list of words that users can grab words from. Also, you must include specific functions to check whether or not a user has entered a single letter or if the input letter is in the hidden word, so if the user has actually inputted a single letter, and to print the correct outcomes (letters).

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6. Contact Book

project ideas using python

This is one of the excellent python projects for beginners. Everyone uses a contact book to save contact details, including name, address, phone number, and even email address. The main objective of this project is to generate a contact book using python where users can add a new contact, edit, or delete existing contacts and view the details of all their contacts. This is one of the coolest project ideas in python for beginners to help strengthen their command of the programming language .

This is a command-line project where you will design a contact book application that users can use to save and find contact details. The application should also allow users to update contact information, delete contacts, and list saved contacts. The SQLite database is the ideal platform for saving contacts. Handling a project with  Python for beginners  can be helpful to build your career with a good start.

7. Email Slicer

This is one of the convenient python projects that has a lot of use in the future. To create an Email slicer with python, users have to generate a program to retrieve the username and domain of the email.  You can even customize the application and send a message to the host with this information . Although it is a simple coding project idea, it is instrumental in enhancing your coding skills.

8. Binary search algorithm

Have you ever heard the proverb, “finding a needle in a haystack.” This program is designed to do just that- by using a binary search algorithm. You can create a list of random numbers between 0 to 100, with every succeeding number having a difference of 2 between them.

project ideas using python

When the user inputs a random number, the program will check if that number is included in the list. It will do so by creating two halves of the list. If the program finds the number in the first half of the list, it will eliminate the other half and vice versa. The search will continue until the program finds the number input of the user or until the subarray size becomes 0 (this means that the number is not in the list). This python project idea will help you create and implement an algorithm that searches for an element in a list. 

9. Desktop Notifier App

Have you ever wondered how notifications work? This small python project idea will throw some light on this. The desktop notifier apps run on your system and send you a piece of information after a fixed interval of time. We suggest you use libraries such as notify2, requests, etc. to build such a program.

10. Python Story Generator

project ideas using python

Did you think the most complex way of using a random module in python is random sampling? This idea cannot be further from the truth. It is also possible to create random stories and even beyond using the random module. 

Here, the aim is to create a random story each time the user runs the program. The story will be the same always but with little variation in the input. This is a fun but exciting python project which will work wonders with beginners to gain confidence in python .

In a nutshell, the program will ask users for inputs such as the name of a place, action, etc., and then build a story around the data.  

11. YouTube video downloader

project ideas using python

One of the best ideas to start experimenting with your hands-on python projects for students is working on a YouTube video downloader. This is the best example of introducing python to beginners in a fun way. More than a billion people watch YouTube every month. Sometimes there are videos we like to download permanently. YouTube doesn’t give you that option, but you can create an app with a simple UI and the ability to download YouTube videos in different formats and video quality. This project looks tough, but it is straightforward when you start working on it.

12. Python Website Blocker

project ideas using python

When we surf the internet, many unwanted websites keep showing up. In this real-life python project, you build a program that blocks unwanted websites from showing up when you are working. Building such programs will boost the confidence of beginners in Python as they master its fundamentals . This program is beneficial for students who want to study without any social media distractions and also for those who do not want to be bugged by unwanted websites while working .  Having this kind of python project on the resume   can help your resume look much more interesting than others.

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13. spin a yarn.

Things get more interesting here since strings are infinitely more complex to play with at the beginning.

The program first prompts the user to enter a series of inputs. These can be an adjective, a preposition, a proper noun, etc. Once all the inputs are in place, they are placed in a premade story template using concatenation. In the end, the full story is printed out to read some misintended madness!

14. What’s the word?

This name focuses on the user having to guess the randomly generated word. You can create a list from which the word would have to be guessed and also set a cap on the number of guesses allowed.

After this, you can create the rules yourself! When the user inputs the word, you can indicate whether the alphabet written appears in this particular position or not. You will need a function to check if the user is inputting alphabets or numbers and to display error messages appropriately.

15. Rock, Paper, Scissors

If you are tired of having no playmate, then a 5-minute stint of rock, paper, scissors with the computer and designed by you, yourself will improve your mood.

We again use the random function here. You make a move first and then the program makes one. To indicate the move, you can either use a single alphabet or input an entire string. A function will have to be set up to check the validity of the move.

project ideas using python

Using another function, the winner of that round is decided. You can then either give an option of playing again or decide a pre-determined number of moves in advance. A scorekeeping function will also have to be created which will return the winner at the end.

16. Leap it!

In this python project, you input a year and check whether it is a leap year or not. For this, you’ll have to create a function that recognizes the pattern of leap years and can try fitting the inputted year into the pattern. In the end, you can print the result using a boolean expression.

This project requires a good command of Python operators and Python if-else statements . So, it is perfect for those who are academically strong in python and looking for hands-on experience in developing their Python project.

17. Find out, Fibonacci!

You input a number and the function created checks whether the number belongs to the Fibonacci sequence or not. The underlying workings are similar to the above ‘Leap it!’ program.

One common theme in all the above projects is that they will help you to get your basics right. You will be the developer and the bug fixer. Not to mention, you’ll be closely working with creating and implementing a variety of functions along with working with variables, strings, integers, operators, etc. Just like 2 + 2 is the building block of your mathematics knowledge, so are these concepts, and learning about them in a fun way through building projects will help to understand and retain them more.

These are some of the most straightforward Python project ideas for you to work on. Once you finish these, let’s move to the next level.

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Python Project Ideas: Intermediate Level

18. calculator.

project ideas using python

Although there isn’t much use for a calculator, however, building your graphical UI calculator will make you familiar with a library like Tkinter in which you can create buttons to perform different operations and display results on a screen.

19. Countdown Clock and Timer

It is another utility app in which the user can set a timer, and the app notifies you when the time is up.

This nifty app helps in furthering knowledge of python coding. It is an intermediary-level project in which the codes will take gather the input corresponding to the length of the countdown within seconds. After receiving the input, the countdown will be initiated and will appear on the screen in “minutes: seconds” format.

20. Random Password Generator

This is one of the most popular coding project ideas in python. Online security is quintessential in this modern world where everything happens online. Passwords are the armors that protect our accounts from getting hacked or compromised. Having said that , creating a strong password and remembering it is a tedious task. You can build a program that intakes some words from the user and then generates a random password using those words. The user can remember the password with the help of the words he gave as input.

21. Random Wikipedia Article

This is a complicated yet straightforward program. The program searches Wikipedia and fetches a random article. Then it asks the user if he wants to read that article or not. If the answer is yes, the material is shown; otherwise, another random report is presented. This is an apt project for those developers at the intermediary level looking to further their careers by developing creative and complex Python programs . 

22. Reddit Bot

project ideas using python

This is one of the excellent python project ideas for beginners. Reddit is a handy platform, and many people want to be online as much as they can. You can program a bot that monitors subreddits and reports whenever they find something useful. It will save Redditors a lot of time and provide helpful information with it.

23. Python Command-Line Application

Python is known for building outstanding command-line applications. You can create your program, which can help you send emails to other people. The program will ask for your credentials and the content of the email, then send the data using your created command line.

24. Alarm Clock

project ideas using python

This is one of the interesting python project ideas. People all across the globe use alarm clock applications. It is quite a simple Command Line Interface (CLI) Python application for an intermediate-level developer. However, this project isn’t your run-of-the-mill alarm clock. In this application, you can input YouTube links in a text file and design the application to read the file. If you set a particular time in the alarm clock, it will pick a random YouTube link from the text file and play the YouTube video.

25. Tic-Tac-Toe

We all have fond memories of playing Tic-Tac-Toe with our friends in school, don’t we? It is one of the most fun games you can play anywhere – all you need is a pen and paper! Usually, two players can play Tic-Tac-Toe at a time. The players create a 3×3 square grid. This is one of the coolest python project ideas. 

While the first player puts “X” in any one of the squares, and the second player will put an “O” in any square. This process will continue until all the squares are filled with each player putting X and O alternatively. The player who succeeds in creating a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal with three consecutive X or O on the grid wins.

You can use the Pygame library for building this project. Pygame is loaded with all the modules you need for computer graphics and sound.

26. Steganography

Steganography is the art of hiding a secret message in another form of media, for example, hiding a coded message in an image or video. You can create a program that protects messages inside pictures for you . This coding project in Python can encode and decode images at a quick pace. It is apt for entry-level aspirants looking to enhance their coding skills. 

27. Currency Converter

project ideas using python

This is a simple GUI application that you can develop using Python. As you can guess by the name, you will build a currency converter that can convert currencies from one unit to another, for example, converting the Indian rupee into a pound or euro.

The design of this application will be straightforward – the main focus should be the primary function, that is, converting currency units from one to another. You can use Tkinter , the standard Python interface to the Tk GUI toolkit shipped along with Python.

28. Post-it Notes

Post-it notes are an excellent way to note down trivial chores so that you don’t forget to do them. In this project, we’ll make a virtual version of the physical, adhesive post-it notes. The main goal of building this application is to allow users to carry their post-it notes wherever they go (since it is on a digital platform).

The application should have an option for account creation, different layouts for post-it notes, and a categorization feature to allow users to segment their notes. You can consider using Django for this project since it has an in-built user authentication feature.

29. Site Connectivity Checker

The job of a site connectivity checker is to visit a URL and display the status of that URL, that is, whether or not it is a live URL. Usually, site connectivity checkers visit URLs at regular intervals and return the results each time. This project will work on the same lines – it will check the live status of URLs. Site connectivity checker is one of the interesting python projects for beginners.

You must design the code for this application from scratch. As for your connections, you can either opt for TCP or ICMP . You can use click , docopt , or argparse frameworks for adding commands that will enable users to add and delete URLs from the list of URLs they want to check. 

30. Directory Tree Generator

A Directory Tree Generator lets you visualize the relationship between files and directories, thereby making it easier to understand the positioning of files and directories. For this project, you can use os library to list the files and directories within a specific directory. Again, docopt or argparse frameworks are excellent tools for the project.  

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These are some intermediate Python project ideas on which you can work. If you still like to test your knowledge and take on some tough projects

Python Project Ideas: Advanced Level

31. speed typing test.

project ideas using python

Let’s start advanced python project ideas for beginners. Do you remember the old typing test game which was used in Windows XP and before? You can create a similar program that tests your typing speed. First, you need to create a UI using a library like Tkinter. Then create a fun typing test that displays the user speed, accuracy, and words per minute in the end. You can also find source code for the program online.

32. Content Aggregator

The internet is filled with websites, articles, and information. When we want to find something, it is tough to go through each of them. For this use, you can create a content aggregator that automatically searches popular websites and looks for relevant content and then complies with all the content and lets the user choose which content they want. It is very much like Google but unbiased. And this is the perfect idea for your next python project!

33. Bulk File Rename/ Image Resize Application

This is an advanced project which needs you to be well-versed in Machine Learning. We will begin by teaching the program on how to pre-process data, then perform a few resize and rename images tasks. As the program starts learning, it can handle bulk functions at once.

34. Python File Explorer

This is a significant project as it will test your knowledge of the various concepts of Python. You need to build an app that anyone uses to explore the files in their system. You can also add features like searching and copy-paste. Tkinter is a commendable choice for this project as it makes the development of GUI applications fast and easy.

To create the Python File Explorer using Tkinter, you have to import the file dialog module from Tkinter. This module is designed for opening files and directories and saving them.

35. Plagiarism Checker

Content writing is one of the most prolific online businesses. The market lacks a free tool that can be used to check for plagiarism in documents. You can use a natural language processing library along with the Google search API to create a program that searches the first few pages of Google and checks for plagiarism.

36. Web Crawler

A web crawler is an automated program script that surfs the internet and stores the content of a particular webpage. A web crawler is one of the most useful python projects to find up-to-date information. You will need to use a multi-thread concept for such a program. You can use Python’s request module to make the crawler bot, or you can use Scrapy. It is Python’s open-source web crawling framework explicitly designed for web scraping and extracting data by using APIs.

37. Music Player

Everyone likes listening to music; you can also create your music player app. Other than playing music, your program can explore your file directories and search for music. This is one of the creative python projects you might face is creating an interactive interface that can be used by regular users.

The app will have a neat interface that will allow users to browse through tracks, increase/decrease volume, and display the name of the song, artist, or album. This project will mainly involve the basics of Python programming, database management, algorithm construction, and data processing

38. Price Comparison Extension

This can be an interesting and useful python project idea. Just like Trivago, you can create a program that searches a few notable websites for the price of a product and then show you the best deal. It is a convenient program, as many businesses started on this small program. You can use this extension for groceries, stationery, etc.

39. Expense Tracker

As you can guess by the name, an expense tracker is a software application that lets you keep track of your expenses, and even analyze the expenses. In this python project, you will build a simple expense tracker that can keep track of the user’s expenses.

Expense tracker is one of the trending python projects which should also be able to perform statistical analysis to give accurate insights to users on their expenses so that they can plan their expenses better. You can use PySimpleGUI to create the interface for this application, and even Python libraries like Pandas and Matplotlib can be handy tools for the project .

40. Regex Query Tool

Regular search tools often fail to produce the desired results for specific queries. In such events, what you need is a Regex Query Tool. In simple words, a regex is a set of strings, which means that when you enter a query in this tool, it will check the validity of your query.

If the regex can match patterns in the text query entered by the user, it notifies the user by highlighting all the matching patterns. A Regex Query Tool is one of the trending python projects which allows users to quickly check the validity of their regex strings on the Web, thereby making the search process much easier. Python’s re library is the perfect tool for running the query strings on the user-inputted text.

41. Instagram Photo Downloader

project ideas using python

This would be an app that automatically downloads all the Instagram images of your friends. As Instagram is growing everyday, this is one of the useful python projects and it is quite similar to the above command line app as this app will use your credentials to open your account and then look for your friend’s ID and download their photos. This app would be handy when people want to delete pages and save just the images.

42. Quiz Application

This is one of the interesting python project ideas to create. This is a standard quiz application that presents a set of carefully curated questions to the users (a questionnaire), allows them to answer the same, and displays the correct answer if they are wrong. Each test will display the final score of the user. The application will have an account creation option, wherein some users can be appointed as Admins.

These Admins can create tests for other users. In this way, the tests and quizzes continue to be updated. This application requires a database to store all the questions, answers, and scores of the users. You can also include additional features like timers for tests.

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Bonus Python Project Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss Out [With Python Libraries]

#1 sentiment analysis.

One of the most popular mini project in python now under development in multiple disciplines is sentiment analysis. It leverages computational linguistics, text analysis, biometrics, and natural language processing to identify, extract, and research affective states systematically. From review and poll systems to eCommerce, this project idea is applicable on a range of contexts. 

#2 Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the practice of grouping customers based on shared traits or characteristics so that businesses may effectively and correctly cater to each group. 

#3 Object Detection

We can recognize and find items in an image or video using the computer vision technique known as object detection, which is also a well-liked Python project idea. This method can be used to count objects in a scene, locate and track them precisely, and accurately identify them, among other things. 

#4 Twitter Bot

Through the Twitter API, a Twitter bot can operate and administer a Twitter account. The bot is capable of carrying out any task on its own, including tweeting, retweeting, liking, following, and unfollowing, among others. 

Which Project Platform Should You Choose?

You may wonder which project platform should you select for your python projects. It is essential to develop your software projects on a specific platform so that others (particularly those lacking technical expertise) can also use your product. There are three main platforms that developers use to build python projects – Web, desktop, and command-line.

Web applications are software projects that can run on the Web. Anyone with a working internet connection can access web applications on any device – you don’t need to download them separately. Thus, if you want to make a software product for public use, the Web is the ideal platform for such applications. 

Web applications are elaborate projects having both back-end and front-end. While the back end refers to the business logic of your application that manipulates and stores the data, the front end refers to the user interface of your application – the part that users can see and interact with. Keeping the back end as the focus of your web application, you must also learn the basics of front-end development with tools like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

However, if you work with Python, it can take care of all your back-end and front-end development needs. Python has an exclusive library that eliminates the need for using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS – Anvil . Apart from this, there are many other Python-based web frameworks like Django , Flask , Web2Py , CherryPy , and Pylons , to name a few. 

Desktop GUI

Since desktop applications are widely used by people across the globe, building a desktop application is a great project idea for both freshers and intermediate-level Python developers. The best part about developing desktop GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) is that you need not learn any front-end technology. Python is all you will need for creating desktop applications.

Python comes with several frameworks for building desktop applications. While PySimpleGUI is a user-friendly Python framework, PyQt5 is one of the advanced Python-based GUI frameworks. 

Once you develop a desktop GUI, you can even make it compatible with all three major operating systems (Linux, Windows, or macOS) by compiling it into executable code for the OS you wish to run it on. 


Command-Line Applications are those applications/programs where user interaction is entirely dependent on the terminal and shell. These applications function in a console window. As such, they are devoid of any form of graphics and visual interface for the users to see. Thus, to use command-line applications, you have to enter specific commands – while users can enter their input (commands) using ASCII characters, the app will also provide the output through ASCII. This is one of the most popular python projects in recent times. 

Naturally, command-line applications demand a certain level of technical know-how of commands. Although they aren’t as user-friendly as web or desktop applications, common-line applications are robust and powerful. Python has a range of useful command-line frameworks, including click , docopt, Plac , Cliff , and Python Fire .

Python Project Ideas: Conclusion

In this article, we have covered 42Python project ideas. We started with some beginner projects which you can solve with ease. Once you finish with these simple python projects, I suggest you go back, learn a few more concepts and then try the intermediate projects. When you feel confident, you can then tackle advanced projects. If you wish to improve your python skills, you need to get your hands on these Python project ideas. Now go ahead and put to test all the knowledge that you’ve gathered through our python project ideas guide to building your very own python project!

I hope you will learn a lot while working on these python projects. If you are curious about learning data science to be in the front of fast-paced technological advancements, check out upGrad & IIM-K’s Professional Certificate Program in Data Science for Business Decision Making  and upskill yourself for the future.

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Below are some interesting Ml projects that use Python as the main programming language: Some of the tweets can be a bit offensive for a respective audience and the Tweets Sorting Tool can be used to avoid them. This machine learning project filters the tweets based on some keywords. Working on the neural network is one of the best domains to test your machine learning concepts. Handwritten characters classifier works on neural networks to identify handwritten English alphabets from A-Z. The Sentiment Analysis Model is used to detect and identify a person’s feelings and sentiments behind a post or picture posted on social media.

The following components highlight the most general architecture of a Python project. The problem statement is the fundamental component on which the whole project is based. It defines the problem that your model is going to solve and discusses the approach that your project will follow. The dataset is a very crucial component of your project and should be chosen carefully. Only large enough datasets from trusted sources should be used for the project. The algorithm you are using to analyze your data and predict the results. Popular algorithmic techniques include Regression Algorithms, Regression Trees, Naive Bayes Algorithm, and Vector Quantization.

Python has a wide range of rich libraries and modules that makes it one of the best and most versatile languages for development purposes. The following are some of the most popular Python libraries - TensorFlow is a boon to Machine Learning engineers. This library is developed by Google and can be considered a computational library. If you are working with complex data then you must have Scikit-Learn in your arsenal. This library provides a cross-validation feature which allows various methods to check the accuracy of your model. Numpy is again a machine learning library used by other Python libraries like TensorFlow to perform internal operations. Keras is another popular Python library that provides a convenient mechanism for neural networks.

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Nevon Projects

Python Projects

Latest list of the best python projects on Web applications, Image processing, Machine Learning and more using django and flask frameworks. NevonProjects compiles the top projects on python in web scraping, data mining, OpenCV, web applications and other technologies for students, researchers and engineers.


Cryptocurrency price prediction python.

project ideas using python

Image Forgery Detection Python

project ideas using python

Online Price Comparison Website Python

project ideas using python

Fake Logo Detection System Python

project ideas using python

Ecommerce Website for the Blind Python

project ideas using python

  • Space Shooter Combat Game Python

project ideas using python

All Python Projects

  • AI Healthcare Bot System using Python
  • AI Mental Health Therapist Chatbot
  • Ecommerce Fake Product Reviews Monitor and Deletion System
  • File Transfer System using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Smart Campus Surveillance and Guidance System
  • Travel and Tourism Website using Python
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Prediction System
  • College Placement System Using Python
  • Three-Level Password System Using Python
  • Skin Disease Detection System Using CNN
  • Signature Verification System Using CNN
  • Face Recognition Attendance System for Employees using Python
  • Liver Cirrhosis Prediction System using Random Forest
  • Multiple Disease Prediction System using Machine Learning
  • Online Auction System using Python
  • Online Voting System Project Python
  • Secure Persona Prediction and Data Leakage Prevention System using Python
  • Stroke Prediction System using Linear Regression
  • Toxic Comment Classification System using Deep Learning
  • Online Election System Using Python
  • Library Management System Using Python
  • Heart Failure Prediction System
  • Python Doctor Appointment Booking System
  • Yoga Poses Detection using OpenPose
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection System Python
  • Automatic Pronunciation Mistake Detector
  • Learning Disability Detector and Classifier System
  • Online Stock Photo Ecommerce Website
  • Travel Together – A Travel Buddy Finder System
  • Ambulance Booking System using Python
  • Chatbot Assistant System using Python
  • Child Vaccination Management System using Python
  • Dental Caries Detection System using Python
  • Movie Success Prediction System using Python
  • Online Complaint Registration & Management System using Python
  • Organ Donation System using Python
  • Speech Emotion Detection System using Python
  • Student Feedback Review System using Python
  • Use of Pose Estimation in Elderly People using Python
  • Vehicle Number Plate Detection and Recognition Python
  • Green Screen Background Remover using OpenCV Python
  • Intelligent Video Surveillance Using Deep Learning System
  • Leaf Detection System using OpenCV Python
  • Music Genres Classification using KNN System
  • Traffic Sign Recognition System using CNN
  • Auto capture Selfie by Detecting Smile Python
  • Face Recognition Attendance System using Python
  • Human Detector and Counter using Python
  • Pneumonia Detection using Chest X-Ray
  • Music Recommendation System by Facial Emotion
  • Parkinson’s Detector System using Python
  • Website Vulnerability Scanning System
  • Bone Fracture Detection using Python
  • Cryptocurrency price prediction using Machine Learning Python
  • Depression Detection System using Python
  • Car Lane Detection Using NumPy OpenCV Python
  • Sign Language Recognition Using Python
  • Signature verification System using Python
  • Blockchain Tender/Contract Management System in Python
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection System Using Python
  • Detecting Brain Tumors and Alzheimer’s Using Python
  • Electronics Ecommerce Website Python
  • Python Image Forgery Detection using MD5 OpenCV
  • Online Nursery Plant Shopping Website Python
  • Knee Osteoarthritis Detection & Severity Prediction
  • Arcade Shooter Game Python
  • Online PDF to Text Converter & Language Translator Python
  • Online Fake Logo Detection System
  • Students Grievance Redressal Cell Python
  • Online Fashion Stylist Website
  • Facial Emotion Detection using Neural Networks
  • Flight Ticket Price Predictor using Python
  • Automatic Salt Segmentation with UNET in Python using Deep Learning
  • Transformer Conversational Chatbot in Python using TensorFlow 2.0
  • Lane-Line Detection System in Python using OpenCV
  • Online Sports Turf Playground Booking System
  • Price Comparison Website for Online Shopping Project
  • Online College Admission Management System Project
  • Web Based Blood Donation Management System Project
  • Online Property Management System Project
  • Online Employee Payroll Management System Project
  • Online Grocery Recommender System Using Collaborative Filtering
  • Online Shoes Shopping Website Project
  • Online Organic Health Food Store Project
  • Color Detection Using OpenCv Python Project
  • Logistics Management System Project in Python
  • Web Based Place Finder Using Django and GeoDjango
  • Online Transaction Fraud Detection using Python & Backlogging on E-Commerce
  • Graphical Password Authentication System by Using Pass Point Scheme
  • Ecommerce Food Products Sales Forecasting System
  • Predicting House Prices Using Linear Regression
  • Online Employee Recruitment System Project in Python
  • Decision Tree Based Tourism Recommendation System
  • Ecommerce Website Live Visitor Tracking System Project
  • Efficient Courier Tracking System Project
  • Online Crime Reporting System in Python Project
  • Image Steganography Project using Python
  • Web Based Pharmaceutical Store Sales Forecasting System
  • Online Healthcare Information Management System Project
  • Online Inventory Management System Project in Python
  • Wish list Products Price Comparison Website Project
  • Secure File Storage on Cloud Using Hybrid Cryptography in Python
  • Data Duplication Removal using File Checksum with Python
  • GUI Based Stock Management & Control System Project

Get wide variety of open source python projects ideas and topics with source code at nevonprojects. Python is a popular, interpreted, high-level programming language which is widely used. Python is a general-purpose programming language hence, python-based projects are used for developing both desktop and web applications. Nevon Projects possess a wide list of python programming projects ideas for beginners, engineers, students and researches. We provide python projects with source code for making python project structure learning easier.

Our Python Projects provide hands on programming experience and makes python programming learning much easier. As a student or learner, contributing to open source projects is the best way to learn and understand the python coding projects, the test infrastructure and for building the framework. These intermediate python projects will help you learn python development in no time. Get interesting and advanced python projects with source code along with Python development support. Keep visiting us here for more big and small python projects ideas and topics every week.


Top Python Projects for Beginners to Advanced [With Source Code]

Top 10 python projects for beginners, 1. email slicer, 2. number to words, 3. google image downloader, 4. contact list, 5. monty hall simulation problem, 6. image to sound, 7. snake game, 8. gif creator, 9. website blocker, 10. binary search algorithm, 11. dice rolling simulator, top 12 python project ideas for intermediate, 1. image to story, 2. number guessing, 3. fibonacci generator, 4. voice assistant, 5. password generator, 6. reddit bot, 7. black jack, 8. recursive triangle, 10. rock paper scissors game, 11. currency converter, 12. quiz application, top 5 python project ideas for advanced users, 1. content aggregator, 2. building chatbot, 3. face mask detection, 4. plagiarism checker, 5. music player, why are python projects important, 1. is python suitable for large projects, 2. how do you write a project in python, 3. what should my first python project be, 4. is python bad for big projects, 5. how to make projects in python, 6. how to run a python project, additional resources.

Python is an extremely popular programming language. Almost, 8.2M developers all over the globe use Python for their projects which is more than Java now. So, in order to master Python language, it is recommended to start by creating some projects. In this article, we are going to cover Python Project Ideas for beginners and experts with valid source codes.

Well, if you’ve just started out learning Python or are at a stage where you really want to get your hands dirty, then follow this section. We have discussed a few Python projects with source codes here for you to delve deep and get expertise:

One of the easiest projects to start with is an Email Slicer. The first question that comes to our mind is: what is an email slicer?

Confused about your next job?

In essence, Email Slicer is just a simple tool that will take an email address as input and slice it to produce the username and the domain associated with it. The email must be divided into two strings by using ‘@’ as the separator.

For example


Here we got InterviewBit as the username and gmail.com as a domain.

Let’s get right to coding and build this quick and easy project. It doesn’t require any setup, so let’s get started!

You can check Source Code

This Python project can make you spell out the numbers you may define. This Python code will help you support more than a million inputs along with non-positive integers like zero, negative integers, or floating numbers. 

You can check the Source Code

Need a bunch of images for your new project? Then just run this program and download any number of images for a  topic. Only ensure that you do not violate copyright issues and give due credit to the owner if needed. 

As old school as it may sound, creating a contact list, adding contacts along with phone numbers or emails, and editing them, are still prevalent. To create one, you can use the SQLAlchemy library which uses SQLite to store contacts. Your contact book application should be organized into modules and packages, and you should give it a coherent structure.

In order to get the most out of this project, some previous experience with Python and PyQt programming would be helpful. As a result, you will need to know the following:

  • Develop GUI applications with PyQt and Python
  • Use Python and PyQt to manage SQL databases
  • Working with SQLite databases

So, In this project, you’ll learn how to:

  • Implement a GUI for your contact book application with Python and PyQt
  • Using PyQt’s SQL support to connect the application to an SQLite database 
  •  Using PyQt’s Model-View architecture for managing contact data

By the end of this project, you’ll have an application that allows you to manage and store your contacts.

You can check the Source Code :

Monty hall’s problem comes from a famous movie where three doors are used to help you win a car. How? Each door hides something behind it–a car and two goats. Any door can have the car while the remaining two have goats. The probability to find a car is ⅓. Now, if you select Door 1 and the host opens Door 3 to find a goat, your chances just become ⅔. This program will help you solve this problem. 

Work Flow and Logic 

The following are the main points of the simulation:

  • As there are three doors, a random permutation of the numbers 1, 2, and 3 would be generated, with each number representing a door. This permutation contains the first two numbers that correspond to the location of goats behind the door, and the third number corresponds to a car behind the door.
  • Using images, the configuration is represented graphically. Every configuration has its own image.
  • Only the door behind which there is a goat is to be revealed after the user has chosen a door number according to the puzzle. By selecting the door behind which the car is parked, the user can then reveal either of the other two doors. If the user selects a door behind which there is a goat, only one of the two remaining doors can be revealed (since the previously selected door cannot be revealed).

You can create sound from image files now. Imagine displaying an image from the forest with the actual forest sound in the background–Just adds to the drama. For this to run, have an image file and sound file (in .mp3 format) ready.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Speech Synthesis, and then combine them into a single working program.

With one line of code, we can perform optical character recognition using the Python Library pytesseract.

Converting Generated Text to speech In Python, you can convert speech to text in a variety of ways. We will use Google Text to Speech to convert our decoded text into audio in this project.

gTTS(Google Text to Speech) As the following example shows, doing text-to-speech with one line of code is very simple.

With older Nokia phones, we had an old-age addiction with the snake game. But of course, we don’t have it anymore. What if you could write one for yourself using Python? Beginner Python programmers who are interested in making something easier in their domain can definitely try this out, and the module Turtle was built specifically for beginners to try and submit as part of the project. The project will be done in Python 3.

As a result, we will create a Python-based game using the following modules:

  • Turtle : It’s a pre-installed Python library that lets users create shapes and pictures using a virtual canvas.
  • Time : Use this function to count how many seconds have passed since the epoch.

Random : This function generates random numbers in Python by using the random module.

A GIF is an animated series of images that conveys an impression of movement. Would you like to create your own? Sure! Here is a Python project for creating GIFs. 

Let’s get started.

As famous as the gif market has become over these years now, demand for quality gifs is going up. The majority of people use these to communicate with others on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. We will build a GIF Creator that creates GIFs from images here.

In this project, we will be using the MoviePy python module for development purposes. 

What is MoviePy?

MoviePy is a Python module that can be used to edit video (for example, to make cuts, concatenations, and title insertions), to do video compositing (also known as non-linear editing), or to do video processing. It is capable of reading and writing the most common video formats, including GIFs.

For installing MoviePy we can run the following command in our terminal:

Aren’t we all tired of random pop-ups during site surfing? So, we can create website blockers for restraining pushy ads by creating this Python project. A website blocker prevents access to websites permanently or on a schedule. We can block all websites from unwanted categories so that we can use the internet safely.

So, the Website Blocker Python project’s goal is to block websites from any device. By blocking websites from the user’s device, this project will help them stay away from distractions as they will not be able to open them.

This project enables the user to enter multiple websites to block, and then clicking on the block button will check whether the website has already been blocked, otherwise, block all those websites and print ‘blocked’.

Remember, when you code this, you can add the sites you need to block by editing sites_to_block, changing the host, or editing the time when you need to block the sites.

How do we do it?

A host file is part of every operating system. Operating systems may have different locations for the host file. It maps the hostname to the IP address of the machine. Here, we list the websites we want to block.

As the binary term explains, the system will take any input starting from 0 to any range that you specify and display a range of numbers with a difference of two.

We will be imitating a rolling dice as the program’s title suggests. This is one of the interesting python projects that generate a random number each time the program runs. The user can use the dice as often as he wants. The program will generate a random number between 1 and 6 when the user rolls the dice.

The user will then see the number. Additionally, the application asks users whether they would like to roll the dice again. Additionally, the program should be able to randomly pick a number between 1 and 6 and print it. 

Using a text-based user interface (TUI), you will be able to specify the number of six-sided dice you would like to roll with your dice-rolling simulator app.

Since we randomize the dice simulator outputs here, we’ll use the random module.

So, in this project, you will learn :

  • Simulating the rolling of dice by using random.randint()
  • Using methods such as .center() and .join() to manipulate strings
  • Using the built-in input() function to take the user’s input at the command line
  • how to parse and validate the user’s input

If you have little expertise with Python projects, you can directly start building these projects. These projects are for intermediate users who have some knowledge and wish to create more.

Want to create amazing stories from images? This project will let you produce a sentence after capturing the image. For this to work, download some pre-trained models and style vectors. Run:

Finally, we need the VGG-19 ConvNet parameters. You can obtain them by running:

Open config.py and specify the locations of all of the models and style vectors that you downloaded. For running on CPU, you will need to download the VGG-19 prototxt and model by:

Now, to generate a story, open Ipython and run:

A fun project to guess the number after getting a few hints from the computer. Every time a user gives a wrong answer, another hint pops up to make it easier for them.

What you will be doing in this project:

  • You can build a game where the user selects a range of numbers to guess.
  • Assume User selected a range, i.e., from A to B, where A and B belong to Integer.
  • The user has to guess an integer selected by the system within the minimum number of guesses

Here are the steps for building the project:

  • The user enters the lower and upper bounds of the range.
  • As a result, the compiler generates a random integer between the range and stores it in a variable for future use.
  • A while loop will be created for repetitive guessing.
  • When a user guesses a number that is greater than a randomly selected number, the user receives the message “Try Again!”. Your guess was too high.
  • If the user guesses a number smaller than a randomly selected number, the user gets an output of “Try Again!”.Your guess was too small”
  • In addition, if the user guesses within a minimum number of attempts, they get a “Congratulations!” message.
  • If the user fails to guess the integer in the minimum number of guesses, he/she will receive a “Better Luck Next Time!

In your coding journey, you must have come across the Fibonacci series which is a sequence of numbers in which each number is the sum of its two preceding numbers. 

A Fibonacci number sequence is defined mathematically by its recurrence relationship

Where F0=0 and F1=1

As the name suggests, in this project we will be creating a recursive function that takes input and checks whether the number belongs to the Fibonacci sequence or not.

Things to remember:

  • Ensure your data type is large enough to accommodate Fibonacci values
  • Make sure you use memoization by storing every value calculated at runtime when you use the top-down approach to recursion

Looking at the market majorly, we realise voice assistants are all up to take over our tasks. Siri, Alexa, and OkGoogle are already leading the market. How about you have a personal assistant of your own.

Python is, as we all know, an excellent language for scriptwriters and developers. Let’s create a script for Voice Assistant using Python. The assistant can be manipulated according to the user’s needs. 

Modules needed for this project:

Subprocesses :-Module for getting details of system subprocesses that are used by various commands such as shutdown, sleep, etc. Python includes this module by default. 

WolframAlpha :- Based on Wolfram’s algorithms, knowledgebase, and AI technology, WolframAlpha is used to compute expert-level answers. 

Pyttsx3 :- This module converts text to speech in a program and works offline. 

Tkinter :- This module is used for building GUI and comes inbuilt with Python.  

Wikipedia: – As we all know Wikipedia is a great source of knowledge just like IntervewBit. We use the Wikipedia module to access information from Wikipedia or to search Wikipedia. 

Speech Recognition :- In building an application for voice assistant, one of the most important things is that the assistant recognizes your voice (meaning what you want to ask). 

Web browser :- This built-in module is used for web search.

Ecapture :- This module is used for capturing images from your camera.

Pyjokes :- Pyjokes is a tool for collecting Python jokes online. 

Datetime :- Shows date and time

Twilio :- Twilio is used for making calls and sending messages.

Requests : Requests are used to make GET and POST requests. 

BeautifulSoup : The Beautiful Soup library allows you to easily scrape information from web pages.

The most difficult part of managing multiple accounts is generating a different strong password for each. A strong password is a mix of alphabets, numbers, and alphanumeric characters. Therefore, the best use of Python could be building a project where you could generate random passwords for any of your accounts.

In order to create a strong password, users can use this password generator to generate a random and customized password.

Steps required for building this project:

  • All characters should be stored as a list. This can be done with the string module of Python or by typing each character individually.
  • Ask the user for the length of the password.
  • Use random.shuffle to shuffle the characters.
  • Create an empty list to store the password.
  • Iterate length times to generate the password.
  • Choose a random character from all the characters using the random.choice method.
  • Add the random character to the password.
  • Randomize the resultant list of passwords.
  • Use the join method to create a string from the list of passwords.
  • Print the password.

We all have used Reddit for one purpose or the other. The famous question-answer app can now also have a bot linked to it. The bot will automate comments on the posts based on specified criteria.

For this to work :

  • Pick a subreddit to scan
  • Designate a specific comment to search for
  • Set your bot’s reply
  • Create a config.py file with your Reddit account details and Reddit.py file with the bot requirements
  • Pre-requisites: Python, Praw, and A reddit account

Creating the most famous card game of the casinos in Python would be a wonderful project. This game is played with a deck of 52 cards where the strategies play at best. Shuffle the cards, announce the buy-in amount, and decide the ranking of the cards. For ex. If Ace is given number 1 or 11. The player who gets the value of cards to 21 wins the game.

In case you need a quick refresher, here is how it works:

  • Bets are placed by players.
  • Players are dealt with 2 cards.
  • The dealer is dealt 2 cards, with the second one hidden from the players.
  • If you beat the dealer in this way, you win from the casino what you bet (you also win if the dealer busts). The goal is to have a higher point total than the dealer (but not more than 21). Each other card has a face value (face cards have a value of 10), except that aces have a value of either 1 or 11.
  • Blackjack refers to an initial 2 card hand composed of an ace and a face card. It is the best possible hand.
  • Immediately after the first round of dealing, each player has the option of hitting (receiving more cards) or staying (not receiving any more cards). The player loses his or her bet if hitting results in busting (going over 21).
  • After all the players have hit and stayed, the dealer flips over his hidden card. If the dealer’s total is less than 17, then he or she must hit (receive a new card). It repeats until either the dealer’s hand totals 17 or more, or the dealer busts (goes over 21).
  • After the dealer is done, the final results are decided – if the dealer busts, then any players who did not bust earlier will win their bet. As long as the dealer does not bust, each player’s total is compared to the dealer’s. If the player’s total exceeds the dealer’s, he or she wins money (in the amount of the bet). Any player whose total is less than the dealer’s loses. In the event of a tie, no money is exchanged.

This program creates a triangle using stars, recursively.

Implements queue data structure. A queue is an entity that maintains the data in a linear format and processes it in FIFO order.

In this project, you will be going to program a very fun python game. The goal of the rock-paper-scissor python project is to create a game that can be played from any computer, anywhere, and at any time.It is possible to indicate the move with a single alphabet or by entering an entire string

We will use the Tkinter and random module of Python to implement this python rock paper scissors game.

  • Tkinter is a standard GUI library that creates GUI apps easily.
  • The random module is used to generate random numbers.

Functions Used:

This program requires a number of functions, so let’s take a look at them all:

  • A Random function will be created for generating rock, paper, or scissors. 
  • A valid function will be created to check the validity of the move performed by the user.
  • A result function will be created to declare the winner of each round.
  • A scorekeeper to keep a track of the score in each round.

You can check the Source Code .

Python can be used to develop this simple GUI application. This project is about building a currency converter that will allow you to convert currencies from one unit to another, such as converting Indian rupee into pounds or euros.

The design of this application will be straightforward, focusing on the primary function, which is converting currency units. With Tkinter, you can access the Tk GUI toolkit, which comes with Python.

This currency converter project in python requires a basic understanding of python programming and the pygame library.

Tkinter – For UI requests – to get the URL

In your terminal, type the following code to install the Tkinter and requests libraries:

Here are the steps required for building the Python Project on Currency Converter:

  • Real-time Exchange rates: We will use: https://api.exchangerate-api.com/v4/latest/USD to get real-time exchange rates
  • Import required Libraries: Our Python project uses the Tkinter and requests libraries. We must import the libraries.
  • CurrencyConverter Class:Afterward, we will create a CurrencyConverter class that gathers real-time exchange rates, converts the currency, and returns the converted amount.
  • UI for CurrencyConverter: Next step will be to create a user interface for a currency converter.
  • Lastly create the main function.

    You can check Source Code

There are many things to learn in the world, and quizzes help in testing the understanding of those concepts. The Quiz Application will present questions to users and expect the users to respond accordingly. Think of it as a questionnaire.

Using the Quiz Application, it will be possible for special users, called administrators, to create tests, and then regular users can answer the questions and test their understanding.

  • This project consists of setting quizzes and asking people to answer them. Therefore, users should be able to ask questions, and other users should be able to answer them. The application will then display the final score and the correct answers.
  • Users should be able to create tests by uploading a text file with the questions and answers. You will be able to choose the format of the text file, so the application can convert the file into a quiz.
  • For this project, you will need to implement a database. Users’ questions, possible answers, correct answers, and scores will be stored in a database.

These Python projects are for all those developers who wish to explode the market with high-end applications for use.

Using Python and the popular Django framework, you’ll build a content aggregator from scratch.

Surfing through various websites to collate the best material for content is a tedious task. With this Python Project, searching and collating all the resources and materials in one place becomes a lot easier.

In this Project, you’ll learn:

  • RSS feeds: how to use them
  • How to create custom Django management commands
  • How to run your custom command when you specify a schedule
  • Testing your Django app’s functionality with unit tests

The major steps involved in this project are:

  • Create a list of sites from which you want to collect data.
  • Scrape these sites’ content using libraries like HTTP request sender and BeautifulSoup.
  • Apscheduler is used for background content management.
  • Scrapped content is stored in a database.

A chatbot is a software application based on artificial intelligence that interacts with humans in their own natural language.

Every site that we open nowadays has a chatbot integrated to extract information from the user/visitor in real-time. This way the problem of manually looking out for customers is solved. Now, you can even create chatbots that talk to the user and grab information. This AI provides numerous features like learning, memory, conditional switch, topic-based conversation handling, etc.

For building a chatbot ,

You must import all the necessary packages and initialize the variables. If you work with text data, remember to perform data preprocessing on your dataset before designing an ML model.

In this situation, tokenizing helps to fragment large text datasets into small, readable chunks (like words). Afterwards, you can also lemmatize a word, which transforms it into its lemma form. Afterwards, it creates a pickle file to store the Python objects used to predict the bot’s responses. 

A crucial part of the chatbot development process is creating the training and testing datasets. 

With the current pandemic times, a face mask is highly appreciated wherever we go. But it also becomes tiresome to manually detect people without a mask. This Python Project lets you detect a mask and prompt any error. This can be applied in malls or any public meeting place. 

What we will be doing in this project:

  •  Using Python, Keras, and OpenCV, we will develop a deep-learning model for face mask detection. 
  • We will develop a face mask detector model to detect whether a person is wearing a mask or not. 
  • Keras-based network architecture is used to train the model. 
  • First, the model is trained, and then the OpenCV program is used to test the model using a webcam.

Introduction to Image Processing

We need to understand how to handle images before implementing the face mask detection problem. An image is simply a collection of colors in red, green, and blue. As humans, we see images with objects and shapes in them, but a computer sees them as color arrays with values ranging from 0 to 255.

Computers perceive images differently from humans. But that’s the good news for us because if we get an array of the image, then it becomes a lot easier to implement any algorithm on the array.

Steps to Perform Image Processing :

  • Use Python or any other programming language you are using to load images.
  • Convert the images into an array.
  • And finally, apply some algorithms.

It is also good that we have a library called OpenCV that will allow us to read the image and return an array of colour pixels.

For the source code, you can refer to the Github link .

A nightmare for a writer is whether or not the written work falls into plagiarism barriers. The plagiarism tool scans through your work to find an overlap from an existing source posted online. 

To avoid any overlap for stealing someone’s work, we tend to put our work through plagiarism checkers. But the tools cost a fortune. So, with this Python project, you can create a plagiarism checker to scour through any writing work. This Python project uses a Natural Language Processing tool along with a search API to prepare a full-fledged usable Plagiarism checker. 

What you will need:

  • TensorFlow is an extremely powerful library for building neural networks with a variety of parameters. A neural network consists of an input layer, hidden layers, and an output layer.
  • We will also need Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) to prepare the dataset with our own texts for training the machine learning model. We must tokenize the root words from texts in order to train the machine learning model. 

Input will be a CSV file with only one ‘Text’ column. The file is named InterviewBit.csv. The text in each row of the column ‘Text’ will be different. You can make these texts as long as you want, as long as they do not contain commas or special symbols. For longer texts, the model will require more epochs to provide higher accuracy.  

You will be learning the following things while building this project:

  • the basic knowledge of neural networks
  •  stemming words
  •  Tokenization
  •  natural language processing

Almost everyone loves to listen to music. Imagine, creating a music player of your own that involves scanning through project files to find music files, browsing through various tracks, adding music from your favourite artists, or controlling the volume. 

With this Python project, you create a full-fledged music player with an interactive UI to play around with.

To be able to build this project you should have Tkinter and pygame installed on your device.

  • We will use Tkinter to render our application’s menu and its buttons, as well as to load the music from files, and then to play, pause, and stop it using pygame library. Also, Tkinter is a lightweight module and can be used to create cross-platform applications (the same code will work on Windows, macOS, and Linux).
  • In Python, Pygame provides an inbuilt method called mixer () which allows us to deal with sound files easily, i.e:
  •   loading and playing music
  •    pausing and unpausing music
  •    stopping the music file

Functions Used

  • playsong : The active song is loaded from the list and played. When the user clicks “play”, the song is played.
  • pausesong : If the user clicks “pausesong”, the song is paused. It is executed when the user clicks “pause”.
  • stopsong: It stops the song. After clicking “stop”, it is executed.
  • resumesong: It is used for resuming the required song. When the user clicks “resume” it is executed.

The real value of whatever you learn comes with APPLICATION. Application of your learnings and processes. Building Python projects:

  • Build confidence: You realize how comfortable you’ve become with the language. This allows you to try on new features without any hesitation. 
  • Concepts: Your programming concepts become solid and you tend to write more maintainable codes. With this, you learn to create better design patterns, integrate OOPS concerts, and avoid repeating yourself in the codes. 
  • Product Lifecycle: By building projects yourself, you involve yourself in the nitty-gritty stuff of the entire lifecycle. You get involved with–Planning, managing, and updating the code. Also keeping the clients’ requests on top. 
  • Broader Scope: By building projects using Python, you not only build daily stuff easily but get access to fields like data science, web development, machine learning, and many more. 
  • Community Building: You build your own community, create open-source projects, and create a name for yourself.

Ans. Python is suitable for any kind of project, especially long-form projects. To handle a large project, you need loose coupling and high cohesion. A large project essentially needs an orthogonal structure to carry out small sub-projects as well. Its speed is relatively high to handle all the mathematical functions. And Python can indeed be a great language to handle every such demand, efficiently.  For example, pydev provides auto-completion and debugging support for python with all the other eclipse goodies like svn support.

Ans. For writing a project in Python, 

  • Choose any tool like Pycharm and follow the steps.

Ans. Start from any of the beginner-level Python projects that are mentioned above. Once you get a handle on Python with those simple projects like creating–MadLibs Generator, Rock-Paper-Scissors, or Website blocker, you can move on to create other projects. If you need to brush up on your Python concepts, you can check out this free course in Python for beginners.

Ans. Maybe. Python is used to create large projects but not large monolithic projects because it is dynamically typed. In large monolithic projects, it is difficult to keep a track of all the data types. So, it’s better to design the system as smaller components combined together with better functionality and interface. 

Ans. Creating a project on Python is highly dependent on your own interests as an individual. Find your interests and see projects overlapping with those interests. Try creating using those libraries and code structures.

Ans. Python code after coding is converted into bytecode, internally. To convert that code into a readable format, we need an interpreter called the Python Virtual Machine:

  • A syntax checker runs on the code.
  • Code is internally compiled
  • The bytecode is interpreted using PVM
  • Finally, the output is generated. 

The steps involved to run a Python Project are:

  • Open a CMD prompt. Press CMD+R (For windows) and press ENTER.
  • Navigate to the folder (C:\….) on your local folder and find the .py file.
  • And type python filename.py
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  • Applications of Python
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  • Python Libraries
  • Python vs Java
  • Python Projects

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For Developers

42 python project ideas for beginners to advanced.

42 Python Project Ideas for Beginners to Advanced

Python is a versatile programming language that has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its simplicity, ease of use, and powerful capabilities. With its vast library of modules and frameworks, it is well-suited for a range of applications, from web development and data analysis to artificial intelligence and machine learning .

Working on Python projects is a great way to improve your Python skills. In this article, we will provide 42 Python project ideas that cover a myriad of topics and difficulty levels. They include simple beginner projects like building a calculator or a game of Hangman to more advanced projects like creating a web application or a machine learning model.

We have categorized the projects into different sections based on their topics. Each project comes with a brief description, leaving the rest to the reader’s imagination since everyone can personalize and make unique projects, even if they work on the same topic.

We hope these Python project ideas inspire you to start building projects and become a better Python programmer !

Table of Contents

  • 1. Beginner Python projects
  • 1.1. Sample project 1
  • 2. Python intermediate projects
  • 2.1. Sample project 2
  • 3. Python advanced projects
  • 4. Conclusion

Beginner Python projects

Python project ideas for beginners.webp

1. Rock-paper-scissors: Create a simple game of rock-paper-scissors where the user plays against the computer.

2. Number guessing: Create a program where the user has to guess a randomly generated number within a specific range.

3. Dice roller: Write a program that simulates rolling dice. The program should allow the user to select how many dice to roll and how many sides each die should have.

4. Hangman: Create a program that allows the user to play the classic game of Hangman. The program should choose a random word and the user has to guess the letters.

5. Calculator: Create a basic calculator that allows the user to perform simple arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

6. Address book: Create a program that allows the user to store and manage contacts in an address book.

7. Alarm clock: Develop a program that allows the user to set an alarm clock that sounds at a specified time.

8. Weather app: Build a simple weather application that fetches the current weather conditions of a user-specified location using an API.

9. To-do list: Create a program that allows the user to create and manage a to-do list.

10. Word count tool: Write a program that takes a text file as input and counts the number of words, characters, and lines in the file.

11. Simple chatbot: Create a simple chatbot that can answer questions based on predefined answers or use machine learning to learn from user input.

12. Currency converter: Build a program that allows the user to convert between different currencies using an API.

13. Sudoku solver: Write a program that solves a Sudoku puzzle. The program should take a partially completed Sudoku puzzle as input and output the completed puzzle.

14. Movie recommender: Create a program that recommends movies to the user based on their preferences. The program could use an API to fetch movie data and machine learning algorithms to make recommendations.

Sample project 1

Here's how to play the game:

  • Run the program. It will choose a random word from a list of words.
  • The program will display the current state of the word, which will be a series of blanks.
  • The user will be prompted to guess a letter.
  • If the letter is in the word, it will be displayed in the correct position(s).
  • If the letter is not in the word, the user will lose a life.
  • The user can continue guessing until they guess the word or run out of lives.

Python intermediate projects

Python intermediate project ideas.webp

1. Recipe generator: Develop a program that generates recipes based on ingredients and dietary requirements.

2. Personal finance tracker: Create a program that helps users track their income, expenses, and budget.

3. Weather app: Build an app that displays current weather conditions and forecasts for a given location.

4. Online marketplace: Develop an e-commerce platform where users can buy and sell products.

5. Chatbot: Create a conversational AI that can help users with tasks and answer questions.

6. Social media analytics: Build a program that analyzes social media data and provides insights on user behavior and trends.

7. Music player: Create a music player with features like playlists, equalizers, and song recommendations.

8. Fitness tracker: Develop a program that tracks users' physical activity, diet, and weight loss progress.

9. Image recognition: Build a program that can recognize and classify images using machine learning algorithms.

10. Expense-sharing app: Create an app that helps users split bills and expenses with friends and family.

11. Stock price predictor: Develop a program that predicts stock prices using machine learning techniques.

12. Online quiz platform: Build a platform to create and take quizzes on various topics.

13. Personal assistant: Create an AI-powered personal assistant that can perform tasks like scheduling appointments and sending emails.

14. Sudoku solver: Develop a program that solves Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty levels.

Sample project 2

In this example code, we have defined two classes: Budget and Expense. The Budget class represents a generic budget and has methods for depositing and withdrawing money, checking the balance, and getting the list of transactions.

The Expense class inherits from the Budget class and has an additional attribute for the budget amount. It also has a method for getting the budget amount as well as a method for getting the balance left in the budget.

To use this program, you can create an instance of the Expense class and use its methods to track expenses.

For example, you can deposit money into the expense budget using the deposit method, withdraw money using the withdraw method, and get the current balance of the budget using the get_balance method.

You can also get the budget amount using the get_budget method, the balance left in the budget using the get_balance_left method, and the list of transactions using the get_transactions method.

Python advanced projects

Ideas for Python advanced projects.webp

1. Natural language processing (NLP) project: Develop a program that can analyze and interpret human language, including sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and text classification .

2. Autonomous drone navigation: Build a program that uses computer vision and machine learning to enable autonomous drone navigation.

3. Speech recognition: Create a program that can recognize and transcribe human speech using deep learning techniques.

4. Recommendation system: Develop a program that recommends products, services, or content to users based on their preferences and behavior.

5. Facial recognition: Build a program that can recognize and identify individuals in images or videos using computer vision techniques.

6. Fraud detection: Create a program that can detect fraudulent activity in financial transactions using machine learning algorithms.

7. Object detection: Develop a program that can detect and classify objects in images or videos using deep learning models.

8. Chatbot with emotion recognition: Build a conversational AI that can understand and respond to human emotions in a natural and empathetic way.

9. Autonomous vehicle control: Develop a program that uses machine learning and computer vision to enable autonomous vehicle control.

10. Stock trading algorithm: Create a program that uses machine learning and data analysis to predict stock prices and make profitable trades.

11. Music generation: Build a program that uses machine learning algorithms to generate original music compositions.

12. Computer vision project: Develop a program that can recognize and classify images or videos in real-time, such as detecting traffic signs or identifying objects in a manufacturing plant.

13. Blockchain application: Build a blockchain-based application that enables secure and transparent transactions.

14. Reinforcement learning project: Create a program that uses reinforcement learning algorithms to enable decision-making and control in complex environments, such as robotics or game-playing AI.

Note: It is outside the scope of this article to create an advanced project for readers!

Python is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used to build a range of applications, from simple scripts to complex web applications and data analysis tools. The list of Python projects presented in this article demonstrates just how powerful and flexible the language can be.

Whether you're a beginner programmer just starting out or an experienced developer looking for new challenges, there's something on this list for you. From building a web app using Flask to analyzing data with Pandas and NumPy, each project provides an opportunity to learn new skills and gain hands-on experience working with Python.

In addition to the projects listed here, there are many other resources for learning Python and building new applications. Online courses, tutorials, and open-source projects provide a wealth of information and support for developers of all levels.


Author is a seasoned writer with a reputation for crafting highly engaging, well-researched, and useful content that is widely read by many of today's skilled programmers and developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Python has applications in numerous domains due to its versatility. You can undertake projects regarding machine learning, artificial intelligence, web development, scientific scripting, networking, game development, etc.

Any beginner can start rudimentary projects like tic-tac-toe, Hangman, basic data analysis with visualizations, etc.

You can begin with small projects like number guesser, Hangman, interactive quizzes, dice roller, etc.

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