1. 11+ Practice Papers

    what is gl assessment 11

  2. What is the GL Assessment 11 plus? GL Assessment 11 plus

    what is gl assessment 11

  3. 11+ GL Assessment Papers, Questions & Complete Guide

    what is gl assessment 11

  4. 11+ GL Assessment Papers, Questions & Complete Guide

    what is gl assessment 11

  5. New 11+ Maths; for the GL Assessment

    what is gl assessment 11

  6. 11+ GL Assessment Papers, Questions & Complete Guide

    what is gl assessment 11


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  1. GL Assessment 11+ Exams: Everything You Need To Know

    GL Assessment is a test provider that creates 11 plus exams. Their exams are used by most UK grammar schools, and some independent schools, to decide which children will be offered a place. GL Assessment exams used by grammar schools tend to be paper-based and non-adaptive. This means that the difficulty does not adjust depending on the answers ...

  2. GL Assessment 11+ tests explained for parents

    GL Assessment 11+ tests consist of one or more of four main areas: Verbal reasoning (VR) and non-verbal reasoning (NVR), which have been proven to be the best way to predict future academic potential. Mathematics and English, which provide a good and reliable indication of current achievement. 'VR and NVR tests are a good way to assess ...

  3. 11+ Practice Papers

    GL Assessment is the leading provider of 11+ tests for admissions. Our practice papers have been updated to better reflect the layout children will find when they sit the real test. Featuring up-to-date question types as well as answers, and guidance for parents, our practice papers are the best preparation to help build confidence before taking 11+ admissions tests.

  4. All You Need to Know About the GL 11+ Exam

    Everything you need to know about the GL 11+ Assessment: 2021-22 edition. The GL 11+ exam has been used for over 35 years to help students demonstrate their skill and academic fortitude to competitive independent and grammar schools. Like all 11+ entrance exams, the GL transfer exam is taken in the Fall prior to year 7 with most exams written ...

  5. 11+ GL Assessment Papers, Questions & Complete Guide

    11+ GL Assessment English Syllabus. The 11 plus GL English paper is designed to test your child's knowledge in various subject areas. The 11+ English GL paper consists of four sections; comprehension, spelling, capital letter/punctuation, and grammar.

  6. How to prepare for the GL 11+ exam

    The GL 11+ exam is usually made up of four main sections; English (comprehension, spelling and punctuation), ... Here is an outline of what you can do to help prepare your child for the GL assessment 11+ and build foundational knowledge, based on each year group and section: Year 3 Maths. By the end of year 3, make sure that your child is ...

  7. A comprehensive guide to 11 plus exam formats and how to prepare

    GL Assessment is amongst the key 11 plus exam formats and its popularity is growing as more schools are adopting GL as their exam standard. How long is GL assessment? Most GL assessments are around 45 to 50 minutes. The questions are generally in multiple-choice format; however, some local authorities also use a standard format (written answer ...

  8. The 11+ GL Exam: How to Pass with Flying Colours

    The length of the GL exam can vary from school to school. The 11+ GL exams cover English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Your child may not have to sit all of them because schools can choose which of the subjects to include. The exams change every year but below are some typical guidelines. ️.

  9. GL Assessment 11 Plus

    The 11 Plus English Exam, formulated by GL Assessment, plays an instrumental role in gauging a student's linguistic capabilities and readiness for advanced academic challenges. It typically takes 50 minutes and features: A 2-page document followed by 18 comprehension questions. 4 further questions assessing word meaning.

  10. What is the 11+ GL assessment?

    What is the 11+ GL assessment? GL assessment write and provide assessments to UK schools as well as many schools overseas. They don't just write educational assessments, they've also created assessments to monitor wellbeing and mental health in children. They're a forward-thinking company developing online assessments to keep up with the times.

  11. GL vs CEM 11 Plus Exam Boards: Learn the Key Differences

    Knowledge and Skills: CEM vs GL. GL exams assess a range of 21 different verbal reasoning skills, whereas CEM exams prioritise a broader vocabulary. CEM exams are more closely aligned with the KS2 National Curriculum content than GL Assessment exams. However, preparing for GL Assessment exams can be helpful due to their "question bank" format.

  12. What is the difference between GL, CEM and other types of 11 Plus exams?

    GL or Granada Learning are an examination board responsible for writing and administering a high volume of 11+ entrance exams. Schools using GL Assessment tests get to choose which components they want to cover. ... Sats (Standard Assessment Tests) measure children's educational achievement in years 2 and 6, with the ultimate aim of holding ...

  13. 11+ GL Assessment

    Preparing for the GL Assessment 11+ entrance exam is a unique journey and each child has a different set of goals. For this reason, KSOL ensure that our 11plus online tuition programmes are tailored specifically to suit areas for improvement, with weaker topics targeted in future tests. Furthermore, each child will be allocated a qualified 11 ...

  14. What is GL Assessment

    GL Assessment exams are considered to be more predictable and consistent year on year, which is great news if you are preparing your child for a GL based exam. Different grammar School areas and different private schools do ask for individual aspects of their admissions tests to be aligned with the cohort they wish to attract, but for the most ...

  15. what are the key differences between the GL and the CEM 11 ...

    The GL uses a GL Assessment Question Bank to generate its exam questions. This can mean that, through a lot of practice and preparation a child can become quite familiar with the type of questions posed in the GL 11+ exam. Using past exam papers and example exam papers when tutoring a child who is sitting a GL 11+ exam can be very helpful.

  16. What Are the Differences Between the CEM and GL Assessment 11 Plus Exam?

    Whereas the CEM test is made up of: The verbal reasoning aspect of the exam is somewhat similar to the English demands of the GL variation. Moreover, the numerical reasoning part of the exam is similar to the Maths component in GL's test. For the most part, CEM follows many concepts in the KS2 Curriculum.

  17. 11+ and entrance exams explained

    The two largest providers of the 11+ exam are CEM (Durham University), which has the subjects mixed on each paper, and GL Assessment, which has separate papers for each test subject. The Common Entrance Test (Independent Schools Examinations Board) and Moray House are also popular, and some schools produce their own test papers.

  18. 5 Differences Between GL And CEM 11+ Exams

    As previously mentioned, the CEM is designed to be 'uncoachable'. To the contrary, the questions which appear in the GL test each year come from one bank of 18,000 questions, and therefore their style and format rarely changes from year to year or school to school. As a result, your child can practise GL assessment-style questions in order to become comfortable with this type of exam.

  19. Home

    We are the leading provider of formative assessments to schools across the UK and Ireland. Our data helps you: Highlight strengths and gaps in reading and core subjects. Reveal barriers to learning. Identify and support children with additional educational needs. Provide evidence of progress. Deliver evidence of whole school improvement.

  20. The 11+ Exam A Parent's Guide

    11+ practice questions for both GL Assessment and CEM 11+ exams with Bond Online. Interactive question bank Unlimited practice, anytime, anywhere! Auto-marked tests Instant question feedback Progress reports for parents Timed mock tests Fun and easy to use for ages 9 to 11 Try it for free at Available

  21. 11+ Exam Boards Detailed Comparison

    GL Assessment. What is GL? Granada Learning (GL) is an 11+ exam board that's been conducting premium quality 11 plus school entrance exams for more than two decades. Previously, it was known as National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), but in 2001 the exam board was bought by Granada learning and became part of it.

  22. Understanding GL Assessment: A Comprehensive Guide

    GL Assessment's Maths Paper is a 40-minute exam included in the 11 Plus testing system to assess student understanding and mathematical skills from their Key Stage 2 curriculum. The test covers topics such as Algebra, BIDMAS, Equations, Ratio Proportionality, Speed Distance Time Calculations (and) Problem Solving Questions linked with ...

  23. PDF English and Vocabulary for the GL Assessment 11+

    Reading comprehension, punctuation and grammar are important features of the GL Assessment® 11+ examinations. In each of the ten Sections in this book, there is practice of these key areas, including a multiple-choice reading comprehension passage. Many of these passages are short stories or excerpts from stories, reflecting recent 11+ exam ...