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Screen Time Well-Spent: How to Choose the Right Free Preschool Games

In today’s digital age, it can be challenging for parents to navigate the world of screen time and technology for their preschool-aged children. However, with the right guidance and resources, screen time can be a valuable tool for early childhood education. One way to make the most of this opportunity is by choosing the right free preschool games. In this article, we will explore how to select high-quality educational games that are both fun and beneficial for your child’s development.

The Importance of Educational Games

Preschool is a critical time for children’s cognitive, emotional, and social development. Educational games provide an engaging platform for children to learn and practice essential skills while having fun. These games are designed to promote learning in areas such as mathematics, language development, problem-solving, creativity, and more.

When choosing free preschool games, it’s crucial to ensure that they align with your child’s developmental needs. Look for games that offer age-appropriate challenges and opportunities for growth. The right educational games can help children develop a love for learning while enhancing their cognitive abilities.

Researching Game Options

With an abundance of free preschool games available online, it can be overwhelming to find the ones that best suit your child’s needs. To make an informed decision, take some time to research different game options.

Start by reading reviews from reputable sources such as parenting blogs or educational websites. Look for feedback regarding the game’s educational value, ease of use, appropriateness for young children, and overall user experience.

Additionally, consider seeking recommendations from other parents or teachers who have used these games with their own preschoolers. Personal experiences can provide valuable insights into which games have been successful in supporting early childhood learning.

Evaluating Educational Content

Not all free preschool games are created equal when it comes to educational content. It’s important to evaluate the quality of the educational materials offered within the game. Look for games that have a clear educational objective and provide opportunities for skill development.

Pay attention to the specific skills targeted by each game. For example, some games may focus on letter recognition and phonics, while others may emphasize number sense or problem-solving abilities. Consider your child’s current areas of interest and any skills they may need additional support with when selecting games.

Furthermore, consider whether the game offers a progression of difficulty levels to challenge your child as they grow. This ensures that the game will remain engaging and beneficial over time.

Balancing Fun and Learning

While educational content is crucial, it’s equally important to choose free preschool games that are enjoyable for your child. The best learning experiences happen when children are fully engaged and motivated to participate.

Look for games with appealing graphics, vibrant colors, and interactive features that capture your child’s attention. Engaging storytelling elements or characters can also enhance the overall experience. Remember that learning should be fun, so choose games that strike a balance between education and entertainment.

Additionally, consider how the game encourages active participation from your child. Are there opportunities for hands-on exploration or problem-solving? Look for games that promote interactivity rather than passive consumption of content.

When it comes to screen time for preschoolers, choosing the right free educational games can make all the difference in their development. By researching different game options, evaluating their educational content, and finding a balance between fun and learning, you can ensure that your child’s screen time is well-spent.

Remember to regularly engage with your child during their screen time experiences by discussing what they are learning or playing together. By actively participating in their digital journey, you can maximize the benefits of free preschool games while fostering a healthy relationship with technology from an early age.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


worksheet for preschool age 6

Daycare Worksheets

Daycare Worksheets

Free preschool worksheets

Free Preschool Worksheets

The idea behind this website is to make a place where parents, teachers, and childcare professionals can download and print free educational resources for preschoolers. Preschool-aged children will benefit the most from the free printable worksheets on the site right now but we also plan on adding additional resources for younger kids.

Worksheets Cover English, Math, Activities, and General Learning

Our free worksheets are broken down into four main categories and cover different areas of early childhood education. The preschool English worksheets category includes spelling, reading, rhyming, phonics, and alphabet printables. They are designed for preschoolers’ cognitive and literacy development. The preschool activity worksheets category includes scissors practice, mazes, connect the dots, coloring, and tracing printables. They help children with developing fine motor skills and critical thinking ability. The preschool math worksheets category includes shapes, position and order, numbers, measurement, and counting printables. Children will become familiar with basic math skills. The preschool learning worksheets category includes weather, holiday, seasonal, colors, and telling time printables. They are a wonderful way for kids to learn the fundamental aspects of life. All of our free preschool worksheets can be downloaded in the PDF file format and then printed or you can print the worksheets directly in your browser.

Free to Use Anywhere including Preschools, Daycare Centers, Summer Camps, and at Home

One of the more common questions we get is “What are we allowed to do with the worksheets?”. You can do everything you want with our free daycare worksheets except sell them. Print as many as you want and make as many copies as you would like. You are also allowed to use our free worksheets anywhere, whether it be a preschool, summer camp, kindergarten, home, or a local daycare center. We want the worksheets we have created to be used by as many kids as possible.

These Preschool Printables are Different

Daycare worksheets cannot just be handed out and expected to be completed. A toddler who is two years old and a preschooler who is four years old learn differently than older children. Younger kids need to have different types of engagement in order to facilitate learning. Many of our preschool worksheets have more than one way they can be utilized. Teachers and parents can print a worksheet and then make learning game or activity out of it. Childcare professionals can also put together lesson plans using the free printables that can fit into a prekindergarten curriculum.

Popular Free Worksheets

Preschool Letter A Alphabet Learning Worksheet

Get More Worksheets

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  • Subtraction – Picture
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  • Multiplication – Repeated Addition
  • Times Tables
  • Times Table – Times Table Chart
  • Multiplication – Horizontal
  • Multiplication – Vertical
  • Multiplication-1 Digit
  • Multiplication-2 Digit by 2 Digit
  • Multiplication-3 Digit by 1 Digit
  • Squares – Perfect Squares
  • Multiplication Word Problems
  • Square Root
  • Division – Long Division
  • Division-2Digit by1Digit-No Remainder
  • Division-2Digit by1Digit-With Remainder
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  • Time – Elapsed Time
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  • Algebraic Reasoning
  • Math Worksheets on Graph Paper
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  •   Kindergarten Worksheets
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  Preschool Worksheets

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Educational Printable Activities for Kids and Preschool Worksheets

Early childhood is a very important period of rapid development in children. Children learn a lot within the first 7 years of their lives and develop all necessary motor and mental abilities, as well as physical, social, emotional, and educational skills. A child can grasp a vast amount of information, knowledge, and skills during their early childhood.

Recently Added Printable Activities

Christmas Snowball Sorting Activity

Popular Preschool Printouts

Match the Buttons Worksheet

Printable Learning Activities to Develop Kid's Basic Preschool Skills

Early education plays a very important role in a child’s life because it develops the foundation for future school achievements. However, early education is only effective if a child is interested, engaged, and happy. Keeping in mind the three important characteristics of toddler’s and preschool education – «playing-exploring-active» – we have created printable educational preschool worksheets and board games for children of 1–7 years old, which assist in the learning and improvement of all types of children's skills.

Fine motor skills and pre-writing worksheets for kids

Fine motor skills development is an extremely important step in early education. Practice with colorful funny kindergarten worksheets makes a habit of regular learning, because of its fun and engaging manner. You can select an activity that is most preferable and effective for your child:

  • sorting objects worksheets;
  • matching worksheets for toddlers or preschool;
  • tracing worksheets;
  • color worksheet;
  • cutting practice worksheets.

Math activities for toddlers, kindergarten and preschool

At the age of 2-3 years old , children get to learn figures and counting. By this age, they can distinguish geometric forms and solve simple math problems. Math learning preschool activities help to gain future academic achievements at school. Here are some useful tips:

  • Demonstrate a practical usage of math in the real life. Point at everything related to counting around you. You can do this when shopping, cooking, and counting the time.
  • Let a child investigate and work with things they are curious about: toys, candies, objects in nature, household items, money, etc.
  • Use printable math games for kindergarten to make interesting lessons. Children like colorful and fascinating printouts, and it contributes to motivated learning.

Printable logic and critical thinking activities for play and fun

Taking full advantage of right decision-making can be learned even during preschool age. On our website, you can print free practical logical activities to teach children to assess the situation and make the most proper and effective decision.

Craft templates for creativity

Print out templates for paper crafts contribute to improving toddlers' imagination and creativity by helping them make handcrafted items. Let it be an absolutely free creative process, in order to unlock and develop a child’s imagination and creative potential. Simply color, draw, construct, and make your own design without any rules and limits, based only on your personal vision.

Activities to improve kids’ memory skills

Printable memory games develop a child's ability to grasp knowledge and memorize information. It also helps to better organize and remember their everyday tasks such as tidying up a room, filling a pencil case, cleaning their teeth, and helping their parents with simple household tasks.

Thematic preschool worksheets for everybody

A correctly chosen game topic is a key to success. If you select a worksheet on a topic that a child is curious about, you get a self-motivated, engaged, and active student. These worksheets help to capture a child’s interest and get them to concentrate on the task. Some learning activities (e.g. counting, graphomotor skills worksheets, pattern cutting, handwriting worksheets for kids, etc.) demand sitting still for a particular time. For children, this can be a problem unless they do something captivating. Interesting and entertaining learning is the most effective way of education – just remember to select the right topic for your child.

Quick and Easy Preschool Activities at Home

  • Find the right printable activities for kids by topic, category, or age.
  • Download or print it online for free.
  • If you want to use printable worksheets many times, we recommend making a plastic lamination.
  • Depending on the game, you can paste fastener tape on the laminated pieces.
  • Using premium subscription , you can receive exclusive preschool learning games and other subscription benefits.

Why the Wunderkiddy?

  • We create interesting play-based teaching materials that make learning fun.
  • We provide parents with family activity ideas and free educational resources for noncommercial home usage.
  • Teachers are also allowed to use free kindergarten worksheets from our site for group lessons with kindergarten children.
  • We are open to new ideas. If you have one, just send us a message and our team will try their best to implement it.
  • Print and make

Do you like learning about new things in English? We have lots of activity sheets about many different topics. Download and print the worksheets to do puzzles, quizzes and lots of other fun activities in English.

worksheet for preschool age 6

Acrostic poems

worksheet for preschool age 6

Chinese zodiac

worksheet for preschool age 6

Christmas food in the UK

worksheet for preschool age 6

Digital citizenship

worksheet for preschool age 6

Doing chores

worksheet for preschool age 6

Elderly people

worksheet for preschool age 6

Fairy tales

worksheet for preschool age 6

Flag design

worksheet for preschool age 6

Free-time activities

worksheet for preschool age 6

Helping the environment

worksheet for preschool age 6

Looking after pets

worksheet for preschool age 6

Musical instruments

worksheet for preschool age 6

New Year's Eve

worksheet for preschool age 6

New Year’s resolutions

worksheet for preschool age 6

Olympic and Paralympic games

worksheet for preschool age 6

Pencil case


T-shirt design

worksheet for preschool age 6

Typical dish

worksheet for preschool age 6

English courses for children aged 6-17

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Preschool Worksheets

  • Kindergarten

211 Preschool Worksheets

"Reading" pictures #1

Draw a circle around each word you see! In this early reading worksheet, your child draws circles around the word under each picture and then guesses what the word might mean based on the picture.

"Reading" pictures #2

Where's the word? In this early reading worksheet, your child draws circles around the word under each picture and then guesses what the word might mean based on the picture.

A practice sentence

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Your child gets practice writing this sentence and coloring in the picture.

Above, on, below

Draw it! In this coloring math worksheet, your child will draw pictures on, above, and below other objects.

Above, on, below, part 2

Find it! In this coloring math worksheet, your child will identify whether objects are above, below, or on the ground.

Adding 1 more

In this coloring math worksheet, your child will find the group that has 1 more item than the other group and will be introduced to adding 1.

This early writing worksheet gives your child practice writing the entire alphabet in lowercase letters.

And 1 more makes…

What happens when you add 1 more? In this coloring math worksheet, your child will draw 1 more sock to complete each series as an introduction to learning to add 1.

Big triangles, small circles

In this coloring math worksheet, your child will color the big triangles red and the small circles blue, then count how many there are.

Big, bigger, biggest (preK, kindergarten)

Draw a bigger fish! Your child can practice the concepts of bigger and biggest in this coloring math worksheet.

  • Kindergarden

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