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Synonyms and antonyms of give (someone) your word in English

Give (someone) your word.


Synonyms and examples


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Scarce, scant and sparse (Ways of saying ‘not enough’)

Scarce, scant and sparse (Ways of saying ‘not enough’)

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Synonyms of give

  • as in to donate
  • as in to leave
  • as in to offer
  • as in to collapse
  • as in to pay
  • as in to express
  • as in to devote
  • as in to yield
  • as in to provide
  • as in to run by
  • as in to transmit
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Thesaurus Definition of give

Synonyms & Similar Words

  • fork (over, out, or up)
  • pungle (up)

Antonyms & Near Antonyms

  • come out with
  • impersonate
  • run through
  • fritter (away)
  • give air to
  • disseminate
  • communicate
  • get cracking
  • turn a hand
  • get with it
  • turn one's hand
  • get one's act together
  • settle (down)
  • knuckle down
  • plunge (in)
  • plug (away)
  • fool around
  • fiddle (around)
  • putter (around)
  • mess around
  • monkey (around)
  • potter (around)
  • parcel (out)
  • keep (back)
  • hold (back)
  • contaminate
  • come down (with)

Synonym Chooser

How does the verb give contrast with its synonyms?

Some common synonyms of give are afford , bestow , confer , donate , and present . While all these words mean "to convey to another as a possession," give , the general term, is applicable to any passing over of anything by any means.

When is it sensible to use afford instead of give ?

Although the words afford and give have much in common, afford implies a giving or bestowing usually as a natural or legitimate consequence of the character of the giver.

When can bestow be used instead of give ?

While the synonyms bestow and give are close in meaning, bestow implies the conveying of something as a gift and may suggest condescension on the part of the giver.

When is confer a more appropriate choice than give ?

While in some cases nearly identical to give , confer implies a gracious giving (as of a favor or honor).

In what contexts can donate take the place of give ?

The synonyms donate and give are sometimes interchangeable, but donate is likely to imply a publicized giving (as to charity).

When might present be a better fit than give ?

The meanings of present and give largely overlap; however, present carries a note of formality and ceremony.

Phrases Containing give

  • give (someone) the third degree
  • give notice
  • give ground
  • give birth to

give a hang

  • give up the ghost
  • give the lie to
  • give up (to)
  • give one the gate
  • give the third degree to
  • give one's word
  • give a hard time
  • give one the creeps
  • give rise to

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Give your word synonyms

What is another word for give your word .

  • take an oath
  • give your assurance
  • tell the truth
  • give witness

Synonyms for give your word


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    What is another word for give your word? Contexts To assure someone that an event or action will definitely take place To be honest Verb To assure someone that an event or action will definitely take place vow swear promise assure give your assurance pledge take an oath undertake affirm declare vouch covenant give an undertaking swear an oath

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