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The TEFL Academy, Assignment 3 - Lesson plan

This is my Lesson plan for my TEFL Assignment 3. Please don’t plagiarize, this is just to provide an example.

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assignment 3 tefl

TEFL Assignment 3

TEFL Assignment 1, 2, 3 Bundle

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assignment 3 tefl

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Institution TEFL Academy

Study i-to-i TEFL Level 5 Course Assignment 2- Grammar

Course Third assignment Tefl level 5, 300 hours course.

Language English

Subject Education

Updated On Nov 26,2021

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Type Others

Written 2021-2022

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assignment 3 tefl

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assignment 3 tefl

i-to-i TEFL Assignment 3...

assignment 3 tefl

i-to-i TEFL - Assignment ...

assignment 3 tefl

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assignment 3 tefl

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Assignment 3.

Profile image of Nenah Kamal

-Choosing a topic that is relevant and of interest to all students hopefully engages them all in understanding and allowing them to support one another as a close class. -Although activities are independent and they are adults, ensure they are aware that support is always available from the teacher and it's ok to ask for it and help each other. Also remind S it's okay to practice other skills in lesson such as speaking & defining vocabulary. -Kindly remind of speaking English in lessons to ensure as much practice as possible to take into the real world. Let students know they can discuss at the end of the lesson in their L1 if this helps. Authentic Text (insert reading text here or script of the listening with a link to the recording )



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    TEFL- Assignment 3 - Reading or Listening.docx.pdf - Name of the Teacher Senzo Mtyingizane Date 26/02/2021 Level of the class Upper-Intermediate Length | Course Hero. University of Cape Town.

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    TEFL Assignment 3 - Reading Lesson plan. I passed my TEFL course in June with great feedback on all of the assignments I submitted. I put a lot of effort into my assignments and I hope this helps you achieve your TEFL goals :) Assignment 3 - Reading Lesson Plan. Level: Pre-intermediate (A1) Topic: Cooking Included in this lesson plan are ...

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    This is my Lesson plan for my TEFL Assignment 3. Please don’t plagiarize, this is just to provide an example. 100% Money Back Guarantee Download is directly available Both online and in PDF No strings attached


    View TEFL ASSIGNMENT 3.pdf from ENGLISH LI ELL3000F at University of Cape Town. TEFL ASSIGNMENT 3 FIRST NAME: Stephanie LAST NAME: Thorpe EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected] TELEPHONE NUMBER: Expert Help

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    Assignment 3. Name of the Teacher Date Level of the class Length of lesson Ana Silva 19th April 2020 Pre-intermediate (A2) 60 minutes Lesson Type: Reading lesson – 8 students age 18-55 Lesson Topic: London, UK Tourist attractions Lesson Aims: Lesson Outcomes: By the end of the lesson, students will be better able to….