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Are you trying to find a dependable writing service for college papers? Do you find it stressful to complete your college assignments? You are aware of how difficult it can be at times to finish all of your college's written assignments, whether you lack time or knowledge. There are a lot of academic requirements and considerations. Even maintaining a healthy balance between your personal life, family life, and education seems unattainable. Don't fear, there is a straightforward and reliable answer to this problem in the form of a research paper writing service. It is a fantastic chance to acquire expert assistance with your homework. Many college students have already taken advantage of our services, and it was to their benefit. The company proposes 500+ professional writers , Timely Delivery , and Full Confidentiality .

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Selecting online paper writers is one of the most important and often the most difficult decisions you have to make whenever getting some work done. The writers at our site are without doubt the best you could ever find. We have top academic writers working with us who have been involved with custom research paper writing for high school, college, and university students for years. We also have certified professional college paper writers who can take on any kind of task you need to get done.

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To find the right paper writer online who can help you do your work, you need to have access to some options. Luckily, we provide such options that let you browse through all available writers and select the one you think is best for your custom research paper writing. To hire one of our professional college paper writers, you have some choices to filter the results. One of the things you can do is select a writer from the top 10% of professional writers working with us.

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How to Write a Research Paper | A Beginner's Guide

A research paper is a piece of academic writing that provides analysis, interpretation, and argument based on in-depth independent research.

Research papers are similar to academic essays , but they are usually longer and more detailed assignments, designed to assess not only your writing skills but also your skills in scholarly research. Writing a research paper requires you to demonstrate a strong knowledge of your topic, engage with a variety of sources, and make an original contribution to the debate.

This step-by-step guide takes you through the entire writing process, from understanding your assignment to proofreading your final draft.

Table of contents

Understand the assignment, choose a research paper topic, conduct preliminary research, develop a thesis statement, create a research paper outline, write a first draft of the research paper, write the introduction, write a compelling body of text, write the conclusion, the second draft, the revision process, research paper checklist, free lecture slides.

Completing a research paper successfully means accomplishing the specific tasks set out for you. Before you start, make sure you thoroughly understanding the assignment task sheet:

Carefully consider your timeframe and word limit: be realistic, and plan enough time to research, write, and edit.

There are many ways to generate an idea for a research paper, from brainstorming with pen and paper to talking it through with a fellow student or professor.

You can try free writing, which involves taking a broad topic and writing continuously for two or three minutes to identify absolutely anything relevant that could be interesting.

You can also gain inspiration from other research. The discussion or recommendations sections of research papers often include ideas for other specific topics that require further examination.

Once you have a broad subject area, narrow it down to choose a topic that interests you, m eets the criteria of your assignment, and i s possible to research. Aim for ideas that are both original and specific:

Scribbr Citation Checker New

The AI-powered Citation Checker helps you avoid common mistakes such as:

research paper writing services

Note any discussions that seem important to the topic, and try to find an issue that you can focus your paper around. Use a variety of sources , including journals, books, and reliable websites, to ensure you do not miss anything glaring.

Do not only verify the ideas you have in mind, but look for sources that contradict your point of view.

In this stage, you might find it helpful to formulate some research questions to help guide you. To write research questions, try to finish the following sentence: “I want to know how/what/why…”

A thesis statement is a statement of your central argument — it establishes the purpose and position of your paper. If you started with a research question, the thesis statement should answer it. It should also show what evidence and reasoning you’ll use to support that answer.

The thesis statement should be concise, contentious, and coherent. That means it should briefly summarize your argument in a sentence or two, make a claim that requires further evidence or analysis, and make a coherent point that relates to every part of the paper.

You will probably revise and refine the thesis statement as you do more research, but it can serve as a guide throughout the writing process. Every paragraph should aim to support and develop this central claim.

A research paper outline is essentially a list of the key topics, arguments, and evidence you want to include, divided into sections with headings so that you know roughly what the paper will look like before you start writing.

A structure outline can help make the writing process much more efficient, so it’s worth dedicating some time to create one.

Your first draft won’t be perfect — you can polish later on. Your priorities at this stage are as follows:

You do not need to start by writing the introduction. Begin where it feels most natural for you — some prefer to finish the most difficult sections first, while others choose to start with the easiest part. If you created an outline, use it as a map while you work.

Do not delete large sections of text. If you begin to dislike something you have written or find it doesn’t quite fit, move it to a different document, but don’t lose it completely — you never know if it might come in useful later.

Paragraph structure

Paragraphs are the basic building blocks of research papers. Each one should focus on a single claim or idea that helps to establish the overall argument or purpose of the paper.

Example paragraph

George Orwell’s 1946 essay “Politics and the English Language” has had an enduring impact on thought about the relationship between politics and language. This impact is particularly obvious in light of the various critical review articles that have recently referenced the essay. For example, consider Mark Falcoff’s 2009 article in The National Review Online, “The Perversion of Language; or, Orwell Revisited,” in which he analyzes several common words (“activist,” “civil-rights leader,” “diversity,” and more). Falcoff’s close analysis of the ambiguity built into political language intentionally mirrors Orwell’s own point-by-point analysis of the political language of his day. Even 63 years after its publication, Orwell’s essay is emulated by contemporary thinkers.

Citing sources

It’s also important to keep track of citations at this stage to avoid accidental plagiarism . Each time you use a source, make sure to take note of where the information came from.

You can use our free citation generators to automatically create citations and save your reference list as you go.

APA Citation Generator MLA Citation Generator

The research paper introduction should address three questions: What, why, and how? After finishing the introduction, the reader should know what the paper is about, why it is worth reading, and how you’ll build your arguments.

What? Be specific about the topic of the paper, introduce the background, and define key terms or concepts.

Why? This is the most important, but also the most difficult, part of the introduction. Try to provide brief answers to the following questions: What new material or insight are you offering? What important issues does your essay help define or answer?

How? To let the reader know what to expect from the rest of the paper, the introduction should include a “map” of what will be discussed, briefly presenting the key elements of the paper in chronological order.

The major struggle faced by most writers is how to organize the information presented in the paper, which is one reason an outline is so useful. However, remember that the outline is only a guide and, when writing, you can be flexible with the order in which the information and arguments are presented.

One way to stay on track is to use your thesis statement and topic sentences . Check:

Be aware of paragraphs that seem to cover the same things. If two paragraphs discuss something similar, they must approach that topic in different ways. Aim to create smooth transitions between sentences, paragraphs, and sections.

The research paper conclusion is designed to help your reader out of the paper’s argument, giving them a sense of finality.

Trace the course of the paper, emphasizing how it all comes together to prove your thesis statement. Give the paper a sense of finality by making sure the reader understands how you’ve settled the issues raised in the introduction.

You might also discuss the more general consequences of the argument, outline what the paper offers to future students of the topic, and suggest any questions the paper’s argument raises but cannot or does not try to answer.

You should not :

There are four main considerations when it comes to the second draft.

The goal during the revision and proofreading process is to ensure you have completed all the necessary tasks and that the paper is as well-articulated as possible.

Global concerns

Fine-grained details

Check the content of each paragraph, making sure that:

Next, think about sentence structure , grammatical errors, and formatting . Check that you have correctly used transition words and phrases to show the connections between your ideas. Look for typos, cut unnecessary words, and check for consistency in aspects such as heading formatting and spellings .

Finally, you need to make sure your paper is correctly formatted according to the rules of the citation style you are using. For example, you might need to include an MLA heading  or create an APA title page .

Scribbr’s professional editors can help with the revision process with our award-winning proofreading services.

Discover our paper editing service

Checklist: Research paper

I have followed all instructions in the assignment sheet.

My introduction presents my topic in an engaging way and provides necessary background information.

My introduction presents a clear, focused research problem and/or thesis statement .

My paper is logically organized using paragraphs and (if relevant) section headings .

Each paragraph is clearly focused on one central idea, expressed in a clear topic sentence .

Each paragraph is relevant to my research problem or thesis statement.

I have used appropriate transitions  to clarify the connections between sections, paragraphs, and sentences.

My conclusion provides a concise answer to the research question or emphasizes how the thesis has been supported.

My conclusion shows how my research has contributed to knowledge or understanding of my topic.

My conclusion does not present any new points or information essential to my argument.

I have provided an in-text citation every time I refer to ideas or information from a source.

I have included a reference list at the end of my paper, consistently formatted according to a specific citation style .

I have thoroughly revised my paper and addressed any feedback from my professor or supervisor.

I have followed all formatting guidelines (page numbers, headers, spacing, etc.).

You've written a great paper. Make sure it's perfect with the help of a Scribbr editor!

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Best Research and Term Paper Writing Services

research paper writing services

research paper writing services


Our comprehensive list features top-rated providers of academic writing assistance, with detailed reviews and ratings based on our own experience and customer feedback. We pride ourselves on providing an objective and honest assessment of each service, ensuring that you can make an informed decision when choosing the best option for your needs. From expert research paper writing to top-quality term paper editing, our list has you covered. Trust our unbiased reviews to help you find the best affordable writing service for your academic success.


ExtraEssay: Greatest Term Paper Writing Service

ExtraEssay is a premier term paper writing service that stands out among its competitors. With a focus on providing top-quality content, we ensure that our clients receive only the best from our team of highly skilled and experienced writers.

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EssayPro - Excellent Research Proposal Writer!

At EssayPro, we take pride in being a leading provider of professional research proposal writing services. Our team of expert writers possesses the knowledge and expertise to produce top-quality research proposals that meet the highest academic standards.


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In the realm of academic writing, PaperHelp stands as the top-ranked service for term and research papers. So if you need help with your next term paper or research paper, choose PaperHelp for guaranteed success.

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Grademiners - Good Research Paper Writers

Our services cover a wide range of subjects, ensuring that we can meet the needs of any student seeking assistance with their research paper. When it comes to research paper writing, you can rely on Grademiners to provide the best service available. Choose us for good research paper writers and achieve your academic goals.

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Studdit - Professional Paper Writing Service

Studdit is a leading professional paper writing service that provides expert assistance to students in need. Our team of skilled writers is committed to delivering high-quality content that meets the most stringent academic standards.


MyAdmissionsEssays: Expert Term Paper Writing And Editing Service

MyAdmissionsEssays is an expert term paper writing and editing service that specializes in providing high-quality academic support to students. Choose us for expert term paper writing and editing services and achieve the academic success you deserve.

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College students get tons of tasks daily, and completing all of them is an impossible mission. We knows the educational sphere inside and out due to the many years of experience in the niche.

Best Nursing Research and Term Paper Writing Service


Professional Nursing Paper Writing Service

At our professional nursing paper writing service, we understand the unique demands of the nursing field and are dedicated to providing top-quality writing services to nursing students. Our team of experienced writers is highly skilled in crafting professional nursing papers that meet the highest academic standards.

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Writing research and term papers is an integral part of any academic journey, and students face challenges in completing these assignments successfully. However, several online writing services can help students with these tasks, providing high-quality papers that meet academic requirements. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the best research and term paper writing services available today.

We have researched and analyzed various writing services, and based on our findings, we recommend the following five services:


In the following sections, we will provide detailed information about each of these services to help you make an informed decision.

PaperHelp is a reliable research and term paper writing service that provides quality papers at reasonable prices. They have a team of experienced writers who can handle any academic assignment, including research papers, term papers, and essays.

The service offers several benefits, including 24/7 customer support, timely delivery, and affordable pricing. They guarantee 100% original content, and all papers undergo a plagiarism check before delivery.

ExtraEssay is a professional writing service that provides high-quality research and term papers at competitive prices. They have a team of experienced writers who can handle any academic assignment, no matter how complex it is.

The service offers a range of benefits, including timely delivery, 24/7 customer support, and 100% original content. They also provide free revisions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Studdit is a reliable research and term paper writing service that offers affordable prices for quality papers. They have a team of experienced writers who can handle any academic assignment, including research papers, term papers, and essays.

The service offers several benefits, including timely delivery, 24/7 customer support, and free revisions. They guarantee 100% original content, and all papers undergo a plagiarism check before delivery.

EssayPro is a popular research and term paper writing service that provides quality papers at affordable prices. They have a team of experienced writers who can handle any academic assignment, including research papers, term papers, and essays.

GradeMiners is a professional research and term paper writing service that has been in the industry for over ten years. They have a team of experienced writers who can handle any academic assignment, no matter how complex it is.

Writing research and term papers can be a challenging task, but with the help of these online writing services, students can successfully complete their academic assignments. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable information to help you choose the best service for your needs.

How do these services guarantee original content?

These services have strict policies against plagiarism and ensure that all papers are original and unique by conducting a plagiarism check before delivery.

Are these services affordable?

Yes, these services offer reasonable and competitive prices for quality papers. Some services also offer discounts and special offers to make their services more affordable.

What is research proposal writing?

Research proposal writing is the process of creating a detailed plan for a research project. The proposal outlines the research question or problem, the proposed methodology, and the expected outcomes of the study. It also includes a literature review, which summarizes existing research on the topic, and a discussion of the significance and potential impact of the proposed research.

Research proposals are typically written by researchers, academics, or students who are seeking funding or approval for their research project. The proposal is often submitted to a funding agency, university department, or other relevant institution for review and evaluation. A well-written research proposal should demonstrate the feasibility and significance of the research project and convince the reviewer of its potential value.

The specific requirements for a research proposal can vary depending on the discipline, institution, and intended audience. However, in general, research proposals should be clear, concise, and well-organized, with a strong argument for the importance of the proposed research.

What is phd research proposal?

A PhD research proposal is a detailed document outlining a proposed research project at the doctoral level. The proposal is typically submitted by a doctoral candidate to a potential academic supervisor or department for consideration and approval.

The PhD research proposal is an essential part of the PhD application process, and it is used to demonstrate the feasibility and value of the proposed research. The proposal should provide a clear and concise overview of the research project, including its research questions, objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes. It should also include a literature review that summarizes existing research in the field and identifies gaps or areas for further investigation.

In addition, the PhD research proposal should outline the proposed research methodology, including the data collection and analysis methods that will be used, as well as the ethical considerations that will be taken into account. It should also provide a detailed timeline for the research project, including key milestones and deadlines.

The specific requirements for a PhD research proposal can vary depending on the discipline and institution, but in general, it should be well-organized, clearly written, and demonstrate the candidate's knowledge of the relevant field of study. A strong PhD research proposal is essential for securing funding, academic support, and ultimately, for successfully completing the doctoral program.


research paper writing services

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Welcome to, your home for custom and non-plagiarized essays. We are a US-based legitimate writing service with over 40 different areas of assistance from our team of expert essay writers. Our company is known for providing outstanding custom-written essays, authored by qualified writers with Master's and PhD degrees. We take pride in our effectiveness in writing certified essays that guarantee you academic success. All our writers go through a thorough education before they start working, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our work. If you're looking for a custom essay on any subject matter, such as science, geography, physiology, psychology, medicine, theology or any essay assignment, place your essay order with us today and you'll never regret using our services.

At Essays Writing, our writers are educated and understand how various types of essays are composed, including argumentative essays, descriptive essays, cause and compare essays, process essays, expository essays, critical essays, 5 paragraph essays, and many more. We only provide 100% original essays that are written from scratch, ensuring that your document is free from plagiarism. We use plagiarism software that is widely used by most universities around the world to ensure that your essay is plagiarism-free and meets all academic requirements.

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Thank you for considering for all your writing needs. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please feel free to contact us at any time.


5 Best Research Paper Writing Services Worth Your Trust


Top 5 Best Research Paper Writing Services You Can Trust

Same Day Papers

Study Clerk

A Research Guide

Essay Vikings

What are the best sites to find research paper writing services reviews?

Are paper writing services legit indeed, how to locate genuine research paper writing service reviews online, should i consider checking research paper writing services, what is the most reliable research paper writing service, should i ask my research paper writer for the references list, are paper services online legit.


Finding a trustworthy research paper writing service these days is like finding water in the desert, – it takes time…


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Sound Publishing Inc. Logo

research paper writing services

Yahoo Finance

research paper writing services

8 Best Research Paper Writing Services: The Most Reliable Companies in the USA

Legit & Affordable Writing Websites

New York --News Direct-- Writing Solutions

No matter how much someone loves writing, we all know how challenging research papers are for school. Tight deadlines, strict guidelines, and uninteresting subjects make research papers overwhelming. Considering how imperative grades are for a person’s well-being in school, sometimes students need a little help.

Still, even with a tutor or proper guidance from a teacher, you'll have to direct your entire focus regarding the matter and rigorously stick to the paper’s rules. It could require weeks or months to achieve a passing grade, which isn’t always possible depending on the person’s time, interest, or ability.

Thankfully, there are plenty of research paper writing services for people who aren’t skilled writing-wise or don’t have the time to write an excellent paper. As a result, this article will discuss everything there is to know about research paper writing services, including what it is, options to consider, and more.

What is a Research Paper Writing Service?

As the name suggests, a research paper writing service is a company from a group of writing experts that offer custom writing help. Students can recruit proficient research writers who develop custom papers that are interesting and well-composed.

These services cover a wide range, allowing students to choose a specific option for their paper. Examples include a book report, research papers, case studies, and a thesis. Experienced research paper writers benefit students struggling with writing under strict guidelines.

8 Best Research Paper Writing Services in the USA

99Papers - Best Research Paper Writing Service Overall in the United States

PaperHelp - Best Writing Service in North America

EssayPro - Best Price Company

SpeedyPaper - Best Customer Service

EssayBox - High-Quality Custom Research Papers Since 2008

Studdit - Best for Research proposal writing

Expert Editing - Best Paper Editing Provider

Ivory Research - Professional Writers from the UK

As straightforward as a subject like this appears, students must realize the importance of picking an exemplary paper writing service. It’s more than picking the most affordable option, especially considering the countless options available. To help, below will discuss eight of the best research paper writing services in the U.S..

#1. 99Papers

99Papers has a considerable reputation, and rightfully so. The company has many employees, making it easy for you to get your paper on time without worry. Any paper writing service continuously devoting time and assets to fostering the best possible paper is a huge plus.

The most significant advantage of 99Papers is its 24/7 availability for most of its writers. That way, if you have an issue or a writing change you need to address, you can discuss the update very quickly. The company does a great job allowing its clients to track the progress of any order.

Rather than worry about what’s going on writing-wise, you can quickly check the progress and put your mind at ease. Quality-wise, 99Papers claims its writers have to undergo a strict selection process, meaning only the best writers join the team.

Furthermore, when the writer joins the team, 99Papers ensures all its writers are consistently upgrading their skills. Although not every writer needs it, the continuation of learning is an excellent perk to have with any company. Time management and quality are essential, and 99Papers seems to grasp that.

The company gives its clients a wide variety of school writing help. Furthermore, it gives limitless updates on your project, whether it is a report, research paper, or thesis. Price-wise, 99Papers offers a starting price of $9.95 per page, with a slew of discounts and promo codes to save you additional money.

Keep in mind that more significant academic assignments are over $600, but for the more costly options, 99Papers offers payment plans. Hence, don't worry about finances holding you back from getting high-quality paper. Remember to ask for a plagiarism check since it doesn't usually include it.

#2. PaperHelp

Since its inception in 2008, PaperHelp prides itself on being more than a website. The two partners behind the company developed the idea to help students with their writing needs. Don’t let time or your writing ability hinder your full potential. Allow PaperHelp to develop the best possible paper that you need.

Service-wise, the company offers first-class, unique, and expert-grade articles made by handpicked Ph.D. and high-quality writers. Furthermore, the company gives literary plagiarism input on demand and guarantees your substance is unique. Don't worry about your work not being up to speed with quality and plagiarism.

Price-wise, the price starts at $10 per page but can vary depending on the assignment type and delivery. The more time-consuming and lengthy the project is, the more expensive it’ll be. Remember to look for promo and discount codes online to help your price out.

All payments are made through trustworthy entryways, so you don't need to stress over submitting personal information and fraud. Nevertheless, realize the more expensive cost over a faster delivery is expected with a service like this. PaperHelp gets a lot of orders but can work fast if it’s paid.

Thus, you should do your best to budget some extra money if you need a quick turnaround. If you have a few weeks or months to spare, then that’s your best bet for your budget. Don’t wait significantly until the last second to use PaperHelp since that’ll increase your costs.

Besides being a straightforward writing service, PaperHelp can work with you and your paper. That way, it walks you through the process and gives you the tools to reach your goals and full potential. Though it can get costly, PaperHelp is the best option in North America.

#3. EssayPro

EssayPro is another famous writing service company, primarily known for being affordable. With a large social media following, how does it compare to other more expensive options? Part of its success and affordability comes from writers who bargain and compete to get clients.

It works with live correspondences with the writers, so you can tell them what you need. The writers bid on the work to do it for you so you can get a great deal. However, the website sets a base cost, and they can't go lower than that (it starts around $11 a page).

As for its history, EssayPro claims to have been around since 1997, hence why it has such a large following. Service-wise, its customer service is the same as other organizations' approaches. You're qualified for a refund if no writer has been doled out, the order is canceled, the delivery is late, or if you accidentally made two payments.

If it comes down to a quality issue, EssayPro handles the business via the manager, with the administrator viewing the content. Depending on the manager, getting a refund is possible if you’re disappointed in the outcome. However, you’re entitled to a 100 percent reimbursement if the content is plagiarized.

The company offers many essays, case studies, research papers, dissertation and thesis writing , editing, proofreading, rewriting, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and more. Its order process is straightforward, beginning with account signup and a form.

Always check for minor mistakes and types with your work, and be familiar with more affordable options. However, realize the mistakes aren’t a massive deal since much of the paper is more than worth the price. Either way, EssayPro is an excellent option for longer papers and people looking to save a few bucks.

#4. SpeedyPaper

The biggest issue many paper writing services have is their inability to offer high-quality customer service. SpeedyPaper considers that, offering several reputable services every student needs writing-wise. It's easy to signup and allows you to put in a specific delivery date and instructions.

SpeedyPaper delivers a straightforward bundle to every order. The organization focuses intently on exploring research related to the topic, helping your project in the end. You also get a free plagiarism check with every order, ensuring whatever you get is 100 percent original.

Like many other companies, all of SpeedyPaper’s writers have been carefully screened. You can also check on reviews from previous customers, allowing you to see who might work best for you. The writers are knowledgeable in different subjects, including science, business, and investments.

SpeedyPaper is also very affordable, with academic papers starting at $9 a page. However, understand the price goes up much more depending on the academic level and field of study. The deadline also significantly affects how it’ll cost, so do your best to order early.

If you're worried about the price, first-time customers receive a nine percent discount after registering with their email address and making their first order. Negatively speaking, you must request an English writer early in the process. Otherwise, issues may come up with the instructions.

However, it's not a massive deal since SpeedyPaper's writing force is more than capable of handling any workload. Thus, if you need an essay, cover letter, or thesis proposal, SpeedyPaper is an excellent service to consider. Besides those services, the company also offers editing and proofreading services.

#5. EssayBox

Since its founding in 2008, EssayBox has been delivering high-quality research papers. The company centers on quality, proficient writers, security, and on-time deliveries. It’s a company that esteems its clients while maintaining its strict guidelines.

Quality is everything. Too many companies neglect the quality component as a way to deliver the paper as fast as they can to you. EssayBox claims every paper is elegantly composed, thoroughly thought out, follows the rules, and is altogether unique. You can expect your paper to be exceptional, especially since they check for plagiarism.

Security is a vital component of writing services, primarily because it is easy for information to get taken online. Thankfully, EssayBox believes in security with all of its clients. All private data you furnish, EssayBox, stays with the company. The company doesn’t release any data to outsiders and guarantees that your data stays private.

EssayBox does an excellent job at checking and confirming its writer's ability. You won't receive a writer for your paper if they don't hold a degree in that field. Clients also have a remarkable chance to speak with their writer while the paper is finished.

One of the best components of EssayBox is its limitless modification features. Although it accompanies a cutoff time, it’s long enough that you shouldn’t run into any significant issues. You can amend your paper for longer pieces in less than ten or 20 days. Either option should work out okay.

As high-quality as EssayBox claims to be, realize their prices are slightly higher than other options. Expect to pay a minimum of $12 a page, which adds up compared to other options. Still, it’s worth it in the end, considering the unlimited edit feature and the company’s reputation.

#6. Studdit

As hard as writing a research paper, the added challenge of crafting a research proposal comes. Studdit understands the necessity of research proposals, offering many writing services to anyone interested. Examples include essays, research papers, coursework, and case studies.

Studdit’s most significant advantage is its ability to confirm orders without requiring you to create an account. You must submit your requirements, pay, and wait for your order to come back. The site also has a price calculator, allowing you to figure out how much everything will cost.

Generally speaking, Studdit is pretty affordable, too, with the average price around $10 a page. The company offers a 15 percent discount on first-time orders if the price is too high. Considering how lengthy and expensive some papers can be, that 15 percent adds up very quickly.

Delivery-wise, Studdit understands the necessity of fast deliveries. Rather than wait for your paper to come, Studdit has a quick turnaround option (depending on your paper's length). That quick turnaround time is speedy at three hours, but realize that'll cost you more.

Studdit employs great writers, primarily based in the United States, Australia, and Canada. The writing process is done thoroughly, considering the results' best research. That’s why if you visit reviews for Studdit, they tend to be very high.

Negatively speaking, there isn't much to say about Studdit outside of their absence on social media. Though that might feel odd to some people, it's not a huge deal since the end product is all that matters. As long as the paper you get is okay in your head, you'll be okay in the end.

#7. Expert Editing

As great as a standard writing service is, sometimes you need one that can specialize in editing your paper. Some students feel better about writing a paper to the best of their ability than taking it to an editor. That way, you get more feedback and can see the specifics of what you need to improve on.

Expert Editing is that solution, offering several services, including editing options. Expert Editing focuses on sentence structuring, style and tone development, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, formatting, and references. It’s a reliable way to take your writing to the next level, something that’s more affordable than a tutor.

Besides being an excellent editing option, Expert Editing has a 24/7 support team. No matter how reputable a company might be, you never know when something might go wrong or need to change instructions. Knowing you contact the company at any point will help keep your mind at ease.

The website is straightforward to use. You begin by submitting your project until an editor to accepts it, wait for the order to be complete, and receive it. The prices may seem steep (especially since it's just an editing service), but understand the company is more geared toward students, authors, and businesses who need a high-quality editor.

The company offers a profoundly specific supervisor for your task with straightforward editing rules. If unsatisfied, you can dispute the order within the dispute resolution center. Reputation-wise, the company is top-rated for its editing services and appears to continue building a following for that reason.

Keep in mind that Expert Editing doesn’t specialize in writing content for students, authors, or businesses. It’s strictly meant as an editing solution to something already written. If that’s not a solution for what you need, then you should consider any other options.

#8. Ivory Research

If you're a UK student, you might prefer a paper writing service specializing in the nation. You can rest assured with Ivory Research, a professional writing service located in the UK. The site has assisted countless students with academic papers, having one of the highest reviews on the web.

What makes Ivory Research so unique is its ability to have so many specialists in varying fields. The company has a dense staff with academic degrees in many different areas, including years of writing experience. Don't worry about who handles your order, considering Ivory Research's outstanding.

Like so many other great options on this list, Ivory Research provides 24/7 customer support. That way, you can contact the company with any questions or concerns you might have. Need to change something with your instructions? Don’t worry; send a simple email or correct your submission online.

You can communicate with your writer through email, live chat, or a traditional phone call. Ivory Research understands everyone varies with their preferences. It considers their contact sections and customer support, making it easy for you to deal with them no matter your preference.

The biggest issue with Ivory Research is its price. The minimum price is around $120 a page, which is significantly higher than anything else we’ve mentioned. Keep in mind that the quality tends to be way higher going with this route. In the end, what you pay for is what you get back.

Ivory Research also offers a 20 percent discount on anyone ordering from them for the first time. Take advantage of the matter, especially if you only need one paper written. Still, despite the high price, Ivory Research offers unlimited revisions, excellent paper quality, great customer support, and various discount options.

Is it Safe and Legit to Buy Research Papers Online?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe and legit to buy research papers online. However, that doesn’t mean every website is safe. Before making an order, you need to ensure whoever you’re ordering from is reputable and legit. Don’t let this prevent you from ordering; there are scams in every field.

Before submitting a request on any website, read their strategies, terms of service, and client care conditions. Along these lines, you'll grasp their strategies for activity and if it's the right website for you. Spending a few hours researching before placing an order is your best interest.

Moreover, ensure you have different research clients who have utilized these companies. A simple web-based search will uncover their experience. Assuming that the site has countless negative reviews, that’s an obvious sign that you should stay away from it. On the flip side, it’s also worthwhile with a site with positive reviews.

Check this field's evaluations on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, or other genuine review websites. You can also request an example to assess the nature of their work and be mindful of their refund policy. It's significant because you can at least return to their refund policy if something goes wrong.

« Write a Research Paper for Me». How to find the best paper writer?

The best way to find an exemplary research paper writing service is by reading reviews online. The web has made it, so practically everything is reviewable, even freelancers who aren't on a specific site. It's set up to prevent people from getting ripped off, though that can still happen.

Thus, it's in your interest to do what you can from the research perspective before going with a client. Even if who you choose is legit, and it might not be the best fit because of the topic or quality of writing they offer. Most companies don't care and only want your money, so do your best to find the best option for you.

A few good points to be aware of are expertise, quality, turnaround time, price, and credibility. Expertise is essential to know you're working with a reputable company. It'll help you throughout the process, eliminating any worry of getting ripped off.

The other components of quality, turnaround time, price, and credibility are self-explanatory. Some signs to look out for are poorly run websites, a company that doesn't have any reviews or a company that refuses to share any of its work with you. Use social media sites like Reddit to help you find further suggestions.

Can I Order Law or Medical Research Paper from Services Online?

Yes, you can order law or medical research papers from services online. However, you need to find a writing service that specializes in and allows that particular field. Of the ones we discussed, PaperHelp is the best option for that service and has many specialists in the area.

PaperHelp can finish the first-class paper on time, whether it's a scholar, business, or individual composition. If your request appears messy, place a free request, and they will tell you within ten minutes. Assuming there's an accessible writer available for the specific cost of your request.

Law research papers frequently draw from past cases. The critical components of composing a legitimate law paper are the case, and the present, characterizing the inquiry, giving a concise response, breaking down the law, listing appropriate references, and determining a conclusion.

A medical research paper isn’t much different but focuses on the medical field. Students may have to write a medical research paper on a specific medical event, innovation, specialty, or field-related topic. Both options are very dense and take a lot of time, hence the importance of a writing service.

What are the Benefits of Using a Research Paper Writing Service?

The primary reason anyone would use a writing service is how it benefits the average person. Students face many issues in school, ranging from work-school-social life balances to learning and getting the most out of their time. Regardless, here are a few key benefits:

Ease of Use

It’s not difficult to utilize a paper writing service, and it doesn’t take long. All you have to do is fill out a form or signup, give the guidelines and materials, pay on the web, and accept your paper through email. You can have your whole paper finished without leaving your seat.

As a result of how fast it is, the most significant benefit of a paper writing service is how much time it saves you. Every student has had to pull an all-nighter to get their work done. Rather than ruin your mental or physical health, you can give yourself some extra time by letting an expert handle it for you.

Benefits Grades

Working with a paper writing service guarantees you the ability to have better grades, especially if you’re not a strong writer. Many paper writing services can give you feedback if you choose to, allowing you to understand what you can do better. Either way, it’ll benefit you in the long run and give you more time to study or focus on other matters.

Where Can I Get Help with Technical and Survey Research Paper Writing Help?

Technical and survey research papers are challenging because they cover areas most people aren't familiar with. It also may require a specific step in the research department that can seem overwhelming or unforgiving. Despite our discussed options, EssayBox is perfect for writing technical and survey research papers.

EssayBox makes it easy by offering a calculator for you to determine how much it'll cost you. The site is designed very well and makes it so you can see all of the standard features from the site. You can either upload your requirements after signing up or inquire about what you specifically need.

Unlike an individual or a descriptive paper, technical papers instruct and illuminate a specialized subject. These papers will generally have a more controlled design than other essays, making them hard to write and complete. Most students struggle with technical papers and require additional help.

Survey research papers are characterized as the assortment of data from an example of people through their reactions to questions. If you supply EssayBox with the questions and people you met, they should take the information and complete the essay.

5 Steps to Purchase a Research Paper

Pick a Research Paper Writing Service

The first step in purchasing research papers is finding exemplary services for you. This step tends to be the most time-consuming, so take your time to examine the best options. Once you do, head over to their site to begin the process.

Some companies don’t require you to signup, but if they do, this is usually the first step. Like any other site where you have to signup, it tends not to be anything more than an email and a password. Some may ask for other specifics but be wary of giving anything too personal.

Place an Order

Placing an order is essential so the writer assigned to you can do their best job. Most sites will have you select the type of service (writing, editing, rewriting), the type of assignment, deadline, how many pages, academic level, and discipline.

Communicate with the writer

After your order is placed and accepted, remember to communicate with the writer that’s assigned to you. You can discuss anything significant to the paper, such as its guidelines, writing style, etc. It also allows you to get updates regarding the matter.

Download Your Paper

The last step is to download your paper, most of which come via email or from the website. If you have any issues with your paper, remember to get a revision or talk to the writer. Most companies offer revisions, and it’s worth seeking one out if your paper needs it.

Looking for the best sites for composing articles is not a simple undertaking. Remember to cooperate with a legitimate and dependable company if you want to purchase a paper writing service. Fortunately, plenty of reviews online help you decide on the matter, giving you the best chance to find the right option in 2022. Also, this list of popular services will be relevant in the next academic year.

Lastly, most writing service companies have a contact form if you have any questions. Though some take longer to answer, it’s worth knowing what you’re getting involved with before spending your money. So, get your list together and see what’ll work best!

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Writing Solutions

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[email protected]

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Research paper writing service and its pros

Should i pay someone to write my paper.

Dealing with amount of homework or struggling with a complex assignment? Deadline is approaching and nothing is ready? Get your paper done with special services offering their help! Decide for yourself: should I spend a sleepless night with a coffee mug or is is better to pay someone to write my paper and get a real rest?

Dilemmas like this one are not unique. That's why there are thousands of services exist. For a moderate price they will do everything for you. Name the topic, provide the details and enjoy your research paper.

Here are some most frequently asked questions about the writing service?

Number 1. Who will write my paper for me? Does he have enough experience?

Answer: only professional writers with degree and proper skills are assigned to do the job. Each paper writer has knowledges, certificates, diplomas in the sphere he's working.

Number 2. Is it safe?

Answer: services provide 100% guarantee of confidentiality, free of plagiarism and money-back. You don't risk anything.

The only thing you should consider if the price you pay for your paper. It depends on multiple factors, like topic, length, deadline, complexity of task, requirements of the teacher. Still most of them are relatively low even for a non-working student.

Affordable research paper writing service

Most students are looking for cheap options to get their work done. The ideal option is for free. Only word generators can do that for free, but the quality usually is poor. What can you do?

When you type in Google search bar "write my research paper" you are getting multiple websites to choose between. Every single one of them is luring you to use their services. But wait! Use our recommendations before you spend your money:

  • Check the price. Is it displayed for a page or for the whole work?
  • Read the reviews. Has anyone before you had a bad experience with this research paper writing service?
  • Learn the terms and conditions. Are they giving money back if you don't like the paper?
  • Who are the writers? What education do they have?
  • Consider the time. Some service won't write your paper several hours before the deadline. And timing always influence the price.

Anyway, be ready to read and check the work after it is sent to you. This step is important too. It's always better to find flaws and mistakes yourself than hear about them from your teacher. Here are few recommendations of how to do it.

How do I check the work?

Upon receiving a file with your paper and before you hand it to your professor, be sure to check the following things:

  • Structure and format. Does your paper feature all the essential parts like introduction, conclusion and the main body?
  • Read it to get a whole impression. Do you like what you are reading? Do you understand everything? If you see some unknown words or names, be sure to open Google and learn about them.
  • Check the plagiarism. There's are multiple websites that offer this service.
  • Check the grammar. Again, use the websites for that.
  • Advertising
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Essay services for your success

How to get help with essay.

research paper writing services

No time for making a paper yourself? Forgot about the task? Get a professional help with essay, let other people do research and brainstorming for you! It's an actually useful service that allows you to live your life while your work is being done. Sounds fantastic, isn't it?

Unfortunately, the times when your parents or elder siblings could assist you in your homework have passed. Now you need to look for professional help. Luckily for thousands students struggling with the same issue, there are dozens of websites offering custom paper writing service. That's how you get all your academic papers done. The only question now is the price of such a service. We'll be comparing the features to find the best suitable option.

An affordable custom paper writing service

Prices always matter! No, you get it wrong! Quality of the work done actually matters. A good essay is not necessarily the one you have to pay $100 for. When choosing college essay help consider three essential moments: time, cost and reviews. Let's learn a bit more about each moment. That's how you succeed.

In terms of time there can be hundreds of variations. When do you need your essay to get done? In a week? In a month? Tomorrow? Look for the service that offers adequate timing. And remember, the less time is required the more you have to pay. Sometimes several people would be working on one essay. Such term paper writing service will be priced higher, but still allows you to get the desired results and high grade from a professor.

Price is another important feature. Paying huge cost for an essay doesn't guarantee the proper work. There are multiple websites with affordable offers. What you should really check is the reviews of the clients. They make you understand whether you're dealing with good service or not. Ask questions before placing an order. The person or a group of people who are to write your paper should have experience and knowledge and have diploma themselves.

How to choose a service

Opening the Internet you see thousands of option for hiring a writer. How do you find the one that helps you in satisfying the professor and get an excellent grade for that?

First, pay attention to the education of the writers. Do they have degrees or diplomas? What are their main spheres and fields?

Second, consider the price you're going to pay. Spending hundreds of bucks on an essay won't make it a brilliant work. Third, evaluate the timing. Both yours and the writer's. Get ready to pay more for an urgent job. Find the balance between price and time, and you'll get the best paper on time

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Research paper writing service 24/7: low price and fast result

Writing a paper in a modern world.

Even living in the 21st century, with no necessity to go to the libraries anymore, to collect the wisdom of teachers and philosophers, to travel across the globe, to make long notes to professors on letter writing paper and wait for their reply, it might be actually hard to compose a worthy narration anyway.

Yes, modern time is full of advantages! For example, technologies.

There is no more need to sit in front of blank paper to write on, people are using their PC and laptops to work anywhere they choose.

Planning to go to the park to get an inspiration? Love working in your favorite cafe? Do everything you like!

Remember Harry Potter and his necessity to visit libraries and carry heavy books with him? Staying up all night to correcting mistakes he made on his parchment writing paper? Luckily, you won’t face the same obstacles.

Availability of research paper writing services makes it easier for you to finish your project on time and still have an opportunity to enjoy your life (and not piling your table with books)! Let’s talk a bit about its advantages.

Why order online?

Remember good old times when teacher was giving out primary writing paper and all you have to do was to fill in the blanks and write three sentences and a drawing to make everyone happy? Well, life has become more complicated since then.

Or let’s dig deeper into the past! What about kindergarten, when children are given colorful fundations writing paper? We are more than sure that any professor (or even a high school) teacher won’t appreciate such a level of work. Research projects are way harder than all these childish games.

Research paper writing service is ready whenever you’re ready. That’s its main advantage. With 24/7 customer service there’s no need to worry about time zones or late hours. That ensures a quick process and helps you to write a paper without any worries about deadlines.

Happy clients will ensure you that this service is a life saver! And your part is easy here: just type “write my paper” in a search bar and enjoy!

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  • Diversity & Inclusion
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  • Behavior Intervention Team
  • Threat Assessment Review Committee
  • Biennial Review (DFSCA)
  • Talent Search
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  • Single Mothers’ Resources
  • Campus Activities Team (CAT)
  • Unit 1: Welcome & Introduction
  • Unit 2: Advisement & Enrollment
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  • Unit 4: Student Support
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  • Hillcamp 2023
  • Homecoming Feb. 3-11, 2023
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Small Classes. Vibrant Community. Successful Graduates.

We are oklahoma's 4-year university offering the most personal experience for students..

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Featured Stories



virtual tour

End of Instructional Period

Finals week / book buy back week, nursing pinning ceremony.

Girl in scrubs with stethoscope around neck

Friday, May 12, 2023 4 – 6 p.m. First Baptist Church Claremore, OK

More details about Commencement »


men in cap and gown holding diploma

Saturday, May 13, 2023 Claremore Expo Center 10 a.m. | School of Professional Studies 1:30 p.m. | School of Arts and Sciences, Cameron University, Honors and PLC

Recent News

Ou board of regents honors rogers state university senior, alumni of note honored at rsu distinguished alumni awards, rsu student and greek organizations raise $2,335 during ‘hillcat giveback week’, miss oklahoma visits rsu for claremore senior girl’s tea, #hillcatnation, powered by juicer, rsu is personally geared for your success.

RSU is designed around proven factors that make your college experience meaningful. We are personal in every aspect: small classes, attentive professors, a close-knit community, and hands-on learning. RSU has all the opportunities found at the biggest schools, in an environment focused on the individual. At RSU you’ll find your fit and thrive.

Student to faculty ratio

The RSU experience is built upon strong mentoring from accomplished faculty who are committed to your success.

Receive Financial Aid

RSU is committed to removing cost as a barrier for attending college, and we will work with you to develop the financial aid package that best suits your needs.

Small Classes

At RSU, you won’t find huge impersonal classes with hundreds of students. Less than 1% of our classes have more than 50 students enrolled, while most have fewer than 20 students.

In-Demand Degrees

RSU has degree programs and options meeting the needs for Oklahoma’s top 10 fastest growing industries as identified by the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.

The best investment you can make in yourself and your future.

RSU will open your mind and open doors. The difference a college degree makes is incredible. You want to choose a school that maximizes your opportunities to get involved, grow, and graduate. RSU helps you realize all your potential.

$1.1 million

Increased Lifetime Earnings

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, if you graduate with a 4-year college degree, you will typically earn $1.1 million more during your lifetime than someone with just a high school diploma.

Student Organizations

Joining student organizations enriches the college experience. You’ll make new friends, engage with your community in meaningful ways, and gain invaluable real-world experiences.

Graduate Debt-Free

According to U.S. News and World Report, our students have among the lowest debt load upon graduation in the nation. RSU’s in-state tuition is also among the nation’s lowest.

Career Placements

RSU is the school of choice for students seeking professional health careers. Every year our graduates gain acceptance into top health programs, while our nursing students achieve pass rates that exceed state and national averages.

A Campus Full of Opportunity and Life

Get involved. Grow in new ways. Make friends who share similar interests. Our beautiful and inspiring campuses offer the entire college experience. You can live on campus in our modern apartments, attend a concert, join an organization that interests you, make an impact on your community, and so much more. This is your home and there is always something going on.

Claremore Campus

RSU Claremore

Claremore Campus

RSU Bartlesville

Bartlesville Campus

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[email protected]       800-256-7511

Common Resources

  • Class Schedules

Primary Contact Info

  • Claremore Campus 918-343-7777
  • Bartlesville Campus 918-338-8000
  • Pryor Campus 918-825-6117
  • Toll Free (All Campuses) 800-256-7511
  • Admissions 918-343-7546 [email protected]


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  10. Rogers State University

    RSU is personally geared for your success. RSU is designed around proven factors that make your college experience meaningful. We are personal in every aspect: small classes, attentive professors, a close-knit community, and hands-on learning. RSU has all the opportunities found at the biggest schools, in an environment focused on the individual.